It´s done! :D Gosh, finally, haha! After about 150 hours of embroidering(and a little bit of sewing xD), countless leafs and vines and 9 skeins of embroidery thread, Dagmars handembroidered coat is done! :D Now, on to the skirt! 8D ..which will of course be handembroidered too, did you expect anything different? ;)

The coat is made from black linen, handembroidered with cotton thread :)


I just finished Dagmars embroidered outfit, I started on this back in january, and I think it took about 300 hours of hand embroidering, 15 skeins of thread(almost 1000 meter!), and I’m super happy with how it came out <3 The basic fabric is black linen and wool, all of those little cream leaves and vines are hand embroidered. She’s not completely finished yet(are they ever?), she’s getting a different wig(same colour, but more of an edgy haircut), black gloves and I think she needs a sword xD But she’s finished enough to pose for a photoshoot <3

I have some more pics here on DoA, for some reason Tumblr seems to hate standing format pictures ^_^;; https://denofangels.com/threads/dagmar-in-her-hand-embroidered-outfit-d-cerisedolls-ombre.691968/


Finally got to a place where i didn’t have to work through my weekend so i got back on the BJD customization train! Yes, it’s sort of still “working” since its making art but it’s just a hobby that i do for myself and it’s really relaxing. The hard part is done for me since the doll is already made! ;P

This is a Lillycat Cerisedolls sculpt that i painted and added horns to. I’m so happy with how she came out. Her name is Vespertine. I’ll get Larry to take nicer photos of her soon.


Final concept! I am pretty sure. Almost 100% sure. Help me I have done way too many concepts for this doll :”D Again with @apeldille‘s help, this is what we’re going for. Tomorrow I’m going to get the paints, cus heck no I’m not trying to mix purple again with the paint I got. Her horns will need some accents too, but first things first. *Whew*!

Looking at the other concepts, it’s a mystery where this one sprouted from. Sudden purple !