ceruleanlover95 replied to your post: Sorry about all that confusion before so lets start over: the names jake english—and you are?

It is weird. Well then again there are lots of alternates out there so maybe thats how it is. By the way youre in houston in daves house—daves your best friend by the way.

yea, it’s sorta weird talking to myself on the internet, do you get that a lot, or is it just me?

oh, i don’t know anyone named dave, but he must be a pretty good friend if he’s letting me stay here. are you his roommate or something?

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*Rolls eyes.* And will it be glowing green?

woah there
i see that heavily implied action between the butthole stars
do you think this is a game jake
do you think im suggesting the greatest halloween costume in jest??
no im an oracle trying to warn you about fuckin tomb ghosts that only YOU can save in the future and whatre you doing about it
*rolls eyes* my ass do you have any idea how hard it is being an oracle with lousy predictions that nobody believes
you dont know me you dont know my life

yeah itll be glowing green but only to us magical sentients

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Boy and theres just those really annoying ones on my lower lip!

pfft. okay if you insist.

You kiss his lower lip, slow, tender, every cheesy emotion in the book. You continue to grip the front of his shirt to bring him to your level as well. This is honestly what you get for being short.

You move from his lower lip, to just his lips, pressing your tongue against them. To hell if you aren’t going to try.

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Ok well… youre a demigod? Thats probably why. I cant imagine how theyd allow a human or a monster in here. Not that they even could in the first place i mean. Camp halfblood is the safest place for kids like us after all!

well yea i gathered that, but i still don’t know why i’m here. i’m not a monster either, does it look like i’m about to eat someone’s face.

the answer to that is no, just for the record.

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Well its at night time so going up now may be a little early. We could go nab something to eat though then by the time were done well be able to see the meteor shower.

oh, well you do have a point.

but going up sooner we can take pictures, or i can. i can take pictures. 

but food.

yea let’s get something to eat.