this is…something…haha uhhHHH

casivians were a closed species for roleplay from like…over a decade ago. first generation casivians represented and had command over one element. (2nd and 3rd gens were combinations of elements…much more numerous, but often not as powerful or, revered, i guess)

a couple weeks ago (i think) we were joking that if there was a casivian of sugar, it would Just Be Pinkie Pie. so…i DREW HER LOL… i was originally just going to do a quick lazy drawing but i ended up spending too much time on it bc…it was fun. casivians were a lot of fun to design back in the day, bc the guidelines for them were pretty open. good times. (of course no rp community is without its bad times…LMAO…)

tl;dr: joke design of a closed species from days long gone that i spent too much time drawin’

apparently i didn’t upload this over here? i can’t keep track of anythiNG lately

someone suggested drawing fursonas as humans and it sounded fun so i wanted to try! but i feel like i need more practice drawin’ humans, so i’m not sure how successfully i translated salvi into one, lol… it was fun tho!!!

[Inktober Day 1]

i probably should’ve warmed up instead of just diving right into this but, o well. drew it at tsubasacon! where i was literally nothing but an awkward shy turtle, the entire time, forever.

i dont know what im going to be doing for inktober other than just trying to draw something in ink every day, haha. anything…is better than nothing…!