cerealfurunicorn  asked:

Hello. :) Your art is absolutely gorgeous, and I feel really inspired when watching it. You've made me want to set aside time for drawing. I read that you work as a freelance artist, and I just wanted to ask about it, because I'm thinking about trying it after I graduate myself. How many projects or "jobs" do you have to do in general to earn money for the most basic income, and over how long does it usually take? How is life generally working as freelancer? Thanks a lot. :)

aww thanks!

hmhmhmm, honestly, I don’t think I’m the right person to ask about working as a freelancer… I have some friends in this field and they worry about things like portfolio, always searching for work in the internet and among other artists, making some merchandise, spreading info about commissions, while I’m, most of the time, drawing fanart and sitting just here, on tumblr. But from time to time job offers fall on me out of the blue. And well, I just graduated from the institute and my freelance experience is several months long, which is not a lot. I worked during summer vacation in the institute tho, last year I worked for two freelance jobs at the same time, and that time I saved enough money to buy a macbook. Contacts of the first job I was given by my friend who worked there, and the second one… I don’t even remember. I think I stumbled upon a job offer by chance?… I was drawing backgrounds for an animation project then, and covers for children’s notebooks.  Next summer I was drawing bgs for an animation project again, for the same people. And several months ago one my acquaintance asked me if I don’t mind working for a comics publishing house. Actually I’d wish to work full-time there, but unfortunately they don’t have enough space for a one more employee. You have more time as a freelance artist, but if you don’t work hard on it, you earn less money. But it’s still not bad and I hope after two months of work I’ll save enough to buy a cintiq. I’m also taking language courses bc I want to continue my education abroad, so every day I’m visiting my class and teacher, otherwise I’d sit the whole day long in my room, which does’t actually make any good) So I’m planning to work as a freelancer only during this year, while I’m preparing to entering the school, and than I want to find normal full-time job that involves going out and talking to other people))