The Holy Table, the Sigil of Ameth and the Ensigns of Creation.

These sigils and tables are elements of the ceremonial systems known as Enochian Magic, derived from the work of scholar Dr. John Dee and seer Edward Kelley. Kelley and Dee claimed to collaboratively summon and observe archangels of God through a scrying stone on a prepared table. Through this method, Kelley and Dee were given the Holy Table (the Table of Covenant) and instructed to utilize the Sigil of Ameth (Sigillum Dei) with the scrying-stone. The angels then presented the seven Ensigns of Creation, complex talismants to be engraved on purified tin and arranged on the Holy Table to be used as a means of establishing “conciliation between the magician and the Heptarchic powers”.

More information on the history and use of these sigils can be found in the Enochian Magick Reference by Benjamin Rowe at the Hermetic Library website.


The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer - a handbook of the Occult and Ceremonial Magic, compiled by English occultist Francis Barrett. Originally published in 1801, The Magus dealt with the subject of Natural Magic, including Herbalism, Magnetism and Numerology.

Audio Sigil Experiments

As some of you may have noticed the other day I was interested in the idea of making an audio sigil with an encoded intent. Taking this idea I did some experimentation of my own into this area.

Online I found an amazing site that listed musical correspondences! This can be found here and I definitely recommend taking a look as there is some great information.

Hebrew Letters:
Aleph           E               
Beth            E               
Gimel           G#         
Daleth          F#          
Heh             C            
Vav             C#         
Zayin           D            
Cheth           D#           
Teth            E            
Yod             F           
Kaph            A#         
Lamed           F#              
Mem             G#          
Nun             G            
Samekh          G#             
Ayin            A              
Peh             C            
Tzaddi          A#            
Qoph            B          
Resh            D          
Shin            C           
Tav             A             

With this in mind I formulated my intent. In this instance I used an intent to improve my mental visualization as this is my weakest point at the moment as is have no trouble ‘feeling’ in rituals but I have trouble seeing.

I then translated this into Hebrew. Because I don’t speak Hebrew I used Google translate (very shitty I know), splitting the intent into three main sections “It is my will/desire”, “Enhance” and “Mental Visualization”

זה הרצון שלי


להדמית כפשית

הדמיה נפשית

I then strung these three words/phrases together and deleted the repeated letters. The result:


In order the corresponding notes are:

D C D A# C# G C F# F G# E F# G# A C

I wrote out these notes on a music program called Sibelius that generates instrumental sounds then dumped in Audacity (free program) where I could edit and add different tracks. 

I added a generated alpha wave frequency that is what our brains produce when in deep meditation. Maybe this could help charge the sigil by giving it a path into the subconscious mind. (more info here)

I also generated a drum beat.

Planetary Tempos:
Saturn          69.3  BPM
Moon            98.6  BPM
Mercury         66.2  BPM
Venus           103.7 BPM
Sun             118.3 BPM
Mars            67.8  BPM
Jupiter         86.1  BPM
Nepturne        99.1  BPM
Pluto           65.7  BPM
Uranus          97.2  BPM

The Luna planet and sphere of yesod is known to be associated with the astral and visions so i used a beat of 98.6 BPM. (again this beat was generated using audacity).

I lowered the frequency of the drum beat to 13 X (1+3) = 52Hz. This is because the Chakra associated with vision is the 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra which is said to correspond with the frequency of 13Hz. However, with my headphones i could not hear this frequency so used 52Hz instead. 

Chakra + Frequency 
Svadhisthana          9hz     
Solar Plexus          10hz    
Heart                 10.5hz  
Throat                12hz    
3rd eye/Brow          13hz    
Crown                 15hz    

So I’m just giving it a try. any comments or corrections would be welcome as i’m sure i did something wrong along the way. If you speak Hebrew a translation check would be great :)

I plan to listen to it at a soft volume before sleeping or before performing a ritual. It sounds kind of strange so i will put it on a minimum volume and just let it play in the background.

so, what do you think? any suggestions?

Kamea, Sigil and Sign of Saturn

Here’s the Old Man.  Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been publishing the kamea, or magical squares, of the planets — you can find the squares of Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus so far. This week, we bring Saturn to the mix.

Saturn is the outermost planet of our Solar System known to the ancients.  It’s visible with the naked eye, and to the Greeks and Romans it was the planet that ruled over time, endings, declines, limitations and boundaries, as well as agriculture, old age and death.  Its planetary symbolism is of responsibility and consequences.

Saturn’s number is 3.  Accordingly, the square of Saturn is 3x3, containing the nine numbers from 1-9 (or the hebrew letters that stand for 1-9, in a common protection charm). Each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15, while the square as a whole adds up to 45.  The sigil resulting from working with Saturn appears as a pair of angles crossing over a diagonal line drawn between 2 and 8.

In Christian angelology, Saturn is associated with Tzaphkiel (sometimes spelled Cassiel, as in Dorothy Sayers’ play, The Zeal of Thy Housewhere Cassiel is the recording angel who notes down both the blessed and cursed deeds of humans). In Greek mythology, Saturn was the old god Cronos, who had once ruled the heavens before being supplanted by Jupiter. Now, old and decrepit and castrated, he wanders the lonely track at the edge of the visible solar system, counting out cycles of 29-30 years, marking time until The End.

Not the apocalyptic end, of course.  Saturn is not about bringing the universe down.  No, quite the opposite: Saturn reminds you that time marches on, in its slow way, and that you — YOU — have one or two, maybe three cycles of 30 years to work with; but not four, not five.  IF you have stuff you want to get done, you should get that started.  It’s going to take a good deal of effort for you to build anything up, and meanwhile Saturn is walking the slow outer track, beating everything down first to ruin, and then to rubble, and then to dust.  

The old man, with his hourglass and scythe, with his skull and his crossed leg bones, and with his cloak of funereal black, has it in for you.  Not in a personal way, you understand: this is just business. He’s just doing his job. Things die. Relationships end. Mistakes get made. That which is perfect has still got to be broken down and reduced to its component parts.  As the Thomas Taylor Orphic Hymn to Saturn says, “Consumed by thee, all forms that hourly die, by thee restored, their former place supply; the world immense, in everlasting chains, strong and ineffable thy power contains.” What is broken now, is both the fuel and the raw components to what gets built next.  What is whole now, will be broken down. And this…

This is normal.

It’s more than normal.  It’s magical.  It’s this decades-long cycle of change whereby things get worn out, damaged, broken down, and destroyed.  It’s not something you can stop: powers as old or older than the gods, perhaps older than the cosmos, have set these forces in motion.  Saturn is here to remind you that you have responsibilities, and duty, and that time is wasting — not in the sense of hanging around enjoying time, but in the sense of time laying waste to you, your house, your goods, your friends, your family, your city, your kingdom, your world.  Nothing you build is going to last forever; it will be broken down and destroyed, and the pieces will be used to make whatever comes next.  The sand is running out of your hourglass.

So. Make peace with that.  Get used to the idea that you’re not going to live forever, and set your plans in order to achieve what you want to achieve in the meantime.  Without war or disease or accident, you’ve got sixty or ninety years between the womb and the grave.  You’ve got things to do, and time enough to do them. But it’s time to get to work.

Jacques Gohory - Arbatel De Magia Veterum, 1575.

The Arbatel of Magic writes of the Olympian Spirits: “They are called Olympick Spirits, which do inhabit in the Firmament, and in the Stars of the Firmament: and the office of these Spirits is to declare Destinies, and to administer fatal Charms, so far forth as God pleaseth to permit them.”

Arthur Edward Waite - The Angels and Olympic Spirits of the Silver Planets, “The Book of Ceremonial Magic”, 1911.

Olympian Spirits refer to seven (or sometimes fourteen) Spirits mentioned in several Renaissance and post-Renaissance books of Ritual/Ceremonial Magic. “The Arbatel of Magick” writes of the Olympian Spirits: “They are called Olympick Spirits, which do inhabit in the Firmament, and in the Stars of the Firmament: and the office of these Spirits is to declare Destinies, and to administer fatal Charms, so far forth as God pleaseth to permit them”.

In this Magic System, the Universe is divided into 196 provinces (a number which in numerology adds up to 7: 1+9+6=16; 1+6=7) with each of the seven Olympian Spirits ruling a set number of provinces. Aratron rules the most provinces (49), while each succeeding Olympian rules seven fewer than the former, down to Phul who rules seven provinces. Each Olympian Spirit is also associated with one of the seven Luminaries which figure in ancient and medieval Western Magic.

In Ritual Magic, the seven Olympian Spirits are not confused with the seven traditional Archangels, which usually are Michael (the Sun), Anael (Venus), Raphael (Mercury), Gabriel (the Moon), Cassiel (Saturn), Samael (Mars) and Zadkiel (Jupiter). The seven Olympian Spirits are often invoked in conjunction with the seven classic Archangels, and Magic Seals often associate one of the classic seven with one of the Olympian Spirits.