Then his stomach lurched, reality clamping down hard as the arc turned into descent, and the flickering battlefield seemed to surge up towards him, glittering with a sudden, grasping hunger – and a new shadow passed across the smoke-stained stars. Rythian barely had time for the usual tinged relief, before clawed digits larger than his own hands closed around his side-stretched arms and new momentum caught around him.

A bit of fanart of entomancy’s Divergence AU fan fic, specifically a scene from the second chapter. I’ve been meaning to draw some fan art of her work for ages, because it’s always inspired and awed me a million times over whenever I read it.

Legend is that Rythian was not born underground like normal dwarves, but was mysteriously found in the one of the deepest, darkest caves. He carries with him, always, a strange green orb that none of the other dwarves recognize. He is generally avoided by his brethren, both because of his apparent lack of a beard (it’s impossible to tell if he has one, since he wears a scarf across his face), and because Rythian has become well versed in an art forgotten and avoided by most dwarves: magic.

Zoeya is his assistant and bodyguard, and the two often delve into the deepest abandoned caves. Zoeya is considered a good, sturdy dwarf who has simply gotten too wrapped up in Rythian’s foolish magic use. She grows glowshrooms upon her armor to help light the dark. Among the community, she is best known for her amazing skill at machine building, and has even built herself a replacement arm. How she lost her arm, no one is quite sure, but rumor is it was Rythian’s fault.

How to Train Your Ender Dragon
An AU where Rythian raises the Ender Dragon egg as his mount

I… tried to mimic the HTTYD style a bit, and the design is based off the sphax version of the Ender Dragon.

You’d think the amount of times I’ve drawn Rythian now I could keep some consistency in character design but you’re wrong.