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Having spent the last three days sick as a dog (and thus been able to binge-watch the WWE Network), I’ve caught up on my storylines close enough to the current timeline and have, like, a LOT of thoughts, especially with NXT Takeover San Antonio being just wrapped up and Royal Rumble coming up in less than 24 hours:

• Dammit but the Usos are so much more groin-tinglingly attractive as heels. I don’t know why. Just, HOT DAMN.

• After this stunt at Takeover, I think I can finally buy into Seth as a babyface. A really aggressive, entitled, rabid mongrel of a babyface who still has a LOT of issues to resolve, but yeah.

• Triple H is always planning something. Always. Don’t be surprised if Balor comes back as the next Golden Boy and his animosity towards Seth for putting him on the shelf gets twisted into a revenge plot by the Cerebral Assassin.

• Please call up #DIY to RAW. We need more solid, hard-hitting, hard-kicking, babyface Tag Teams on the red brand.

• I wish they’d give Roman something to fight for instead of just belts. Imagine what it’d do for him if he had something like Seth’s vendetta against Hunter to light a fire under him.

• If Randy Orton wins the Rumble, we riot.

• I hope Luke Harper takes Orton out.

• Dammit but that Mojo Rawley kid is growing on me.

• My love for Sami Zayn knows no bounds. They need to stop screwing him around. Kevin’s held two titles (including the big red one) and Sami’s held none so far and it’s driving me nuts.


• Dolph Ziggler’s Satellite DDT is a thing of beauty.

• Johnny Gargano’s eyelashes are a thing of beauty.

• Shinsuke Nakamura’s….everything is a thing of beauty.

• I’d give an arm and a leg to see Samoa Joe beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar.

• Please dear Lord, just give us a Royal Rumble winner (and a Wrestlemania main event) that we can’t even predict right now, for fuck’s sake. Stop sticking to stubborn booking decisions and letting guys like Roman soak up the fan backlash for it.

anonymous asked:

In accordance to the theory that Triple H is a corrupting force...did he get to Neville too? After all, Neville was also a former NXT champion. Do you think Hunter got to him offscreen? Is Hunter building a stable that has influence across all divisions? He has, in theory, three former NXT champions groomed to be his soldiers. Seth (also an NXT champ) was his most succesful project. And what about Sami? He was a former NXT champ as well. Is "Papa Hunter" just a facade for The Cerebral Assassin?

Here’s what Max Landis had to say about Triple H:

“It’s not fair to call him a corrupting influence. but he feels the need to perpetuate himself at all costs. and in doing so, this character’s efforts to perpetuate themselves and to perpetuate the myth of themselves (that’s where NXT fits in to him. he wants to be thought of as this magnanimous king) it comes at the cost of the morality of anyone who interacts with him.”

which is just Max’s opinion but I thought I’d share it because it’s directly related to your question

Before this whole storyline got started I always thought it was funny that Triple H was simultaneously two characters on two different shows that were somehow a part of the same canon. “NXT Dad” and “The Game The King of Kings The Cerebral Assassin etc.” Now WWE has retconned them into one character. and i do believe it’s a retcon, looking back at the moments we see Triple H in NXT. he so rarely (that i can remember) takes the stage or makes it about himself, seeming to prefer to stay in the back and allow the wrestlers to take center stage (something it’s hard to imagine Main Roster!Triple H being comfortable with). it doesn’t seem to me like he was playing “Triple H The Game etc. Magnanimous King” when he came out to hug Bayley after her victory at Respect. every time he tells a wrestler “you earned this moment” instead of “I am giving this to you” he seems to so clearly be a different person from the Triple H of the main roster. but none of that matters, because canonically they are one character now.

I love the idea of Triple H picking proteges in every division. Why should he be only interested in the top men’s title on Raw? Neville is definitely the biggest 205 Live heel and like you said, a former NXT Champion. So are Charlotte and Sasha and Bayley, Charlotte seems like the most obvious pick since she already gets on well with Stephanie (something Sasha decidedly does not do). I’m also very biased because I desperately want Sasha’s heel turn to be about Bayley, not Triple H. I’ll be interested to see if Triple H will keep hanging around after Wrestlemania…

I would love for there to be some Triple H/Sami interaction at some point. I think their characters would mesh in a really interesting way. Especially if Kevin is still allied with Triple H when that moment comes…

Roadblock Preview: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match - Triple H Vs Dean Ambrose

The Road to WrestleMania has, quite literally, hit a roadblock. On March 12, a special event will take place on WWE Network that could completely alter the landscape of The Show of Shows. That is because at WWE Roadblock, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H will put his title on the line against The Lunatic Fringe, LIVE at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Roman Reigns captured his WrestleMania World Title opportunity at WWE Fastlane, but the following night on Raw, Triple H systematically dismantled his No. 1 contender and sent him into surgery. While he recouped from the assault, his brother-in-arms Ambrose decided to keep the 14-time World Champion busy — a challenge that The Cerebral Assassin accepted in painful fashion.  

The Roadblock title match is already raising many questions. Will The Game even hold the esteemed gold when Reigns finally comes calling on April 3? After all, though Triple H is The Authority, authority is something Ambrose simply does not recognize. For The King of Kings, is conquering the completely unpredictable adversary easier said than done?

Moreover, if Ambrose does manage to defeat The Game, isn’t Triple H entitled to a rematch of his own? Plus, what will come of The Lunatic Fringe’s already established showdown against Brock Lesnar at The Showcase of the Immortals?

Find out what will happen at WWE Roadblock, live on WWE Network Saturday, March 12 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Best Raw Ever!

Shane O Mac Returns and wants control of Monday Night Raw! He gets a match at Wrestlemania Vs Undertaker in a Hell in a cell! 

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Dean Ambrose comes crawling back to the ring after a brutal parking lot attack by Brock Lesnar! He has NO fear! Tells Brock to Kiss his ass and asks for a No Holds Barred Street fight match at Wrestlemania! 

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Then Triple H comes out as THE GAME The Cerebral Assassin and beats the shit out of Roman Reigns! He made a statement! Hope Roman is ready to play the game! 

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This is the Road to Wrestlemania! Enjoy it! 

For all the people crying right now over Roman. HHH was putting him and their match and Mania over. HHH didn’t do anything to Roman that he hasn’t done to most of his other opponents in the past. There is a reason he is called the cerebral assassin. This just takes the feud one step further and makes it that much interesting. Now calm down!