cersei x ned

*breath in* …there is no canon evidence that Rhaegar/Lyanna’s relationship was not consensual beyond Robert Baratheon and fuckin Bran’s accounts. Look at Rob. Rob is biased as heck considering we know he was in love with Lyanna, almost possessive. He can not accept that Lyanna would love anyone other than him. On all other accounts he speaks favorably of Rhaegar. Look at Bran. He has no connection AT ALL to whatever happened- beyond hearing vaguely about it from other sources presumably. Even our pinnacle of Morality Ned talks highly of Rhaegar (i.e. thinks him the man above attending brothels). Why would he talk highly of the man who kidnapped his sister? Ser Barristan Selmy, who served three kings, thinks that Rhaegar would have been better then any of them! Daenerys is often compared to Rhaegar as a compliment! Cersei wanted to be married to him! Jon Connington was in love with him. The common people loved Rhaegar! Everyone loves Rhaegar! Rhaegar was a fuckin nerd. He loved reading and was often made fun of it as a child. Then he grew up into this badass and everyone was like ooOoOH but lemme remind you Rhaegar was a fuckin NERD. Rhaegar liked music ”loved his harp more than his lance). And he played all the time like a dweeb. His songs even made Lyanna cry because they were so beautiful. Rhaegar was sassy af. At the tournament at Harrenhal, he winter rose crown for the queen of love and beauty to Lyanna because she was Best Girl. Everyone was like “what abt your wife” and Rhaegar was like “fuck u lol.” When the rebellion started and whatever and Rhaegar was killed he diED WITH LYANNA’S NAME ON HIS LIPS. liKE– also LYANNA. This boss ass bitch wasn’t about to marry Robert aka Fuckboy #1. She had “the wolfblood” in her and was Arya v. 0. She was a good swordsman and horseman. Ned says that Rob never saw "the iron underneath.”and Lyanna new that Rob would cheat on her because he’s an Asshole. When Lyanna died, she was clutching her favorite blue winter roses like the ones Rhaegar gave to her. The symbolism here is obvious. Anyways Rhaegar and Lyanna are 2 badasses they deserve each other fuck Robert Baratheon and good day



Game of Thrones Anime style, really amazing pictures
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Tales of a Lioness and her Wolf

The Joinery by arbitrarily

Ned takes the Iron Throne after the rebellion instead of Robert, and Tywin Lannister makes sure he takes Cersei as his queen.

We’re Only Taking Turns Holding This World by lit_chick08

Cersei Lannister marries Ned Stark becoming the Lady of Winterfell, instead of the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, allowing her to live a life without Jaime.

Sister Golden Hair by Phantomwriter05

After the fall of Kings Landing, young war hero Eddard Stark wants sometime alone in the godswood. But what he finds is a kindered soul over a sack of wine.

In the Still of the Night by Phantomwriter05

1960’s AU. On their last night before shipping out, Military Cadets enjoy their graduation dance, in processing creating connections they never knew existed.

Killing with Kindness by Morithil

An AU where Ned accepts Cersei’s request to be good to her.

Faces and Names by Laine

On Cersei’s wedding night to Robert, he’s too drunk to perform his “duties.” Ned fills in.

And Nothing is Gained by Not Gathering Roses by Laine

After a chance meeting in the corridors of Harrenhal, Eddard Stark of Winterfell and Cersei Lannister of Casterly Rock begin a peculiar friendship.

The Lion Queen by Laine

Ned Stark takes the Iron Throne, and he intends to share it with his Queen.

Not Quite a Maid by Magnetism_bind

On their wedding night, Cersei pretends to be a virgin, he knows she’s not.

A Means to an End by Xylodemon

AU of the Ned and Cersei’s confrontation in the godswood.

Stage Blood is Not Enough by Arbitrarily

Cersei pays her respects before Ned’s final day of reckoning.

Mercy by Lastwingedthing

Cersei visits Ned in his cell after his arrest.

The Taming of the Wolf by October_rust

Instead of being executed, Ned survives and Cersei keeps him as her own.

Of Beauty and War by Robopol

There’s nothing beautiful about war.

Lions and Wolves by Robopol

She is a lioness. Lions and wolves do not mingle.

In Another Life by PurelyBlissful

In another life, Rheager marries Cersei but kidnaps Lyanna anyway. Lyanna lives and Rheager dies. Cersei Lannister doesn’t want to give up on her throne, nor Eddard Stark. In another life, they rule the realm together, as husband and wife.

Southern Snows

AU - Ned is the king and married to Cersei Lannister.

The Thin Line

AU for Game of Thrones in which Ned never confronted Cersei before Robert’s death.

While I was coming home on bus, I was thinking of GOT AU where (almost)everyone lives happily ever after

Rickard and Brandon are still alive.

Petyr and Lysa love each other, they got married since they were so young because Lysa was pregnant but the baby didn’t stop their lives.

Petyr and Lysa have 3 strong and healthy boys together, Robert is the youngest and weakest but he seems to love drawing.

Petyr loves Cat as if she were his biological sister.

Petyr and Brandon had a fight because the boy found out Brandon cheated on his sister.

Brandon almost killed Petyr but Cat stopped him in a right time. Cat broke up with Brandon because of his behaviours.

Ned, who was secretly in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend, found a way to win her heart. They got married and had lots of good sex. LOL

Rhaegar planned to leave his wife for Lyanna and their bastard, Jon. But they died in car accident.

Jon was raised by Ned and Cat as their nephew and adoptive son alongside Robb and little Sansa. Jon was a happy boy.

Brandon loves his grandchildren but he continued living as a playboy. He became a rockstar.

The heartbroken Robert met hot and badass Cersei, she couldn’t care less about him but he didn’t give up.

And then one day, they got married because they love each other, not arranged marriage.

Cersei and Cat are bff! They’re always sharing their happiness together and helping each other raise their babes.

Robert developed his love in cooking and also often asked Cersei to try his food. Luckily, she’s still alive.

Robert and Cersei have 3 babes, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Cersei dyed her hair black.

Ned and Robert are bff and business partners, they run one of the biggest television station of Westeros together.

Cat is a writer and college professor. She’s now training Brienne, her new colleague, how teaching job is.

Cersei is a fashion magazine editor. She sometimes asked Sansa to be a model of her magazine.

Petyr is a lawyer while Lysa is a housewife.

Robb, Jon and Edmure are getting married but they agreed to keep it surprise for Cat. (She surely would cry with happiness)

Robb’s girlfriend is Margaery, Jon’s is Ygritte and Edmure’s is Roslin.

Cat, Cersei and their husbands don’t like The Freys much but they think Roslin is a good girl.

Jaime is single but he seems to interested in his younger brother’s new colleague, Brienne.

Tyrion has a good relationship with his father, Tywin. Yeah, because Joanna’s still alive, thanks to medical breakthrough.

Tyrion’s wife is Shae, Myrcella’s piano teacher. The two has 1 daughter now.

Everyone thinks Brienne is a lesbian but only Cat knows her trainee has a crush on Renly.

But you know, Renly is gay, his boyfriend is Loras, Margaery’s brother.

Joffrey is a good boy, his personalities are Jack Gleeson’s. He’s dating Sansa.

Arya is an athlete, she wants to turn pro in the future. No one knows she’s secretly dating with Gendry, a shy swimmer, first son of Robert and his ex-girlfriend.

Bran is a bookworm, he has Samwell his idol. Many young girls like him but he only pays attention to his education.

Rickon is very poppular athlete, a runner. He can also sing well, so no wonder why he drives the girls in his high school crazy.

Brynden is gay.

After 30 years of marriage, Ned and Cat still have lots of good sex, sometimes on the bed, sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the pool, sometimes at the office.


I'm going to start writing fan fics.

Because gosh darnit I ship everyone no one likes.
Coming soon to fanfiction.net to you.
Asha x Ramsay
Sansa x Ramsay
Sansa x Joffrey
Daenerys x Jon (

anonymous asked:

Cersei x Ned I always loved you

Never thought I would be writing this but I don’t hide or run from a prompt (it may just take a long time to fill it). As you can suppose writing this ship is not my biggest desire - I’m going to count this as fill for an anon of FFN who asked “Do a Ned/ Cersei AU canon divergent?” in July 8th.

Also I never feel I’m very good at writing Cersei, but for obvious reasons this one is quite different from canon, since she hasn’t lived through the same

I hope you like it.

Cersei was pacing the room, she hated to be kept waiting, and her husband had left her very early this morning. She tried to see if her brother knew anything, but to her disdain Jaime never seemed to know nothing, she had sent her daughter to find out what was going on but she hadn’t came back yet.

“Mom!! Mom!!” Myrcella ran into the room, she had Cersei’s hair - beautiful golden curls she always used tied on the top of her head so they wouldn’t get in the way of her adventures - and grey eyes just like her husband, and she was short for her 10 years - so Cersei’s perfect spy.

“So what did you find out, sweetie?”

“They’re all closed in the King’s chamber, Dad, Aunt Lya and the King’s brothers, I think Robb and Jon are there too.”

“So you couldn’t hear anything?” Cersei asked, and Myrcella immediately seemed shocked, and said.

“Mom, I thought you had more faith in me?! I’ve been navigating Varys secret passages since I was six,” she said, before turning sad. “Mom… it seems the King is dying, I don’t know from what, but he is… I think he was writing his testament - I had to leave before the end, one of the stable boys was coming to the entrace, I suppose he was with Varys or Littlefinger,” or mine, Cersei thought - someone had to look after hers, her husband might be a great Hand of the King but he was as naive and over-trusting as the day they married, he had learned nothing from her - at least in the camp of politics.

"Do you know if the King changed his mind about Jon?”

“No, Jon will be King, and there as talk about Dad stepping out as Hand of the King, so Robb can take his place.” Cersei didn’t like that idea very much, that would mean that they would finally move to that holdfast Ned’s brother gave him so long ago - she knew her husband missed the North and the cold, but Cersei was in no hurries to leave Court and the warm of the South.

“Okay, thank you, sweetie. You can go now.”

“Do you want me to go see if I can hear anything else?”

“There’s no need. I’m going to go look after your father myself.”

“Thank you. Uncle Jaime and Bran are probably waiting for me to start training,” her daughter said making to the door.

“Ohh… Myrcella, please don’t tell your cousin about the King. I’m sure the Queen wants to be the one to tell him,” Cersei said, and soon after followed her daughter out the room, she looked in the nursery where her youngest son, Tywin, played - it had been a complication being allowed to name her son after her father, since he had been executed after the war for having Princess Elia and her children killed; afterall Cersei was only married to the Hand of King as a peace offering to the Lannisters. As always he was surrounded by the youngest royal children and some other children of the ladies of the Court, who looked over them.

Cersei made her way to the King’s chamber, where as always as guarded by members of the King’s Guard - Meryn Trant and Arys Oakheart, Myrcella’s favorite knight, after Jaime, of course.

“Is my husband in there?”

“Yes, my lady. But we’re not supposed to let anyone in.”

“Is my son in there?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“So do you think I’m just anyone. I’m sure no one will mind my presence, so just open the door.” Arys seemed to want to protest one more time, but Meryn just obeyed and opened the door to her, and five faces immediately turned to her.


“Mother…” She heard her husband and oldest child say, as she moved the room to the secret passage, where she knocked on the door and  immediately heard someone’s footsteps.

“People were listening.”

“How did you know that?” Her sister-in-law asked.

“Oh… I had your niece spy for me for awhile, until this boy appeared.”

“Cersei…” Ned pleaded again, but Robert’s laugh drowned her husband’s protests.

“So what did my little niece said?”

“That you were dying,” Cersei said immediately. “Which seems like a lie to me.”

“It is,” Queen Lyanna was the one to answer. “His brothers were here, and you know how they are. And than it’s heir from here to there.”

“I have named Jon as my heir since I took the throne and married Lya, and they still talk by now.”

“Besides I have 4 siblings now, and three of them are boys,” Jon finally spoke, the heir to the Throne was usually very quiet and pensative, but when he spoke it always seemed like the right them - her husband seemed to believe he would make a good King, and even if he didn’t admit it out loud, she knew he thought he would be better than the current king.

“So what’s wrong with you, Your Grace? That you had to take my husband from my bed in the wee hours of the morning?”

“Ohh… sorry, Ned, if I kept you from more pleasurably encounters,” Robert said, laughing, before starting a coughing fit. And making her son blush at the comment, and she as sure her husband would protest in the King hadn’t started coughing.

“He woke like this during the night. I was worried and had the guards call for my brother. I’m sorry, Cersei,” her goodsister said, while trying to calm her husband’s coughing fit. “I now know it’s probably nothing. Probably too much dornish food yesterday - he always gets like this, but never learns,” Queen Lyanna told her, before turning to her brother. “Ned, you can go. And Jon, see if you do a good job taking Robert’s place today - any problem ask your uncle.”

“The Lords will be judging you today,” Cersei added before leaving the room with Robb and Jon. She sent her son away with his cousin and waited for Ned.

“So you’re having Myrcella spy on me,” she heard Ned’s voice behind her, and she immediately took his arm as he offered, and led them to their chamber.

“You disappeared in the middle of the night. I was worried. You usually tell me what’s going on.”

“Lyanna was worrying too much, she didn’t want me to leave. I’m sorry, Cersei. But I couldn’t send a message, since it’s never good to let the people know the King is sick.”

“I understand. And I’m glad you’re finally learning that lords are like vultures when they feel they can grasp for power,” she said, smirking at him as he opened the door. He quickly went for the bed.

“Cersei, I’m tired I’m just going to close my eyes. Can you wake me if Jon or Robb need anything?”

“Of course, but do you mind I lie down with you?”

“Cersei, I’m actually tired…”

“I know,” she said laughing. “Just to keep you company.”

“Okay. Love you,” he said before turning his back to her, and throwing the covers away.

“Love you too. I always loved you,” she said to thin air, since she knew he was sleeping, for ten years she has been doing this trying to gain courage to say it out loud.

The Weirwood, the Wolf, and the Glass Slipper

Author: emynithilien

Ships: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark, Ned Stark/Cersei Lannister

Trigger Warnings: None, save for R + L = J (for Cinderella’s prince was not her brother…)

Is this NSFW? No, rated G

Brief Summary: Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a girl who loved her father very much….A Cinderella version of Jon/Sansa, mixing elements from the Cinderella stories as told by the Brothers Grimm and the film Ever After.


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GoT Tag Game: Season 7 premieres in less than two weeks! Answer the questions then tag 7 people.

1. The first character I fell in love with: probably Jorah tbh and I still got nothing but love for him

2. A character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Jaime (I was always intrigued by his character, even before the bathtub scene. Still, I didn’t think I would grow to love him as much as I do now. He’s my fave in the whole show!!)

3. A character everybody else loves but I don’t: don’t really have one but a popular character I’m kinda indifferent towards is the Hound (sorry lol)

4. A character I love that everybody else hates: Theon seems to fit here

5. A character I used to love but don’t any longer: Arya (I still love her character, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just been disappointed in her storyline for a while, that’s all. I’m excited to see she’s now made her way back to Westeros. Thank the gods!)

6. A character I would kiss: Jaime, Jon, Jorah…all the J’s, baby! I mean, why the hell not?! :P

7. A character I’d slap: Cersei orrr wait Littlefinger actually edges her out

8. A character I’d want to be like: Brienne or Margaery, or even a combo of the two!

9. A character I would like to act out/play in the show: Brienne or Arya, because defying gender roles AND kicking ass?? sign me up!

10. A character who makes me laugh: Tyrion will always be the wittiest but Bronn still surprises me with how much he can crack me up.

11. A character I miss the most: Ned…or Oberyn…or Hodor!? don’t make me choose.

12. A pairing I love: Jaime x Brienne (always); there are a few others I can get behind but I don’t really put much stock in any of those

13. A pairing I hate: ship and let ship, buttt since you asked, Cerse! x J@ime, because omg no!

I tag: @rockinarounduniverse @godomischief @jellybaby74 @wackygoofball @weirddreamergirl @housedovalle @francescasalazarus

ASOIAF AUSThe Love Club (a Love Actually AU)

It’s Christmas season in London and everywhere you look, love is causing chaos. From the bachelor Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who on his first day at 10 Downing Street is taken by his extremely handsome (male) deputy chief of staff, to the young graphic designer who’s fallen hopelessly in love with his cousin’s bride. From an aging rock star and his struggling ex-wife (with some skeletons of her own); to a just-dumped writer who goes abroad to nurse his broken heart only find solace in his tough-talking housekeeper; to two literature professors with a legendary feud who just happen to settle their differences in the spirit of the holidays–love arrives in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

Two best friends fall in love at university only to be torn apart by demands of family holidays; a MP and his wife rediscover their undimmed love for one another; the head of one of Britain’s top corporations struggles with his new role as a single father and has to come to terms with his new and surprising dependence on his second-in-command. Ten stories of love all progress through Christmas to lead up to a dramatic, romantic climax on New Year’s Eve.

Read it on AO3 [rated teen, 100K words]
[written by: roseroadkingsroad and actuallyhawkeye]

This is a graphic for a fic we wrote earlier this year. It just seemed (belatedly) seasonally appropriate to post this now!