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Hi! I love seeing new imagines blogs! How about some wedding hcs for the rfa + v? Like would they want to be heavily involved in the planning? What kind of wedding do they want? and all that goodness ^^

Hello lovely Anon! I hope you like these hc’s, and thank you for your request ^^
(I tried to make this for all genders)
Sorry if it’s a bit long, I hope this is okay! ^^

-Wants a small, but extravagant, wedding- doesn’t want the press to know about it.
-Literally wants to buy EVERYTHING you could ever dream of though. 
ceremony? more like ceremoney.
-Jumin tries to get heavily involved- but goes overboard.
-It gets out of hand with spending money so Jaehee has to help organise.
-Jumin still insists that Elizabeth 3rd is at least ‘bridescat’.
-V is selected best man, obviously.
-He doesn’t want to invite Zen but MC forces him to.
-He’s in a black tuxedo and he brought you a huge, flowing, white dress/ sparkling white tuxedo.
-MC’s ring has the most big n’ shiny diamonds you’ll ever see.
-After giving vows, the kiss you shared was passionate. You had to pull away or it would turn out to be a full make-out session because he can’t resist you.
calm down jumin.

-Hesitated about the idea of wedding because she thought it would be too much trouble.
-She finally agreed on a very simple and more traditional wedding.
-Classic white colour theme and held in a small church.
-The wedding was planned quite lightly, but turned out great.
-MC did most of the organising though.
-Jaehee’s only request was to not let Jumin bring Elizabeth.
-Jaehee wanted Zen to be best man- which offended Jumin when he found out.
-Jaehee didn’t necessarily think of the wedding as a big deal, but she definitely started to tear up when she (or MC) walked down the aisle.
-Had to pause saying her vows to get herself together.
-The kiss was light and Jaehee was glad she didn’t have a more flamboyant wedding.

-Unlike Jumin’s, everyone knows about Zen’s wedding.
-While the hectic reporters and fans went wild, you two were planning the wedding.
-Zen would put in so much effort into organising it- it has to be perfect.
-He’d probably want it in an open-spaced area, like a private park or beach.
-Decoration central. He wanted everything to look beautiful without being too over the top.
-He would wear all white and would want you to match couple goals.
-He gave invitations out, but not for Jumin until MC did it themselves.
-Zen told Jumin not to bring Elizabeth 3rd though, but he did anyway.
-Wants to see you before the ceremony even though it’s not ‘traditional’.
-The ceremony went smoothly and was ended with a desperate kiss from Zen, still enjoyable though, he was waiting for that moment.

-Every spare piece of time he had was devoted to coming up with ideas for the best wedding ever.
-PhD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips are definitely going on the snacks table, no doubt about it.
-Suggests to get married in a space station, you have to let him down on that one and decide to marry in a spacious church.
-Obviously Elizabeth is invited, Jumin didn’t want to bring her but still did Saeyoung wanted her to be a flower girl cat, however, that was soon denied.
-Both of your attire’s would probably be white with another colour, because Seven doesn’t want them cliché, plain-white vibes.
-He wanted to be the one to wear the dress and for MC to be in a tux/ both in dresses- and so they did, as long as you’re happily married, clothes don’t matter.
-Tries to get MC to wear cat ears.
-He does not want to see you on the wedding day until the ceremony begins, it just has to be a surprise so when he does see you it’s more magical.
-After heartfelt vows, despite some jokes from Saeyoung, you shared a kiss and then got dragged over to the snacks table.
(A/N That was long sorry omg)

-So eager for the day he could call MC his wife/ husband.
-Wants to help organise but is scared he might mess something up so leaves most decisions it to MC.
-Wants you to wear pastel colours because it looks pretty though.
-Unsure about V attending but let’s him for the sake of MC.
-Yoosung wanting a wedding in a park that has beautiful scenery with hung fairy lights and flowers everywhere.
-Not wanting to see you before the ceremony because Saeyoung told him it was bad luck and he’d be cursed or some other ridiculous conspiracy.
-Elegant piano music playing while you walk down the aisle.
-Nervous Yoosung is a definite, lots of feet shuffles.
-Doesn’t break eye contact until you both kiss, he’s kind of glad the ceremony is over because of his nerves; now he can just party and be happy with MC forever.

-Really chilled out and enjoyable wedding.
-Doesn’t want to over-plan anything, but helps out with organising thoroughly.
-Constantly asking for MC’s opinions so he can make them happy.
-Wants polaroid’s of MC and himself stuck neatly in places for decoration.
-Ceremony held in a lightly coloured church with a picturesque garden.
-Probably a clean, white colour theme.
-Has Jumin as best man.
-Always a grin on his face, he’s so happy everything worked out fine.
-The ceremony goes really smoothly, it’s practically the perfect, ideal wedding.
-Sweet kisses and a happy life to look forward to.