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Thank you for answering! And ooh split northern lords will be interesting to see in the next book~ Also in the books, Do you think Tywin ever considered it might be dangerous for Cersei to marry & have children with a different man? What if she did and the child was born with dark hair? Wouldn't that make the people even more likely to see her children as bastards considering so many in Robert's family have dark hair/blue eyes? You'd think he'd want to marry her to a blond man, just in case.

I don’t think it works that way? Sure, the Baratheons have Super Dominant Fantasy Genes. But not all dark-haired people in Westeros have the Baratheons’ Super Genes. For example, Jeyne Marbrand is shown to have dark hair in official artwork, but all of her children were Lannister blond. And there’s an awful lot of blond Hills running around Terros too. And Rohanne Webber was a redhead, but it seems her children were all blond. So the Lannisters must have some Strong Fantasy Genes as well.

So if Cersei had a child by, say, dark-haired Willas Tyrell, it might be blond or it might be dark-haired. If it’s blond, then the Lannisters can hold it up as “proof” that Cersei’s children are all legitimate. If the new baby is a brunette, then it just becomes the child Tyrion theorized about, the “odd man out” of Lannister phenotypes. After the birth of a brunette child, people might simply conclude that Cersei’s kids have a 75% chance of coming out blond, 25% chance of other hair colors. 

Hair color alone wasn’t enough to prove Cersei’s adultery; there were other factors that led Ned (and Jon Arryn, and others) to discover her treasons

But all this talk about Lannister phenotypes is moot, because the horse has already left the barn. When Tywin says, “You will marry and you will breed. Every child you birth makes Stannis more a liar,” he’s delusional. Almost everyone in Westeros suspects that Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are bastards. I think Tywin is the only man on Terros who won’t admit this to himself, like, I am firmly in the camp that Tywin has willed himself into believing that his grandchildren are legit, and he absolutely refuses to even see all the evidence to the contrary. But Tywin has blinders on about a lot of things, and there’s nothing Cersei can do to change public opinion at this point. I mean, they’re literally screaming about the Lannisters’ illegitimate claim from Dorne to the Wall. 

So, Tywin’s marriage plan is illogical, but I don’t think it’s illogical because of the potential for dark-haired children. It’s illogical because it places an impossible burden on Cersei; it’s impossible to convince everyone that Stannis is a liar at this point, regardless of the hair color of Cersei’s fourth child. 

At best, we might euphemistically describe Tywin’s plans for Cersei as wishful thinking on his part as he plots to get Cersei out of the way (because Tywin is a misogynist), but this “you will breed” idea of his is like using a teacup to bail water on the Titanic. “No matter what we do, House Lannister will founder. It’s a mathematical certainty.” 

i will be the most supportive friend you have ever had. like, you say some random crap— i will never ignore it, if we’re in a group chat with lots of people talking at once, i will strive to make sure never feel disregarded or ignored, i will make you feel counted. the “looking like you care less is cooler” mentality really grates on me. it’s brave to show you care, it’s cowardly to pretend you don’t, especially for your own egotistic reputation. if you’re having a bad day, i will sit & talk everything through with you & help how i can & offer all the solutions i can muster. i will leave you be when you need it & never let you go when you are in need of attention. i will try to talk the blinding spectrum of intense emotion out of your head so you can see the realities a little more clearly & make things better, so you can get a handle on it & ride that bitch of an issue into the sunset. you create a post ; a meta ; a graphic ; a promo ; a theme? i will like & reblog the shit out of it, whatever it takes to make sure you know you matter, that your creative exploration is supported. i will encourage all your healthy endeavours & i’ll sit & be bitter about the world with you whilst you’re sad. i will never make you feel alienated for liking something or judge you on things that are totally inconsequential, your happiness is your priority.

but it’s the same for me. if i feel like i’m the only one that cares in a relationship ( platonic or non )— though i don’t expect the totality of what i give back ( that isn’t what a relationship is, you have to understand other people’s proclivities for human understanding ) i won’t make a deal of it. i’ll just slowly drift away, distance is my defence, indifference my sword. because as much as i try to make you feel like you matter, my philosophy for you is my philosophy for myself. i have to put myself first. i’ll sacrifice sleep for you when you need me, but i won’t sacrifice self-worth. i won’t be made to feel like i’m less, that i’m not worth what i’m giving to you. i will “do no harm but take no shit.”

i’ll be the most supportive friend you’ve ever had, but don’t test it.

It’s amazing to me that Cersei’s walk of shame and Tyrion’s participation in the dwarf joust are almost direct parallels, and when Kevan and co tell Cersei that she’s being too prideful, it’s just a walk, know your place woman, we recognize it as the injustice it is. Yet when Tyrion is told that he should just ride the pig and subject himself to degrading humiliation and ableism, we take it to heart and blame him for being too prideful and not knowing his place.

With Cersei’s walk she is reassured and told that she won’t be harmed, but the reassurance is made ironic by the context of these being the same streets walked by Alayaya, by Lollys, both victims of horrific sexual violence.

So, too, Penny’s reassurance that no one will hurt them as long as she and Tyrion make them laugh is contextualized by her brother’s murder, even though Groat did everything to make the “big people” happy.

The whole point is that violence born out of a belief of superiority only escalates.


GOT Imagine #5

“You and King Joffrey…husband and wife,” you lean to the side to whisper to Margaery. “I still can’t believe it’s actually happening.”

“Well believe it, my dear Y/N.” she tells you. “It’s what I came here to do…and I’ve gotten so good at playing the part of the inquisitive, but docile little minx. Joffrey is quite taken.”

“Is he now? You don’t waste any time do you, Margaery?” you ask with cheeky smile.

“I do what I must, you know that,” she says turning to grin back at you.

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And his hat was thrown in the ring by Lady Mormont of all people!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Of course, Littlefinger doesn’t like this at all. And looks like he’s already trying to plot telepathically with Sansa.  

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Now he’s laid his cards on the table with Sansa that he wants the Iron Throne and her ruling by his side. While she rejected them at first, I don’t think she’s all that happy being overshadowed by Jon. 

I’m kind of surprised that Jon didn’t try do deny the crown. (At least three times for good measure.)

I’m sooooooo glad that we finally got to see the complete Tower of Joy! I actually did tear up a seeing the siblings. That music was so beautiful. I’m going to need someone to tell Jon about his true paternity ASAP. 

OK, so the Sept went kaboom like I was expecting. However, I really wasn’t expecting Margaery to be a casualty and I’m really bummed about that. I totally expected Tommen to bite it, but I didn’t think it would be standard neglect of a completely traumatized teenager that would do him in. 

 I also wasn’t expecting Cersei to just walk up and take that throne, which is kind of obvious she would do that and I should have seen that coming. She’s a cold, evil bitch and I’m going to be glad when she sees dragons flying over her head to flame her ass. 

I don’t know, it seems like the Lannisters are pretty much fucked, even though Cersei sits on that Iron Throne right now. Dany’s army is vast, and what Houses are really backing them now? Cersei is getting past her child bearing years. She incinerated her Uncle who was leading the Lannisters. She turned the Tyrells against her. She’s probably pissed off even the mildly religious. Who is left?

Maybe Littlefinger will switch sides once again and try to marry Cersei or something.

Ugh. We’re still dealing with Dorne, I see. I don’t know, I wouldn’t trust them as allies at all. Bad move, I think. 

So, Dany dumps Daario. You should be so pleased @kronoskingofthemonkeypeople. Who is left for her to marry to dangle that prospect in front of them? Oh, I guess a certain King in the North. Who is probably her nephew or something. Or maybe Euron will be a bigger prick that she will have to deal with by the prospect of a marriage. 

I got a little teary eyed when she officially made Tyrion the Hand of the Queen. She absolutely needs him by her side. She respects his council and he tells her the truth. They make a good team. 

I’m so glad that Arya was the one that killed that bastard Walder Frey and gave him the Frey pies to boot. Love her, even if she’s a scary ass murderer now. She really needs her big brother to slow her roll a bit. Maybe she can kill Littlefinger while she’s at it. And Bran is on his way, with a whole bunch of White Walkers on his tail.

The wolves are returning to Winterfell, baby!

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Damn, I want it to be next season already!!!!