So much to look at

Shin broke the steering wheel

Genos(with ripped sleeves) and Hiruma shooting

Watchdog man, Rover, and Cerburus running together

Saitama in a suit with a cape and gloves for some reason

Licenseless rider still on his bike

Honestly looking forward to the end result.

Would anyone be interested in

A coldflash Greek gods au? I’ve been bitten by a plot bunny. Len is the son of Aphrodite and Hades, Barry is chosen by Hermes. Len has no idea of his parentage and Barry just thinks he’s a nerd who got lucky. Hades needs Len to release him from the underworld and so he enlists the fates help… also Mick is Cerburus he was sent to watch over Len as he got older and steer him on the right path… but somehow he became more loyal to the prince than to the king.

Let me know of I should write it!! Or if it’s something that we think could be good

Ask The Ouat Crew Masterpost 

Hi! Here’s a masterpost Enjoy! 







Characters-react: Rumple

Puppy-dog-Jones Part 1  Part 2

UW Delirious Killian

Captain charming plane ride

Captain charming hood reunion 

What if Hook took Excalibur out before Regina said stop

CS taco time cockblocked by charming

CS Good news indeed 

Henrys snapchat story of an ordinary day in storybrooke  Extra snap (x)

Cerburus vs Killian

Flame hair Hades vs Hook

Bisexual James

Red Jacket Hook

Uncle Killy

Sick Killian

Cs Coconut scene

CS Date Nights 


UW - Battered-and-bruised: Killian 

UW - There-problem-solved! Gravestones



More of my nonsense #my-art

Kind of want a tattoo like this to commemorate the hiking trip me and my dad took before I went off to college. One of the mountains we hiked was called indian head, and my dad gave me a lot off good advice about life while we hiked up the trail, and I actually cried when I got to the top, because things weren’t going very well at the time, but what he said actually turned things around very nicely, and I’ll never forget it