Check out these behind-the-scenes images of the set for Hamlet!

Our crew and design team is hard at work to create Hamlet’s Denmark on the Wilma’s stage. As you’ll see in the pics, our design, envisioned by Matt Saunders, incorporates various elements of Street Art, like wheatpasting and graffiti. We are proud to work with Philadelphia-based Street Artist CERA on the creation of our set. The lettering you see is done by Juan Deminda.

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The Wilma’s productions of Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead demonstrate Blanka Zizka’s evolving vision to create  work around a company of artists, incorporating training and ensemble  building to further develop the talents of the Philadelphia acting  community. Prior to the commencement of formal rehearsal,  company members were involved in training and workshops. NOW the company has come together to start their work on Shakespeare’s greatest work, Hamlet.

Here are some shots from the rehearsal room!

They include:
Actors Ed Swidey and Krista Apple-Hodge in the read-thru and a review of the design inspirations including a presentation by street artist CERA.