Happy birthday Sebastian!! I love you and our late-night talks for hours and hours where I make you talk about stuff you don’t want to and you try to convince me to watch shows that I never will :)))

You’re one of my best Tumblr friends I’m glad we can bond over things like Louis’ ass and Ed’s voice and Dylan’s hands ;)

I looooove you happy birthday enjoy being older than me for a month. Maybe one day I’ll watch Dr. Who except aha let’s be real though… in the meantime we can continue to talk about Harry’s lips and how much The Weeknd reminds us of Zayn and you can make fun of me for not having a penis and I can ask the same personal questions over and over again until you give in and tell me :~)

love you! xo

cerseil  asked:

you were in my dream last night, well this morning because i went to sleep in the morning we were talking on skype and it was just for like 5 seconds, you were telling me the name of your boobs. apparently the right one is name destiny and the left one is named muñeca... and then you were gone for the whole dream


wh at dose muneaca m EAN

cerseil  asked:

A-Z problem?

  • A: Are you a virgin? 
  • Yes
  • B: 3 biggest pet peeves. 
  • Burping. Nail biting. Feet
  • C: Celebrity crush?
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • D: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
  • Staying at home when I graduated school
  • E: Do you smoke?
  • No
  • F: Do you drink?
  • Does coca-cola count? 
  • G: If you had to rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you be?
  • A solid -10
  • H: Longest relationship and with who?
  • Never had one. Don’t really believe in them…
  • I: 5 turn ons
  • 1.Humor- Make me laugh
  • 2.Perfume- Seriously drives me crazy
  • 3.Confidence
  • 4.Wit
  • 5. And I’m a sucker for blue eyes…like you have no idea how much this is
  • J: 5 turn offs
  • 1.Cocky
  • 2.Insensitive
  • 3.Bad-manners
  • 4.Clingy
  • 5.Narcism 
  • K: What’s the biggest lie you have ever told?
  • That I’m okay
  • L: Would you ever date someone of another race?
  • Doctor I mean YES.
  • M: What is your sexual orientation?
  • Heterosexual
  • N: Top 5 traits you look for in a person that you want to have a relationship with
  • 1.Make me laugh
  • 2.Have some patience because I can be a total mess/bitch sometimes
  • 3.He should be able to share my interests 
  • 4.BLUE EYES!
  • 5.Just be there for me. I can be awkward and weird and anti-social because I prefer to stay at home and eat and bake and watch a good movie and I need someone who can understand that and be fine with it.
  • O: Who are you crushing on right now?
  • Guy from work. And Katie. AND SEB!
  • P: Who is your bestfriend?
  • Sofia irl. Katie in tumbles.
  • Q: Your guilty pleasure?
  • Walking around the house naked when I’m alone.
  • R: Who was your first kiss?
  • I haven’t had mine
  • S: Do looks matter to you?
  • Just eye color…anything else is irrelevant
  • T: What kind of underwear are you wearing?
  • The grandma kind
  • U: How big is your penis or for a girl, how big are your boobs
  • My penis is quite big. My boobs are 36C.
  • V: How far have you gone?
  • Sadly New York.
  • W: Do you like it when people play with your hair?
  • Very much
  • X: Are you circumcised?
  • No
  • Y: Do you name your private parts?
  • I didn’t but now I want to.
  • Z: Do you pee in the shower?
  • Yes

omg yeah, i haven’t post anything about Guild Wars 2 lately! well i’m only lvl 38 :C which is sad, Seb is lvl 80 and Craig is almost 80 D: thanks to school i don’t have so much time to play, so i only have time to play on weekends :l but i’m on exams so.. i’ve been studying and doing homework and lkjasdkjasd I JUST WANT TO PLAY EVERYDAAAAY SO I LKAJDSLKSJD, here are some screenshots