Not a Magnetic Duckling doll, but I was dying to show you my Cerisedoll chocolate Constantine painted by my friend Koala Krash.
Isn’t she a dream? I adore her so much I had to share her with you guys.

Koala Krash works in collaboration with me and paints the majority of my dolls. She painted Tika Massala and Art Nouveau, that you might remember (see previous posts) and she takes commissions too!

You can see more of her art at http://www.flickr.com/photos/koala-krash/


It´s done! :D Gosh, finally, haha! After about 150 hours of embroidering(and a little bit of sewing xD), countless leafs and vines and 9 skeins of embroidery thread, Dagmars handembroidered coat is done! :D Now, on to the skirt! 8D ..which will of course be handembroidered too, did you expect anything different? ;)

The coat is made from black linen, handembroidered with cotton thread :)


Finally got to a place where i didn’t have to work through my weekend so i got back on the BJD customization train! Yes, it’s sort of still “working” since its making art but it’s just a hobby that i do for myself and it’s really relaxing. The hard part is done for me since the doll is already made! ;P

This is a Lillycat Cerisedolls sculpt that i painted and added horns to. I’m so happy with how she came out. Her name is Vespertine. I’ll get Larry to take nicer photos of her soon.


Me: *tries to take portrait shots of some dolls for BJD day*

Kessie: *photobombs them all*

The weather today is terrible. It’s been raining superheavily all day (at one point it was so much that if you looked out the window you only saw white O.o), the sky is really dark, and there’s literally one place in the house with enough light for pictures. And even there it’s just barely enough. So yeah, the photos aren’t great, so I just added a few filters and called that that. It works xD

Happy BJD day everyone!

my princesses! by ~s o p h i e
Via Flickr:
kind of a quick snap, they just looked so cute together. I wanna do a nicer group shot when Rayya & Nayeli’s flower crowns arrive :) I’m so happy with my little collection right now, its unreal!
 It’s like a waist/hip/thigh/thigh gap competition up in here,


So…. I got impatient and didn’t want to wait until I got home so I snuck to the back and opened the box at work!

Still not sure how I feel about the cartoon body but I LOVE her color. I really haven’t decided what to do with her yet.

Also digging the new bags. I like the pouches on the inside of the old bag but the new ones are SUPER SOFT and have little straps to hold her in.

Here’s a shot of her standing in less than stellar lighting but whatever.