cerulean gym leader

Teen Misty Waterflower and Ash Ketchum, specifically drawn for @warlordess fanfic; “Over Protective Misty”. Yeah, okay, that’s not really the title of the story but it was a request submitted to Stephanie to write. Stephanie was such a good sport to help me create Misty’s “look”. Ash on the other hand was my own design. 

You all should go read that story now! So these images can be placed in your minds while you read it! :D

by @hollylu-pokeship-art

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Before he passed away, Misty’s father was a sailor. He took great pride in his boat, always keeping it in tip-top condition. Even though he was a sailor, he was also the Cerulean City Gym Leader, so he would usually take his boat out on the ocean for training, claiming that, “There’s no better place to train water Pokemon than on the open sea!” Whenever he would go out on his boat for training, he would offer for his kids to come along with him. Daisy, Lily, and Violet never showed much interest–but Misty was always quick to jump on the opportunity. Spending so much time out on her father’s boat, watching him train, was what really perked Misty’s interest in water-type Pokemon, and made her want to become a Water Pokemon Master herself. The two became incredibly close during their time spent together on his ship. Her father was able to teach her a lot about water-type Pokemon, training, traveling, and even sailing.

However, Misty’s father ended up passing away not long before she left on her Pokemon journey with Ash, and his boat was left practically untouched for a long time as a result. Once Misty returned to the Cerulean Gym, she decided to get the boat fixed up since it was in pretty bad condition. Though, she soon realized she was biting off more than she could chew with the job–as she didn’t know as much about ships as she originally thought. But luckily for her, Misty’s father had been friends with a good number of other sailors while he was still alive. When they heard that Misty was back in town, and that she wanted to restore her father’s ship, they did everything that they could to help her. Thanks to the help of a team of large, brawny, sailor men, Misty was able to get her father’s ship in sailing condition once again.

After that, Misty was able to spend a lot of her time training her water Pokemon out on the sea. When she wasn’t taking challengers at the gym, she would take her boat out to sail around Kanto so that her Pokemon could train in the open against strong opponents, and so she could learn more about the Pokemon who lived there. This was a training routine that remained into her adulthood as she became a member of the Elite Four. She would frequently travel around the Kanto region by boat, going to different places to train or help people and Pokemon in need. Because of her constant travels by sea, her boat ended up becoming incredibly recognizable to fans–it practically being her icon. Whenever they would see her ship in the distance, they would gather excitedly at the dock to greet her and help her how they could.

Things got a little more complicated for Misty, however, after her children were born. She couldn’t move around as freely as she could before, but she couldn’t stay bound at home all the time either–which could often result in her kids feeling lonely or upset. This was especially true for Skye, who was considerably older than her two younger siblings. Misty would feel bad when she would have to leave for days on end to train or travel, and Skye would hang her head in disappointment or mope. She wished that Skye wouldn’t have to feel that way, but knew that she had to be on the move, too. As a result of that, Misty decided to take Skye out with her whenever she could–remembering how often her own father took her out with him on his ship when he would train. Skye was completely ecstatic at this suggestion, though Delia showed some concern–wondering if it was safe to take such a small child out on the ocean. Misty would wave her off claiming that it would be fine–her Pokemon could help keep an eye on her. She would then smile and wink at Skye claiming, “Besides, I could use a deck hand.” Ash would just laugh and grin, saying that he thought it to be a great idea.

After that, Misty would frequently take Skye out on her ship with her–usually during her training. Skye ended up being a bigger help to Misty than she originally thought that she would. She loved doing anything that she could to help–whether it was feeding her Pokemon, moving ropes or buckets, or even just making sure Psyduck didn’t fall off the ship. She had so much energy to spare that she never seemed to get run down or whine about wanting to go home. She was just happy to be able to spend time with Misty, play with her Pokemon, and get the chance to see cool battles up close. She loved getting the chance to be out on the water–seeing it as being an adventure since the ocean was so vast. If Misty was going to travel somewhere by boat and decided to bring Skye with her, her fans would often gush over how cute her daughter was when they greeted them on the dock.

Though one of the places Misty liked to visit the most with Skye was Cerulean City. Misty ended up staying in close contact with the sailors who helped her restore her father’s boat, practically seeing them as uncles. Whenever she docked the boat in Cerulean, they were usually around and always enjoyed catching up with her. They completely adored Skye, and teased Misty–claiming that she’s just like Misty’s father. Skye loved seeing them and their Pokemon, and they usually were the ones to keep her busy if Misty became preoccupied with work. It’s thanks to a combination of the Cerulean sailors and spending so much time on Misty’s boat that Skye was able to learn a thing or two about ships and sailing herself–always surprising her friends with knowledge she has on the topics. She tells them that of course she knows these things–because that’s what happens when your Mom is the world’s greatest Water Pokemon Master.

Once Skye finally leaves on her Pokemon journey, Misty finds her boat to be a little lonelier. She never minded being on the open sea by herself, but having Skye there made the experience somehow even more enjoyable. As such, whenever Skye comes home to Pallet Town to visit, she’s always quick to offer her assistance on the boat (dragging Briar, Kierra, and Wartortle along of course). Briar and Kierra aren’t the best help–with Briar being prone to seasickness, and Kierra always dropping things overboard–but Skye remains as eager and helpful as she was as a child. Even when the others would opt to stay behind, Skye would still go out to sea with Misty. The two would take the opportunity to catch up–Misty telling Skye about all of the powerful challengers she’s had, the things she’s seen at sea, and the people she’s helped as Skye listens on eagerly. Skye also tells Misty about all of the adventures she’s had, the Pokemon she’s captured, and the friends and rivals she’s made. Misty offers her training pointers here and there, and warns or scolds her when she tells her about something she’s done that’s dangerous (which often just results in them butting heads). Regardless though, the two enjoy the time that they get to spend out on the boat together–seeing it as something personal to the two of them.

When Skye becomes a young adult and is challenging the Champion League, she finds herself struggling in her battle against Misty. She loses to her rather quickly because she has mixed feelings about battling her own mother. One night after their battle, Misty spots Skye sitting alone near the beach in Pallet Town. She can tell that Skye is troubled, so she approaches her and tells her to come help her out on the boat. Skye is confused by this offer, but Misty insists. Skye reluctantly agrees and goes out with Misty on her ship. Skye remains quiet for a while, simply helping how she can as Misty keeps an eye on her.  Eventually, Misty speaks up, claiming that she didn’t give it her all in their battle. Skye is surprised by this, and Misty looks at her seriously, telling her that she knows she’s a stronger trainer than that. Skye becomes frustrated and embarrassed, and Misty is eventually able to get it out of her that she’s having a hard time battling her own mother. Misty then proceeds to have a long talk with Skye, claiming that if that’s the case, then she isn’t going to be able to battle Ash either when it comes time to fight for the Champion title. Skye says that she knows that, and Misty can tell how upset she is.

The two end up having a long talk on the topic, and in the end, Misty reminds Skye that  on the battlefield, they aren’t parent and child, they’re rivals. She feels that way, and Ash does too. Skye still expresses uncertainty, and Misty tells Skye that no matter what, she’s has to remember to give it her all out on the battlefield–she owes it to herself, her Pokemon, and her opponent. So when they battle next, she wants it to be a battle neither of them will ever forget. Skye eventually agrees, jumping to her feet and telling Misty that she’ll train hard and give it everything she’s got. Misty tells Skye that she’ll do the same, and they’ll blow Kanto away. Skye grins and tells her that it’s a promise. Misty laughs, telling Skye that she’s going to keep her to that–but first, they have to get this boat back to Pallet Town. Skye smiles eagerly, stating, “Aye, aye, captain!” before running to the other end of the boat with Wartortle. Misty smiles as she watches her go off before looking out to the ocean. Somehow, the reflection of stars in the sky against the sea seemed to be shining even brighter than ever that night.