Una buona vita è un po’ come la marmellata.
Per averne di più di quanto a ognuno già è stata destinata,
per merito o per buona sorte,
bisogna coltivare in sé il sacrosanto coraggio di rubarla.
—  G. Cerney, da “Frammenti d’interiorità”

–Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael filming in Bampton today (x)

Link’s not a spoiler-free zone so proceed with care, but these are the only close-ups I saw of Michelle. 

Also re: the livestock fair they filmed in Lacock:

The Oxford sandy and black pigs from Butts Farm Rare Breeds, South Cerney, will be paraded by Lady Mary – played by Michelle Dockery – as she tries to win a breeding competition.

Lady Mary has taken an interest in pigs, despite the reservations of her family that it is no hobby for a woman, and there will be an exciting plot twist.

The pigs were picked for the show, which was filmed in Lacock, near Chippenham, for their size.

Owner of Butts Farm Judy Hancox said: “They contacted me out of the blue and said would you be interested? They wanted nice big show pigs to present.

“I explained to Lady Mary how proud she would be and she got it immediately.”


Interesting things I saw on my trip that I wasn’t able to snap my own pictures of: 

1. Giant faces on I-80 near Iowa City, by John Cerney - this one looks a lot like Will Ferrell, but apparently is not.
2. Black-billed magpies in the Rocky Mountains
3. Western scrub-jays in Joshua Tree National Park
4. This beautiful statue of Caduceus in Sedona, by James Muir
5. A lot of graffiti by Skryb/That Solo Kid! throughout eastern California and all of Arizona