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Underworld social networks
  • Hades: tumblr. Never reblogs anything, but follows a lot of science blogs and entertains himself thinking how smart he is. His nickname is Hector.
  • Lucifer: Twitter. Strictly professional, only uses it for official communication.
  • Charon: goodreads. He doesn't really use it as a social network, but he needs to keep track of the books he has read.
  • Cerberus: no social network. (But there's a user in some porn webs called @BadassGuardian that just happens to like the same things as him).
  • Cain: he is that one troll in every social network ever. He also happens to follow a lot of fashion channels both in YouTube and instagram
  • Abel: he's that one guy who never logs off Steam.
  • Ambrosius: YouTube. He follows dance channels and tries to copy the choregrafies.
  • Akin: tumblr. He's in every Fandom. OTPs, shipping, crying when one of his OTPs becomes Canon... he is the ultimate fanboy.
  • Lea: instagram. Fashion, weapons and videos of herself training (and looking fabulous while doing it).

‘Fleet and Flotilla’ (2185) is an award winning romantic disaster vid noted for it’s positive portrayal of turian- quarian relationships’

Winner of Best Film- Nos Astra Film festival- 2185
Official selection- Vancouver- 2185
Official selection- Illium- 2185
Official selection- Noveria- 2185 (nominated)
Nebulae award winner- Yana’ Horem- Portrayal of Shalei- 2185
Nebulae award nominee- Laq-wi Ballen- Portrayal of Bellicus- 2185 
Nebulae award nominee- Padok Tolan- Portrayal of Esheel- 2185 

Behind every great love, there is a great story.

As a young quarian, Shalei (Yana’ Horem) embarks on her pilgrimage from the Migrant Fleet. Meanwhile half way across the galaxy a young turian called Bellicus (Laq’wi Ballen) takes his final steps in military training. Through a chain of remarkable events Shalei and her salarian friend, Esheel (Padok Tolan) are brought to the citadel. A chance meeting between the quarian and turian soon blossoms into a whirlwind romance. Yet what little time they have is cut short with news from the fleet of instability along the geth boarders, Shalei is ordered home early, news of full scale war between the quarian people and their creations reach the Citadel and Bellicus must choose whether to return to the Turian Militia or follow Shalei to the Flotilla…

“A fearless performance from Ballen,” - Eden Prime Network
“The love story of this age,” - Thessia Empire News
“Yana’ Horem debut is remarkable,” - Illium Galactic
“Heart wrenchingly tragic, no matter how many hearts you have," -Cerberus Network
"Bin Olar is a breath of fresh air in Volus cinema," - Future Content Corp

Wowza, what started as a simple movie poster kind of spiraled into a full blown story with a set of characters, a partial script and an ending. After playing Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC for the 100th time, the scene with Tali when you’re watching Fleet and Flotilla really got me thinking- so I decided to make a poster, but apparently I became far too into it. Anyway, I made it quite quickly with a mixture of my friends PNG’s and my own, however most weren’t rendered all that well so it’s not perfect- and I also used Tali as Shalei, simply because I’m lazy and already had plenty of her, and lets be honest Tali would kill to be Shalei. Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this!

(fan submitted)

Three years have gone by and I still can’t say goodbye to Mass Effect. I’ve learned almost everything there is to learn about it. Played all the games many, many times, read all the novels and comic books, watched the animated movie about James, checked out every post that was on the Cerberus News Network and read through just about every article on the Mass Effect Wikia. Then I reserved to fanart and fanfiction and it has become an addiction that stuck with to this day.

I’m starting to think that this will never be over, that I’ll never be able to say goodbye. And I like it that way. Mass Effect will always have a special place in my heart

What pains me more is the fact that ME:Andromeda will most likely be set in another galaxy even despite the fact that there’s so much we haven’t seen in this one yet. Hell, we’ve never even really been to Palaven! I can only hope that perhaps someday we’ll get some sort of addition that’ll expand our knowledge of how the Milky Way is in that universe even despite the reaper war.


… AlexisBlade tumblr ask bombed me… :D haha

very funny chickadoo..

Maybe I should impose a limit on how many per day since I told you not to abuse it.

Anyways, did you know that Malaysians cannot get the Cerberus Network for free? You actually have to pay RM 37.80 just for it? However, the armor packs were all 7 bucks each sooo… I made quite a bit of a payment RM 90.80 for the Aegis pack, the different appearance, the Arrival mission and a few others. *sigh* there goes 1 week of allowance… down the drain for something I could have gotten free.

Hell, there wasn’t even Miranda’s alternative appearance pack…

Oh, not only that I wanted to buy a PSN card to buy all of this in the afternoon, rushed all the way to the closest shopping center, just to get the RM 100 card, and some doushebag with the most condescending tone tells me real smugly that they were out of stock and the rest of KL was out of stock. Next time I do see him, I’m knocking his block off.