On Friday May 16th, the Heartbeat team is assembling yet again for a lovely evening of dance music. We are at FriendsAnd LoversBk in Crown Heights. 641 Classon to be exact, just south of Atlantic Ave.

This month we are happy to join forces with Cermakk one of the co-proprietors of Cherries Records (www.cherriesrecords.com) a great modern funk label out of Chicago/NYC. His collection runs rather deep….like Lake Tahoe deep so get your butt out to hear some sweet ass shaking music. You will likely be able to purchase some wax from the label if that’s your flavor as well including their newly released 7" “So Right” by Social Lovers ft. Amalia. Peep below for more info on this rad label.

We start at 11 pm and it’s free all night. Boogie Funk/Disco/House music till the wee hours. A person serves keg beers on the dance floor for $4 so you never even wait in a line for drinks. Come by and check out this great new space and do a couple sweet dance moves while you are at it.



Check out our very own CERMAKK’s beat set LIVE at the SXSBoogie Modern Funk Showcase at SXSW!

Watch on cherriesrecords.tumblr.com

Listen to some snippets of Cermakk’s new cassette mixtape ‘Just A Touch’ now available at www.cherriesrecords.com!


Toulouse Soulclub # 11 feat. BENJAMIN & CERMAKK (CHERRIES RECORDS).
Réalisation • Émile Sacré