ceremonial ax

‘I am very pleased with the atmospheric conditions we are experiencing today. The lack of clouds have allowed the sun to show through, thus making electrical lighting unnecessary. Uh-NESS-a-sarry. Uh-NESS-ussery. Also, the lack of precipitation has kept my artificial skin from becoming uncomfortably damp, which -’

'Ax?’ I interrupted.

'Yes, Marco?’

'Stop that. Please.’

'Come on, Marco,’ Tobias said. 'He’s just practicing his small talk. We spent hours on it last night.’

'Thank you again, Marco,’ Ax said, 'for inviting me to this primitive yet interesting ceremony.’

'My pleasure, Ax-man. Do not go near the buffet table.’

'How do you define “near”?’

'Ax, I’m telling you: No food.’
—  Book #35: The Proposal, pg. 144 (by K.A. Applegate)