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Saya Pelajar [I am Student]

In short story, I am college student from abroad university, which [unfortunately] between my country and my study-purposed country have a lot of issues. To put it clearly, I am Indonesia in Malaysia.

Well, enough for debating over the what have this, who claim that and all the [sick] stuffs where will not find the end bcs all of us will defend our country, rite?

And so, just yesterday, I heard one of my senior was fighting with one of student because he was soo noisy in the middle of night.

I live in dorm, where boys and girls are located in one environment. It is a [un]usual things where boys will shout, or the girls will laugh [or sound like bird chipping] in the middle of night. But, they have to consider their neighbourhood actually. Well, what happen here is different. They still act as they live in the middle of jungle.

One of my senior came into one dorm room, where this room is really noisy in every night [since the new semester started]. Well [based on my friends who knows well the senior], he talked gently, but the other parties not. The other student kicked my senior and then started fighting each other.

Most of my friends who know this story also got angry with the other boy. I mean, they also bring about nationality or whatever stuff [of shit] that they called it as harassment. Well, I don’t agree with them. What I saw here is the matter of attitude of student. Regardless who are fighting, who is starting, but the important things is “Where is their mind?”

Hahaha.. Ok enough for my blabbering..