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I’ve written headcanons for Dazai’s wedding day on the old blog, but I couldn’t find it so here’s the new and improved Dazai’s wedding day headcanons 2.0

• The night before Dazai’s wedding he’s a complete wreck, not because he’s nervous but because he can’t stand to spend a night away from you! He’s openly whining as you’re packing and flopping himself over the suitcase begging you for one more quickie before you leave him for the night. As excited as he is about making you his wife he’s throwing a toddler-like tantrum about not spending the night together. With a pout he sees you off  (Kunikida had to kick him out of the doorway) as Naomi drags you into the car for the hotel. Kunikida practically ties Dazai up for a good two hours until their car heads towards the lodge separately from yours.

• When the thought of marriage first popped into his head he never thought he would be selective about the type of wedding, but as the planning progressed Dazai discovered he wanted it somewhere open under the sunlight, and somewhere outside of the city. He never put much thought into it afterwards and let you loose with the plans, but the moment he steps out of the car and sees the venue he’s absolutely floored. He wasn’t supposed to see it but he managed to escape Kunikida’s clutches and sneak off to the ceremony site out of curiosity.

• The night before the wedding Dazai barely sleeps, and Kunikida threatens him more than once to kick his ass to sleep if he needs it. Instead Dazai waves him off in a very calm, undramatic and un-Dazai like manner, and continues to hunch over the little desk near his bed. Atsushi’s wants to ask Dazai what he’s doing as does Tanizaki, but Dazai lies over the desk and tells them it’s a secret for his bride to be. Dazai watches the moonlight fade in and tries to imagine you lying in bed with him snuggled up with a gold band around his fingers and yours.

• Naomi winds up snatching your phone the morning of the wedding and responding to Dazai’s naughty “lets have some pre-marital fun one last time!” texts. Ultimately Kunikida throws his phone out the window because he’s tired of seeing Dazai rolling around on the floor in his pajamas pouting about how Naomi is being too cruel and not letting him see his beloved.

• Getting Dazai ready is like taming a wild ostrich that had too much redbull. He’s off the wall the majority of the morning, causing mayhem around the lodge and getting ‘lost’ for a good hour and forty-five minutes only to return with dirt on his face and a twig in his hair. Nobody has any idea where he went, but he’s calmed down since he came back from his mystery adventure and starts asking Atsushi to get his tux ready.

• There’s a moment where Dazai is lost in his thoughts, gazing out the window and holding down a swelling anger because Odasaku should be by his side. His throat constricts and he tries hard not to let out any emotions on his face, especially sadness, this is his wedding after all. In his head he swears he hears Odasaku saying “don’t pout on your wedding day, Dazai”.

• Dazai watches the guests seat themselves without a sweat, and he takes his place beneath the twinkling fairy lights wrapped around the towering oak trees without feeling nervous. He watches the sun tunnel through the lush green leaves above his head and the butterflies dance around the white wooden arch wrapped in pink and white roses. The moment the music starts his fingers begin to fidget, but he’s okay. Until he sees the silhouette of your figure decked out in a white dress—for the first time his emotions spring free and are painted across his face.

• As much as the ceremony means Dazai just wants to get to the party, the fun part where he can hold you in his arms and happily call you his wife. The second he hears “you may kiss the bride” his lips smash against yours, large hands circling your waist and lifting you up into his chest. He nibbles your lips and continues kissing for longer than you’re supposed to, and causes a very awkward hiccup from Atsushi before Kunikida flicks the back of his head. The cheesiest smile tugs his lips upward as he entangles your hand with his and tugs you down the aisle.

• The reception is held in a small cabin extending through the forest with a massive wrap around deck. Dazai is floored at the wedding you were able to pull off on a not-so-large budget, and he lets you know a hundred times over. He’s like a kid in a candy store—pointing at the flower arrangements, the lighting, the color schemes, everything. He yanks you to him and snuggles you close, unwilling you detach from you as you’re both scooted towards the table in the center.

• Dazai keeps your hand secured in his on his lap as you both eat. When he sees you struggling to eat with one hand he offers his assistance “let me help you Mrs. Dazai~” he chimes while actively shoving a little too much food in your mouth. Once again your knight in shining armor is quick with a napkin to catch the dribbles, and he finishes with a kiss even if you’re giving him a grumpy face.

• Dancing with Dazai is an event usually, and he’s often keeping you on your toes with his made up moves. But, for your first dance as a married couple Dazai holds you close and expertly leads you in a romantic waltz. He merely winks if you ask him where he learned to dance so well.

• Near the middle of the party when everyone is dancing and celebrating Dazai tugs you to a dark corner and slides a small scrap book in your hand. He kisses your lips softly, lovingly, and tells you even if the relationship ended he never wanted to forget you. Now that you’re married, he says, he put together all the photos and important mementos from your relationship together and now you both can start a new scrap book together. There’s minimal artistic design in Dazai’s gift, mostly scribbles and notes on the edges of pictures, but it’s completely full of things you never even knew Dazai saved.

• Dazai is counting down the seconds until the reception is over—not that he didn’t enjoy himself—he just wants to take you home. The minute he pulls you through the archway of sparkles he tosses you over his shoulder like a rag doll and races to the honeymoon suite. His mouth molds with yours as he carries you to the room and tosses you onto the bed, falling with you and nibbling at your neck. He purrs your name and asks if you’re ready to lose your voice screaming your husband’s name.

TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives; William becoming a larger part in Thomas’s cartel, Thomas lending a hand in the family Hiddleston Corporations. Another important, albeit unexpected part of their shared livelihood is the inclusion of a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine.

Running out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, Amanda turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. But her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that Thomas and William can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: explicit language, violence, drugs, sexual content
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and cheers-mrhiddleston and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Madison if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here

“There the fuck you are,” William sighed as he found his brother at one of the resort’s bars. “Where have you been? The wedding is about to start.” He eyed the tie hanging loosely around Thomas’ neck. “You’re not even ready.”

“I’m dressed,” he pointed out, swirling the the liquid in his tumbler around.

“Tell me you’re not drunk.”

“I’ve only had a few.”

“You can’t even hold off till the reception.”

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sterekznhll  asked:

do you know any sterek fics (preferably long) where Stiles is pack mother and Isaac likes calling him mom and Derek dad?

these are some packmom!stiles fics but im not too sure about the isaac part.

From the Ashes by 2Lot (2/? | 1,594 | NR)

After hunters kill his pack Derek is running with kid Erica and Isaac, the last of his family, hiding in wolf form in a forest. After an attack, Stiles finds the two pups in the woods and takes them home to take care of them. Derek searches for them, first worried that Stiles is a threat, and then worried that Stiles might be something else altogether.

His Name Was Bay And He Came From The Sea… by orphan_account (1/1 | 2,055 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek become parents the way only they can…

By finding a hurt little merman on the beach and adopting him.

Bloody Red Riding Hood by DarkenedInnocence (4/? | 9,511 | NC17)

Stiles is tired of being the Human of the pack. The vulnrable one. The burden. The Outsider. So he goes behind the Pack’s backs to learn Martial Arts and Parkour. It would have worked too. Too bad the Pack’s Alpha gets the feeling that Stiles has been lying to him. Now if only he could get Stiles to open up to him, but how can he do that when he’s too busy being emotionally constipated? It really doesn’t help that Stiles has been acting like the King of pain and hurt, at least that’s how Derek sees it. And if Stiles finds out he’s magic on the way, well, bonus. He finds friends in his parkour group which is an Alphless pack. Wait, what? But they’re supposed to be human!

Teen Wolf: Bones by DarkenedInnocence (6/? | 12,944 | NC17)

When Stiles comes back from cataloging a Ceremonial Burial Site in the Cuban Islands, things have changed in Beacon HIlls. The FBI have opened a Supernatural division With Special Agent Alpha Derek Hale as lead. The pack have also accepted Derek Hale as their Alpha, but they still treat Stiles as though he was the Alpha too. Or the Alpha Mate. There’s no doubt that Stiles is the Pack Mom. Maybe Derek’s going to have to get to know this enigma, because he isn’t anything like what he expected. With the Supernatural activity increasing when Stiles comes back, he brings more questions than answers. Just how does Stiles know some of the most influencal creatures of the Supernatural community? What else has he been hiding from his pack? Why doeshe sound more animal then human when he threatens?

Hopeless Opus by Casspiration (1/1 | 11,162 | R)

Scott may or may not have angered a witch and gotten the entire pack turned into tiny toddlers bundling with energy and Derek is absolutely terrified of children.


The fic in which Stiles is good with kids and it makes Derek want to press him against every available surface.

Summer Skies and Homicide by spacenatural (6/? | 70,260 | R)

“So what you’re trying to tell me is-” Stiles hadn’t even begun and Isaac was whimpering, “-not only are dead bodies being dumped in the woods, the hunters renovating a warehouse into a gathering ground, and my arm already having a gaping bullet hole in it, but now I’m also being possessed by a goddamn dog?”

“'Haunted’ by a goddamn dog,” Deaton correctly smoothly through the phone.

Stiles flipped the table.

Meet The Transgender "Sistergirls" Of The Tiwi Islands
A small remote community in northern Australia has one of the highest concentrations of transgender people in the country and they have fought hard to be accepted.
By Allan Clarke

It’s approaching midday and we’re trundling along a bumpy, unsealed red dirt track on Bathurst Island, 100 kilometres north of Darwin, with the temperature quickly soaring into the mid-30s.

Inside a twin cab that’s seen better days, with air-conditioning ducts that pump more fine red dust into the car than cold air, there is a cacophony of laughing, teasing, and trading of community gossip. Five sistergirls, transgender Aboriginal people traditionally known in the Tiwi Islands as yimpininni, are giving BuzzFeed News a tour of their island home.

While transgender people are found across many of Australia’s Indigenous communities, the Tiwi Islands has probably the largest sistergirl population in the country – and certainly the most famous one.

There are roughly 2,500 people living in the Tiwi Islands, comprised of Bathurst Island and Melville Island, and the sistergirls say there are currently around 80 yimpininni.

Pandanus trees whisk by with their long, crooked leaves reaching toward earth at sharp right angles. The red earth gives way to soft powdery sand, and the smell of the ocean engulfs the car followed shortly by the stickiness of salt water blowing in from the Arafura Sea. Sweet relief from the staggering heat.

We stop at the foot of a dune and suddenly the frenzied laughter comes to an abrupt end as all the sistergirls begin loudly yelling out in the Tiwi language. They say they’re letting the spirits of their ancestors know that we are coming on to country to ensure that no harm comes to the group or to me, a stranger. It’s a moment that perfectly highlights the profound connection to country and culture that the people of Tiwi have.

After the whooping, we walk onwards and are confronted with a stunning, vast swath of empty beach with shimmering turquoise water lapping at our feet. The sistergirls agree it’s the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot and happily strut their stuff for the camera, posing and pouting, legs akimbo, fierce face on. Their only concern is the saltwater crocodiles that lurk in the waters around the island.

Between poses Laura Orsto, 31, says she told her parents that she was a sistergirl in primary school. “Age 10 I knew I was a sistergirl. It was really, really, very hard for me to come out because my parents are really strict and didn’t want me to be out there as a sistergirl. They wanted me to be saved,” she says.

As a 16-year-old, Orsto began living her life as a female and had to “fight and fight and battle hard to be accepted”. In remote Indigenous communities being transgender often means defying rigidly observed cultural practices defined by male and female gender roles. In many cases it also means having to defy strictly held religious beliefs common in many Indigenous communities.

It was an older yimpininni who gave Orsto courage and strength as she came to terms with living life as a woman. “There were plenty of sistergirls back then; I used to go out with them and talk about things, like how to act like girls you know and be ladylike. One lady, I use to call her Mum, she was like a mother to me, and she told me, ‘You just have to be who you want to be, baby, just like me. I’m always here for you, you got me here.’”

This woman, who gave so much strength to the sistergirl community, would tragically go on to kill herself.

Orsto says the death took a deep emotional toll and she contemplated suicide herself, but ultimately triumphed over her personal demons. Today Orsto is a much-loved and respected member of the community. “I love to talk to everyone, and everyone has been nice to me and they don’t put me down, they put me up the top. Everyone says, ‘Wow, you have a nice personality, Miss Laura,’” Orsto said.

We make our way back to the car and head into town. As we travel the small roads that snake through the dense scrub that blankets the island, the sistergirls occasionally point out various ceremonial sites and traditional campgrounds.

Suddenly we’re out of the bush and on to the bitumen as we enter Wurrumiyanga, the main township on Bathurst Island. The wide streets intersect large blocks full of colourfully painted brick homes. Windows rolled down, the sistergirls intermittently yell out at people walking alongside the roads, making plans for later and asking where people are. The twin cab then swings into the local cemetery, an arid, dusty graveyard dotted with sparse trees. Rising from the mounds of earth are decorative Pukumani poles, traditional funerary poles that are sculpted and painted to honour the dead. Also known as tutini, the poles form part of an ancient Tiwi ceremony to ensure the spirit leaves the body.

Nyarli Kerinaiua, 34, points out two graves adorned with beautiful tutinis reaching for the sky, covered in intricate ornate Tiwi design. After a heavy silence there’s a slow stream of softly spoken Tiwi from each sistergirl, their sentences flowing into each other as they pay respects to the dead and tell the sistergirls who are buried here that they are not forgotten.

Both had killed themselves 15 years ago. “It was really sad because we didn’t have any support back then. It was a bit of an aggressive ride,” says Kerinaiua as she straightens a bunch of plastic flowers on one of the graves.

After the suicides, Kerinaiua and around 30 sistergirls attended a community meeting and demanded acceptance for transgender people.

Sistergirl Vivian Warlapinni, 31, remembers the meeting as a pivotal turning point for equality within the community.

Kerinaiua says that the fight for acceptance has largely been won and the biggest issue now is ensuring future generations of sistergirls are able to easily access resources.

The sistergirls pile back into the twin cab and soon we’re at a local water hole. The day is coming to an end and a water monitor swims across the crystal-clear water triumphantly holding a fat prawn in its mouth. One of the sistergirls takes out a chunk of ochre collected near the beach and begins to carefully break it, pounding it into fine powder on a piece of cardboard on a picnic bench. Carefully she adds water and the dusty powder becomes a rich, thick paste. A small twig is broken off a nearby tree and dipped into the paste, and Orsto begins to use it as eyeliner, methodically working the twig across her eyelids, carefully revealing a bright orange tint.

Fluttering her eyes she says, “I want to start hormone therapy. I really want to have this transition. I just hate that I am this girl trapped in a boy’s body. She’s been trapped in there for a long long time and she really wants to come out and be a real lady.”

However, the choice to leave her community, after fighting for and winning acceptance, is a difficult decision to make. Faced with the prospect of traveling thousands of kilometres for treatment in the city, where Orsto feels discrimination is a very real reality, she says she’ll remain in her Tiwi home for the moment, surrounded by family and friends: “I am a lady of the community and I am accepted as that. This is my home and I love it.”


Navan Fort, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Navan Fort is an historical royal fortress and the stronghold of the kings of Ulster from around 700 BC. The Fort was the center of King Conchobor mac Nessa and his Red Branch Knights. It is surrounded by a bank with a ditch inside, suggesting that it was a ceremonial, rather than defensive site. The Fort was eventually abandoned, which probably was a result of the creation of St. Patrick’s church two miles away. But in 1005, the Irish king Brian Boru camped there, and in 1387, Niall O’Neill chose Navan Fort as the location for a house.

It is said that the great Irish mythical hero Cuchulainn spent much of his youth in Navan Fort before single-handedly facing the army of the mythical Queen Maeve.

One mile west of Navan Fort lies another myth site, the mysterious King’s Stables which is thought to have played a role in water rituals in the area.

Why Sacred Places Should Matter, Even to Business Folks

In the last month, Native Hawaiians blockaded construction machinery headed for the top of sacred Mauna Kea, where a 30-meter telescope is to be built. Thirty-one people were arrested. In Arizona, members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe walked 45 miles to Oak Flats and occupied a ceremonial initiation site that the U.S. Congress handed over to a London-based mining company for a copper mine.


Bandurria, Peru


The site was investigated by Rosa Fung in 1973 and 1977. These investigations concluded that the site belongs to the Late Archaic period, from the 4th to the 3rd millennium BC. Some of the radiocarbon dates obtained were between 2,500 and 2,300 BC.

Bandurria represents an early coastal fishing settlement featuring the first evidence of a ceremonial stone architecture. Archaeological sites belonging to the Late Archaic period had been identified previously to the north, but Bandurria was prior to them chronologically.

In August 2005, the research work restarted on the site, more than 30 years after its discovery. The Bandurria Archaeological Project, led by Alejandro Chu, uncovered a section of a monument built with boulders and mortar. These recent excavations have uncovered the evidence of monumental architecture, and established that this was an urban center distinct from the other monumental sites on the north central coast of Peru. This may represent the earliest evidence of urbanism in this larger coastal area.

The site is divided into two distinct sectors. The area featuring domestic occupation is the largest. Most of this area was destroyed by the irrigation project.

The sector featuring monumental architecture at first seemed like a natural formation made up of low rocky hills. However, a thorough review of the surface and surroundings of these hills revealed at least 4 major mounds, to which other smaller mounds were associated.

In 2007, additional radio-carbon dates have been obtained. According to Alejandro Chu Barrera, the director of the Archaeological Project of Bandurria, the site is now dated firmly to 3200 BC. This is older than Caral, the more famous site in the River Supe Valley to the north, that has previously been described as ‘the oldest city in the New World’. Caral is located 33 km northeast of Bandurria.

Bandurria has similar architecture to Caral and several other sites in the Supe Valley, featuring a sunken circular plaza and stairways. There are also other related structures constructed in a symmetrical pattern.

There are also other coastal sites in Peru that have been dated very early as the result of recent excavations. They include Sechin Bajo with the oldest radiocarbon dates of 3600 BC, and Huaricanga, dated to about 3500 BCE.

Unfortunately Bandurria has been subject to systematic destruction that began when the nearby irrigation project started in 1973. Since it was visited in 2002 for the first time, the archaeological site was invaded by squatters, who built shacks on the mound.

Subsequently, the Directorate General of Archaeological Heritage of the Peruvian National Institute of Culture tried to protect the archaeological site. The regional government has also been supportive. Students from the Faculty of Management and Tourism of the Jose Faustino Sanchez Carrion National University of Huacho have also contributed to the preservation efforts.

Big Ol Wedding Post

Our wedding pictures are back, thanks to my amazing friend from art school (whose name I cannot disclose to protect the semi-anonymity of this blog)!!! Since I’m still home recovering from the flu, which is totally boring by the way, I thought I’d share some pictures and my vows (because finding examples of non-religious wedding vows is harder than you might think).

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Teen Wolf - Stydia

Summary: Lydia offers to go to Stiles’ cousin’s wedding with him when he mentions he’s flying solo. Sparks fly between more than just the bride and groom.

A/N: Random drabble I wrote like three months ago? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I thought I’d post this. Hope you guys like it :) It’s super fluffy, to the point where you may or may not vomit marshmallows. Also, the names of relatives were completely made up. Enjoy!

Had a request to post it on FF, so if anyone would rather read it on there, click here.

Lydia was absent-mindedly gazing around Stiles’ room, bored with solving polynomial equations, when she spotted something in the corner of the room she hadn’t noticed before.

“Stiles? Is that a suit?”

He looked up from his worksheet and eyed the bagged garment hanging from a hook on his closet door.

“Yeah. My cousin is getting married this weekend. It’s out of town by about an hour, and unfortunately, since my dad has to work the late shift the night before, he’s only going to the reception. So I get to go to the ceremony by myself.”

He looked back to his paper, almost distractedly.

“I used to always stick by Heather at these sorts of things… but, well, she’s dead, so I guess I’m really on my own this time.”

“Heather?” Lydia said in confusion, not familiar with the name.

He corrected his throat and stared determinedly at his sheet, only offering her a quick glance. “Yeah, she uh, was my mom’s best friend’s daughter. We grew up together, and our families are really close. I used to take baths with her when I was, like, three and stuff. But she was the first virgin sacrifice. She died on her birthday… when I left her for two seconds… and if I had been there sooner…”

His sudden silence alerted Lydia that he was stopping before his voice cracked, and she felt a sting to her heart. She had had no idea he had lost someone in the sacrifices. He had never mentioned it. But now she knew it was because it was too painful. His determination to find the cause made a lot more sense to her now, although he had always been pretty ambitious when it came to saving lives.

“You couldn’t have saved her, Stiles. I’m sorry you lost her.”

He shrugged, but she could see the moisture in his eyes.

“I nearly did… if stupid Jennifer had been another… god knows, half an hour, Heather would still be alive.”

Lydia was confused until it finally clicked.

“You and her… you were going to…”

“Yeah, well it didn’t happen, so it doesn’t matter.” he said quickly, writing on his worksheet a little too forcefully.

Lydia didn’t know what to say. She knew these days he felt more guilty about the deaths that occurred while he was under the nogitsune’s control, the fact that it was his smiling face they saw before he died, but it still hurt her to know that he had been carrying around the guilt of his other long-time friend too.

“So this wedding… are you allowed to bring a guest?” she asked casually, changing the subject.

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Ancient Maya king had a luxury pleasure palace outside the city he ruled

On a secluded hilltop in the Guatemalan jungle, archaeologists have discovered a rural pleasure palace enjoyed by Maya kings more than a thousand years ago.

The lofty site included not only an apparent luxury residence but also two pyramids, one of them more than 30 feet high. Inscriptions on stone monuments link the complex to a Maya king the researchers call Great Fish-Dog Turtle, who ruled his kingdom from a city five miles away.

Its discoverers say this is the first known country resort belonging to Maya royalty. Archaeologists have found other Maya rural retreats, but none of them show the same clear signs of having been a playground of kings. Though the spot may have had other functions, it would have enticed monarchs with good hunting and possibly a more refreshing climate than the capital below.

“Lying in a hammock in your courtyard on a mountaintop, being fanned by servants, perhaps is more pleasant at certain times of year than life in your (city) palace,” says Susan Toby Evans of Pennsylvania State University, who wasn’t involved in the discovery.

But the site, known as Bejucal, was not always about relaxation. Long before it was a place to get away from it all, it was a sacred center dotted with temples, the researchers report in the Journal of Field Archaeology. At one temple, a sacrificed baby was buried, a Maya ritual for consecrating a holy space, says Thomas Garrison of the University of Southern California, who led the Bejucal excavations.

Over centuries, a grand palace complex took shape atop the temples. In the end, Bejucal included two courtyards, each bordered by a pyramid and residential rooms. The ruins of one palace held bits of ceramic painted with colorful designs associated with royalty, objects fit for a king’s household.

Perhaps the greatest mystery is a massive stone tomb, built between 350 and 450 AD beneath the bigger of the two pyramids. Two stone stelae, or monuments, stood outside the tomb, though they’ve  since been removed for safekeeping. Mayan hieroglyphics on one stela refer to a ruler who took the throne of a kingdom called El Zotz in 381. That ruler, the researchers say, was Great Fish-Dog Turtle. Near the tomb was a sacred offering – seashells, bits of jade, a headless bird. Clearly someone important had been buried there, perhaps a king’s son, perhaps Great Fish-Dog Turtle himself.

Unfortunately the tomb’s occupant will probably never be identified. Looters long ago rampaged through the tomb, which would’ve “been full of the treasures of the kingdom,” says Stephen Houston of Brown University, who also investigated Bejucal. “The looting here is of an intensity I’ve not seen elsewhere, which must’ve meant they were finding things.”

The interpretation of the site as a royal retreat is plausible, Gyles Iannone of Canada’s Trent University, who wasn’t part of the research, says via email. The Maya transformed other ceremonial sites into pragmatic facilities, such as farms, so Bejucal’s transformation isn’t totally surprising, he says, but he’d like more evidence that Bejucal was a pleasure palace.

Excavating at Bejucal is arduous and risky. Some of the ruins are so riddled with looters’ tunnels that they are too dangerous to explore. Those very tunnels allowed the researchers to examine the many layers of history at the site, but the researchers would’ve much rather had an intact site.

The looting of the tomb “is particularly distressing,” Garrison says via email. “Now we cannot ever confirm who was actually buried there. Was it the guy on the stelae? Was it a guy at all, or instead a queen? This will never be known.”

Prehistoric site is found at Cave Hill in Belfast

External image

Archaeologists have discovered what is believed to be a prehistoric ceremonial site on Cave Hill in north Belfast.

It follows a community excavation involving more than 400 people at the site of Ballyaghagan cashel on the Upper Hightown Road, which had never before been unearthed.

Dr Harry Welsh, an archaeologist with Queen’s University, which led the Big Dig project, said some of the earliest items on the site dated back to 3,500 years BC.

He said:“Before we started the dig we thought there would be no big mystery.

"It was a cashel and we would just be in and out again.

"But after a few days we started to see that this site does not conform to all the features of a cashel.

"The medieval lecturers at Queen’s are especially excited by what has been found. Read more.

The Best Man

A drabble that got a little out of hand.  Also on Ao3.

Bellamy knew what was coming the moment Miller sat down next to him at the bar, a serious look written across his face.  “Yeah, I know. She’s coming to the wedding,” Bellamy said with a resigned sigh.

“Clarke’s Monty’s best friend,” Miller replied.  “She’s his best man.  And–”

“–and I’m your best man, so I’d better get over my broken heart,” Bellamy finished.  “I told you, I’m fine.  I’ve been fine.”

“You’ve been avoiding her for three years,” Miller countered.  “That’s not exactly fine.”

Bellamy worried the label on his beer bottle.  “How we ended…it’s complicated.  But I’m over her and she’s over me.  It’s fine.”

“Whatever you say, man,” Miller said, but he didn’t look like he believed it.

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No Dam Raise! – No More Broken Promises!

The Winnemem Wintu People stand opposed to the latest scheme to raise Shasta Dam, in Northern California.  We were forced from our lands in 1945, with the building of the dam, and never received the compensation promised in the US Congress’ 1941 Indian Land Acquisition Act.

Now Big Agriculture and Big Oil want to build the dam 18 feet higher, to water cash crops in the desert, and feed the planned fracking of the Central Valley.  This is envisioned in concert with a huge Twin Tunnels project which will take fresh water past the sensitive Bay Delta, and the largest estuary in the world, killing the salmon runs and other marine life, and ruining a fragile ecosystem.

A higher dam will drown the few traditional, ceremonial sites that are still accessible on our river, including the sacred rocks and dance ground of our Balas Chonas (Coming of Age Ceremony).

Please stand with us to oppose this plan!

Contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote against any proposals to raise Shasta Dam.  Thank you!

Please share this far and wide.


Sometimes we take life for granted. Don’t.

  1. “The day her sister got back from the hospital after a suicidal attempt.  She didn’t let go for about an hour”
  2. A kid just found out his brother was shot and killed
  3. A Russian war veteran kneels beside the tank he spent the war in, now a monument. 
  4. A homeless man sobbimg at an animal shelter, after being jailed briefly and his dog Buzz Lightyear impounded.  He couldn’t afford the $400 to get his pet back.
  5. A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria,  Australia, in 2009.
  6. Alcoholic father with his son
  7. Robert Pereza pauses at his sons name on the 9/11 monument memorial durong the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the site of the world trade centre
  8. Greg cook hugs his dog, Coco, after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the tornado in March,  2013
  9. “After two double lung transplants and years of battling cystic fibrosis, my good froend passed away last Saturday. This was one of the last pictures taken with his mother”

Spiritual Warfare and Sacred Site Protection in Hawaii

 On October 7, Native Hawaiians and their supporters successfully blocked a groundbreaking ceremony for the building of a new telescope atop Mauna Kea. The thirty meter telescope (TMT) will be the world’s largest telescope and is a joint project of some of the richest countries and corporations in the world. This video shows two parts of the protest: a road blockade which prevented dignitaries from arriving at the site of the ceremony, and the actual site where the ceremony was to commence.


In conjunction with this post, here are a few other wedding shots! Everything really came together perfectly and the weather was amazing and I couldn’t be happier that the wedding was worth all the stress and planning. Definitely a really happy memory and we had a blast :)

In order: ceremony site (Strong Mansion at Sugarloaf Mountain in MD), first look, my dad walking me down the “aisle”, our rings, me with my family (brother’s fiance, brother, mom, me, john, dad, and my sister), dancing, our centerpieces, night pictures, and the last dance

October 25, 2015