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Is the wage gap real?

In order for the wage gap to be real, it would mean every company who has women on their payroll are deliberately breaking the law which means every woman can go out tomorrow and sue her employer for breaching both the Equal Pay Act and the Sex Discrimination Act. 

It would mean companies throughout the country are losing billions of dollars by paying men more money to do exactly the same job as women. 

It would mean every economist is lying when they research the wage gap and conclude there is no proof of gender discrimination. 

It would also mean you believe there is an invisible oppressive entity of patriarchal men subconsciously forcing women to choose gender studies or sociology over anything credible so when these women leave college, they have no real skills, no career prospects or qualifications except for their degree which resembles a child’s participation certificate. 

Is the wage gap real? Only if you’re a gullible idiot who refuses to hold women to the same standard and expectation as men. 

……..see y'all ….y'all are making come out of myself and act a TOTAL and absolute fool.

I will be honest. I do not go back and hate idols for shit they did before I was into Kpop. I acknowledge those screw ups, yes. But if I didn’t know they existed, I can’t go back and be mad at them. I hold them accountable for what they do now that I am here. Since I’ve known who Henry was, he has done NOTHING but shitty stuff. I started to like him, and then he went through Nana’s underwear. That ONE incident = three strikes. Ever since then, it’s been downhill for him.

SO NO, fuck his apology. Jessi wanna join him? She can get this work, too. GIRL. Just because you have a tan and a participation certificate in playing Nigga, does not mean you can accept an apology that didn’t offend you to be-fucking-gin with. Here’s an invitation to yo ass down somewhere.

What type of headassery is going on in this here 2017?

Did I ever tell y’all I participated in a Canadian Space Agency experiment in the field of space farming, through which I grew tomato seeds that had been sent to space? As a kid who grew up wanting to be an astronaut it’s one of my fondest memories. I literally just found my certificate while unpacking and that’s the only reason I'm bringing it up lol


// I’ve posted about my (critical) life binder before, but here’s a more detailed post on how to actually make your own! I’ve had it for the last year and it has already drastically improved my life. If you’re in your final years of uni, undergrad, masters or full on working, then I highly recommend you make one. You are now a young, responsible and independent adult - the life binder is a great first step to feeling powerful!

Every Single Document In My Life Binder:

Identity records:

  1. Birth certificate (+ copy)
  2. Canadian citizenship card (+ copy)
  3. ALL passport copies (past and present) (not originals)
  4. Social insurance number card (+ copy)
  5. Singapore national identity card copy (not original)
  6. Overseas Citizen of India “passport” copy (not original)
  7. Passport photos 

Health records:

  1. Record of doctors/dentists/optometrist/OBGYN/vaccination appointments so I know when I should be checking up
  2. Latest dental X-ray copies (not original)
  3. Latest lens prescription details
  4. ALL immunization records copies (not original)
  5. Organ donation details for ALL countries I’m registered in
  6. Blood donation eligibility assessment for Canada/Singapore/Australia (I donate blood very often, but because I travel a lot, and every country has different eligibility criteria, I like to keep it in this binder)
  7. Canadian health card
  8. Australian overseas student health cover details
  9. Singapore life insurance details

Education records:

  1. Arabic kindergarten records copies
  2. Canadian SK and grade 1-5 records copies
  3. Singaporean grade 5-12 records copies
  4. ALL school transfer documents copies
  5. High school diploma (+ copies_
  6. University (undergrad) acceptance letters/details
  7. University (undergrad) transcript (+ copies)
  8. University (undergrad) degree copy
  9. University (masters) application (I keep this because I’m currently doing my Masters, but once I’m done I’ll throw this out. Same for undergrad)
  10. University (masters) supervisor/thesis/program acceptances


  1. Almost every single (paper) award from beginning of my life (some copies, some originals)
  2. Certificates of participation for bigger events/competitions
  3. Certificates for training completion (e.g. chem/bio/radiation/mice safety training)
  4. Copy of every reference letter anyone has ever written for me, that I was given a copy of


  1. Photocopy of every bank card I own, front and back
  2. Booklets of bank registration details, or checkbook registration details
  3. Important receipts (e.g. mac book, glasses)


  1. Singapore re-entry permits (last and current)
  2. Australian student visa application and acceptance details
  3. E-tickets and boarding passes for ALL flights/trips in past 12 months, and all E-tickets for flights or trips in upcoming 12 months (this is so I can make sure I get my aeroplan points, I have 12 months to lodge them after a given flight)


  1. Mileage membership card copies (e.g. Aeroplan, Jet Airways, etc)
  2. Other membership card copies (bookstores/groceries/etc)


  1. Waranties for appliances (mostly kitchen stuff)
  2. Waranties for electronics

CVs/Resumes (only found on digital version)

  1. All versions of every CV/Resume I’ve made, organized first by year, then by type of position

anonymous asked:

hello! for your college prompts, what advice would you give the students who don't really have any outstanding achievements? the ones who didn't join any contests or have any notable experiences to write about :(

Hi, thanks for the question! 

Honestly, every experience can be written as notable. It really depends on how you word your answers. Personal stories, like caring for ill siblings can be described as inspiration for students going into the medical field or school art projects, like painting self-portraits can be described as an eye-opening experience in self-reflection for students planning to study arts. 

It’s really important to remember that even though high achievements and notable experiences contribute to an individual’s application, it does not necessarily make or break an individual’s profile. This might sound deceptive, but honestly play up your strengths. (You might not think you have any really good ones, but trust me they’re there!) I’d recommend doing a bit of research of your field of interest’s general responsibilities and focusing on any transferable skills that you currently possess that can be detailed in a college essay or application form. Many scholarship and college committees are looking for students willing to think outside the box, identify transferable experiences for field compatibility and show a clear interest in studying at the school of application. The experience is not the important thing, the reflection and lessons learned are what’s most important. If you show evidence of your ability to commit and work diligently, while showing clear signs of potential; schools will definitely be interested in taking you under their wing. 

Hobbies can also play a key role in applications, even non-school or organization held ones. As long as you can show evidence of progress (i.e. photography, videos, maybe a participation certificate) for an activity, self-taught instruments or languages are very impressive. Other hobbies such as crafting, machinery or creative writing can also be assets! I suggest making a list of your daily activities and going from there. Sometimes activities that you may not have considered (i.e. cooking, baking, etc) can greatly contribute to an application. Here’s just a couple examples that could possibly be helpful in the formatting of this sort of writing:

  • Baking (Have you considered baking something for a charity event? Baking a cake or a tray of cookies can add to your application because you can include the title of charity event volunteer and contributor or that you’ve baked to support charity events.) 
  • Blogging (Even Tumblr blogging! As long as you can show evidence of original posts with a socially acceptable theme (I’d recommend “educational (meaning anything you can learn,)” current-event or literature-based content) you can say that you enjoy writing articles in your spare time and host a blog where you contribute original content.)    
  • Travel (Travel a lot with your family or friends? Spin this experience into a cultural exploration activity and focus heavily on personal reflections of your trip. By doing this, you can say that you have a strong interest in sociology, modern anthropology and ancient anthropology.)

It’s never too late to pick up new skills! Keep an eye out for new opportunities to expand your abilities and community involvement and who’s knows maybe you’ll even find an activity you become extremely passionate about! Here’s some other tips to show off your skills:

  1. Use a higher variety of language in writing: This means, use a thesaurus for application writing! A higher language variety shows that a student has a higher linguistic interest. In saying this however, do not change every word in sentences or an obvious pattern such as one-change-per-sentence! Contribute where you feel you can be fancy
  2. Name-drop: By that meaning, cleverly mention the names of organizations and companies you’ve been involved with. Involvement refers to any sort of assistance with physical evidence. (Remember that baking example I mentioned earlier? Say that the organization in question was Free the Children - you could add Free the Children charity event volunteer and contributor to your application.) Do not call out organizations randomly but strategically - if it just so happens that the charity in question was present and involved then it doesn’t hurt to add that to your application. This shows that a student is well-connected in their communities as well as being apt at networking.
  3. Strategic self-reflection: In detailing how you felt and what you learned, include references to any historical/current events, academic curriculum or personal interest educational content! For example: 

As I explore the streets of Greece, I cannot help but appreciate cultural identities that are in constant evolution. Greece, once a centerpiece of economic power now lies in a new era; one of economic uncertainty in the shadows of the growing strength of several new power players - the United States and China. 

This shows that a student has high intellectual ability, is good at problem solving and applying their knowledge where it can be used.

anonymous asked:

how do u come to terms w not being straight and muslim?? ive been trying but its difficult and its like a hole in ur stomach and stuff. My parents expect me to get married to some nice guy but i dont want that. It makes me sick

That took me years of ups and downs, crying, depression, and inner battles. The journey is not easy, but it’s possible and you will get to that place where you are comfortable and unapologetic of who you are. I think our parents expectation get to us the most, what can help is  you changing those expectations. Let them be a part of your success journey instead of them thinking about your future kids or husband let them focus on your success in school, projects, uni, work…etc. I noticed parents really change their minds a bit when their kids are working on something their passionate about. When dad started seeing honor & participation certificates he started getting involved more in my projects. Now he asks “what’s new with work? What do you want to do next?” You will always have that occasional comment about marriage and that’s okay. Your parents love you and want to know that when they’re gone you will be safe and taken care of and loved. Show them you can have that without a husband and they will ease up insha’Allah. My parents changed a lot after I started working. 

Another advice I would HIGHLY recommend is avoid saying “I don’t want to get married” or any similar statements. That will just draw unwanted attention and cause problems. It’s always a good move not to comment and show no interest. If they demand an answer just say “when that time comes, we’ll see” or “what ever God decide is good”. 

Things that can help you come into terms with yourself as a Muslim LGBT

  1. Have faith in Allah
  2. Do not relate the actions of ignorant/hateful Muslims to Allah 
  3. Follow proud LGBTQs Muslims, they’ll give you a lot of support :)
  4. Read about our LGBTQs history, psychology, news in Islam, Arab world, and the globe.
  5. Be a part of the Muslim LGBTQs community by being active in it.
  6. Come out in your own blog and follow blogs that support LGBTQs and spread news and awareness.
  7. Follow positive blogs that blog about slef love, care, acceptance,..etc like healthblrs, fitblrs.
  8. Talk to & meet other LGBTQs
  9. Unfollow negative people even if they are nice, including self harm, sad, and depression blogs. You don’t need a post saying “I’m not good enough” on your dash.
  10. Focus on YOU. Being gay is a part who you are, but it’s not the whole picture. Focus on your hobbies, friends, family, and most importantly your studies and future career.
  11. Love yourself and take care of yourself as you would to someone you love.

I hope this helps you anon. Stay strong. We are here for you love xx

So a mother started a petition against the bundesjugendspiele (youth sport games, the best get certificates signed by the president), because they let kids feel a “pressure to succeed” that doesn’t fit into this time.

Ah yes. Remove everything that gives kids a chance to succeed because that means others will fail. In fact, just give everyone a winner’s certificate! They participated, after all and competition is evil.

God, how I hate this mindset. Competition is part of education, sports and a healthy childhood. Go away soccer moms.

In the interest of fairness.

This morning I made a post about paternal testing being required in the state of California and this information was false. I have since deleted the post. (And thank you to the lovely person who decided to treat me like a five year old was blogging from my URL, you’re truly a lovely person.) To clarify:

The end all/be all of this is that in order to pay out child support or anything of that nature, one of two things are in fact required by law for unmarried parents:

1. A voluntary declaration of paternity, which the state strongly suggests filing along with the birth certificate as the unmarried father of a child cannot be added to the certificate or legally considered the child’s father until it is filed, or,
2. A paternal DNA test result

To anyone’s knowledge, not only has there not been a declaration of paternity filed, there hasn’t been a birth certificate filed either, and that’s absolutely mandated by the law. You don’t get to not file a birth certificate just because you’re participating in a baby stunt. If a baby exists, the documentation has to be filed. Similarly, it is illegal to forge or appear to forge a birth certificate so they cannot “leak” a false one unless they want to be sued for a whole lot of money.

I do try to be factual, and sometimes I make mistakes. I appreciate the patience I’m sure we can all have with each other.