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    — my father sent me to court, I wept and Jaime raged, until my aunt sat me down in the Stone Garden and told me there was no one in King’s Landing that I need ever fear. ‘You are a lioness’ she said, ‘and it is for all the lesser beasts to fear you.’ 


House Lannister round-up post, featuring Tywin, Kevan, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Lancel, Joffrey, Myrcella…and Tommen!

EDITED TO ADD TYRION’S PICTURE! His previous absence is not to be taken as an endorsement of the Tyrion Targaryen theory. This is a Cersei-but-not-Jaime-is-a-Targaryen-only tumblr.

I was looking at some Jaime chapters in AFFC and I’ve always been fascinated by the hubris behind this line and the idea of the Lannisters as a pantheon of gods:

I thought that I was the Warrior and Cersei was the Maid, but all the time she was the Stranger, hiding her true face from my gaze. 

But this time I was focused solely on Jaime’s deification of Cersei: “I thought […] Cersei was the Maid”. Jaime placed Cersei up on a pedestal of innocence and chastity. In ADWD, Jaime I,

And what is it you like in a woman, m'lord?“

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What Cersei Should Have Done in Game of Thrones
  • Ned: Cersei, I know you are an adulteress and your children are not Robert's.
  • Cersei: Why do you think that?
  • Ned: Two Baratheon-Lannister marriages a hundred years ago produced black-haired kids. And Robert has three bastards with dark hair. Your kids are blond.
  • Cersei: Yes. Like me.
  • Ned: And Joffrey looks nothing like Robert. My daughter Sansa pointed that out.
  • Cersei: Isn't she one of the four out of your six kids who look nothing like you?
  • Ned: ...
  • Cersei: Fuck off, Ned.
  • The end.
Game of Thrones Theory:

Gendry is Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon’s son.

Hear me out.

When Cersei goes to visit Catelyn in S01E02, (The Kingsroad), she tells her about her firstborn son.

“I lost my first boy; a little black-haired beauty. He was a fighter, too. Tried to beat the fever that took him. Forgive me, that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. It was years ago; Robert was crazed, beat his hands bloody on the wall - all the things men do to show you how much they care. The boy looked just like him. Such a little thing; a bird without feathers. They came to take his body away, and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle; they took him away and I never saw him again. Never visited the crypt, never…

Then, in S01E04, (Cripples Bastards and Broken Things), Eddard Stark finds himself retracing the final steps of Lord Aaron. That journey takes him to a blacksmith where he is introduced to Gendry. In stark (possibly deliberate) contrast to the physical image painted by Cersei, the blacksmith describes Gendry by saying he is “strong for his age.”

Gendry explains that Aaron had asked him about his work, and then about his mother. When prompted by Stark to tell him about his mother, Gendry says:

“She died when I was little; she had yellow hair, she’d sing to me sometimes.”

Ned then, after examining his features, put it together that he was the bastard son of (King) Robert Baratheon.

My theory is that something prompted someone to remove Gendry from his home and raise him outside of his family. Maybe because they were afraid of another rebellion and thought keeping the heir out of people’s knowledge was the best way to preserve an heir, or perhaps a witch or someone else who could see the future foresaw the War of the Five Kings, Robert’s death, Joffrey’s reign, etc, and saw it a necessity to keep him out of harms way until his time came. 

The fact that Cersei never saw her son’s body after he was taken from her - never went to a wake, a funeral, or the crypt - means there is no tangible proof (at least in the story as it’s been presented) that he actually died! He was taken from her at a young age, and was told his mother with yellow hair died when he was a young child - the timelines (apparently) coincide - he is definitely old enough to have been born before Joffrey, with years in between for him to have been “little” when he was taken.

There are few ways they could prove it; it’s not like they have DNA tests. One possibility (and my favorite, by far) is Cersei actually seeing him and knowing in an instant that he is her son. You could also have a number of mystical destinies and components come into play, if he was taken from his family because of some sort of prophecy (as we found out last season, Cersei was foretold a prophecy about the fate of her children and it has unfolded 2/3.) 

Going off of that prophecy, actually - the prophecy foretold three children all with golden hair and golden shrouds. Had Gendry/her son actually died, would there not have been a fourth shroud? Assuming the 3rd is meant for her third golden-haired child.

Maybe the Red Woman saw his prophecy - maybe that is the reason he was so easy to find when she needed “King’s blood”. She knew who to look for.

I’ve had a few theories since binging the show (haha) and this is by far one of my favorites (and definitely the one that holds the most credence thus far. I’m watching it all again to see what else (other theories or support for this one) might come up.)

UPDATE! Sept 2, 2016

The prophecy about the golden hair/golden shrouds panned out when Tommen killed himself, which means the witch did not foretell the death of a/the fourth child…so he has to be out there somewhere.

What I can’t help but wonder is who would technically have a better claim to the throne at this point? A Baratheon or a Targaryen? Because if this plays out we would have Gendry who is a legitimate heir to the family currently sitting on the throne, Danaerys who is a legitimate Targaryen, and Jon who we know is a bastard but also the son of the oldest of the Targaryen children, so I’m not sure if it could be argued that he would precede Dany in a line of succession.

I sincerely hope that when Sansa finds out about Margaery - her only friend/love interest - and Loras’ - her teen-crush - death she’ll march on King’s Landing with her badass army and her badass smug face, adding Margaery and Loras to the list of people she’s gonna avenge when she’ll personally carve out Cersei’s heart

@mzyraj submitted:

I’ve seen a lot of speculation that Dany’s going to accidentally trigger the wildfire in taking King’s Landing (which is obviously possible), but I do wonder whether thematically it might not make sense for Cersei to do it (out of vengeance and/or paranoia that it’s filled with her enemies and/or scorched earth tactics). That is what they’ve done in the show (though obviously that’s no guarantee of anything really), but I think it fits with the valonqar prophecy if Jaime is the valonqar as most people expect; Jaime forever sacrificed his reputation in order to stop Aerys from blowing up the people of King’s Landing, only for (him to accidentally enable) Cersei to do it instead. Otherwise why else would Jaime kill her in that way? Jealousy and hurt pride of her having slept with others (and lied about it)? Again, that’s possible and we don’t know what place Jaime is going to be in mentally after meeting Lady Stoneheart, but I’d prefer it to be more substantial than that.

Just wondered about your thoughts since this is so Lannister-y :)

I don’t know how the wildfire is going to be set off in the books, but I believe it will be through the actions of multiple people, rather than any one person. I don’t believe it will be like the tv show. First, I believe the damage will be much more extensive than what GOT depicted, and I believe the Iron Throne will be destroyed in the process. Second, I don’t think it will be focused on the Sept. 

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  • Ned Stark: Where did you even find so much money?
  • Petyr Baelish: I bet with the Iron Bank on whether or not you’d freak out if Cersei tried to stage a coup…
  • Ned Stark: Are our entire lives just a gambling venture to you?
  • Petyr Baelish: Well, I’m not SUPPOSED to talk about it… But if you were to go out and hire a male prostitute on, say, April 14th, I might be able to share the profits with you.
Support (Joffrey x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Joffrey Baratheon

Word Count: 983

A/N - Game of thrones imagine where the reader had a secret relationship with Joffrey, and when Sansa and Cersei find out, Sansa tries to do everything to get her killed/taken away and Cersei supports her a bit? Love this blog, it’s golden!

For mazegunner, sorry for the wait, enjoy <3

Joffrey bit your lip hard. You smirked into the kiss, making sure to bite his lip even harder. He pulled back, smirking back at you, “You just bit me”. You grinned at him mischieviously, “I know”. His arm snaked around your waist, pulling you into his chest. “That’s an act of treason against your king .That’s punishable” he smiled down at you. “Then punish me my king” you flirted back. His lips came back down to your lips, he deepened the kiss but soon stopped to attack your neck, making you moan out in pleasure as he sucked on your neck. 

“Your grace-” a voice sounded by the door. Joffrey looked up and sighed in anger. “Haven’t you hear of knocking?” he growled at a horrified Sansa. You tried to push away from him but his grip was like a vice. “Your grace what are you doing with Lady (Y/N)?” Sansa’s voice held tones of envy and anger. “That is none of your concern” Joffrey hissed, becoming impatient with the Stark girl. By now you had escaped from Joffrey and were desperately trying to hide the love bites on your neck. As you struggled to correct your appearance, Sansa glared daggers at you. “Your grace-” Sansa started but Joffrey stopped her, “What do you want?” he said rolling his eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Why is it you think Dorne will be blamed for the sept explosion?

Couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I begin this conversation with the assumption that Cersei, not being a total idiot, would not admit to it, and I require convincing that she would. It never even occurred to me that she would confess, and I thought the finale was setting up her explanation (more on that in a sec). 

It makes no sense for Cersei to come out all IT WAS I FOOLS, EAT MY ASS. Zero none zilch. Listen I get that she would WANT to. I get that every fiber of her being LONGS to play it that way. But she can’t. And she doesn’t *have* to. 

She doesn’t have the resources to impose martial law on even King’s Landing, to the extent she would if she for no good reason confessed to an act of terrorism that destroyed hundreds of lives and businesses, and a great number of her forces - i.e. the ones Jaime commands - were hundreds of miles away. I guess I have more respect for her intelligence than that. Only an idiot wouldn’t at least *consider* the wiser option of blaming others. 

Second, she has the perfect scapegoat: Dorne. Where a coup was just committed, led by the very woman who violated guest right and assassinated the innocent Princess Myrcella. They assassinated her, their ruling prince, and his heir. The GSoB was, at that moment, supposed to contain not just the queen, her father, her brother, the king’s great uncle, the High Septon and a hundred other important personages. It was *supposed* to contain the king and the dowager queen, as well. And probably the entire Kingsguard. 

Who else but Dorne would attempt to wipe out the entire Baratheon-Lannister-Tyrell lines in that manner? 

What a beautiful opportunity for propaganda and political theatre this is. The queen is no longer the humiliated and reviled woman dragged through the streets and due to be probably locked away with the silent sisters for her trespasses. She’s the grieving mother who promises vengeance to the thirsty, vicious crowd. She could make anything she wanted happen, with that kind of propaganda. Sound familiar? 

Third, as to the clue from the finale: Tommen’s crown, and Cersei’s directions for Qyburn re: disposal of his remains.

In a gorgeous visual we all remember, after one attendant expresses his sympathies and leaves him, Tommen takes off his crown, leaving it behind in his chambers as he leaps to his death. Then Qyburn asks Cersei what should be done about a funeral. Since the sept is gone, perhaps the throne room? No, she says. Burn him and bury his ashes at the sept.

Nowhere in here am I seeing that she allowed knowledge of the fact that he wasn’t in the sept at all, but rather committed suicide at the Red Keep, to become public knowledge. Perhaps she did.

But the smartest move would’ve been to kill the one attendant and claim Tommen was killed at the sept. Who is left to disagree? No one, if the show wants to go that route. Because if anyone - including Jaime - had any suspicions about her involvement, believing Tommen died there would remove them. Cersei herself miraculously not being there is shady. But with Tommen there, no way would she have done it.

And this would explain the ostentatious removal of the crown. Cersei would not destroy it. She would keep it hidden somewhere. She has a new crown this season - silver, not gold - and while I’m sure she simply wants a new one, the fact that Tommen dying at the sept would mean his was no longer available to her is a good story.

Now, here is one thing from the huge set of season seven spoilers that I think solidifies the “blame Dorne” theory:

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anonymous asked:

can i have a Cersei x reader (fem) where the reader gets injured and Cersei has the people who hurt her killed, then promises the reader she'll protect her? cheers x

((well today’s my birthday and I decided to get off my ass and write a one shot in celebration))

warnings: injury

word count: 1118

The last thing you remembered before falling unconscious was water.

Earlier that day, you had been asked by your Queen (and lover) Cersei Lannister to go out to the marketplace and buy some fish, for there was to be a fancy dinner that evening. You eagerly skipped out towards the bustling centre of King’s Landing, excited to be outside the Red Keep for once.

People speedily walked here and there, going about their business with ease and grace. You worked your way around the people, looking for the fish merchant. Eventually you spotted him; a thin, bitter old bastard standing hunched over a decrepit stand.

“Excuse me, could I purchase some fish?” you asked, walking up to the merchant.

He looked up at you with mismatched eyes and a sour expression on his face. “Felleh me,” he said, clearly with a speech impediment. You did as he asked, following the merchant away from the market and towards the port. Maybe he kept his fish on a boat or something?

Birds chirped and people yelled at each other; it smelled like the sea and saltwater burned your eyes. The port of King’s Landing, where goods were imported and deported to Essos and other parts of Westeros by ship.

You followed the fish merchant to a crappy white boat with paint chipping and holes in the sails. It was rocking under your weight and quite unsteady. He leaned into a crate full of fish, supposedly sorting them.  You watched him closely, not paying any mind to the burly men coming up from behind you and harshly grabbing your arms.

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Even though you were a Lannister, you had sided with Robb and his house when the war had broken out. It was meant to be a secret so you could support them from King’s Landing but nothing ever stayed a secret for long in this place. When Cersei found out she had you nearly killed. Since then you had taken residence in the dungeons, with little hope to see the light of day again soon.

„Y/N…“ The bright flame of the torch was blinding you and you had to look away for a moment until your eyes adjusted to it.


„The one and only.“

„What are you doing here?“

„I’m getting you out, will you be alright on your own if I escort you out of the city.“

„To be honest, probably not but it’s still better than staying here.“

After escaping King’s Landing you had made you way up north, staying away from the main road. It took a bit longer but you were safe. You eventually made it to Robb’s camp.

“W-…? Y/N!” Robb came running over to you when he saw you wandering around looking for him, “What are you doing here, are you hurt?”

“No I’m fine now.” You smile at him, trying your best not to look too exhausted.

“You look horrible, what happened?”

“Cersei isn’t a great fan of your family and neither of me now.”

“I’m so sorry this is all my fault, you shouldn’t have helped me.”

“I love you of course I would have helped you even if you didn’t ask.”

“Well you certainly do not lack the stubbornness of your family.” He says with a smirk in your direction.

“I don’t lack our thirst for vengeance either…so start working we have a war to win.”