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Wisdom, German Shepherd (3 y/o), 2017 CES, Las Vegas, NV • “She’s my second Seeing Eye dog. My first dog, Barbie, was long-legged and slender (as her name would suggest). I lost my sight when I was seven. I was shot. We had a family German Shepherd named Kim at the time, and when I got back home from the hospital, Kim figured out there was something wrong and would protect me. I was a cane user until I was thirty, but it’s nice to have a companion; someone else in the house. I won’t take her to a concert – it’s too loud. That’s the only disadvantage. Oh, and canes don’t shed.” – blindconnect.org, @theseeingeye

Hannah Harper

Hannah Harper was born in a small fishing town in Devon on the south- western coast of England. Living by the sea she spent much of her time on the beach or out sailing with her Dad and brother. Hannah had a fun childhood, her Mom threw her huge birthday parties every year and she had some great friends, most of whom Harper are still in touch with. Her parents worked on holiday camps in her town so for her life was like being on a never-ending holiday! Hannah was a real good at school and worked hard, despite being distracted by an occasional boyfriend! She went on from school to study Theatre, Media, Dance and Psychology at ‘A’ level and passed with good grades. Harper had started work at the age of fourteen as a waitress serving the English tradition of fish and chips! She later worked in a hotel as a waitress, receptionist and bar-maid.  The hotel is built over an old network of caves used by smugglers to smuggle goods from the sea to the town and is haunted so Hannah experienced a few weird incidents within her time there. Harper have had the good fortune to have traveled quite a bit. When she was fifteen she took part in the last leg of the Tall Ships Race sailing from Stavanger, Norway to Gothenburg, Sweden and then to Rotterdam, it was the best month of her life. She have also visited Amsterdam and Paris and backpacked around Australia and Malaysia. Hannah started modeling in London at the age of 18, working for publications including 'Club’ magazine and starring in Ben Dover’s 'End Games’. She did not find posing nude strange, it came naturally to her, she loved working with Ben Dover, having sex on camera just added to the excitement and within a short time in the industry she had already fulfilled some of her wildest fantasies! Hannah Harper came out to L.A. for the first time in April 2001 for 2 weeks shooting for 'New Sensations’ and 'Peter North’. She loved her time here and unwillingly returned to England to finish her exams. She moved out to L.A. that July and have lived there ever since. She continued to work for several video companies such as 'Metro’ and 'Elegant Angel’ and shot for various photographers appearing on the cover of 'Swank’ magazine in January 2002. She attended the CES convention in Las Vegas, this was her first convention and first opportunity to meet the fans, although overwhelming to begin with everyone she met was great and she had a fantastic time. Hannah was signing for 'Legend Video’ and it was there that they offered her an exclusive contract. She could not believe her luck and of course accepted. She shot two movies per month for Jerome Tanner and two movies for David 'Pussyman’ Christopher. She had her own line of adult novelties within 'Legend Toyz’. The contract started in February 2002 and lasted one year. She shot for 'Penthouse’ and became Pet of the Month in April 2002 and also a 'Hustler’ cover girl and centerfold in May 2002. To her surprise the two publications were out on the news - stand together. Harper was named one of 'AVN’s’ 15 people in the industry to watch appearing on the cover of their June issue and appeared again in September’s 'Penthouse’ magazine in a boy/girl layout with Ben English. She has been on the cover of 'High Society’, 'Cherie’, 'Taboo’ and 'Leg Show’, among others. She has also shot a boy/girl layout for 'Hustler’ and a girl/girl layout with Mercedes the Vivid girls, this will be featured in the January edition of Hustler on the shelves September 11th, the shoot was the basis for an episode of 'The Anna Nicole Show’ that aired in May of 2004. She attended the tenth 'Nightmoves’ award show in September 2002 and was awarded 'Best New Starlett’. She signed an exclusive one year contract with Sin City in June 2003, her first movie for them 'Steven St Croix is the Bachelor’ was fun to shoot, they shot an eight girl, one guy orgy scene!

K-9 Ferrah, Belgian Malinois (4 y/o), 2017 CES, Las Vegas, NV • “She’s a member of the Elite Tactical Security K-9 unit. She also does Mondioring, Irondog, AKC – she’s got a lot of titles under her belt.”

Autonomous E.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the world’s first standard-production vehicle to be awarded a test license for autonomous driving in the US state of Nevada. In a world first and also in time for the leading trade fair for consumer technology Consumer Electronics Show “CES” in Las Vegas, three standard-production E-Class vehicles have been approved to drive themselves.

Kane, Labrador Retriever (8 y/o), 2017 CES, Las Vegas, NV • “He’s trained in Vapor Wake explosives detection and was an IED dog in Afghanistan. He also duck hunts.”


“Anyone who focuses solely on the technology has not yet grasped how autonomous driving will change our society. The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space.
– Dr. Dieter Zetsche, January 2015.

3 men watch TV for 87 hours straight, breaking record

The Verge: Three men set a TV binge-watching record in the Tivo booth at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

Chris Laughlin, Dan Jordan, and Spencer Larson watched a variety of American sitcoms, dramas and thrillers for 87 hours straight. 

Under Guinness rules, the three competitors got five minutes each per hour to go to the bathroom or look away from the screen.

Photo via The Verge

What Happens in Vegas Gets Live Streamed on Yahoo

Greeting from Las Vegas! We’re setting up at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show now and we can’t wait to showcase how Yahoo is making the world’s daily digital habits inspiring and entertaining. We hope you’ll swing by our booth to check out some of Yahoo’s newest products – we’ll be in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, Booth #14038.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will give a keynote address as part of the Tech Titans series on Tuesday, January 7 at 1:00 pm PT in the Las Vegas Hotel theater. Join us at the theater, or watch the keynote live on Yahoo Screen: http://screen.yahoo.com/ces-2014/

by John Buchanan, VP, Marketing