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Just why?

So I work on the sales floor of my store and I was pulling out food section forward at around 10 @ night. I go through everything ok until I hit the dreaded cereal isle (one of everyone least favorite isles besides chips). So I pull everything forward and putting them back into their right spots when I notice that one of the stacks of cereals wasn’t going back correctly. I try to see it it was caught in something and then I see there’s something behind it. We’ve been finding a lot of bouncy balls on shelves so I thought ‘hey someone might have thrown it back there on accident’. Nbd to be honest until I start pulling the cereal off to get it. And what do I find but a diet Snapple bottle. A consumed bottle with a little liquid left which to me made it seem like they stole it and hid it but that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that there was stuff growing inside of it. The best part was that it was 20 ft from a trash ca

How he knew he loved you

A/N: 101 FOLLOWERS OH MY GOD I’m so happy you guys! Here’s another to celebrate! It’s old so it has josh and ang, who I only do if requested. For real if anyone has any preference requests let me know. Hope you guys enjoy!

Vinny: It was the day he came home exhausted and annoyed after recording. He was going to cancel after the long day he’d had, but by the time he got home you were already outside. Sensing he was in a bad mood you sad you could do whatever he wanted, and he decided to play the latest version of Halo. He needed to blow off stem, and he didn’t really care at the time that you didn’t know the game. After about an hour and several questions from you he had finally calmed down enough to realize you were probably tired of getting your ass kicked. You were, but you knew how happy the game made him so you smiled and insisted on continuing. He realized then just how happy you made him and how hard you tired at that. That was the moment he knew he’d never let you go. You played all night until you could actually hold your own and by the end of the night you were curled up in his lap. He didn’t tell you until later that week, but he knew that night that he loved you.

Josh: You’d been dating a little while now. He’d been texting you all day from the studio telling you he’d be over for dinner soon. But as recording ran longer and longer dinner soon turned to dessert and eventually all he could do was promise he’d come over when he was done. It was almost one by the time he reached your apartment, so he used the spare key he had since he assumed you’d be asleep by now. You had to be up early for your job, so you didn’t often stay up after midnight on a weeknight. He tip-toed towards your room planning on slipping into bed quietly when he saw you propped up on the couch with your head in your hands. You were clearly fighting sleep and snapped awake when he approached you. Smiling you wrapped your arms around him and tiredly nuzzled your head into his chest. You were so cute and sleepy he just melted into you and practically carried you to bed. You feel asleep in his arms immediately as he played with your hair, and when you woke up the next morning the first words you heard were “I love you.”

Devin: You always pouted about how he could do his make-up better than you, so one day he finally decided to teach you. He pulled you through the department store to get everything you needed, explaining what each item was as he grabbed them. You almost didn’t notice the older couple behind you, staring disdainfully at your boyfriend. He’d been feeling more feminine today and had dressed to match, and honestly he made a hotter girl than you. Devin of course had already noticed them, but he didn’t want to ruin your day by making a scene so he chose ignored them. You however were not so level-headed. When they didn’t go away of even avert their eyes you abruptly spun on your heels and proceeded to let lose a string of profanities that even surprised Devin. You then chased the couple through the store screaming about their close-mindedness and rudeness until mall security had to escort you off the premise. He loved that you had his back and that you were so unapologetic about it. As you stood in the mall parking lot frustrated and without the make-up you came for, you realized you probably could have been calmer about that and not have distorted your shopping trip. As you turned to apologize to your boyfriend he cuts you off with a kiss and tells you how much he loves you there in the parking lot.

Ryan: It was pretty recently after you two had started dating. You weren’t quite official yet but you both knew you wouldn’t date anyone else. You were waiting for Ryan by a bench in the park that you alway met at since it was roughly halfway between your apartments. You’d arrived earlier than you’d thought and Ryan had texted saying he was going to be late. You played on your phone for a while but you were getting antsy, so you turned up your music and started dancing in your seat. The park was almost empty and you didn’t really care if anyone saw you anyway. Pretty soon your favorite song came on and before you had fully realized it you were dancing around the park bench. After several songs Ryan finally arrived, and to this day watching you rock out in the middle of a quiet park is still one of his favorite memories of you. He yanked an earbud from your ear and put it in his own and the two of you spent the rest of the day goofing off and dancing together like weirdos. He wouldn’t tell you for a few months after that, but by the end of the day he was already in love with you.

Ricky: The two of you were having a lazy day. You’d spent the night before at his place and the two of you basically just decided you weren’t leaving. You made a snack while Ricky was laying on the couch with his nose in another book. It was an existential book about physics and theories of the universe, which you knew was one of his favorite topics. You plopped down next to him and casually asked what it was about. You weren’t really expecting an hour long rant about all the different theories and facts about the universe but you honestly weren’t that surprised. You actual loved hearing him talk and get all passionate about a topic. You could listen to him talk for hours. Eventually he stopped, realizing he’d probably been talking for too long. Before he could apologize for boring you, you challenged him with one of your own theories which sparked a debate that lasted hours. You ended up talking about everything, and by the end of it Ricky honestly thought he couldn’t love you more. Until the next day when you showed up with your own copy of the book, already finished and determined to continue your discussions.

Angelo: Ange was dead set on seeing the new Blair Witch movie. You were excited to go, and even though you scare easy you’d convinced yourself you’d be fine. For the first 20 minutes you were, until the second shit started getting real. Angelo was enjoying the movie until he felt you latch onto his arm. He didn’t mind though: he thought it was cute that you turned to him for protection. By the end of the movie you were practically in his lap. Later that night he could tell you were still antsy, especially after you screamed when his cat knocked over your purse. After you crawled into bed he pulled you close and stroked your hair until you started to calm down enough to go to sleep. He told you how he’d never let anything hurt you as long as he was alive. In that moment you looked so fragile and dependent on him he knew he meant it. He wanted to be the one to protect you, and before he knew it the words ‘I love you’ had fallen from his lips.

Chris: Chris had pretty much fallen for you the night you met. You were always unapologetically different and he loved that about you. He didn’t realize it at first but for him it was love at first sight. It wasn’t until a year into your relationship, long after you’d started say 'I love you’, that he realized just how much he loved you. The two of you had gotten into a fight: it wasn’t a huge one, but big enough that you both were fucking pissed. He threw some pillows on the couch, yelling that he didn’t want to see your face until morning. You screamed back, but as you turned to slam you bedroom door, you yelled “night love you!” As loud as you could. As the door slammed Chris stood there bewildered wondering who else but the girl from the cereal isle would end a fight with 'I love you’. Finally he went back into your room, thankful you didn’t lock the door, and asked why. Your anger somewhat waning you confessed that you’d never end a conversation, least of all a fight without saying it in case something happened to the other person. Chris practically melted realizing how caring and wonderful you were. He assured you that nothing would happen to either of you and that he’d be with you forever. And that was when he realized he wanted to marry you someday.

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why not tell us your sinful HC then we can build off them?

because im really fucking lazy

okayyy WELL i ship a lot of people so I’m just going to separate them into sections


  • Their relationship started as a fling during a late night in the office that snowballed into feelings and passing touches.  Their first night together was so aggressive and it was just to get out pent up frustration of some political strife that’s going on at least that’s what they told themselves. After that night Alex avoids Thomas at all cost, and whenever Alex and Thomas lock eyes they both blush and mumble some half ass excuse to leave. They never talk about it until four months later at an office party. Well talk is one way of phrasing it, more like Alex had five too many to drink and he pulls Thomas aside almost in tears because damn it it’s not fair he’s in love with him and he doesn’t love him back. Alex walks out of the party before Thomas can string together a response. Alex has to step into an alley after a minute of walking because he’s full blown sobbing now and he doesn’t want to be seen. “What’s not fair, is that you never gave me a chance to reply.” and Alex looks up to see Thomas standing there slightly out of breathe from running. Alex tells him to leave him alone, he’s rather not be made fun of. Thomas grabs his arm and pulls him into an embrace, and looks down at the smaller man. “Wouldn’t you like to know my answer?” and capture Alex’s lips in a delicate kiss. Wow and now the office is like sickeningly sweet,like they still fight a ton in like cabinet meetings but after its like constant cooing and loving gazes and everyone’s like ew please stop. The next time they have sex it’s still really passionate but they focus on each other’s needs, making sure the other is comfortable to keep going, making sure the other feels good. Alex likes to bite Thomas, and Thomas has this weird infatuation with Alex’s hair. Each day the couple walks in sporting new love marks and everyone internally groans because they could try and pretend they don’t fuck every night. Also both of them are really into voyeurism and-                                       honestly I’m going to make a separate post for these nerds


  • So the first time Laurens calls Alex ‘baby girl’ they are at the grocery store. They are standing in the cereal isle, “Do you want cocoa puffs, baby girl?” and Laurens doesn’t even realize what he has said until Alex replies with a strangled guttural noise. Laurens and Alex stare at each other for a very long time until Alex drags Laurens out of the store, leaving the groceries behind. I’m not saying the fuck in the back of Alex’s van, but they fuck in the back of Alex’s van.


  • So when Alex and Aaron start dating they don’t really go past making out. Alex wants to go father but Burr never seems to want to, and Alex doesn’t want to pressure him so he says nothing. One day Alex jokes about how vanilla Burr must be and something flashes in Burr’s eyes. “Quite the opposite, love.” and Alex is sputtering because, no way, no way Burr’s kinky. “Prove it” and oh jeez it just goes down hill from there. Next thing you know Alex is sitting on Burr’s bed while they establish a safe word and wow, where did Burr keep all those sex toys? After a night full of.. discoveries… Alex and Burr’s relationship has never been the same. And Alex has never been happier.


  • OKAY wow i got a lot on these nerds. Okay so obviously Herc gets turned on when Laf speaks french. At first Laf can’t understand why Herc gets upset when they speak with Alex in French. It’s not until they are both alone and Laf asks Herc a question in French, forgetting for a moment that he doesn’t speak French, and Herc is all flustered and is gripping the table. Laf is just ecstatic with his discovery and abuses his power over Herc, whispering French into Hercs ear, with one hand tracing small circles on his lower back, and the other on Herc’s arm. Herc can’t control himself and just pounces on Laf. French isn’t the only thing coming out of Lafs mouth that night. Also Laf has such a bad daddy kink and want’s Herc to call them fifille so bad but is too embarrassed to ask. Well one night Laf comes home after a wild night with lams and Herc is there sitting in the couch and is extremely angry because, wtf you weren’t picking up your phone and you didn’t tell me where you went. and laf is like “I’m sorry, daddy. Please don’t punish your fifille.” and passes out on the couch over Herc’s lap and Herc is just sitting there, shocked. Laf wakes up with a terrible headache and laying on the bed they shared with Herc. Herc walks in with coffee and advil, and while Laf sips his coffee mumbling their thank you, Herc mentions last night. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that babe, my phone died and Laurens ordered shots and-” “If you wanted to call me daddy you could have just asked.” and laf spits out their coffee. After several minutes of Laf choking and Herc rubbing their back, they fall into an awkward silence. Herc takes advantage of the silence and explains how last night they called him daddy and refereed to themselves as ‘fifille’ (which Herc had to look up on their phone) and how he’s up for it if Laf is okay with it. Needless to say, they don’t dont get much done that day.

Phillip Hamilton and Theo Burr wtf is their ship name guys (all these I’ve talked about with @theall-possiblegirl)

  • WOW I LOVE THEM OKAY. These loser are terrible a sneaking around, okay? Like their dads hate each other so they have to keep their relationship secret but god damn they are the worst. Like Theo moans so fucking loud all the time and ofc Phillip isn’t going to stop her because why would he ever muffle something so beautiful? Phillip is forgetful and clumsy so he’ll knock over a lamp after falling into Theo’s bedroom at 3 o’clock in the morning but he wont lock the door before they have sex. Cue getting walked in on constantly. Like poor Eliza and momma Theodosia because damn it these two make hiding the relationship so difficult (obvs the moms help the two sneak around). I feel like Phillip and Theo would be such gentle and giving lovers like they are always trying to put their lovers pleasure before theirs. Phillip goes down on Theo for hours, making sure Theo cums several times before she even touches him. Honestly i could talk about these nerds for hours because they are like the cutest couple ever okay?


  • These dumbasses. They both have ad a crush on the other for years, but have never told the other because that’s gay and they’re bros you know they are both frat boys irl i will fight everyone. So one night, after a couple fireballs, Angelica suggest that everyone plays spin the bottle. Madison not really for it because he really doesn’t want to see Jefferson makeout with another girl in front of him some more, but Jefferson is all for it and Madison can’t say no when Jefferson throws his arm over his shoulder like that. long story short Jefferson spins the bottle, it lands on Mads and Mads is all blushy and shit until Jefferson plops in his lap and starts making out with him. Madison can’t tell if he’s died and gone to heaven or hell, but he’s sure he’s dead because there is no way this is happening in real life. Well Angie tells them to break it up or take it to another room because she wants to continue with the game. When Jefferson pulls away Mads is really sad thinking Jefferson has come to his senses and is about to say how gross that was or something just as hurtful, but is surprised when Jefferson grabs his arm and pulls him into another room. They both wake up the next day with a throbbing headache, naked, and a vague idea what happened the night before. Mads is about to cry because he thinks Jefferson thinks he’s a freak (Jefferson is thinking the same thing) and tries to leave without waking up Jefferson he’s already awake fuckboi but Jefferson grabs his arm and asks him to stay. Cue really cute/awkward confessions and cuddles. Also Alex yelling at them when they come downstairs because he couldn’t sleep all night because they were fucking too loud.

So that took me forever to type. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, anon, I’ve never really typed out my HC this way before. Sorry it’s so long, i just have a lot to say about things. I also didn’t add everything; i might do that in alater post. Mullete and Jeffmads HC are both inspired by the wonderful @lafyettes go check out their blog, they are amazing and my highkey my tumblr crush

When did we get a kid?

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Pairing: SamxReader
Word Count: 1,370
Warnings: None
A/N: I’ve only done one AU before, and that was a few years back. 

Walking in your apartment door, you tossed your keys onto the little end table. “Hey, Sammy?” You called. Hearing laughter, you assumed he was watching something on TV. Shaking your head, you moved to the kitchen. Setting down the bag of groceries, you froze. You heard the laughter again, but that was far too life like to be on television. Abandoning your task of putting food away, you followed the sound down the hall. Stopping right at your room mate’s door.

You opened Sam’s door and blinked. There, on the floor, was Sam. He was currently being tackled by a little boy that couldn’t be older than three. “Hey, Y/N. I didn’t hear you get home.” He said before laughing again.

“Yeah. Um. When did we get a kid?” You asked, pointing to the little boy. Finally, the kid looked up at you and smiled. “I told you not to get a dog, so you went out and got a human?” You teased him. The apartment complex wouldn’t let you have pets, but that didn’t stop him from trying to convince you to get one in secret.

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               grocery day, a day narissa archer went to the nearest grocery store to stock up her pantry for the month. living alone of course meant having to make her own decisions on food brands and even if it was a small matter, she still felt extremely independent and that scares her shitless. pushing her trolley through the isle of cereal, she thought to herself how long it’s been since she moved out of her parent’s house. almost four years ago, she sighed. prior to graduating, she decided to move out immediately, much to her mother’s dismay. her mother kept telling her to wait a few months, settle down for college first. nah, narissa knew she wanted to dive head first into the waters of life. and she did.

               caught in her thoughts, her trolley bumped into another person’s trolley which took her out of her trance. “fuck, i am so sorry, i should have looked where i was go— no way,” her jaw dropped slightly before turning into a grin.

Post Breakup

prompts from this post


You weren’t sure how to feel, opening your door to reveal Ashton standing there in front of you. He looked the same he always did, better perhaps. His smile still made your heart flutter, despite the fact you’d broken up only a month ago.

“Hey.” He grins, hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie. “How’re you?”

“Okay…you?” You ask, unable to resist the small smile tugging at your lips. His smile had always been infectious.

“I’m good. Well…I’m alright…well actually…” He takes a deep breath, smile falling as he looks at you hopefully. “So like, I know we broke up and stuff but funny story. I haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me to Lauren’s birthday thing tonight and I can’t break my great grandmas’s heart like that-”


“She’ll probably have a heart attack, wait what?”

“Yes.” You smile, ignoring the butterflies that erupt when he beams at you. “I’ll come with you.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course, I can’t beak your great grandma’s heart, she’s so sweet. It would just be cruel.” Ashton’s smile somehow widens, and you ignore the voice in your head saying this was a bad idea. “Do you want to come in and wait while I get ready?”

“Holy shit I love you…” He breathes, taking a step forward before he freezes in shock and his mouth falls open. “Wait-”

“Just go sit down Ash.” You smile, turning around and heading for your bedroom.

An hour and a half later, and the two of you are entering Ashton’s mother’s house. Ashton held the present in his hand whilst you held the card, something the two of you had had to stop and pick up on the way so you could sign it together. Lauren grinned at you as you entered, giving you both a hug before you made your way into the living room, only to be greeted by a chorus of cheers from Ashton’s family members.

“Y/N dear!” His great grandmother called after greeting him, a smile wide on her face that so resembled Ashton’s. “How lovely to see you!”

“And you Pearl.” You smiled warmly at her, Ashton taking the seat beside you as the three of you settled on the sofa. “How have you been?”

“I’ve told you so many times, call me Gran sweetheart.” She sighs, tapping her hand on your knee. Ashton’s arm falls around your shoulders and you leant back against him slightly, the movement so routine neither of you realised what you had done. “And I’ve been excellent. You know these new vitamins have given me a whole new lease of life. I might make it to yours and Ashton’s wedding at this rate.”

“Gran.” Ashton warned, both of you tensing as his arm fell from your shoulders.

“Just a comment Ashton darling, no need to take it so seriously. Although, it is about time you get a ring on her finger, she won’t wait around forever you know-”

“Gran! Come see this!” Her words are cut off by Ashton’s young cousin, and the two of you take a moment before he goes to find you a drink.

He doesn’t bring it up until your parked outside your apartment again, an awkward silence over the two of you as you reflect on the evening. There had been so many moments where the two of you had fallen back into old habits, that it was almost as if you’d never broken up.
“Thank you. For doing that.” Ashton mumbled, both of you turning in your seats to face each other. “You didn’t have to.”

“I didn’t mind. I love your family, it was no problem.” You assure him, a small smile tugging at both of your lips. “It was fun actually., and we saved your great grandmother’s heart.”

“For now, yeah.” He nods, his smile falling again. “I’ll tell them soon, that we’ve…you know…”

“Yeah.” You nod, eyes falling to your knees. “Yeah, of course.”

“I don’t want to though.” His confession causes your eyes to dart back up, his own locked on your face. “I meant it earlier, I love you. Tonight, it felt so normal, it felt right. I don’t want to tell them we’ve broken up because I don’t want to be broken up. Please Baby, can’t we sort something?”

You finally smile at him again, a grin overtaking Ashton’s own features as you lean across, brushing your lips against his gently.

“You want to come in?”


To say you were mad at Michael was an understatement.

You pulled up beside the club, slamming your car door as you got out. You stormed across the street to wear you could see your ex boyfriend chatting happily to a bouncer, them much larger man seemingly unimpressed. You didn’t care about your appearance, mainly due to the time, wearing nothing but a pair of pyjama shorts and an old sweatshirt, your hair pulled messily up on your head.

“Y/N!” Michael’s shout rings out when he sees you, but he quickly cowers behind the bouncer when your glare at him. “Uh oh.”

“Yeah. Uh oh.” You growl, glaring at him before spinning to face the very tall, very wide bald man Michael was hiding behind. “I’m sorry about him, was it your phone that called me?”

“Yeah. I was going to ring a cab for him before he said he knew his girlfriend’s number by heart.”

Ex girlfriend.” You emphasise the point, glaring back at Michael. “Car. Now.”

He nods meekly before scurrying behind you as you stalk back to the car. You slam your door again as you slide into your seat, Michael falling into the passenger seat with a sigh. Once he’s clumsily done his belt, you pull out of the lot, not bothering to look at him.

“Can I play some music?”

“No.” You snap, seeing him pout from the corner of your eye. “Why did you have to use his phone? Where the fuck is yours?”

“In the flat, forgot it.”

“Of course you did.” You sigh, before the words of the bouncer swim through your mind. “How did you remember my number?”

“I still have it memorised even though we…you know…split.” He mumbles, and you try not to think about how even though it’s been six months, he still knows your number.


You drive in silence from then, neither of you saying anything. Michael looks out of the window as you drive and you don’t think you want to know what he’s thinking about. It isn’t until you’re pulled up outside of his building either of you speak.

“You’re gonna be ok getting in right?” You ask, looking at him worriedly. “You’ve got your keys?”

“Yup, right here.” He grins triumphantly, pulling them from his pocket as if they were a trophy. He leans across the car to plant a sloppy kiss on your cheek before you realise what he’s doing. “Thanks Princess.”

And then he’s gone, climbing out and walking away as if it hadn’t happened. You go back to being mad, driving home with a scowl still on your face.

It isn’t until the next afternoon when you hear from him again, his contact photo filling your screen as you answer with a sigh.

“What Michael?” You ask, the annoyance still laced in your voice.

“Okay, so I know you’re pissed that you had to pick my drunk ass up from a dingy club at three am, but you have to admit, remembering your number after six shouts of bourbon was impressive.”

You lips twitch up at his words, and you hate that he’s almost right.

“If we were still together, I would might be more impressed.” You tell him, picking at a loose thread in your jeans. “However as we aren’t, I didn’t appreciate the call.”

“But that’s why you should be impressed. I mean, it’s been six months and I still know it.” You can hear the smirk in his voice, and you roll your eyes. “Besides, I’m calling now to say I’m sorry and beg for your forgiveness.”

“Good, because I’m really pissed Mikey.” You reply, unable to stop the nickname falling from your lips. “Why do you remember my number anyway?”

“I was dialling it every day for three and a half years, I wasn’t just going to forget it because we broke up after that stupid fight.”

His words make both of you fall silent again, and the tension that was around you last night seeps back. You hear him sigh, and you can picture him scratching the back of his neck as he thought.

“Can I come over?”

“Yes.” You reply before you even think, and you can’t help the grin that breaks out onto your face. “But I’m still pissed at you calling me this morning.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” You can hear the smile in his voice. “I promise.”


“Need some help?”

You freeze in the middle of the isle, arm still stretched as you attempted to reach a box of cereal from the shelf. Slowly, you retract your arm, spinning around to face Luke for the first time since you’d broken up.

“Please.” You nod, smiling as he chuckles and grabs the box for you, fingers brushing yours as he hands it over. “Thank you.”

“S’ok.” He shrugs, hands shoving into his pockets as he smiles warmly at you. “How are you?”

“I’m…good…yeah, I’m good.” You nod, Luke smirking at you. “You?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He nods, mimicking your words. His eyes scan your body and he cocks an eyebrow, and you suddenly realise what you’re wearing. “Nice sweatshirt.”

Your own eyes fall to the item of clothing in question. Luke’s Sike sweatshirt fell down to your thighs, the sleeves covering the palms of your hands. Your eyes dart back up to meet his as he waits patiently for you to respond.

“Okay I know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy, okay?” You sigh, Luke grinning with amusement. “You can have it back, if you want.”

“You’re just gonna strip and hand it to me right here in the middle of the cereal isle?”


“Relax Y/N.” He smiles, this one a lot more comforting than the others. “It’s just me.”

Exactly. It’s just you, Luke fucking Hemmings.” You don’t mean to start rambling, but once you do you can’t stop. “You’re the love of my life Luke. Did you know that? Did you know that walking away from you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do? I know we both agreed that breaking up was the best thing for us, but fuck it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. I wasn’t supposed to miss you every day, I wasn’t supposed to want to see you all the time despite the fact you aren’t my boyfriend any more. I was supposed to move on with my life, find someone else and start again. But I can’t because you’re everywhere. You’re in my head and you’re at the park and you’re at the coffee shop down the street and as if that wasn’t enough, your face is on practically every magazine and your songs are always on the radio and it’s really fucking hard because how am I supposed to keep on living when my soul mate doesn’t want to be my soul mate. And I totally do not still wear this sweatshirt all the time because it still smells like you and is the only thing that feels anything remotely close to home since I moved out. Absolutely not.”

You take a deep breath as you finish, before your eyes blow wide at everything you’ve just said. Your hand covers your face as you groan, not even wanting to look at Luke after your outburst. It isn’t until his fingers gently wrap around your wrist and tug it away that your eyes find his face, and you find that he’s smiling at you. He’s smiling at you and it isn’t the smirk or the amused smiled he’d given you earlier. It’s the smile full of teeth and twinkly eyes that Michael had once told you Luke reserved for you and you alone.

“Finished your little speech?” He asks, and you nod timidly, Luke lacing his fingers with yours as he continues to grin. “Okay, good. Well, before, I was just going to tell you it looked better on you and you could keep it, but I’ve changed my mind.”

“You’ve changed your-“

“You’re going to move back home.” He tells you, and he looks so determined despite the fact he’s still smiling you daren’t disturb him. “You’re going to finish this shopping then go back to Freya’s flat, because I know that’s where you’ve been crashing, and you’re going to grab your stuff and come back home. Because honestly Y/N, I’ve been an absolute wreck these past five months and the fact that you’re still in love with me is the best thing I’ve heard all year. I’m so completely and totally irrevocably in love with you that it hurts. So you and the sweatshirt need to come back home. For good.”

You smash your lips to his, the box of cereal still clutched in one hand, the other gripping his. He smiles against your lips as you pull away, forehead pressed to yours. You giggle, kissing him once more before pulling away completely.

“Let’s go home Lu.” You tell him, his smile somehow widening.

“Lead the way Pretty Girl.”


The sun had finally made an appearance after days after days of rain, and you’d practically leapt at the chance to take your dog, Gordo, for a walk without getting soaked in the first ten seconds. Putting one earbud in so you could half listen to music, the two of you made your way to the park, both excited to have a peaceful walk around the perimeter.

Unfortunately, Gordo had other plans.

The black Labrador nearly dislocated your shoulder as he tried to drag you directly across the centre of the large space. You groaned, trying and failing to keep him on the dirt path that followed the trees. Giving up, you allowed him to pull you to the opposite side of the park to where you entered. That is, until you notice what it is he’d leading you to. Or, more specifically, who.

Subtly, you attempted to pull him back, hissing his name as you tried to avoid Calum desperately. You silently thanked your lucky stars that his attention was on his phone, and kept trying to divert Gordo to basically anywhere else. You apparently underestimated your dog’s strength, when he suddenly yanked his leash from your grip and bolted towards your ex boyfriend.

“For fucks sake.” You groan, trailing slowly behind as Gordo reaches Calum, whose eyes grow wide at the sight of the dog bounding towards him. It isn’t hard to notice the realisation that dawns on him seconds before Gordo reaches him

“Hey buddy. Hey.” Calum laughs, dropping to his knees to play with the three year old dog. You sighed as you got closer. Your relationship with Calum had begun mere months after you’d first gotten Gordo, the Labrador getting just as attached to the Maori boy as you. You think his heat broke just as much after the break up. “Yeah I’ve missed you too!”

“Calum.” Your voice is strained as you come to a stop in front of them, his attention momentarily shifting from Gordo to you, his dark eyes wide.

“Y/N.” He nods, before grinning back at the dog. “I know buddy. I know.”

Calum stands then, passing you Gordo’s lead silently. Gordo nudges Calum’s hand, Calum grinning down at him as he continues to pat his head. You stand in silence, watching the exchange with an emotionless expression.

“Well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other I was screaming at you that I never wanted to talk to you again.” You sigh, Calum finally looking back at you, his hand still on Gordo’s head. “But my dog saw recognised you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because he misses you…so Hi.”

“Hey.” He nods again, but the corner of his lip twitches up. “Gordo always was just as stubborn as you.”

“I resent that. I think he got that from you, the amount of time you spent together.” You mutter, Calum rolling his eyes.

“That we spent together.” He corrects, and you don’t miss the hurt in his voice.

“Well, yeah, right. That we spent together.” You agree, Calum’s smile falling as he sighs. “What?”

“I know you hate me, but you could at least be civil.”

“I am being civil.”

“Y/N we are only having this conversation because your dog dragged you over here. Your dog.”

“Well I am sorry for not wanting to discuss shitty things such as the weather and your plans for Christmas when you broke my heart.”

“For the one hundredth time, I didn’t cheat on you!” He groans, his free hand running through his hair. “Why can’t you believe me?”

“I do believe you!”

“Nothing happened…wait what?” He asks, eyes blown wide.

“I do believe you.” You repeat, your voice quiet. “I always believed you. I was just mad that the rest of the world didn’t believe you and you weren’t doing much to change that.”

“But you said I broke your heart.”

“Because you left Calum.”

“You told me to!”

“Well I didn’t mean it!” You tell him. “I didn’t. And I’ve spent every day wishing I hadn’t said it because I should have known you would have left if I asked, because you did everything for me.”

“Because I loved you.” He admits. “Still do. You’re not the only one who got their heart broken.”

“Yeah well I knew that. Gordo hasn’t been the same.” You mumble, Calum’s chuckle making you smile. “I still love you too you know.”

“I’d guessed.” He nods, grinning. “If you didn’t you’d have snatched the lead and stormed off. Instead, you spoke to me.”

“God you know me so well.” You groan, making him laugh. “Well, at least Gordo’s looking out for me.”

“I’d like to again, if you’ll let me.”

breakup!5sos night with @felicityash

Purple Plastic Spoon

WC: 710

Genre: Fluff

TW: Nada

Inspired by a cute conversation I heard between a father and son at the grocery store earlier.



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They lose their 3 year old in the store (INFINITE)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/O/S/N: your other son’s name

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Sunggyu: -he was more scared than mad when he lost your daughter. She wanted to go see the toys in the store and walked away when he was on the phone with you. He hung up on you and went to look for her. He went straight to the toys and didn’t find her. But he soon found her in the cereal isle looking at all the boxes with prizes in them- “I just spent the last 5 minutes looking for you. And you were an isle down from were we were. I hung up on your mother for no reason. Do you realize how much trouble I WILL be in for losing you and hanging up on her, Y/D/N?” 

Dongwoo: -he had to go chase down one of your twin sons and took the other with him. So when he found Y/S/N he let go of Y/O/S/N’s hand for a minute so he could lecture Y/S/N/ And when he turned around to grab Y/O/S/N’s hand he was gone. And he was getting slightly mad. But he knew he had to go find the other one- “you guys can’t do this to me! I should have brought your leash backpacks but you promised you wouldn’t wander off. Why?!”

Woohyun: -your son was smart and left when you two weren’t looking. You were trying to calm your infant daughter and when he turned to check on your son he wasn’t there anymore. You were angry and Woohyun came back with your son and a stuffed animal which Y/S/N passed to his baby sister. Who stopped crying right away- “see nothing to be angry about. No more tears. No more problems”

Hoya: -it wasn’t the first time he had lost your toddler in the store. But this was new even for him. He’d lost the boy when he was standing behind him before, in a clothing rack, and once when they were the only two in a two stall bathroom. But this time your son didn’t venture far off. Y/S/N was sleepy and Howon wouldn’t put him in the cart so he improvised. When Howon found him he was sleeping on a model bed nicely tucked under the covers snoring slightly.- “this boy is going to kill me. He could have stayed home with his mother but no he just had to come with me”

Sungyeol: -your daughter usually didn’t walk off. But when you weren’t able to go to the store so he was left incharge of her and your sons. He had to put her baby brother in the cart and tried to keep him there. While your older son told him he was going to go look at the games but he didn’t realize he said he was taking Y/D/N with him. He panicked and had a worker announce that he was looking for her. And soon Y/S/N came walking back with her and a confused look. Explaining that he said he was taking her with him- “Your mother will never let me live this down. She shouldn’t let me take you three in public when it’s only me”

Myungsoo: -he lost your son while you guys were at the mall. So there was so many places he could be. But the only place he didn’t check was the bathroom where he had been asking to go to for the past 10 minutes while you and Myungsoo were in search for things for a new nursery. So when he rushed back to you he was being lectured about listening- “You know what you were with us as well and you didn’t hear him either so. At least he came back after he went”

Sungjong: -it was a pet store and your daughter was looking for the puppies. He brought her in there because you said the fish needed new food so he brought her to the isle with him. When he turned to find her she was gone. He was scared slightly but soon found her in the pen with the puppies- “we’ll just tell mommy the puppy came with the food. Ok?”

Request: The reader and Castiel go to the store together and people assume that they're dating and call them cute c:

It was your turn to go to the store, so you jumped in the car and went to the nearest market. You were halfway there when you heard, “Hello.” and practically jumped out of your skin. 

“Jesus.” You said once you calmed down, “Cas, you have to stop that!”

“Sorry. What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m going to the store.” You told him. 

“May I come?” He asked.

“Sure, it’s kinda boring though.” You warned him. He just nodded and looked out the window. 

You found a great parking spot right out front and got out of the car. Castiel followed your lead, actually using the car door, and stood beside you. He walked behind you into the store. 

“Grab me a cart?” You asked.

He looked to the stack and picked one up. Like, he literally picked it up and proceeded to hand it to you. You burst out laughing and quickly said, “No! Not like that. Put it down.” Castiel did what you said with a confused look on his face. “There are wheels on it, you can just push it around.” He looked down at the cart. “Goodness, you’re difficult!” You exclaimed. You grabbed his hand and put it on the cart. Then, you stood behind him and pushed it, showing him how simple it was. 

Castiel quickly got the hang of it, and you peeled away from him. You noticed the people around you smiling and staring in your direction. An old lady walked near you and said, “You’re very cute together.” Then kept walking. 

“Thank you.” Castiel said after her, not understanding the lady’s implication. You smiled at Cas. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a sweet spot for him. He was an amazingly good person, a great fighter, and just look at him! Looking like an angel doesn’t even come close to describing him! 

You grabbed his arm and pulled him in the right direction. First, you needed cereal. You checked the isle for your favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You barely looked before Castiel grabbed the right box. You hadn’t even told him you liked it. “How did you know?" 

"You eat it every morning.” He informed you, and you beamed at him. “What else do we need?”

“Lunch meat.” You told him. He followed you to the deli line, and you let him grab the number. 

You got number 79, but they were only on 74, it’d be a wait. You impatiently watched as some lady asked question after question about the different kinds of cheese, when Castiel tapped your arm. You looked at him and he handed you a piece of chocolate. 

“Where did you get this?” You asked, hoping he didn’t accidentally steal something. 

“That woman over there.” He told you, pointing to a lady handing out free samples. “She told me to give this to you.”


“She said that men usually give chocolate to their girlfriends.” He explained. 

“I’m your girlfriend?” You asked.

“You are female and my friend, so yes.” Castiel said.

You chuckled and took a bite of the chocolate. There was caramel in the middle, yum! “Oh, Cas, you need to try this!” You held the chocolate to him, and he ate it straight from your hand. You laughed and watched his expression. 

“What’s in it?”

“Caramel. Do you like it?" 

"Yes.” He answered, looking back to the woman. “Can I get some?" 

"Sure!” You watched as he went back to the lady and took a box. She said something to Cas, glancing at you and smiling. He nodded and came back, placing the box in the cart.

“What did she say?” You asked him, curious.

“She said that we were very cute together.” He answered. 

You were about to say something about that not being a normal adjective to describe friends, but your number was called, so you dropped it. You kind of liked being mistaken for a couple. 

You got the meat and headed towards the freezer section. You desperately needed ice cream. You stared at the selection of Ben and Jerrys, unable to choose. 

“What are you looking at?” Castiel asked, moving behind you, trying to see something he missed. 

“There are so many flavors! I don’t know what to get!” You explained. 

“You like chocolate.” Castiel told you. 

“I know, but there’s chocolate ice cream with stuff in it. I just don’t know if I want Brownie or chocolate crunches.” You said. 

Castiel nodded, then reached around you, not moving from behind you. He opened the door, and grabbed both ice creams, and placed them in the cart. “I don’t need both." 

"But you like them. You should get what makes you happy.” Castiel argued, closing the door.

You shook your head, smiling. “Alright, but you have to try some." 

"Okay.” He said, pushing the cart. You were aware of people smiling in your direction. 

You and Castiel loaded the groceries onto the conveyor belt. You were standing super close to Cas. There wasn’t a lot of room between the conveyor belt and the snack stand, and the people behind you didn’t understand proper market manners, and had their shopping cart right behind you. Castiel didn’t act any differently, he didn’t understand personal space anyways.

You were growing more and more impatient, just wanting to get home. Castiel sensed your anxiousness and placed an arm on your shoulder. You leaned towards him, enjoying his comfort. He surprised you by wrapping an arm completely around your shoulder, and pulling you closer to him.

“Aw, I remember when we were like that.” The woman next to you whispered to her husband. You smiled at her, but didn’t say anything. The cashier finally started ringing up your items.

You quickly paid and left the market, going to your car. You popped the trunk and put the items in. Castiel came up beside you and started helping. Then he turned around and ran the cart back to the little cart area, and simply poofed back to the passenger seat.

When you made it back to the bunker Castiel simply teleported all your items into the kitchen, saving your from taking multiple trips. Dean came in and started putting everything away.

“How did you like shopping?” Dean asked him.

“It was fun.” Castiel replied.

“Did you learn anything new today?” Dean asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes, Y/N and I are very cute together.” Castiel stated.

Dean stopped and looked at him, then you. “People kept calling us cute. They thought we were a couple.” You explained.

“Ah.” Dean said, nodding his head, a smile spreading over his lips. “Well, you two are very cute together. Cas, you should take Y/N out!”

You stared daggers at Dean, but Cas said, “We were just out. Should we go back to the store?”

“No, Cas. Take her out to dinner. Like a date. It’s what people do when they have feelings for each other.” Dean explained.

“I’m right here, you know!” You exclaimed.

“Cas,” Dean started, ignoring you. “You like Y/N, don’t you?”

“Of course.” Castiel replied.

“What exactly do you think of her?”

“She’s wonderful. She’s smart, humorous, and very beautiful.” Castiel stated like it was nothing.

“Then ask her out.” Dean suggested.

Castiel nodded and said, “Y/N, will you go out with me?”

“Yes, I’d love to.” You replied, smiling and blushing. It was nice to know that Cas felt the same way.

“Aw, you two are so cute together.” Dean teased, putting the groceries away.

(I hope you like it!) 

anonymous asked:

How about Rfa+V and a very shy, smol, and bashful mc

Ooh this sounds so cute! Thank you!



  • honestly you two are the most pure and awkwardly-adorable couple in the world
  • like nobody knows how you two possibly get through the day 
  • you two have such equal naiveness and clumsiness
  • you’re just so sweet and cute??
  • seven almost feels bad to prank you two when you’re both so gullible
  • “Yoosung, maybe he’s telling the truth. I mean they might have…um possibly, thrown it away in the dumpster behind the game store…right?”
  • “Hmm… yeah MC. Maybe there really is a special edition LOLOL pack in the dumpster…!”
  • almost
  • when you first start dating-
  • you both are so awkward and cute  it almost hurts to watch
  • a blushing and embarassed mumbling mess when you accidently brush against each other or when you hold hands anytime (awww =>u<=)
  • “You guys are grossly cute. I almost want to throw up.” -707 everytime
  • yoosung thinks it’s even more wonderful that you’re shorter than him
  • it makes him feel more “manly”   lmao this puppy-boi
  • like you guys are so cutesy when you wear matching outfits and go for ice cream dates just because you’re feeling like it
  • this blonde gets so giddy when you give him hugs and cheek kisses
  • and he gets so flustered when he tries to kiss you though XD
  • the few times when you’re both completely at ease and comfortable with each other enough to get cuddly are when you’re both playing video games   typical


  • “so cute” 
  • that is literally 75% of what comes to his mind when he looks at you
  • you’re soooo small next to him 
  • and when you’re being extremely shy and just a blushing little person
  • it does funny things to his heart 
  • and especially when you’re surprised at something- he can’t help but start to chuckle at your quizzical expression every time 
  • he really loves to give your surprises kisses and randomly say “I love you”  ALL. THE. TIME. 
  • however, when you turn the tables on him and reciprocate his antics- he becomes so quiet and red  (blushy zen >w<)
  • zenny is just super cheesy, so he goes all out with the shabang
  • buying you flowers and other little gifts, romantic gestures, and just constantly proclaiming his love for you in the most movie-dramatic way
  • like even when you’re in the cereal isle while shopping 
  • everyone stares
  • but he’s such a gentleman to you
  • never does or says anything that would make you uncomfortable (except maybe announcing to the world how much he adores you in the middle of grocery shopping) 
  • he teases you about how tiny you are sometimes and just loves to hold your delicate hand in his on walks 
  • whenever practicing lines, he saves all the lovey-dovey parts for when you’re helping him just so he can make you blush and to give you kisses
  • never hesitates to call you beautiful (your reactions are his favorite) 


  • you are just so adorkable
  • yes, you’re her adorable dork 
  • first of all, she loves your size since she’s always been the shorter person 
  • like hugging you and getting to place her chin on top of your head~ she loves it 
  • her favorite petname for you: mini-muffin
  • shopping for you is also really fun- outfits in your size always look so cute 
  • “MC, how about this?” 
  • “Jaehee! That is so not casual. Did you get that from the kids’ section?? We’re not going to disneyland for crying out loud!”
  • she especially loves it when you wear big sweaters
  • because WARM HUGS 
  • sometimes when you’re embarassed and stutter, she tries not to giggle- you just look too cute
  • your laugh is her favorite sound- soo loud coming from such a tiny person
  • and the fact that you’re such a fangirl over many different shows, movies and books- means you get excited so easily 
  • she once bought matching t-shirts for one of zen’s musicals, which was an adaption of one of your favorite books, and your giddy squeal was quite something
  • baehee really loves it when you get talkative and excited over something you love, more so when it’s something you both enjoy- your affectionate brightness makes her day 


  • he finds you endearing 
  • you being smol and so bashful 
  • it makes this toll bean smile too much 
  • he loves how tiny you are 
  • so easy to fold you into his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • and you being so shy and a blushing mess when he’s being affectionate in public or private- makes him only want to protect you more 
  • holds your hand everywhere 
  • like your smallness just makes him want to hug you forever when you cuddle 
  • calls you his “little kitten” 
  • and when you’re trying to reach for things, he has no problem lifting your light figure up or just getting it himself 
  • he’s a giant next to you gdi
  • you remind him awfully like a doll 
  • particularly when you wear cutesy dresses and do your hair all nice for dinners
  • you’re so awkward sometimes and just so shy- it makes him chuckle in good humor
  • he of course always asks for your consent when touching you- he would never force you to do anything 
  • gentle kisses after being 100% sure you allow it
  • but when you surprise him by being bold
  • “Jumin you’re so cute!” and give him a deep kiss
  • he becomes the blushing mess so fast 
  • nothing makes him melt like the sight of you curled up with Elizabeth 3rd and playing together 
  • just soooo cute
  • your giggles are just also extremely adorable and contagious  (giggling jumin imagine >w<) 
  • sometimes, he just stares at you and realizes how happy you make him


  • he considers you a fun-size human being
  • “MC, I bet you can fit inside a honey buddha chip bag.” 
  • “How’s the view from below? Is the grass growing too fast for you?”
  • “Oh you can’t reach that? Here let me get it for you…” and instead of handing it over, he makes you jump and climb up to take it from his overstretched hand above you
  • *ensue wrestling and a game of chase*
  • you two are ultimate prankers thanks to your amazing ability to hide ANYWHERE
  • finding crazy places for you to jump scare the RFA is a game you two take very seriously 
  • “hey, MC, do you think you can hide in the air vents?”
  • he tries to convince you to pass off as a kid to get special discounts at restaurants and arcades because you’re short enough (he will legit dress up as a mom to pull it off)
  • also
  • 24/7 hugs 
  • because engulfing you in his ol’ big jacket is so warm??
  • he just loves how easy it is to pick you up and carry you around too
  • sometimes he jokingly calls you his “koala baby”
  • because sometimes you can be so clingy 
  • like during long hours of working, he just gathers you in his lap and types away with you all curled up against him  (*can somebody draw this for me please??)
  • and it helps that he can easily carry you around the house whenever- even when he’s going to the kitchen to grab some drinks from the fridge
  • your cute laugh is contagious, but also your blushing??
  • like you look too adorable when your face is red- so it does crazy things to his heart and his thoughts??? 
  • so yeah hair and face are the same shade in an instant!
  • he becomes such a tomato boy too whenever praised with a kiss
  • and he hides his laugh when he sees that focused face you make when you’re confused on something- where your eyebrows knit together and you pout your lips 
  • he purposely messes with you (when does he not?)- you’re just so gullible sometimes 
  • “Yes, MC, i’m color blind. My hair is green to me, while everyone says I’m a red-head. And so that’s why I don’t eat vegetables, since I can’t really tell what’s what.” 
  • but again, he becomes a stammering pepper-head boy the instant you decided to surprise him with a *ahem* naughty phrase 
  • what he loves to do the most is just classic cuddling on the couch while watching movies-
  • like just keeping you close and giving all his attention and focus to the most precious person in his life 


  • your small frame reminds him of lovely small flowers
  • in fact, one of his favorite names to call you is “little flower”
  • he can’t see how short you are, but he sure can feel the height different
  • sometimes he’ll accidently take the hand of a random kid at the park, thinking it was you (so many apologies to parents before they could call the police)
  • as implied, he just needs to hold your hand- and like jumin, everywhere but also ANYTIME 
  • whether you’re out for a walk, doing an errand, chilling on the couch, in bed, even when you’re cooking together or you’re on the phone
  • it’s just if you’re within reach- he’ll have your hand in his 
  • and sometimes, he’ll just pull you into his arms and hold you just to feel you close
  • you also fit perfectly in his arms??
  • soooo many cuddles
  • touching you is one of his only ways to assure himself of you being there
  • so yeah, constant hugs and again, hand-holding
  • he’s so tender and gentle with you, and anytime he compliments you-
  • you get so blushy and shy- and even though he can’t really see your reddening face he can tell from your actions
  • the way you shyly giggle or stutter a bit, pull a bit on his hand, and reach up to tuck your hair back 
  • honestly, he starts to blush himself  (this sweet teal boy ^u^✿)
  • being unable to see, his heigh isn’t much help when you’re having trouble reaching something
  • “V, uh no that’s not it. Careful…to the right a bit, it’s the thick- CAREFUL!”
  • you’re so smol that he kinda has to lean down to kiss you
  • but he has no problem dropping them on the top of your head
  • one of his favorite things about you is your voice
  • just so sweet and soft to his ears- your laughs, excited chatter and whenever you ask questions  
  • or when you’re being loud about something that’s frustrating- it helps that you can be loud at times so he can find you 
  • if you’re mad or having a bad day, he can tell right away by your tone
  • so he’ll just swoop in, tuck you under his arm and carry you to sit somewhere and talk it out 
  • when you two go out on your relaxing photography dates while walking through woods, 
  • you help him angle the camera and steady his hands
  • you’re like his human tripod
  • and when you lie down in the grass for a break, you leaning against him, he’ll just start braiding flowers into your hair 
  • loves, loves being able to hold you
  • and it kinda makes him sad that he can’t admire you with his eyes 
  • he starts wondering how lovely his little flower is if only…

Warnings: None

Imagine For: Dean

Description: You’re doing some grocery shopping when your entire world is flipped upside down by one Dean Winchester

Comments: ————

The wheels of your cart squeaked as you rolled it around the corner, heading down the cereal isle of your local 24/7 grocery store. It had been 11PM when you were sitting at home, wishing you had a handful of Goldfish crackers and some peanut butter toast, so you decided to top up your kitchen since you had nothing better to do.

Humming to yourself, you passed a handsome man who was talking rather loudly on his cell phone. You couldn’t help but over hear.

“Look Sammy, I know what the myth says, but dad proved- fine. Try the silver. But I’m telling you, now a days, irons really doin it… Don’t give me that!”

You kept on rolling down the isle until you found the breakfast cereal you were searching for. Unfortunately, it was on one of the very top shelves. Stretching up onto your very tip-toes, you reached up your arm, you other hand grip onto a lower shelve for stability. You were so close, your fingers brushing the side of the box, and tragically just pushing it even further onto the shelf.

“Dammit…” You muttered under your breath. Out of no where, a hand appeared, grabbing the box and pulling it down. Taking the box, you looked up into the green eyes of the man who was on the phone. He was even hotter up close.

Scared he heard your thoughts, you stuttered out, “T-thanks… I’ve never been on the taller side…”

You put the box in your cart, turning away from him thinking that was the end of your conversation. But you watched as he walked a little faster then you, then stepped in front of your cart and spun around to look at you.

“Bet that happens a lot…” He grinned, reaching out his hand, “I’m Dean.”

“Y/N.” You said, gripping his hand.

He winked, “Cute name. Suits you.”

You blushed and looked down. You weren’t used to being approached by people like him when you were doing something as simple as buying cereal. It was weird, to be honest.

“Well, Y/N. How about you give me your number, and I’ll let you continue on your way.”

He couldn’t be serious. This was so straight forward! The only thing you knew about him was his name, and it’s very possible that he was lying about that!

“Uh…” You stammered. He seemed to take your hesitation as just shyness, so he went into his pocket and took at a permanent marker.

“Oh, by the way, your shoes untied.” Looking down, you saw he was right, so you leaned over to tie it up. You half expected him to be gone when you stood straight again, but he was still there, holding out his marker to give to you, and spreading out his other hand for you to write on.

You didn’t know what to do, you weren’t sure if you should give him your real number or a fake one. He seemed nice, but you can never really be sure. Panicking, you just started writing. When you were done, you pressed the closed Sharpie into his palm, then pushed your groceries past him.
You were eager to get away from him before he realized that you simply wrote “NICE TRY ;)” on his skin.

Thankfully, you made it through check out and to your car without any chance run ins. But when you were unloading your stuff into the trunk of your vehicle, you noticed something strange about your cereal box.

There was a string of numbers scrawled onto it, followed by a winky face of his own. 

Jumping when you heard the sound of a car horn honking, you looked over just in time to see Dean pull out of a parking spot, waving as he drove away in a beautiful black car.

Maybe you’d call him after all

The One in the Condom Isle

A Happy!verse Fic (05/26/14)

Stiles knows for a fact that if he wants to marry Derek, he’s going to have to ask for himself. It’s not because Derek doesn’t love him or doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with him. It’s just that when your existence reaches a certain level of terrible, you never quite get back to the point where you don’t completely fear rejection. 

Apparently Stiles is awful at this though. He has fucked up about…8 times at this point. 

One. The park. Tripped over a dog. Had to go to the emergency room for a broken arm.

Two. Candlelit dinner. Set the tablecloth on fire. 

Three. Stargazing on the roof. Rain. So, so much rain. There had been a month long drought beforehand. Like it had just been waiting to fuck up Stiles’ plans. 

Four. Their bed. Derek fell asleep. Stiles absolutely did not consider drawing a dick on his face in retaliation. Because that would be juvenile. 

Five. Times Square on their weekend trip to New York. Too. Many. Fucking. People.

Six. Hike in the woods. He was so out of shape. Oh my god, worst decision ever.

Seven. Baseball game. Another couple swiped their moment! The fucking jackasses. He hopes the only color available for bridesmaid dresses is goddamn peach. 

Eight. At a barbecue with friends and family. Why did he think that would be a good idea? Did he forget who he associated with? No. Just no.  

In the end, this is how it goes:

Stiles and Derek are getting groceries like they do every Saturday. They have rituals at this point and seriously Stiles loves it. It’s the absolute bomb-diggity. He’s standing in the condom isle, reading the ingredients on a bottle of lube. He chews on the corner of his mouth, can feel his eyebrows creasing toward each other in the middle. 

And from some eerie, otherworldly place in existence, he hears Derek’s voice say the words, “Marry me." 

Stiles’ head snaps up to see Derek, eyes huge and round, expressive brows climbing his forehead, and the bag of peas he’d gone to retrieve clutched in his right hand. 

Stiles looks at the shelf full of condom brands and then back at Derek, "What?”

“Um. I didn’t. I mean–if you. We don’t. Uh.”

Stiles tries really hard not to smile. He has a weakness for flustered Derek Hale. Hell, he has a weakness for any Derek Hale. “Did you just ask me to marry you?”

“I–um. Well I mean, it–yes.”

Stiles set the lube back on the shelf, plucks the peas from Derek’s hand and plops them in the cart. “Did you um,” he looks down at the top of his shoes and back up through his lashes. “Did you mean it?”

Derek looks at him consideringly for a moment, “Yeah. Yeah I did.”

Stiles smiles, feels like he won’t ever be able to stop now that he’s started. He puts his hand to the back of Derek’s neck and pulls him infor a kiss. “Definitely,” he says, his breath ghosting across both of their lips. 

“Really?” Derek sounds so disbelieving that Stiles can barely contain all his emotions inside his chest.

He nods. Goes in to kiss him again. “Wait,” he stops, pulling back a bit. “Did you get rings, dude?”

“Uh, no it was kind of a…spur of the moment thing.”

“Oh good. Because I have some under our mattress at home.”

“You said I imagined it being lumpy!” Derek exclaims, indignant but still happy underneath. “You fucking liar.”

“Oh my god, Der. Shut up,” Stiles orders. And then he makes him. 

They tell their friends that Derek proposed at the grocery store. They lie about being in the cereal isle.  

i’s kinda hard t’tell where yer pointin’. i can’t grab the cereal if i don’ know what ya want. there’s nothing but amusement in his voice. they’re currently standing in the cereal isle of walmart and though samuel has a really good idea of what alex wants, it’s nice to be needed ( and rather hilarious that it stems from their height difference ). he crosses his arms and leans forward on the buggy, one foot propped up on the bottom. despite his height, samuel is very much still a large kid at heart. despite everything, that has been the most consistent part of his personality.

Oh yeah so yesterday I was at Safeway and I was in the cereal isle and saw that they had Star Wars cereals with lil Star Wars posters on the back!!! There were 4 posters in total that you could collect so my giddy ass grabs all four boxes only to stop halfway because I’ve made eye contact with this Mom and her Teenage Daughter staring at me. 

So i sorta got really embarrassed and guiltily put two boxes back while the mom raised her eyebrow and I hung my head and quickly wheeled my cart off because I am 20 years old and really Star Wars shaped marshmallows in my cereal ok

In Which Nico is the Fun Parent

Featuring: Happy, healthy Nico, baby babble, and heath nut Will, and all the other stuff you can read just above this. 

There was nothing Molly hated more than being strapped down in any sort of contraption: not a car seat, not a stroller, and especially not a shopping cart. 

She was pretty good at walking, and wasn’t so much for running away,  so Nico figured, as long as he stayed right next to her, what was the harm of letting the two year old run free. 

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