Think Smarter Weekly - Recommended Reading

Think Smarter Weekly - Recommended reading feat @Cernovich, @ZigZiglar, @PaulEkman, @Siebold and myself!

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Starting today I will be beginning and maintaining a section of the website dedicated to recommended reading for my viewers. These will either be books that I have read or are currently reading and recommend – I stress quality and I won’t suggest you something that I wouldn’t utilize myself. This will start off as a weekly thing, however based on my real life commitments it may have to change to…

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So that happened last night… and Cernovich’s “win-win” tweet was deleted after @Rederoni helpfully pointed out that honeypots don’t work so well when they’re advertised.

I’m not sure if Cernovich was really dumb enough to let that spill, but given has past blowhard grandstanding it wouldn’t be surprising. If there’s anything Cernovich loves to do, it’s telling everyone what a super lawyer he is. Intimidating people into silence with vague lawsuit threats/criminal complaints is just a bonus for him.
Preemptive legal self-defense

By (VD) Mike Cernovich explains how a Gorilla Mindset, combined with a Elephant’s filing system, can help men defeat false rape accusations:If you doubt that we live in a culture of false rape culture, consider this article by SJW “journalist” Jesse Brown. In “Why Did Jian Ghomeshi Keep Lucy DeCoutere’s Letter?” Brown …read more

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Lord vs Clementine Ford - An L for Feminism

Lord vs Clementine Ford – An L for Feminism

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So if you follow me on twitter and saw my Clementine Ford tweets, you probably noticed the firestorm yesterday that was my mentions/feed after this: @Cernovich you seen this? It’s alright for feminists to call for murder, but @rooshv‘s satire is largely condemned? — Aedonis Bravo (@lordaedonis) February 1, 2016 // Turned into this:…

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