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Vegan meal ideas!

- Stirfry made with lots of veggies, tofu or tempeh and rice/noodles
- Sandwich packed with avocado, spinach, tomato, carrot, gherkins, tofu or tempeh
- Cereal with fruit and plant based milk
- PB and J toast
- Avocado toast!
- Pancakes
- Pasta with sauce made with TVP/tofu/tempeh/beans/lentils or even just plain. Top with nutritional yeast of course.
- NACHOS AND TACOS ~ Corn chips, vegan cheese, beans, avocado, salsa etc
- Chilli non carne made with TVP (textured vegetable protein aka vegan mince) and beans
- Pizza! Topping varieties are endless
- Roast veggies
- Stuffed potatoes
- Wraps!
- Massive salads
- Cold noodle or potato salads
- Veggies stuffed with rice
- Lasagna
- Burritos
- Burgers
- Tofu scramble


chocolate power o’s from love grown are the star of this loaded yogurt bowl.

love grown cereal’s are LEGIT! corn free, gluten free, vegan and boast 4g of plantbased protein per serving. sign me up!

photo/instagram: @redheadcooks 

A few years ago, I really wanted to go to a good college. I wanted to meet people and learn things I never could in a small-town school. I wanted to get an English degree, or maybe something in creative writing. 

But I was lazy in high school. Slacked off on assignments because they felt tedious. With the exception of junior year, my grades were either mediocre or garbage. So from the POV of the more selective colleges, I was out of the question.

And hearing about all the debt people had to bear. All the anxieties, all the years spent paying it off. Knowing that the state turns a profit out of this shit. Why would I suffer all that for a degree that would never get me a high-paying job? What’s the point?

It’s not like my family had a lot of money either. Most of them work at a cereal plant. We’ve had to live on rented property for over a decade.

Rejecting college sucks. It feels like you’re going to stagnate the rest of your life. Like you have no future. Like you’re going to be stuck behind a counter for the rest of your life. Legs always tired. Always going straight to bed, just to wake up the next day and do the same menial bullshit all over again. I can only imagine what it’s like for some folks to drop out of college. But what other choice do I have?

I think a lot of young people suffer those kind of anxieties too. Worrying about leaving home for an unfamiliar place, possibly without any support from their families. They probably have an idea about what happened to all the old decent-paying jobs in the US. They probably have an idea how relentlessly the market will punish them if they fail, especially if they’re part of a marginalized community. Capitalism is already reaching its cold, clawed hand toward them.

These are real and valid anxieties. I had them. I still have them. Part of the reason why so many young people are turning to socialism, communism, and anarchism is because of these anxieties. Don’t write them off as uneducated children. Everybody, regardless of age, deserves freedom, equality, and well-being.

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So I've been considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, but I'm totally overwhelmed. I have no idea where to start. I grew up in a farming family, so meat and dairy were a huge part of my diet so far in life. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

I know it can seem very overwhelming at first! Well firstly don’t worry about getting enough protein-there are lots of protein rich sources of foods-get your hands on some beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds and some protein rich veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes etc. daily and you’ll easily meet all your protein targets, make sure to get some form of b12 foods/supplements-you could try fortified cereals, plant milks, nutritional yeast, spirulina, mushrooms, and other than that try to eat an as varied whole-foods plant-based diet as you can with lots of whole grains, starches, fruits, veggies, nuts &seeds to make sure you’re getting everything you need. Buy frozen fruit and veggies to save money, make sure you’re eating enough calories, check out “cheap lazy vegan” a great you tuber who has heaps of cheap and easy vegan recipes/meal prep :) Go at your own pace, maybe you can find a vegetarian/vegan group in your area? Best of luck!! 💪💪

ok but hear me out, bts small mountain town au:

  • they always take water bottles but Taehyung gives water to all the moss that looks so dry and watches in delight as to blooms before his eyes, so he runs out of water very quickly and Jimin always shares with him
  • Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung race down the hill and then they have to sit down on Jungkook’s porch and pick all the burrs out of their matching avengers socks
  • in autumn, when they can still just go out with a woolen jumper instead of a coat, Yoongi quietly plucks ears of cereal plants from the side of the road and pelts the other’s backs with them, they stick like arrows, and the kids always take ages to notice
  • in spring when school gets stressful, Seokjin and Hoseok go sit in the fields to talk and absentmindedly braid crowns of wildflowers and weeds
  • in September, Jungkook’s lips are permanently purple from the blackberries he eats on his morning jogs
  • peaches, cherries, blackberries, apples, each season brings a new fruit, and thus a Seokjin brings a new jam to the table when they all gather in his cozy kitchen. they spread it out on bread with butter or cheese and Jimin stands up and proclaims that since he woke up early he helped with the baking. Seokjin smiles and ruffles his hair fondly
  • Jungkook loves perfumes so in his room he hangs dried flowers, lavender, roses, depending on the season
  • there’s a rock formation they always play on and when Namjoon is missing they always find him there, thinking
  • Taehyung knows the names of all the bugs and animals, and he’s the Designated Bug Catcher at any of their homes
  • Namjoon once had this fixation with getting back to his origins and clearing his mind of clutter, and wanted to spend a night in the forest. he tried to build a shelter out of sticks at least 14 times before Yoongi came down with a tent. It also took 5 tries and several hits to the face with the bendy supports before the tent could hold itself up. Namjoon unzipped his sleeping bag entirely and laid it out flat so they could both sleep on it and after half an hour of counting constellations and bickering about who was right, they realised they shouldn’t be able to see them at all from inside the tent
  • when the snow on the mountains melts they all go to the stream and it becomes a game of numb feet, pain and pride. they dare each other to touch a rock, cross the river, bring back a fish, oh my god Taehyung I didn’t think you’d actually do it put it back before it dies
  • Hoseok is that one wimp who gets to a wobbly stone in the middle of the stream, but then whines the water is too cold and screams for as long as they can all stand it before Yoongi volunteers to wade over there and carry him back in his arms, threatening to drop him when Hoseok smothers his cheek with kisses
  • on their way to school, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung are often late because Taehyung stops to greet the bumblebees
  • Yoongi has declared war on the moles that poke holes in his garden and ruin his amateurish attempts at landscaping (but if you ask Hoseok he’ll say he’s so pretentious, he just plants things in rows and they’re not even straight)
  • on friday nights they all gather excitedly at the bus stop and go on an odyssey to the next biggest town. they come back with their pockets full of cinema ticket stubs, loose change, gumball machine toys and sweets whose sticky surface gets covered in pocket lint
  • they go on hikes to explore a new peak, or find the pools with otters that someone talked about, and on the way back as the sun sets everyone’s tired. to avoid anyone lagging behind they shout “the last one gets eaten by a bear!” and if it’s Hoseok who is lagging behind, then as soon as they turn the corner Jungkook runs to hide and jump-scare him when he passes by 

these saved my life so i must share !
I have really sensitive skin and pcos so no matter if i didnt deviate from my skin care routine at all, i would still breakout randomly and i’m really sensitive to dairy so i breakout anytime i have the slightest bit of cheese or a bowl of cereal.
These plants aren’t usually used in american skincare so if you think you’ve tried everything but nothing works, try these!!! Neem has been used for centuries for skin problems and its!! a life saver!!!
They’re all natural (which i usually opt for because my skin is really sensitive and i just don’t like risking it bc if i react to a product badly it’s Hell and also u kno like. the environment or w/e), and contain tulsi/neem, kaolin, fuller’s earth, and calamine n thats it! u just mix the powder with a little water and use it as a mask! it healed my skin and also just leaves u with a fresh clean feeling.
These are only $4 at most indian grocery stores or on amazon (search ayur face pack) ! Which is the best part ! Because we all know obviously good skincare products out there exist but $$$ :/ These are really affordable, the best thing i ever put on my skin, and last you a long time.
The neem one is better if you have a lot of large cystic acne and oily skin, because for me it does dry out your skin a little bit so make sure to moisturize. I usually only put it on problem areas. The tulsi one is good if you have more manageable acne or combination/dry skin.

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i'm currently in anorexia recovery, and about to go off to college. any tips on some good and cheap calorie dense meals/snacks? i'm also on a meal plan that'll allow ten meals from the food hall each week, there's a community kitchen in my dorm hall, and in my dorm room i'll have a microwave, mini fridge, and blender ☺️

You go girl!!! And you’ve come to the right person haha

Here are some energy and nutrient-dense healthy + delish snack ideas:

- banana/apple with nut butter or tahini
- dried fruit + nut mix
- bliss balls (blend oats, nuts, dates etc in your blender + roll into balls)
- rice cakes with nut butter + banana
- wraps with hummus, avo + salad
- vegan yoghurt with granola/fruit
- chia pudding with fruit
- plain granola
- muesli/cereal with plant milk + fruit
- leftover baked sweet potato with tahini/PB
- granola/muesli bars
- smoothies (made with frozen bananas/other fruit, plant milk, seeds, oats etc)
- overnight oats/Bircher muesli with fruit
- toast with PB + banana/jam or hummus/avo
- pancakes
- dates
- crackers with hummus/other dip
- vegan muffins/banana bread
- cookies (mashed banana, oats, nut butter + whatever else you like baked for 10-15 mins)

I hope that helps! Sending love to you xxxx

Hollis Doyle is a disgusting piece of trash. A relic. A man, like many other white men, who have had a free run at prosperity and opportunity. For whom discrimination and injustice are as foreign to them as the Muslim immigrants that they want to ban from our country. And now that they don’t have a free run, they’re lashing out. To be honest, I can’t believe it took him explicitly expressing his racism for you all to start asking these damn questions. He ends every speech with “Dare to be great again.” Huh? What? Should we return to slavery? Jim Crow? In today’s America, my gay friends can get married. In today’s America, I can vote. 50 years ago… In Hollis Doyle’s lifetime… That wasn’t the case. In today’s America, my parents don’t have to recruit a white couple who worked alongside them at the cereal plant to apply for a mortgage because banks wouldn’t lend to folks with brown skin. In today’s America, we have the Brandon Bill, which means I may not have to tell my future son that he could be murdered by law enforcement just for asking why he was pulled over. Black lives do matter because young black people are under attack. Immigrants, too. The fact that Doyle insists on saying “all lives matter” when talking about this movement really pisses me off. It’s like walking up into someone else’s funeral and screaming, “Why are you not crying for my daddy? He’s dead, too.” Well, yes, he is. And that is sad. But that is not the topic of the conversation. Go stand over there and let the adults talk. Hollis Doyle is a thug. A punk. And the people who support him are thugs or punks. Or they condone his behavior. They are not Americans. The idea that this country belongs to one kind of person is the least American idea that anyone has ever had. In fact, it is the opposite of the ideals of this nation. Nothing needs to be restored. Nothing needs to be made great again. We are a better nation than we were 20 years ago. Than we were 50 years ago. Than we were 100 years ago. Than we were at our founding. That is the point of America. We are a country where we are always greater than our past. I am proud to live in a nation where a black man has a legitimate shot at the White House. That’s American greatness.
—  Edison Davis, “Trump Card” (520)

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Would it be possible for you to say what ur normal day consists of eating wise, cos I'm struggling to get into being a vegan as I don't know what to eat xx

I can give you a few options. Firstly, I personally follow mostly a high-carb (somewhat) low-fat, mostly raw till 4 vegan lifestyle - a sub diet/lifestlye within veganism. However, when it comes to transitioning or early stages of veganism, for most people it is easier to simply become a conventional, full-fledged vegan. What I always say if you are stuck when it comes to what to eat as a new vegan, think what you would normally eat and ‘veganise’ it (bread & butter > bread & margarine, chicken casserole > mock chicken casserole, weet box with milk > weet bix with nut milk etc.) Here are some meal example variations

Conventional, Full-Fledged Vegan - someone who does not consume or wear any animal by-products and is essentially the most common form of veganism, that most people are familiar with and is considered the most common starting point for veganism. It is someone

  • Basically anything that is vegan

Breakfast 1 - Porridge (1 cup oats + 1.5 cups plant based milk + cinnamon + coconut sugar), wholemeal toast with avocado 

Breakfast 2 - baked beans, wholemeal toast, tofu scramble, avocado, sautéed tomato & mushrooms, mock meat (sausages, fake bacon - so good)

Breakfast 3 - granola/cereal, plant based milk, (optional) sweetener (coconut sugar, molasses - good for iron, maple syrup), dairy-free yoghurt (coyo, soy yoghurt), fruit toppings (chopped banana/fruit, chocolate, spreads etc)

Breakfast 4 - pancakes, fruit, yoghurt 

Lunch 1 - (big) chunky/thick soup, couple slices of toast

Lunch 2 - Falafel wrap (wrap, hummus, falafels, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, beetroot), side salad (veggies with vinaigrette)

Lunch 3 - Sushi (avocado, cucumber, tofu, pumpkin etc.)

Dinner 1 - Spaghetti, bolognese (recipe 1, 2, 3), vegetables

Dinner 2 - Lasagna (mock cheese, mock meat, vegetables, pizza base/wrap/bread

Dinner 3 - Stir fry (vegetables, tofu/mock meat, noodles/rice, soy/teriyaki sauce)

Dinner 4 - Shepherd’s Pie (recipe 1, 2)

Snacks - smoothies, popcorn, chips, fruit, toast, crackers, hummus/dips, ice cream (soy/coconut/almond milk), yoghurt, custard, coffee, milkshakes etc. 

  • Instagram accounts to check out - essenaoneill, earthlingmaxi, vegan_hannie (+ tumblr vegan-hannie - probably one of the best accounts and cooks/inspirations I’ve seen), minimalistbaker, ohsheglows, thug kitchen, thekindkitchen, cleanbodyfreshstart

Plant Based High-Carb Low-Fat  - vegan lifestyle/diet that means eating an abundance of wholefoods that are high in carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, rice, potatoes, pasta etc.) and naturally low in salt and fat. 

  • Basically eating large quantities of high carb whole foods

Raw Till 4 - incorporates a raw vegan lifestyle until essentially 4pm, followed by a large high carb cooked dinner

  • Mostly consists of large quantities of fruit until dinner
  • All meals are usually substantially large

My Lifestyle Choice - So for me personally I have more recently transitioned basically to High-Carb Low-fat and mostly Raw Till 4. So here are some variations to what this might look like in terms of food.

Breakfast 1 - over a kilo worth of watermelon, 3+ passionfruit, frozen fruit (I eat lots of fruit salads and it is usually just what we have at home and what is available)

Breakfast 2 - Smoothie bowl (5+ large frozen bananas + cup of frozen berries + water/milk to desired consistency), toppings (banana, granola/cereal, coconut sugar etc.)

Breakfast 3 - Banana smoothie (7+ large frozen bananas, cup of fresh Inside Out Almond milk, water - to desired consistency, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut sugar), usually with extra fruit on the side

Breakfast 4 - Acai bowl (2 acai sachets, frozen banana, milk/juice/water to desired consistency), raw grains/cereal, fresh fruit - banana, pomegranate, berries etc.

Lunch - can be any of the breakfast options, but sometimes won’t be raw or have all raw ingredients

Lunch 2 - salads (couple of handfuls/cups of peas, Lebanese cucumber, 1-2 carrots, 1-2 beetroots, handful of baby tomatoes, few large tomatoes, fresh corn 1-2 cobs, head of lettuce, handful of green beans, avocado, handful snow peas, beans/lentils, etc) and dressing (creamy corn dressing, tomato based, mustard/tomato/bbq mix etc.)

Lunch 3 - large soup with bread/potato/crackers or large salad ^

Lunch 4 - sushi

Lunch 5 - going out for meals so dumplings, rice, stir fries, wraps etc.

Dinner 1 - Baked veggies (1-2 beetroots, 1-2 carrots, 1-2 parsnips, couple roma tomatoes, -+ kilo potato & pumpkin, baby onion - seasoned with pepper, rosemary, onion powder and nutritional yeast), with salad (head of lettuce, handful baby tomatoes, Lebanese cucumber, green beans, 1-2 cobs corn, snap peas etc.), sometimes ‘zoodles’ (spiralised zucchini - usually when we have zucchini that needs eating I just add to anything I’m eating), sauce/dressing (creamy corn dressing, tomato/BBQ sauce, tomato pasta sauce etc)

Dinner 2 - Pasta Salad (usually salad ingredients + ½ packed of pasta), sauce (tomato pasta sauce), vegan parmesan and I often also grill some capsicum and spinach in a tomato sauce with pepper - goes fantastically, 

Dinner 3 - Stir fry (check out the youtube video I made of my pad thai stir fry - with all my stir fries I’ll use the amount and kinds of veggies you see in the video and then will either have noodles/rice to go with it, and tofu or just veggies)

Dinner 4 - Lentil curry (lots of vegetables + lentils + small can of coconut milk/cream) with mash potatoes

Dinner 5 - 5-6 rolls of sushi/rice paper rolls + large salad 

Snacks - fruit/veg, crackers, dips, smoothies, hot chocolate (cacao, coconut sugar, almond milk), Inside Out Almond Milk, juice, chocolate, cereal, sushi etc.

  • Instagram accounts to check out - freeleethebanangirl, durianrider, slimliketim, bonnyrebecca, thrivingonplants, berrygoodvegan, fruit4jam, therawboy, ellenfisher, lonijane, 

Hope this helps xx

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do you have a patreon?

Unfortunately I don’t draw enough weird fetish porn to justify getting a patreon.

Nope! Maybe I would if I could think of stuff worth doing for it. Tutorials or comics or drawing requests probably?