Those wings were a great thing to paint, a lot of work but it was definitly something different from what i usually do, and surely a lot of fun!
no seriously, in fact they costed me the last bit of nerves and the ability to move without suffering from an aching back ahah

Edit: here’s the scanned version + a glorious poetic thing

Carry on, brave knight, move forward, spread your wings.
It’s time for you to rise and shine.
You’re not a hero, no.
You’re so much more.
And besides,
What choice do you have when there’s still someone left who is worth fighting for.

=> High res
=> Details/original

And you look into his eyes, into his oh so georgeous amberish, bright orange dappled glowing eyes. He is such a wonderful friend, such an undescribable wonderful human being.

And suddenly every misery in this world has been washed away and you two know the hardest and worst things may happen to you, but you are not afraid.

Because it is not only one, no, it is the two of you now and nothing will ever be able to stop you
from being happy together in the end.

And he smiles at you and you smile at him and the both of you know everything is going to be wonderful.