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That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

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is club eskimo your favorite crew?

nah lol my favorite crew is vv:d hahahhahhaaha i could honestly go on about them forever but it’s all in the past now… they’re no longer really active together but its good to see them support each other now & again & when they meet up at some events (makes me cry lol). music is honestly what’s most important to me so i could say wholeheartedly that vv:d’s sound is everything i love and would want in a crew. i’m never disappointed with any of their releases (jokes! i did not like mirrorball @ all but i mean all of haesol’s other releases were solid although i did enjoy more of his earlier stuff but OO is real good anyways so all in all i’ve only really disliked 1 ep lol). it doesn’t help that i watched them perform at events, got into their respective labels & continue to do well like idk it’s like i’ve been on the journey with them so it’s hard to let them go hahaha i treasure them so much. like everytime i think of vv:d, i think of the great times and how i discovered them & those time i kinda lost my mind lmao

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Does anyone know what happened to Raj? Did he just dissapear from the show? Did Magnus magically flinging him against a Wall make him quit? Did he get sick of cl*ce and crew?

POOR RAJ 😩😩😩 i legit think the writers forgot about him in all honesty, he deserved better!

This year Wired is sending their reporters to cover CES only using phones.

What a crazy, insane, minigame inside the biggest news week for tech.

Instead of the usual mix of old hands and greenhorns, WIRED’s crew is comprised entirely of CES veterans. Which means that covering it would be, like, easy for our team. Easy, that is, if we didn’t intentionally make things harder. So we’re not letting them use computers.

This year at CES, our core crew of reporters can use only their phones to cover the show—this includes any text, images, video or audio content they create. No DSLRS, no laptops; no fancy compact-system cameras or iPads. Just phones. (Our photo department reserves the right to swap out terrible images; you’re welcome.) We’ll call it our CES Mobile ChallengeSmartphone Superchallenge Smartphone Thunderdome. And to make it more interesting, no two reporters will use the same brand of handset–or even the same platform. We’re giving each of them a different rig and pitting them against each other in a winner-takes-all blogging smackdown.

I was working for the video team at The Verge and covered CES 2012. It was crazy, insane, and I have no idea how anyone can do it without a laptop. If only to see what happens, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Wired this week.

I look forward to the editorials following. Especially, “My CES with a Blackberry Z30”. Oh, and I’m definitely rooting for the Lumia 1020.

[via Wired]


@ilikepranksters I hope you are happy for bringing this horrible monstrosity upon the world.

Si j'écris ce texte
C'est que dans ma vie, y'a des joies et des tristesses
Comme toi, j'déprime et même des fois mes récits blessent
Et si tu vois que j’m'éloigne des décibels
Rappelle-moi pourquoi j'ai écris ce texte
—  S-Crew.