cerulean blues

insight into misty’s anger problem

IF you can call it an anger problem.

This is less of a headcanon and more of a thought I’ve been mulling for ages and ages. But yes, either way, it’s still long and rambly. Lol. Saddle up, kids, this post is gonna go on forever.

Misty was not very close with her sisters before leaving home. We see this in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City and The Misty Mermaid and even a bit in Gotta Catch Ya Later, as well as in flashbacks from Princess Vs Princess and Cerulean Blues, but yeah. It wasn’t like it was abuse or neglect or anything but… there was a bridge, a gap, a wall, that had clearly been placed there.

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Finding this episode subbed basically required black magic but hey, I did it!

I kept seeing claims that the dub supposedly glossed over how much Misty actually dislikes her position as a gym leader and that her line at the end of “Cerulean Blues” (“Ash, Brock, I know you can’t hear me, but I did it! I’m a Gym Leader! And you were right. I was able to do it on my own!”) was a dub invention to make her appear more content. While the line isn’t exactly the same, her feelings about her new role don’t seem any different in the original.

(Also, it’s somewhat more pokeshippy as well–she addresses both Ash and Brock in the dub, but only Ash in the original.)

I’m not sure why some interpret Pokeshipping negatively as “Misty pinning and waiting for Ash”. I mean yeah there’s probably a poorly written fic out there that portrays her like that but that’s not really so in canon.

I think it’s because she’s not “mobile” like other Poke girls and stays in one place that somehow means she’s sitting around waiting for Ash to sweep her off her feet. Even though the whole point of the Chronicles Episode “Cerulean Blues” was to show how independent she was, learning to do things completely on her own with the instant support of Ash and Brock. And even though she misses them she recognized the Cerulean Gym as her place and her calling and she fully dedicates herself to being it’s Gum Leader.

I don’t see what’s wrong with her probably thinking about Ash and wondering what he’s doing (which she DOES, given she was watching the Hoenn League and sent Ash her lure as a good luck charm for Brandon) that’s what friends DO after all, but it doesn’t become her only reason for getting out of bed. She has her own life and responsibilities, but at the same time Ash is still apart of that life and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Cerulean Blues Part 1 (one-shot...or a two-shot)

Right as soon as the clock above my balding professors head turned to 3:00 i ran out the door and straight into the pouring rain.

‘It probably started raining right before class ended too!!’ I thought to myself.

I pulled my bag up higher on my shoulder and ran the four blocks to the local bakery/coffee shop & was praying to the high heavens he didn’t show up already.  Before walking into the shop rang out my long auburn hair & looked through the glass to see if he was, i silently cheered that i made it on time. Walking in i ordered my regular hot chocolate & blueberry muffin while the girl at the front told me he hasn’t showed up. I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face, well i hoping thats what my face read anyways. All she did was smile as she handed me my cup and muffin, i turned around and headed for my regular booth that faced the window & took out my book that i’ve been reading… well attempting to read the past two months.

Looking at my the time on my phone i watched as it changed from 3:30 to 3:30

He should have been here by now.’

Putting my book away & slipping my coat & tossing the last of my muffin away opening the door walking straight into a wall. Well it wasn’t a wall but a hard & defined torso. Looking up i saw the cerulean blue eyes i have been waiting for, for the past half hour.

“Leaving so soon?!”

And just like that i forgot how to speak the English language. My brain cells became mush, my mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. He just stared and that smirk appeared on his lips, & his lovely laugh followed suit. 

“Small iced coffee, & a muffin as per usual.” the barista yelled.

“Thanks Callie.” He said while paying for his things, and right before he headed out the door i turned back towards me, & handed me the small brown bag which held his muffin.

“And maybe i’ll see you later, bye.” And just like this he was out the door & stood there completely dumb founded.

'What the hell just happened?!!?!?' 

“Umm.. you just had a conversation with Jay McGuiness…. well he had one with you while you just stood there….”

“…. I said that out loud?!” I turned around to a nodding Callie…. I need to be more careful next time…