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Just curious, why do you hate being a Leo so much? I see you say you hate it every time it's brought up, and it kind of makes me sad. I was just curious what's so bad about it.

Oh Nonny, it’s nothing very complicated!

Leos are Lions, and lions are The King of Beasts. 

I don’t want royalty symbolism on my life that is horrible,  I am deeply anti-monarchist. XP  I need the Duly Elected Representative of the Beasts, you know? 


ELDER McKINLEY: So there you have it! An even split! The cocoa pebbles fans are Elder Cunningham, Elder Church, Elder Schrader, Elder Michaels, and Elder Zelder. Elder Price, Elder Davis, Elder Pop-Tarts, and I all prefer fruity pebbles! Elder Neeley said ‘neither’ but we made him pick and he also chose fruity pebbles!