cersei lannister is better than you


“Cersei even undid your swaddling clothes to give us a better look,” the Dornish prince continued. “You did have one evil eye, and some black fuzz on your scalp. Perhaps your head was larger than most… but there was no tail, no beard, neither teeth nor claws, and nothing between your legs but a tiny pink cock. After all the wonderful whispers, Lord Tywin’s Doom turned out to be just a hideous red infant with stunted legs. Elia even made the noise that young girls make at the sight of infants, I’m sure you’ve heard it. The same noise they make over cute kittens and playful puppies. I believe she wanted to nurse you herself, ugly as you were. When I commented that you seemed a poor sort of monster, your sister said, ‘He killed my mother,’ and twisted your little cock so hard I thought she was like to pull it off. You shrieked, but it was only when your brother Jaime said, 'Leave him be, you’re hurting him,’ that Cersei let go of you. 'It doesn’t matter,’ she told us. 'Everyone says he’s like to die soon. He shouldn’t even have lived this long.’”

The sun was shining bright above them, and the day was pleasantly warm for autumn, but Tyrion Lannister went cold all over when he heard that. My sweet sister.

Robb x Female Reader

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Imagine Robb Stark falling in love with your rebellious attitude.

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\ Request from anonymous /

Badass warrior reader X Robb stark B-)

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Can you do one where the reader is a daughter of tywins son (like he has three sons) and your a Lannister but you’re bethroned to Robb stark and at first he hates you but on your wedding day he starts to realize he might like you. Thank you!!! Love your writing so much and I was also wondering when the next part of your game of thrones series would be written. Thanks again:)))


You are a Lannister with enough pride and wit to rival Cersei and even Tyrion. It’s easy to say that when you heard of your betrothal to Robb Stark of Winterfell you were more than disappointed and angry with your whole bloodline for even considering to marry you off to a Stark. You felt like you deserved better. Perhaps someone of Tyrell blood, anyone but a Northerner really. You hated cold weather.

When you first saw him, though, a strange thought occurred to you that the cold may not bother you so much after all.  

When he first saw you, he realized that you will be a pain in his ass. He carefully noted all of your features: from sharp (colour) eyes, to flowing (colour) hair and the curves of your body hiding behind a heavy fur coat. He couldn’t help but smirk once your cheeks dyed a rosy red from the pinching cold (and what he assumed) his gaze. He was cautious approaching you – you are a Lannister after all – but something in you made him take his guard down.

“Miss (Name),” He bowed, wrapping his glowed fingers around your hand and kissing it, “I hope you are satisfied with the arrangements between our families. I promise to treat you well.” His voice was smooth like velvet and it made your heart thud in your chest. A small smirk pulled on the corner of your lips.

“I’m sure you will.”  

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Preference: Reaction to you injured...

How they react when you’re injured?

((See you taking care of them when they’re hurt here http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/136254320209/preference-taking-care-of-him-when-hes-hurt and I decided to do a mix of male/female GOT characters because i rarely include the girls in my preferences))

Oberyn Martell – Would murder the person who dared harm his love and then personally see to your speedy recovery. More than likely, he would blame himself for not being there to prevent you from being hurt in the first place despite the fact one of the many reasons he loves you is because you can stand up for yourself.

Cersei Lannister – No one messes with someone important to the lioness. Death instantly.

Robb Stark – Would be really guilty for not protecting you better and would sit by your bed holding your hand and brushing your hair out of your face until you woke up and he could tell you with words how sorry he was.

Arya Stark – Would go after whoever hurt you and make them pay. If she couldn’t get to them right away, well, it would be a name at the top of her list.

Ramsay Bolton – Anyone up for a hunt? He wouldn’t hesitate to put an arrow through someone.

Margaery Tyrell – Would be the sweet one to cry and hold your hand until you woke up, telling you stories and singing songs in hopes that they help you rest easily.

Tyrion Lannister - The only truly good thing in his life, Tyrion would be devastated upon discovering you had been injured. He would scream at people and curse and drink and even be a little moody and distant from you, but you never take it personally. It’s his way of showing how much he loves you. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daenerys Targaryen – With so few people in her life that she knows for sure she can trust, she would cry and hold you tightly upon discovering that you had been hurt. In a typical Targaryen rage, she would order the head(s) of the person(s) who had dared harm you.


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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Margaery in the last episode ? i was kind of disappointed that she is disgusted by poor people :(

aw sweetie :)

But that’s totally how Margaery and the Tyrells really are, you know. The Tyrells aren’t actually better people than the Lannisters, they’re just better at performing. Perhaps they’re less overtly violent in their methods and understand the importance of the whole *panem et circenses* thing better—they know that keeping the smallfolk happy is important to secure their rule. But they’re doing it for entirely selfish reasons: it’s performance, propaganda, political calculation, not actual love for the poor. Note how this season had Olenna scold Cersei twice for jeopardizing their class privilege. The Tyrells are classist.

re: Margaery in last episode, she confirmed what I already suspected, that she’s totally faking her conversion (like she fakes everything else). I’m not entirely sure what her endgame is—if she’s just improvising to survive, if she’s going to manipulate Tommen against the HS, take full advantage of the HS’s support to physically eliminate Cersei, if the note she passed to Olenna was some kind of coded message (prepare for war?) or if she was just telling her “I’m not brainwashed, I’m still Tyrell trash to the bone, but you need to get the hell outta dodge NOW”. Not sure, but we’ll find out.