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I just saw a gif set entitled ‘The Key Six’ which in this set is the Big 5 plus Sansa. (The big 5 meaning Jon, Daenerys, Arya, Tyrion, Bran) and i’m trying to stay calm at this but failing absolutely MISERABLY 



There is no bloody ‘Key Six’. I DON’T THINK I HAVE THE WORDS FOR HOW FURIOUS THIS MAKES ME. (and if there was a Key Six don’t you think someone like Cersei is more important than Sansa LIKE SHE’S THE FREAKING QUEEN BUT SHE’S STILL NOT IN THE ‘BIG 5′ SO WHY THE HELL WOULD SANSA HOLD THAT KIND OF TITLE)

I get y’all love Sansa and that’s fair OK, I love Jaime Lannister beyond words, and Jaime, just like Sansa, is integral to very important storylines. BUT Y’ALL DON’T SEE ME ADDING JAIME TO GIFSETS AND MAKING HIM OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO THE BIG FIVE BECAUSE HE ISN’T (also refer back to my Cersei point thank you)

istg if I have to go through ANOTHER season on here of everyone making Sansa far far more important than she is and twisting the canon to make it so i’mma bust a nerve up in my brain god damn


    — my father sent me to court, I wept and Jaime raged, until my aunt sat me down in the Stone Garden and told me there was no one in King’s Landing that I need ever fear. ‘You are a lioness’ she said, ‘and it is for all the lesser beasts to fear you.’ 


House Lannister round-up post, featuring Tywin, Kevan, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Lancel, Joffrey, Myrcella…and Tommen!

EDITED TO ADD TYRION’S PICTURE! His previous absence is not to be taken as an endorsement of the Tyrion Targaryen theory. This is a Cersei-but-not-Jaime-is-a-Targaryen-only tumblr.

understandingrocks  asked:

Dear turtle-paced, do you think there not being any "permanent" women villains in the books is a conscious, deliberate choice with an intended message? I can't very well see Euron Greyjoy, for instance, getting some humanizing humiliation scene.

Well, I do disagree that there are no long-term women villains in the books - what else is Cersei? The fact she’s depicted as a whole person with internal struggles makes her no less villainous. The misogyny and abuse she’s experienced explains some of her actions, but it in no way excuses the vast majority of them.

Second, I think the lack of primarily temporal female villains in ASoIaF is partially a reflection of the whole “piss twice as hard” issue, and partially a reflection of the fact not many women are full-time fighters. In a world where not many women use swords, it’s that much harder to write a female Gregor Clegane, and in a world where women must fight and connive for every scrap of power and constantly be on guard for men casually overruling and dismissing them, it’s that much harder to be a female Tywin Lannister (as Cersei points out several times). Effective narrative villainy requires power, of some sort, to be wielded over others - and GRRM has depicted a world where women are systematically disempowered. His unsympathetic and amoral female characters are subject to that system every bit as much as his sympathetic female characters.

So yes, I suppose I do think there’s a message in the lack of female temporal villains. In Westeros, it’s hard for a little girl to grow up to be a credible threat.

Here’s where I don’t think GRRM has an excuse. There is one obvious form of power that should not respect gender constructs:


There are flat out more male users of magic in the main series, differing in capacity and morality, than there are female. (Dany, Arya, Melisandre, Mirri Maz Duur, and two stock “crone” archetypes who exist to give prophecies to more important characters.) Certainly there are more male magic-users whose magic is an integral part of their storylines or their identification as characters. I fail to see any good reason for this. Where are the female greenseers? We know of two female skinchangers other than Arya and presumably Sansa, mentioned offhandedly in the prologue of ADWD. Then we get into what use of magic means, because there’s a difference between actively doing magic, and passively receiving prophetic dreams.

Magic is a power which a female character could use for good or for evil. Even if society’s structure winnows out just about every female character who can learn magic to a greater degree, there’s still the issue of people who are “born with it” and whose capacity for magic exists in them independently. Thus far, in the main series, it’s disproportionately men.

The lack of female metaphysical villains I think is a failing on GRRM’s part, rather than a deliberate message.

me: ok i’m done, i will not see new things about season 7 anymore, i want to keep the surprise and don’t spoil the upcoming season for myself and 
also me, when someone publishes any non-verified information abt the plot or a blurred image that remotely shows kit and emilia in somewhere sharing the same oxygen:

Being a Stark and having an affair with Tywin Lannister would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo TYWIN 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having grown so fond of you that he’d come up with a plan to start an affair with you, telling you that if you refuse your family will be the ones paying the price just as he had planned it

-Glances that hint at you that you should stop with your witty comments unless you want him to punish you afterwards, making you actually want to keep them coming

-Him being formal and barely keeping you company more than he has to whenever you are in public, in order to keep prying eyes away, only to slowly change when you are both alone

-Him always ending up giving you the help you wanted from him, only to grow bold and gradually asking you for more and more sexual favors in return

-Him leaving lingering touches whenever he has to let go of your hand so suddenly, just to remind you that you’re his before clearing his throat and letting you go on

-Him sending maids to help you bathe and prepare yourself to meet him, along with some guards to escort you secretly to his room

-Cersei finding out but as he’d threatened her, not daring to go against you in any way, only to hold a grudge against you while Tyrion just makes funny yet unsubtle comments about your relationship, making you grow close to him

-Him glaring at anyone who tries to seduce you before making them realize their mistake of trying so, as he doesn’t enjoy the idea of having other men catching your eye

-Him giving you countless of lavish gifts, thinking that’s what makes you happy, only to be stunned when you’d get pissed at him

-Him keeping you safe from any threat as well as the people you care about, only to act like it never mattered to him whenever you’d thank him

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If bending existed in Westeros, who or what House do you think would bend what?

The Iron Islands: Nonbenders or, better yet, metalbenders.

The Westerlands: Either firebenders, or earthbenders, not sure which. But hear me out: Cersei bending green flames, like how Azula has blue flames. 

The North: Waterbenders, with the Boltons being bloodbenders. 

The Eyrie: Airbenders, probably. 

The Reach: Earthbenders. 

Dorne: Earthbenders, with lots of sandbenders, and also waterbenders thanks to the Rhoynish. 

The Riverlands: Waterbenders, obviously. 

The Stormlands: Earthbenders. 

House Targaryen: Firebenders 

The Dothraki: Either nonbenders, or earthbenders.

almussafes asked:

Hi, Butterfly! I hope this hasn’t been asked before: what would have happened if Robert had found out on his own about Jon being Rhaegar’s (noticing something that could have given Ned away, doing some research with the Tower of Joy, dream revelation, whatever)? Let’s say this happens after Balon’s Rebellion, in the middle of his peaceful reign, when he’s thankful to Ned… would he have ran to Winterfell asking for Jon’s head? Do you think that Ned could have talked him out of this idea? Thank you!

Hmm, I don’t think anyone’s asked anything quite like this before, so… well, Ned’s always been pretty damn careful, and Robert isn’t exactly the most perceptive person in the world, so I’m going to have to assume he finds out about Jon’s parentage in a dream. (He’s ¼ Targ, it could happen.) So, a few months after the Greyjoy Rebellion, he wakes up, filled with fury… and because Robert isn’t exactly the most subtle person in the world, either, he goes roaring down the Red Keep corridors until he finds Jon Arryn and starts shouting at him about Ned’s treachery and the dragonspawn nesting at Winterfell. But Jon Arryn, who is subtle and has a strong interest in keeping Westeros peaceful, talks Robert down from his anger. (Along with asking him if he was sure, it was a dream after all, but Robert responds with shouts and sobs (about Ned, about Lyanna) and certainty.)

And, well, this gets very fanficcy, so under a cut it goes:

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anonymous asked:

Can you give your thoughts as to Cersei's reasons behind the split with Jaime? I like your writing!

This is a follow-up to this post. (And thank you, anon!)

Right, so. Cersei spends books 1-3 growing ever more afraid. First she loses Jaime, then her father puts Tyrion (her hated valonqar, supposedly) in a position of power in contention with hers, then Tyrion arranges for her firstborn to marry Margaery (a potential “younger and more beautiful queen,” far less controllable than Cersei deems Sansa), then her father starts making noise about getting Cersei remarried, then Joffrey’s murdered. Through all that fear, she pinned her hopes on Jaime, thinking that Jaime would save her -

- and he does not. He refuses to murder Tyrion, he refuses to argue with their father about her remarrying, he refuses to agree with her about Tommen marrying Margaery. He’s just like everyone else who let her down. He’s just like everyone else who doesn’t understand. This helps shake Cersei out of her romanticisation of their relationship (for a while; she goes back to it while held captive by the Faith), her crushing disappointment rolled into her paranoia. If Jaime is not with her, he’s against her.

This is not to underplay how Jaime’s loss of his hand affected her. As far as Cersei’s concerned, Jaime is her, but male, and without his sword hand, he can’t fit her idea of male. It’s an idea that’s very much centred around violence, and ableist as hell. (We also see this idea of masculinity as violence in her idealisation of Joffrey’s “fierceness.”) Without his sword hand, Jaime refuses to act as Cersei’s sword. He can’t stop her from slapping him. He’s considerably clumsier. As she says about the similarly afflicted Mark Mullendore, what good is half a man?

Then Jaime starts making other choices about his appearance that compromises this “her, but male” ideal. He grows a beard, lessening his resemblance to her, and starts electing to wear white, prioritising a Kingsguard identity over a Lannister identity. So not only is he “half a man” as far as Cersei’s concerned, these decisions about his appearance make him less her.

These reasons for stepping back really go to show how poisonous Cersei’s idea of a relationship is. But if there’s one thing we learn about her in AFFC, it’s that she has no idea how to cope with disagreement.

Trust Issues: Jon, Sansa, Daenerys, and betrayal.

A little meta I was inspired to write today after getting super tired of reading ‘Will Sansa betray Jon?’ posts. Warning! I try to stay away from season 7 plot leaks & spoilers but I am aware of some things and treat them as season 7 theories…so if you don’t want to know even a hint of anything SPOILER WARNING! (but not really b.c. I have no idea what will happen.)

Pretty much every fan everywhere has debated  the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?” The answers range from yes to no to she will pretend to betray Jon in order to take down Littlefinger. But maybe just maybe we are all asking the wrong question.

Sansa and Daenerys have both been casts as betrayers at certain points in the story. Daenerys by Viserys who she has visions of in ADWD calling her a betrayer. Sansa by readers who see her early actions in A Game fo Thrones as a betrayal of her family. We seem to forget that there is another betrayer in our midst. Yes, our hero Jon Snow. His time with the wildlings is steeped in betrayal of either his vows or of the wildlings depending on which view you take.

Why are we not asking the question “Will Jon betray Sansa?” or maybe even more important “Will Jon betray Sansa or Daenarys or both?”

If Sansa’s arc is about how a young woman in a patriarchal society can go from political pawn to political player. Jon’s is all about how one who gets given that power by default because he is a man despite his birth status attempts to make the hard decisions. His is the dynamic between the inner moral compass and the one wielded by public opinion. The women of our story have no such luxury. You are either pawn or player and to get to be a player it’s assumed you must have used unsavory means or had dragons. Daenerys’ arc mirrors Sansa in this way, she too goes from political pawn to player. Much of it rests on both losing her brother and her husband and having dragons.

That’s maybe why we rush to ask the question “Will Sansa betray Jon?”. A woman gaining power must mean she betrayed a man somehow or had dragons. We can see this in our current modern day political situation…ok won’t go there for now…

 Given Jon’s history and the issues going into to season 7, the question of “Will Jon betray XXX?” becomes a much more compelling question. Here are a few theories.

It’s possible Sansa in her plan to take out Littlefinger at first looks like a betrayal of Jon when in actuality it’s Littlefinger she is betraying. Part of her cover might mean Jon believing she is siding with Littlefinger. In his frustration maybe he sides with Daenerys, pledges fealty to her..etc. By the time he realizes Sansa was working to undermine Littlefinger and not him, it will be too late he’s given the North away to Daenerys. The Northern Lords are for sure not going to like this and might be willing to support a Sansa-Arya-Bran alliance. After betraying the Starks once by pledging to Dany, Jon now has to choose the Starks (represented by Sansa) or Daenerys.

It could be we never even have to see Jon believe Sansa will betray him. Littlefinger could be taken out in an entirely different manner while Jon is away. Jon may still betray Sansa and the North by pledging fealty to Dany. The audience may not feel it’s a complete betrayal but Sansa would, the Northern Lords would. It’s not unlike what happened when Jon joined the wildlings. We as the audience understand what Jon was doing, he was going undercover. This didn’t change how he used Ygritte. He betrayed her love and her trust. Which is exactly how she sees it.

Cersei may also still have Sansa in her sights. Please please season 7 give us the scene when Cersei finds out Sansa has re-surfaced and taken back her home along with her half-brother (really cousin…wanna be lover…). I think I may want this scene more than full on JonSa. If D&D give me this I can wait till season 8 for JonSa. What will Jon do if Cersei offers him a deal..perhaps Sansa’s head for Northern Independence or help with the White Walkers? One head to save many many lives. We believe Jon would say no but…there is always a but…

Another option is that Jon betrays not Sansa or his Stark family but Daenerys. Again, he has a history of tossing aside love/attraction when it comes to duty and the bigger picture. Dany is still owed at least one betrayal according to prophecy and it is the betrayal for love. As mentioned above Jon could have to choose Starks or Dany. That being said betraying Dany could be a question for season 8 and the last book.

In a perfect Westeros, Sansa would be Lady of Winterfell successfully manning the North while Jon builds the greatest alliance the realm has ever known to fight the White Walkers. After some minor compromises, everyone gets on board. Maybe he has a flirtation with Dany before discovering his parentage after which everyone understands. Dany sadly sacrifices herself against the walkers becoming a hero. Jon and Sansa rule the realm. Or for the Jonerys shippers, it’s the other way around Sansa sadly sacrifices herself and Jon and Dany rule together. But as we all know this is not a perfect Westeros. Some shit is gonna go down. 

So as fans continue to debate “Will Sansa betray Jon” and JonSa shippers wring their hands over the thought of Sansa even considering a betrayal of Jon, we may all be asking the wrong questions. Maybe what we really should be asking is “Will Jon betray Sansa aka sell out the North? And if so, when he realizes this is a huge problem, “What will Sansa do about it?” and “What will he do about it?”

**For the record, it would be wholly out of character for Jon and Sansa especially book!Jon and book!Sansa to truly betray one and another. However, misplaced trust in the wrong people (a particular recurring problem for Starks), miscommunications (all it could take are a few ravens lost in a blizzard), or poor timing could create a situation where one feels betrayed by the other. And if these two truly love each other as siblings or otherwise, or are falling in love with each other unbeknownst to other the person, the sting of even a perceived betrayal could be shattering creating a cascade of unfortunate events. JonSa shippers get your kleenex things are about to get extra angsty before fans get their bittersweet ending.

I was looking at some Jaime chapters in AFFC and I’ve always been fascinated by the hubris behind this line and the idea of the Lannisters as a pantheon of gods:

I thought that I was the Warrior and Cersei was the Maid, but all the time she was the Stranger, hiding her true face from my gaze. 

But this time I was focused solely on Jaime’s deification of Cersei: “I thought […] Cersei was the Maid”. Jaime placed Cersei up on a pedestal of innocence and chastity. In ADWD, Jaime I,

And what is it you like in a woman, m'lord?“

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Every song, we do at a different location. Under the bridge. Chinatown. Rowing boat in Central Park. Whatever happens, we record it.

We get arrested?

Keep rolling.

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