catflowerqueen  asked:

Lydace: Knit something to honor the Mother Grub.


You look at your good yarn, which you haven’t used since the freezer/ghost thing. This would be a good occasion to pick it up again, you think.

But WHAT do you knit in honor of the Mothet Grub?


And of course I had to try that flower crown before it dried because I made it! :D It took me half an hour to finish it. Surprised that the photos turned out nicely, maybe because that was the time of the day that the sun was less hot/bright. (We start out earlier than I want to because my cousin had to leave early.) Or maybe my cousin’s just good on taking photos. I think she actually did a better job on taking pictures than me that day. :D

Never let another tell your soul what to fear

An outtake of this photo I posted yesterday. The idea of this dim light concert suddenly popped out in my head, and I told myself that I have to try it. I thought photoshop could do it when I failed at shooting, and this is what it turned into. XD Also, the paper crane randomly came up. and yes, it’s not real. I wish it was though.

Hey tumblr :) Today was incredible. I had a few friends come over and we had a Harry Potter movie marathon. We finished until GoF. Then we had a discussion about the last book. It’s like we talked about moments we had together because our minds is on one place. It was amazing. We’re going to continue on Monday and watch one movie per day until Wednesday.

And going to start my Harry Potter wall(or shrine lol). Hopefully, I could get the photos printed tomorrow. I used to have a lot of posters and trading cards of Harry Potter posted on my wall. I just don’t know where the hell those are now. :(

Anyways, I’m off to bed now because I’m emotionally exhausted. Lol. G'night.

While waiting for my friend earlier, I quickly photographed myself because I like my shirt today. :P

Over-size shirts, denim short and sandals completes my usual outfit. It’s simple but still stylish. I think. I don’t usually blog what I wear, but I specially like my shirt today. :)

Failed miserably on the cat eye. :)) And I kept the bun style with no fringe. Thanks Jasmin! :)