cervena lhota

Fairy Tale Castles in Czech Republic


The largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 70,000 m2, it boasts many stunning courtyards, palaces, museums and gardens.  The castle has been the seat of Czech kings, emperors and presidents for a thousand years. The highlight of the castle grounds is the monumental St. Vitus Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in Europe.


Hluboka Castle is one of the first Gothic castles in the world and was built around 1250. It was built in the style romantic style of Windsor Castle. Considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. 


Lednice Castle is one of the most beautiful English neo-Gothic complexes in Europe. In the 17th century it was a summer residence for the ruling Princes of Liechtenstein. In the final reconstruction of Lednice Castle in the late 19th century the beautiful park buildings were added, Temple of Apollo, Temple of the three Graces and others.


This breathtaking castle was built by King Charles IV between 1348 to 1357 in order to protect the crown jewels and the Holy Roman Empire. It is the second most popular tourist attraction and landmark in the Czech Republic with regard to the fortified medieval fortifications.


The Chateau Valtice belonged to Liechtenstein family from 1387 until 1945. Part of it now serves as a museum while some wings have been transformed into a hotel, restaurant and nightclub complex.


The romantic Bouzov castle has historical importance for having served as the seat for the Teutonic Knights since the late 15th century. The highlight of the castle is the neo-Gothic chapel, fitted with a Gothic altar and decorated with the tombstones of the masters of the Order from the 14th to 16th century.


Cesky Sternberk Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the Czech Republic. Cesky Sternberk Castle built by Zdeslav of Sternberk. Later the castle passed into foreign hands, but finally returned to the family Sternberk in 1841. Remained in their hands until 1949.Today it is owned by Earl Zdeněk Sternberk.I


Kromeriz castle is the former summer residence of the Archbishop Olomouc and is currently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Baroque chateau, built on the site of a 13th-century castle, has a magnificent 84-meter-high tower where, after climbing its 206 steps, you can marvel at the amazing view over the entire town of Kromeriz.


Built in the 13th century, it is the second largest after Prague castle. It impresses with its unique gothic architecture which after nearly three centuries later was refined by Renaissance motifs. After a 16th -17th century the inside of the castle was reconstructed again in the Baroque style. 


Orlik castle is one of the most beautiful medieval castles outside of Prague. The meaning of the name Orlík stems from the word “young eagle”. It is often suggested that this castle would have resembled an eagle or nest perched upon the rocky outcrop above a turn in the River.


Zleby is a pleasant village in the central Czech Republic, which is surrounded by the lovely and picturesque scenery. The greatest attraction of the village is Zleby Castle.The area there is known as one of two reserves, where a population of white deer stay. Besides the deer the nature is home to many species of birds and wildlife.


Cervena Lhota is located in southern part of the Czech Republic. It was built in the middle of a picturesque lake, perched on a rocky island. Between the castle and the mainland a stone bridge was built, which makes easier access. Currently the castle Cervena Lhota is part of the National Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic.