You find things about yourself that you will soon forget. 
Counting old friends left behind a jaded mind to go with it. 
Hatred flowing through your veins but jealousy is all you feel. 
Mistaken from the start, always wrong that never ends. 
You can never be in love until you learn to be alone. 
You will never miss those heavy eyes until you’re left with none. 
You can never achieve true happiness until you hang your head


AN: This one is for @dancingalone21​‘s Lau’s Summer Challenge, sorry for being a week late. But as promised, I’m posting today!
Thank you to @notnaturalanahi​ for reading over it and reassuring me it wasn’t too much or too little.
No hate to Gen and the boys, I do truly love them, but for our imaginations, lets say this happened in a parallel universe.
Warnings: fluff, pics (trust me it is a warning), crack and maybe a tiny bit of flangst?, but this IS a SFW piece. RPF, but this Jared can be read as Sam. And just a heads up, there s private note from me to you at the end of this and that’s personal and angst ridden, so if you need to, once finished, stop.
Word Count: 3,744
Characters: Jared x Reader, mention of a few OC’s but no need to worry!
Summary: Jared is a master of surprises, when he can get YN to shut up long enough!

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Hello, Love bugs!

1. Heyyyyyy you are rad as hell 👌 2. Do you think you could write for how both boys would want their wedding to be like? Like if they were left to plan it by a fem s/o who doesn’t exactly care, what would they want? What color palette, flowers, scenery for ceremony and reception, dj/band, time of day, time of year, what kind of dress they wanna see on s/o, etc.? - @sweet-nightingale-171 nighting

Daniel Howells dream wedding.

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