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The dino oatmeal was next to the regular kind at the cereal isle, in most of the stores I visited. I'm pretty sure that it's still being made if you wanted to try it.

Oh snap I need to look for that thanks man -thefoundsunblinker

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*crashes through the window* hey i heard requests were on so im here to help since im on a mini hiatus. wb that Mangela (or whatever the fk our ship name is)? I'll be waitin ;) *finger guns and crashes out through another window*


I actually have been thinking about this request all day and how to write it… it’s not that long but, here ya go ^^


“Hey, Angela? Where’s the cereal?”

“I told you to call me Spark, and the cereal? No idea.”

“Well, will you go with me to the store to go get some more?”

“I’m not going all the way to the store just for a box of cereal, Maddie.”

“I’ll cook dinner.”

And that’s how the two went to the store to buy one box of cereal. The thing though, while they were on the cereal isle, these two guys thought it would be fun to flirt with them.

“How you ladies doing~” A tall brunette asked.

“Uh, fine I guess.” Maddie replied, instantly wanting to leave.

“Bet I could make you feel a whole lot better~” The brunette replied with a wink. This caused Spark to roll her eyes until a shorter, blondish guy came up to her.

“I heard pretty ladies like yourselves should be going to a club with us, not buying cereal.” The blond said, causing Spark roll her eyes.

“We were just about to leave, we aren’t interested.” She said, trying to get the two guys to leave them alone.

“C’mon, what is it? You two got boyfriends or something?” The brunette asked, a hint of mischief in his eyes.

“They wouldn’t have to know of you being out with us.” The blond gave a grin.

“W-We’re not interested, please leave us alone…” Maddie finally spoke up, feeling more uncomfortable.

“Will your boyfriends come by and beat us up? I don’t see them anywhere.” The brunette smirked, seeing how nervous Maddie was becoming.

That was it, Spark had enough of this. She wanted to wipe the grin and smirk off their faces. So without giving it much thought, Spark leaned up and gave a Maddie a light kiss before pulling back and crossing her arms.

Maddie, now dumbfounded, looked over at Spark with a faint pink on her cheeks.

The faces of the two guys were priceless.

“You two- You two are together?” The blond asked, feeling embarrassed.

“We… We didn’t know, we’re sorry!” The brunette quickly said, grabbing the blond’s arm and hurrying off.

Now that the guys were gone, Spark turned to Maddie with a smile. “Better?”

Maddie finally recovered and shyly smiled back. “Much.”

They picked out some cereal and walked back to the car.

“You’re still making dinner, right?”

“You betcha!”

The two ended up having some spaghetti from a family recipe, after seeing billboards advertising spaghetti on the way home from the store.

Oh yeah so yesterday I was at Safeway and I was in the cereal isle and saw that they had Star Wars cereals with lil Star Wars posters on the back!!! There were 4 posters in total that you could collect so my giddy ass grabs all four boxes only to stop halfway because I’ve made eye contact with this Mom and her Teenage Daughter staring at me. 

So i sorta got really embarrassed and guiltily put two boxes back while the mom raised her eyebrow and I hung my head and quickly wheeled my cart off because I am 20 years old and really Star Wars shaped marshmallows in my cereal ok

In Which Nico is the Fun Parent

Featuring: Happy, healthy Nico, baby babble, and heath nut Will, and all the other stuff you can read just above this. 

There was nothing Molly hated more than being strapped down in any sort of contraption: not a car seat, not a stroller, and especially not a shopping cart. 

She was pretty good at walking, and wasn’t so much for running away,  so Nico figured, as long as he stayed right next to her, what was the harm of letting the two year old run free. 

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