cerebral assassin

Fight for you

Requested by: @luceromma4403
Pairings: Reader x Roman Reigns
Warnings: language and a hurt roman

     You watched in horror as Hunter attacked Roman, repeatedly smashing your husbands’s face into the announce table. Again and again, over and over, until his face was bloodied. You peeked through your fingers, not being able to bear the site. A group of officials tried to stop the Cerebral Assassin, but failed. Just when it looked like he’d given up, he returned. He drug Roman over to the steel steps. You screamed as Hunter landed the pedigree. You burst into tears upon seeing even more crimson drip from his face, like sweat.

   Some of the girls were trying to comfort you, telling you that it was going to be okay.You knew that they were just trying to help, but honestly it pissed you off even more.You were backstage watching, when you should be out there doing something. You wiped the tears off of your face and started to walk out to the ring, when Sasha grabbed your hand, pulling you to were you couldn’t go out there. 

 “Let go of me Sasha!”

     You tried to get free, but she tightened her grip. 

 “No, y/n your not thinking clearly.” 

“Ya no shit. My man is out there getting the hell beat out of him and I’m back here crying like a little bitch, when I should be out there helping him.”

    You pulled your arm away from her, breaking her grasp and started walking towards the the curtain.You could hear Sasha and some of the other girls calling your name, telling you that you weren’t thinking straight, but you were. There was no way you could just watch him get hurt.You both made a vow to always love each other, be there for each other ,and protect each other. You felt like you were breaking that promise by just standing there.

     You were practically running down the ramp when you saw Hunter drag your man’s body into the ring.What the hell else could he possibly do, doesn’t he know when to quit.He had roman slumped up against one of the ring post.His body looked life less and he almost seemed unconscious, you could see the pool of blood on the mat and the tears came rushing down your face. You slid into the ring and Hunter turned around to face you.You walked right up to him with nothing bit pure hatred on your face. 

 “Who in the hell do you think you are!?” 

     He just looked at you and laughed.

 “Oh so this amuses you?” 

“Ya actually it does.”

     You were thinking about hitting him or just going to tend to Roman, but your hand chose for you.You smacked him as hard as you could across the face.He took a step back, rubbing his now red cheek.It shocked him more than it hurt him.

 “Did you find that amusing, too?” 

     That smirk on his face quickly faded and turned into pure rage.He kept coming closer and closer to you, locking you into position for a pedigree.You were screaming and trying to fight out of it, but he just tightened his grip.Some how Roman found away to get to his feet, hitting Triple H with a superman punch.You lifted up and roman began to collapse.You ran over to him just in time to prevent his head from hitting the mat. You laid his head in your lap as he fell completely unconscious.You started to cry uncontrollably, tapping Roman in the face trying to wake him up.

 “No,no,no….baby, baby wake up.”

     The crowd was booing and chanting ‘ROMAN SUCKS’ , the whole time. “Shut up you sorry pieces shit, what the hell is wrong with you all!” 

     You looked back down at Roman, whose body was completely motionless, and tried to get the blood off his face.

 “Where the hell is medical?” 

     You caressed his face and a couple tears hit his vest.

 “Your going to be okay, you have to be okay, their going to fix you up and you’ll be back out here whopping some ass.” 

     The medical staff made their way into the ring and put roman on the stretcher.They carried out of the ring and up the ramp.You were right behind them, running up to them so you could hold Roman’s hand.They took him back into the trainers and then they took him into an ambulance.

 “Wait, what’s going on, why does he have to go to the hospital?”

 “He’s lost a lot of blood, Mrs. Anoa'i.” 

     You huffed in frustration as even more tears came running down your cheeks. You hopped in the back of the ambulance, holding Romans hand the whole way to the hospital. They took him into the emergency room. The nurses rushed him straight back once they saw all the blood. 

 “Mrs., you can wait back here we-” 

“Oh hell no, there’s no way I’m leaving him.”

 “Okay then…ummm right this way.”

     They took him into an operating room to stitch him up, they had him hooked up to an IV and were giving him some more blood. You never left his side, not for one second.You were in the hospital for about 4 hours before Roman regained his consciousness. 

 “Well hey there sleeping beauty.”

     He gave you a half smirk and started to look around the room. 

 “Why am I at the hospital?” 

“They needed to stitch you up.”

 “Why didn’t they do that backstage?“ 

“You also lost a pretty good amount of blood, which they can’t fix backstage.”

    He just nodded his head and looked at the blood bag hanging there, connected to his body.  

“I’m going to fuck him up so bad when we get back.”

     You laughed at him and climbed into the bed next to him, careful not to mess with the cords.You laid on his chest and he wrapped an arm around you.

 “You were very brave to come out there.”

 “Of course I came out there, like I was just going to let him keep on.” 

     He chuckled at you. 

 “I thought I was the one suppose to protect you.” 

     You turned to look up at him. 

 “No were suppose to protect each other.” 

   He smiled and kissed your fore head, rubbing the side of your arm. 

 “I love you.” 

“Not as much as I love you.”

EXCLUSIVE: Theo Rossi Talks ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2, Shades and Going Toe-to-Toe With Alfre Woodard
The 'Marvel's Luke Cage' star talks '#ShadyMariah' and the new season.

“I mean, obviously, I can never say anything about anything about anything,” Theo Rossi laughed, before joking that his phone has been tapped since the day he joined the Marvel Universe. The Marvel’s Luke Cage star shared a tiny tease when ET caught up with him earlier this summer, just before filming began on season two of the Netflix hit: “I know Cheo [Hodari Coker, the show’s creator] has some cool things planned.”

Luke Cage himself, Mike Colter, played things just as coy when ET caught up with him at the premiere of his new film Girls Trip. “I think we’re gonna mix it up a little bit, and we know what kind of show we are this season,” he shared.

“The second season will be a little different than the first one. I’m really excited about it. I’m excited about the new villains,” Colter said, possibly referring to Mustafa Shakir (The Night Of) and Gabrielle Dennis (Rosewood), who have been added to the cast as John McIver (aka Bushmaster) and Tulsa Johnson (aka Nightshade), respectively.

While these might not be Earth-shattering spoilers, Rossi credits that same element of surprise with making the series stand out and with shaping his character, Hernan “Shades” Alvarez, into one of the Marvel’s most interesting villains. After admitting he’s a little biased, Rossi declared, “I felt like I had one of the greatest journeys of a villain in the Marvel [universe], because he was the guy you never saw coming. It just took a couple episodes for people to kind of take notice of that.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Marvel show where the good guy gets carted off to jail and the bad guys are sitting there notorious at the end,” the actor continued, musing about the end of season one. “I think that’s why it made Luke Cage so successful, that it was very unpredictable. And I think that Shades – you had all these big villains and all these people that looked like they were the top dog and they all kept getting taken out, while he just keeps moving up – he’s like a cerebral assassin.”

One of the few left standing at the end of the first season was fellow baddie Mariah Dillard, played by Alfre Woodard. “Black Mariah” and Shades have a special connection, and it turns out that Rossi loves “#ShadyMariah” as much as the fans do, telling ET “it’s such a devious and cool relationship.”

Rossi went on to praise Woodard as both an actress and humanitarian to admire. Plus, he admitted that she is his first big love interest in his career. “I basically get to have a dance partner in Alfre Woodard, who is one of the most decorated actresses working in the business,” he said, citing his co-star’s 17 Primetime Emmy nominations (and four wins), her Academy Award nomination and numerous other accolades. “I just get excited when I’m around Alfre, because she’s got the youthfulness and the heart of a young teen. And she acts and plays in scenes like it’s her first time, every time, and that’s all I search for in my dance partners.”

He also noted the parallels between his roles on Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchyand his latest film Lowriders, in particular, the strong actresses they all featured. “I’ve been fortunate enough to act with very strong, beautiful women in this business,” Rossi said of working with Woodard in addition to Katey Sagal on SOA and Eva Longoria on Lowriders. “Eva is a boss. Like Katey [and] Alfre, they come in – and you’ve got to understand they’ve come through the business when it wasn’t as easy – and here they are, incredibly decorated, still standing.”

Rossi acknowledges that it’s not just the women he shares the screen with that he admires, saying, “I’m a guy who’s raised by women – my sister, my nana, and my mother – so I’ve always had a certain, not just a level of respect, but a certain awe of how women navigate in this world and especially in a business like this.”

Random WWE Thoughts

Having spent the last three days sick as a dog (and thus been able to binge-watch the WWE Network), I’ve caught up on my storylines close enough to the current timeline and have, like, a LOT of thoughts, especially with NXT Takeover San Antonio being just wrapped up and Royal Rumble coming up in less than 24 hours:

• Dammit but the Usos are so much more groin-tinglingly attractive as heels. I don’t know why. Just, HOT DAMN.

• After this stunt at Takeover, I think I can finally buy into Seth as a babyface. A really aggressive, entitled, rabid mongrel of a babyface who still has a LOT of issues to resolve, but yeah.

• Triple H is always planning something. Always. Don’t be surprised if Balor comes back as the next Golden Boy and his animosity towards Seth for putting him on the shelf gets twisted into a revenge plot by the Cerebral Assassin.

• Please call up #DIY to RAW. We need more solid, hard-hitting, hard-kicking, babyface Tag Teams on the red brand.

• I wish they’d give Roman something to fight for instead of just belts. Imagine what it’d do for him if he had something like Seth’s vendetta against Hunter to light a fire under him.

• If Randy Orton wins the Rumble, we riot.

• I hope Luke Harper takes Orton out.

• Dammit but that Mojo Rawley kid is growing on me.

• My love for Sami Zayn knows no bounds. They need to stop screwing him around. Kevin’s held two titles (including the big red one) and Sami’s held none so far and it’s driving me nuts.


• Dolph Ziggler’s Satellite DDT is a thing of beauty.

• Johnny Gargano’s eyelashes are a thing of beauty.

• Shinsuke Nakamura’s….everything is a thing of beauty.

• I’d give an arm and a leg to see Samoa Joe beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar.

• Please dear Lord, just give us a Royal Rumble winner (and a Wrestlemania main event) that we can’t even predict right now, for fuck’s sake. Stop sticking to stubborn booking decisions and letting guys like Roman soak up the fan backlash for it.


THE FALL - Diogo Mainardi

This is a remarkable book - described in 424 steps.

Step 1: Diogo’s son Tito has cerebral palsy
Step 2: I blame Tito’s cerbral Palsy on Pietro Lombardo

Begininning with Tito’s disastrous birth, Diogo Mainardi and his son proceed on a journey that follows a unique arc of Western culture – Rembrandt to Neil Young, Auschwitz to Assassin’s Creed, Abbott & Costello to Dante Alighieri. It’s about Fatherhood, love, and of the hope and faith we place in our children.

The design charts each of Tito’s steps - from Tito to Father. From Napolean to Venice, from Dante to Ezra Pound and so on.

Eventually Tito’s journey takes on the form of a constellation – the main satellites of which are Tito’s family, the cities he lives in, and the hospital where the story begins. While not all of the journey is described, following the numbered steps can offer an insight into how one boy’s fate has been shaped by history. 

The Fall will be published by Harvill Secker in May.