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the signs as women in game of thrones
  • aries: ygritte // a lover and a fighter, hates to be betrayed but will never show their weakness
  • taurus: brienne of tarth // loyal, easily wounded but bears those wounds to greater purpose
  • gemini: arya stark // enfolds past hurts in different modes of behaviour, tough with a berry-soft core
  • cancer: sansa stark // delicate as bone china with barbs in their teeth, stronger than their milk-soft exterior
  • leo: olenna tyrell // no time or patience for flattery or foolery, fiercely protective, pun master
  • virgo: daenerys targaryen // a strong moral compass that's sometimes wrong, proud and beautiful
  • libra: catelyn stark // fears of loss often lead to mistakes, come to love slowly but it lasts forever
  • scorpio: ellaria sand // slow to gain trust and quick to lose it, hates a liar, afraid to ask for love
  • sagittarius: margaery tyrell // charm without manipulation, sticky-sweetness can earn enemies
  • capricorn: cersei lannister // looks out for the good of those they love to the detriment of others, thinks they know best
  • aquarius: melisandre // an enigma, a little odd but driven to a single goal, loyal to a fault
  • pisces: lyanna stark // looks after those around her, their secrets have secrets, an air of tragedy

Jaime I, ADwD | Cersei I, ADwD

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Journey AU, Game of Thrones AU…. Yuri!!!On Ice really hit me hard….. 

Also, guess what two games I´ve been playing recently….:D 

when you ship “Jaime” and Brienne and every episode you think things can’t be any worse then they were last week

game of thrones + wolfpupy tweets [part 2]

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Another theory of Daenerys’s POSSIBLE pregnancy.

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I just found this on reddit r/freefolk and I’M FREAKING OUT SKADHFKSDFH

“This part right here:


“I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall.”


I will never have a little girl. I was the Mother of Dragons”

Is no accident. No accident Jon wants a son and Dany a daughter. I believe IF these two reproduce, they reproduce twins. I thought that for some time and maintain it. GRRM hinted at the twins aspect from the beginning. Yin and yang, night and day, sun and moon, north and south, cold and hot, male and female, and of course ice and fire. The two halves that together complete wholeness symbolism in the story, all leads up to and culminates with this. The birth of Targaryen/Stark twins. Male and female. To me, storywise it makes sense. It creates multiple Targaryens to continue the line, it creates a second generation half Targ/half Stark (aka half First Men half Old Valyria). It creates a permanent mixing of the two Houses that most represent north and south, old gods and new gods, ice and fire.

And by the way, it wouldn’t shock me if Dany births them the same time Jaime and Cersei take each other out of the world in another example of shrewd symbolism GRRM has played with from the start”

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Jaime: I convinced Cersei not to go through with her horrible plans so you can have a peaceful painless death :)

Olenna: *Gulps that poison* Thanks oh btw I murdered that punk-ass son of yours for whose murder your little brother was blamed which consequentially brought him to kill your father !!! tell Cersei peace out 

Jaime: … ?!?!?


Why and How the Daenerys/Stark Alliance Could Fall.

I think I got it!

So Jon and Daenerys are traveling to Winterfell. They had the boat scene. They’re going to fight the White Walkers together! They think Cersei Lannister has called a truce and that she will support their cause. Even IF Jon learns that he has the superior claim to Daenerys, he doesn’t want to be King. He believes Daenerys is with their cause. The Northern lords will see her for what she truly is. So where could this all go wrong? 

There were multiple confusing/frustrating plot points that seem like bad writing. If my theory is correct, it actually could be a pretty spectacular confluence of many story lines. Here’s my lame attempt at explaining it all:


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He had a knife in his other hand. As the blade flashed toward her face, Arya threw herself backward, kicking wildly, wrenching her head from side to side, but he had her by the hair, so strong, she could feel her scalp tearing, and on her lips the salt taste of tears. (AGOT)

Finally someone took the knife away from her. The tears burned like vinegar as they ran down her cheeks. […] She could taste it on her lips.
No, don’t, don’t cut my hair, Ned loves my hair. Then the steel was at her throat, and its bite was red and cold. (ASOS)

i was thinking about the significance of haircuts when mourning and how this happened after ned and robb’s deaths, respectively, when arya and cat symbolically and/or literally had to die too. arya takes on the first of many aliases after her fathers execution. yoren painfully shaves arya’s head and drags her onto the dangerous road north where she’ll have to kill or be killed. cat dies at the red wedding with her last child and is reborn as something much darker. her hair is cut, her throat silt and her body desecrated and when she rises its not as the woman she once was. its the loss of their families that this physical change reflects because thats the most important thing to both their characters. 

When the fire died at last and the ground became cool enough to walk upon, Ser Jorah Mormont found her amidst the ashes, surrounded by blackened logs and bits of glowing ember and the burnt bones of man and woman and stallion. She was naked, covered with soot, her clothes turned to ash, her beautiful hair all crisped away … yet she was unhurt. (AGOT)

dany experiences similar losses, her husband and child die, and her hair is all burned away too. and like arya it represents the death of her girlhood. but she’s reborn as a woman (not an orphan boy) who is powerful with her newly hatched dragons. dany is no longer a frightened child to be sold by her brother and bought by a khal. she’s a queen in her own right with the ability to control her own fate. 

My crown, the queen thought. They took the other crown away from me, and now they are stealing this one as well. When her locks and curls were piled up around her feet, one of the novices soaped her head and the silent sister scraped away the stubble with a razor. (ADWD)

for cersei her hair represents the thing she values most: power. her head is shaved as part of her punishment. then she must complete her walk of shame. naked and bald before all of kings landing cersei is completely vulnerable. they mean to break her pride. without all her adornments cersei isn’t the queen of the seven kingdoms. she’s just a woman 

most of these scenes directly involve nudity in some way too. dany’s clothes were burned on the pyre which reinforces the rebirth concept. catelyn’s body is stripped naked to further humiliate her even in death. arya’s important haircut doesnt go there but during the needle scene she does throw all of her clothes into the canal. naked without any other possessions she hides needle; the symbol of her one true self. 

hair and clothes are very significant things to women. they’re often a crucial aspect of our personal identities and the roles we assume. femininity is more a performance than anything so when stripped and shaved, as when first born, we see the unconcealed truth. which can have different effects for each individual. some will find it freeing and empowering but for others its humiliating and painful. in asoiaf we get the whole spectrum. 

In Defense of GOT S7

I am the last person in the world who should be writing this post. I’ve never been one to wax poetic about GOT as a whole show. For years I had a love-hate relationship with it. I’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve criticized it, every year finding myself going, WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS SHOW. This sideblog name really does say it all. I was Here For The Starks. Everything else I merely tolerated. Last year was probably the only season since Season 1 that I enjoyed wholeheartedly and that’s mostly due to three episodes. 

So, this was not the post I planned to write post-finale. I started several posts on other things, left unfinished. But somehow, this was the post that I was compelled to finish. Go figure.

Below, I explore the role of the audience reaction, how assumptions can be used to mislead, and a limited Stark POV can be a narrative strategy. From there, I consider the season’s expectations, flaws, and possible intentions by breaking down one example of the season’s structural writing.

Full disclosure: I discuss my own personal reactions in this, and as a Starks fan that sees Jonsa and Undercover!Jon, I am biased. But far before any of those things, I was a Whedonverse fangirl fascinated by the potential in solid structural writing across a season of television. Over a decade later, it’s still one of my very favorite things to analyze. What results is a weird combination of both a personal and analytical look at this season. Yeah, I don’t know either.


I’ve sat on my GOT finale thoughts for a good week now. When I reflected on it, I discovered it was mostly because my honest reaction was more in response to other fans than anything constructive about the narrative itself. My years in and out of fandoms make me hyperaware of the black hole that is commenting on other fans’ reactions. I try my best to avoid it.

I’m especially hesitant about my reactions to this show, knowing how fast the deck can be flipped, leaving you cold clocked in the dirt. The minute I’m laughing my head off about one thing, I leave myself wide open for the show to blindside me. As a general rule, I’ve always thought that the second you are sure of anything in GOT/asoiaf, you better watch out. Unexpected has always been the name of the game. 

But as GOT Season 7 progressed and more things sharpened into clear view for me, I found it more and more difficult to discuss each ep without including the nebulousness that is this audience reaction factor.

Particularly since 704, I’ve felt that our reactions are a necessary part of the season. It began as just a lowkey feeling but grew with every episode. More and more, I felt like I was purposely being mislead and like a stubborn mule, I dug my heels in to look closer. What I saw was a season laying traps for its audience in the form of missing scenes, unreliable narrator techniques, and misleading dialogue, to use our fears and worries and assumptions about these characters, especially House Stark, against us.

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highlights of game of thrones finale
  • sophie turner’s acting and how you could see her silently crying while petyr baelish was executed because it was no doubt a hard decision for sansa and she showed that internal conflict perfectly on her face
  • sansa and arya being on good terms again and standing where jon and sansa stood before, bonding, missing their father together
  • tyrion and cersei’s scene, which i wasn’t expecting at all. it blew me away not only because of lena headey and peter dinklage’s amazing acting, but also because, for the first time in a long time, something changed in cersei. tyrion’s words broke some kind of barrier, and we found out that cersei doesn’t actually want him dead, despite everything. that was HUGE.
  • the night king’s rodeo showdown on viserion, cool blue fire/lighting, the WALL FUCKING COMING DOWN.
  • soundtrack was gorgeous, thank you ramin djawadi, god of music
  • “you are a greyjoy. and you are a stark”
  • dany’s “15 minutes late with a starbucks” entrance on drogon to king’s landing
  • jaime and brienne having Emotions for each other and not saying it out loud but still very obviously aggressively caring about each other
  • theon regaining strength and finding a purpose
  • aegon and aegon
  • the scene of the first snowfall in king’s landing. beautiful and unreal
  • brienne singlehandedly slapping sense into jaime by shouting “FUCK LOYALTY” 
  • brienne and the hound bonding over arya and how badass she is, arya deserved to be mentioned god fucking dammit 
  • this whole episode was iconic in countless ways
  • aegon 1, aegon 2

House Lannister round-up post, featuring Tywin, Kevan, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Lancel, Joffrey, Myrcella…and Tommen!

EDITED TO ADD TYRION’S PICTURE! His previous absence is not to be taken as an endorsement of the Tyrion Targaryen theory. This is a Cersei-but-not-Jaime-is-a-Targaryen-only tumblr.