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Sweet 16 of Our Angel & Princess

Yesterday was a blast!!! It’s the birthday of our Princess Ceriz, and now our Angel Ceriz too! So we celebrated her Sweet 16 at the 4th floor of the HS building, and it is where we spent our 3rd year days:) 

Well first we had a mass for her, actually ninenerbyos ako that time, because her aunt was there and also her grandfather was there. I know they will cry again, and one thing that I learned from a friend that Ceriz’s boyfriend, Leo, doesn’t want my video for one reason, because he always cry because of how it is made, plus its very sad music. 

Anyway now let’s get down to the main party! First stop is they gave our ARC/cards, well my Physics sucks! But anyway whatever:) 

Want drinks? :)))))))))))))))

So yes after the distribution of cards we ate, and super daming food! 

Then after the 1 hour break, sad to say the performers did not get the chance to perform because we lack time, and we still have classes! But anyway they just took photos with the photos of Ceriz, well we can really feel that she’s there smiling with us :) 

The cute cake of Ceriz!!! :) 

The first “Happy Birthday song!" 

Actually the first birthday song is not the real, for us it’s just a practice. Then we saw the party poppers, so we decided to sing again the birthday song, actually not just 1, but 16 birthday songs for Ceriz! This photo is the final birthday song and after that the party poppers must pop, so in the end…

We failed to use it, that is why Pauline and Rahj just destroyed it so that we will have our confetti. And during that time SOBRANG INGAY NAMIN! As in super! 

The icing people! Actually the photo of Ceriz has an icing too! 

I’ll leave you all with this.

Ceriz is like a wind we can’t see her, but  sure we can feel her. (true quote from A Walk to Remember) I miss you so much Ceriz! I love you and see you soon, let’s continue to pray for her family:) God bless us all!

Dear Ate Ceriz

Nagkakilala tayo nung una mo akong inapproach with ate Paola. When I was still a new student. Super hirap akong i-ispell yung name mo nun para ma-add kita sa FB. Pero, ikaw pala unang nag-add. Nagkasama tayo sa iba’t ibang activities sa school. tulad nung Timog (Dance Troup), General Assembly ng YFC at marami pang iba. Noon mga times na yun, tinuring kitang Ate. Kasi nasasabi ko sa'yo mga secrets ko. Naalala ko, nung may crush ka pa noon kay *****, at ako naman kay ****. :))) Super tawa tayo ng tawa nun, kasi ayun nga. Sobrang saya ko nung mga times na kasama kita. Naalala ko din na everytime na magpapalit ako ng Prof. Pic, first liker agad kita. Kung hindi man, nillike mo yung picture ko, tapos magcocoment ka ng PUUURTEEHHH. :) Talagang nakakamiss lang. Naalala ko din nung binubunggo kita sa tuwing dadaan ka. Pati yung dance step nating dalawa. :(

Nung nalaman ko yung nangyari, di ako tumigil umiyak. Kasi, di ko matanggap. Maraming pumasok sa isip ko noon. Kung bakit sa'yo nangyari ‘to.. Di ko talaga matanggap. And I was crying kahit nasa kama na ako, patulog na. Next day, may worship. Inaalay namin yung prayers namin para sa'yo. Umiiyak ako noon, naaalala kong nakikita kitang nagwoworship dati. Magang maga mga mata ko ngayon. Umiyak din ako sa classroom kanina, kasi ung adviser namin, hindi rin makontrol. </3 Lalo nung bumisita kami sa'yo. Unang kita ko palang sa picture mo, naiyak na talaga ako. Naaalala ko yung smile mo. And sana ngayon, nakangiti ka parin kahit ganito yung nagyari sa'yo.

Kung nasaan ka man ngayon, sana malaman mo na namimiss na kita ate Ceriz. :( Mag-ingat ka kung ano man ang ginagawa mo ngayon. Alam kong may reason si God kung bakit nangyari ito. The whole Seton Community is praying for you. I love you Ate Ceriz. :(


Jasmin :( </3

I Will Miss Her Like Forever

Swimming really played a big role in my life since then. If you think it’s easy to let go just like snapping a finger, well NO you’re wrong, you all don’t even know how I felt when I left the team, but even though it’s like that I don’t even regret a single thing in leaving the team. Oh well too much for it, I think I must go with my story. 

Way back 2009 I always compete in swimming, and also by swimming I get to know the ups and downs of life! Yes it’s the start, that time I usually don’t win I always go 2nd or even one of the lasts:))) And also way back 2009 of my swimming career I met this girl, and we partly became close because of swimming, where both of us can relate(because we both stopped!haha!). And she always say that she’s our fangirl(but NO SHE’S NOT BECAUSE SHE’S NOT A FAN I THINK SHE’S ONE OF THE GREATEST SWIMMERS I MET!). And now here’s one of our weird conversations. 

Yes it’s her, Ceriz, I know it’s time for me to let go, but it’s hard. Since last Sunday I was thinking of her and also before browsing my timeline(on Facebook) I watched the video that I made for her, and after that I saw this conversation of ours. Christmas is near I know I need to be happy for her, but you know it’s hard because as it goes I can still feel her(I mean physically, it’s like she’s still alive). Okay too much for drama, I think right now I just need to be happy because she’s already with God. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CERIZ!(even though it gets harder everyday)