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We had a good run, even I have to admit.

It was four years ago this month that I started using this blog to share my collection of Patrick Stump. Now, 25,660+ posts on this blog and 15,260+ fobomatic posts later, I think it’s time to officially turn in my Certified Fall Out Boy Blogger card. I have loved my 8+ years in this fandom. I survived the hiatus, witnessed three marriages and the birth of four children, made great friends, and obliterated three hard drives with the more than 80,000 photo and video and audio files I’ve amassed of this band, which is much more than just a band to me. I still love these four dorks and their music. I’m sure I always will.

Months ago I promised that if I didn’t return I’d leave you with a gift. Today I’m making good on that promise. So here it is: weighing in at just under 10GB, here are the files I haven’t shared (more or less). I did my best to keep a record of this band and since these didn’t make their way onto my blog, I wanted to put them somewhere accessible to everyone. If there was a practical (free) way to share the 20 GB I have already posted to my blogs, I would include that as well, but unfortunately you will just have to make use of my tags and hope for the best.

A couple things:

  • There is a .txt file of all the old tour dates in case anyone is wondering what show a photo is from.
  • If you check the .xif file and see a url in the title line, that where I found the photos.  
  • As you’ll see, the files are somewhat organized and I’ve done my best to keep track of dates or guess dates, though mistakes have been made.
  • There are a couple folders that I honestly can’t remember what I was doing when I made them.
  • Sharing this is a lot like letting someone poke around in your bedroom closet so please excuse the mess and shoot me an email if you find I’ve left something in there that might mortify me.

I am honored to have been followed by so many of you and it’s been a pleasure sharing this band’s history as best I could. I won’t be answering any more asks, sadly (though I would still put my ability to date a photo of Patrick against anyone—even Pete), but the blogs and their content will remain here, tumblr willing. 💋✌🏻

i thought of more modern day animorphs things to make urself happy

  • marco would definitely listen to train a lot and do ukulele covers of their songs. he’s decent at it
  • yes i know train was around in the 90s but they werent super popular until recently ok
  • rachel helps ax make a semi convincing facebook to legitimize the existence of “no”/“phillip”/“max”. belatedly realizes what a mistake it is
  • ax flipping his SHIT at 3D movies
  • yeerks developing smart phone apps disguised as game apps but they’re really apps for human controllers to communicate with each other. a book about shutting the app down???
  • ax discovers cassie’s social justice oriented tumblr and decides to make his own and just ends up following like 400 plant bloggers + cassie
  • <cassie, the internet has informed me that earth plants and certain fungi have “feelings too”, is this accurate?> “well.”
  • marco references skrillex in his various pop culture references. that’s it