The Moms Of Voltron everyone.

Pretty much the lions in their respective human forms.

Headcanons: (I’ll be referring to them as their respective colors until I can come up with adequate names for them)

-Black let’s Shiro roam even though he’s like three, poor baby. Thankfully he usually ends up going to Coran’s to play with Allura

-Red is that Protective Mom™ and tends to stress alot. Keith makes her stress alot.

 “Why is he on the fridge I turned away for two seconds, Keith no you can’t eat the cereal from the box, how are you doing any of this you’re two.”

*Keith looking straight at her as he eats the cereal straight from the box*

-Yellow is pretty chill and Hunk is usually a great baby, he rarely cries and prefers just playing with his friends or napping with his mom. (She’s the best napping place everyone agrees)

-Blue is that mom with about 100000000 pictures of her son in her wallet and isn’t afraid to show anyone who stands next to her for more than 5 seconds.

Lance refers to her as giant woman because of her hair and he loves it so much she hasn’t had the heart to change it out.

-Green likes to show Pidge how different substances work (The safe kitchen kind) Pidge’s favorite is the volcano, even if it does taste nasty. Green has also built a hologram program that displays different animals and other objects to scale for Pidge and the rest of the kids to play with.


↳ day 5: music

Jace and Simon go on a roadtrip across the country for their 2 year anniversary. It goes smoothly, until one week into the two month long trip when Jace misplaces Simon’s favorite mix tape. As vengeance, Simon makes his boyfriend sing for him whenever he misses his mix tape, which just so happens to be all the time. It takes a full month of serenades, all-you-can-eat waffles, shower blowjobs and a dozen apologies before Simon finally forgives him, on the floor of Walmart while surrounded by knocked over cereal boxes and pre-packed bags of popcorn.

Accompanying piece sketch to THIS where Phil, with one of his most epic quiffs to date is sleepily munching away on Dan’s cereal, hahaaa. Again, a fairly quick pen sketch so <3 based on the same prompt as the earlier one.

(Please do not repost or remove caption <3)

An innocent, pure, and well balanced soul: “What is it like being a grad student?”

Me, squinting bloodshot eyes over the rim of a thrice reheated coffee: “Well… ‪today’s dinner is saltines and starbursts - which I suppose is an improvement over last week’s coffee and beef jerky.‬ I was in the shower for a full thirty seconds this morning before I realized I was still wearing my pajamas. And I was proud of making time for breakfast until my partner texted me that I’d put the box of cereal back in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard when I was done. The notification sound for my emails is rage inducing and my advisor is, unequivocally, the ruler of my universe. I regard him with the appropriate devotion, terror, and bewildered anger. I have no neutral feelings towards gradschool but instead wildly oscillate between being apathetic, incandescently happy, and savagely bitter.”

*what I actually say* “It’s good.”

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What does Kazan's dragon form look like?

A stuff from nightmares, pal!

Her design is basically “what if I mix an alligator and a killer whale” and put her in the Heart of Darkness videogame.