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yep it’s already this time of the year, so we’re here to add a bit to your holiday cheer and offer you a great opportunity to make not one, not two, but a whole bunch of people happy - you first, of course, in that precious moment you find the perfect present for somebody near (or far) and dear (oh, did you say queer? then you >> gotta click here <<), then there’s us, the authors and makers, which makes it to total of three - there’s two of us, see - and then, of course, any number of people who are to be the receivers of a colourful gorgeous ceramic piece that you bought from us, so look, it’s a win, however you think - you make a purchase, we make a discount, you spend less of money but get all the glee!

we apologize for talking in awful rhyme just now - got carried away by the holiday spirit there a bit, so… yeah, anyway. here’s the link to our etsy store. we wish you the bestest of holiday seasons and hope you will find all the presents you have been looking for!



because, y’know, it’s summer and sunshine and everything is pretty and I don’t feel like giving up on the whole making a living through my art thing just yet, so here’s the deal:

get 20% off any purchase at my etsy shop with a coupon code ZRND20OFF. the coupon’s gonna last till mid-July, and it applies to all purchases made at my shop, including custom orders.

all items are hand-sculpted by yours truly, coated in non-toxic glazes and fired in a kiln at high temperature, making them 100% functional cups and plates and bowls you can use to eat and drink from instead of simply setting them on your shelf to stare at. 

no matter what beverage you pour into a rainbow pride cup, it will taste like magic and acceptance and love. ace cups will show you swirls of galaxies in the depths of space, and poppy cups will pour so much positive energy into your drink that you’ll be able to do things you thought weren’t possible. 

add some colour to your everyday meals!

There are endless guides on what to bring to uni, endless youtube videos that go through every single thing people are bringing, but you know what? None of those guides are ever geared towards international students who might only have a single suitcase to fill and not an entire car. So, this is for you.

At uni, there are a lot of things you’re going to need. Clothes, things to study with, bedding, kitchen stuff etc. Domestic students might buy all of these things at home and then just cart them all off to uni when it’s time for move-in day. However, you don’t have that luxury. I’ve compiled a list of stuff that you need in your room. Things in bold is stuff you should bring from home, the rest can be bought. Pack the bold things first, then pack things you already own and after that fill your suitcase with other things from the list that you have to buy.

Your dorm will have: a bed, a bedside table, a desk, a desk chair, a wardrobe, some kind of whiteboard. My room did at least so that’s what I’ve accounted for.

Passport (and a copy of it on your computer and phone - this saved my life when my passport was stolen at the airport)
University admissions letter (if you have issues at the airport)
Student Finance documents
Accommodation documents
Bank details (if you are using your bank at home at all)
Insurance details

Laptop and charger
Phone and charger

Hole punch
Calculator (make sure to get one that is approved by your university)
Pen holder
Desk lamp

Plates and stuff - 1 big plate, 2 small plates, 2 yoghurt/soup bowls, 2 glasses, mugs from home, forks, knives, spoons, small spoons (4 of each) <– that’s what I brought and it has served me well.
1 saucepan.
1 frying pan - I recommend getting a good one. I got a ceramic 28cm one on sale for £18. Totally worth it and
Sharp knives - Once again, I recommend getting good ones. My flatmates borrow mine almost every day.
1 chopping board
1 baking tray
Tupperware - this goes hand in hand with my top tip: cooking your own food and making it in advance.
Oven gloves
Tea towels
Vegetable peeler
Dish cloths or sponges
A tin opener
Bottle opener with a corkscrew
If you’re a baker: Measuring jug, Measuring tools - 5ml, 15ml, 100ml (aka 1dl), Whisk, Bowl
Cheese slicer - essential for any Swede, bring it from the mother country!
Zip lock bags or plastic bags
Spatula - buy a plastic one
Scraper spatula
Stirring spoon
Water filter - not strictly necessary, but I hate the taste of Glasgow water; it tastes and smells like pool water. With my BRITA filter it goes away.
Tea pot - I’m a loose leaf kind of girl
Water bottle
Lunch box

Bedding - 2 sets of bedsheets, duvet covers, pillow cases. GET THE RIGHT SIZE!
Duvet - this is a tricky one. You might be a cold or hot sleeper and you might be going to a place with a climate you’re not used to. I’ve got a down duvet because down is good at being warm when it’s cold and cool when it hot. That being said, I’m not a cold sleeper so I have a thinner duvet.
Mattress protector.
Blanket - truly essential
Hangers - check out your wardrobe first so that you know you have something to hang your hangers on.
Extra wardrobe shelves - My wardrobe barely had any shelves so I got this ikea textile shelf thing that you hang from the clothes rail. But once again, check out your wardrobe before you buy anything.
Hanger for door - great to hang towels on if you don’t have a hanger in your bathroom.
Laundry bag - just use the ikea bag (if you’re going to ikea *hint hint*)
Something to keep your underwear in
2 bath towels and 1 hand towel
Toothbrush (and maybe a toothbrush holder)
Medicine: painkillers (paracetamol and ibuprofen), cold medicine, cough medicine, plasters, blister plasters, any personal medication.
Nail scissors.
Toilet brush
Condoms - stay safe!

A torch.
A sewing kit.
White tac or other things that you can use to put things on walls.
Playing cards.
Alarm clock.

Fairy lights
Potted plants
Magazine files
Candles - but you’re probably not going to be allowed them if you live in dorms
Lamp for bedside table
Books - if you read
Hobby stuff

Clothes and bags- and that’s just a whole separate post


Christmas is just around the corner, and what better thing to get your crafty friends (or treat yourself!) than a handmade Harry Potter yarn bowl! Time to start dropping hints around friends and family!

Ravenclaw Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Slytherin Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Gryffindor Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Hufflepuff Ceramic Yarn Bowl

For sale on etsy by gryphonwyck.


Firing a kiln: kind of like magic!

From @hammerlyceramics - The magic of firing ceramics fast mode. Blows my mind you can see how much they shrink!! Getting ready for the #boulderpottersguild
Fall sale. #ceramics #wheelthrown #potsinaction #piaglaze #piavideo #ceramicreview #pottersofinstagram #instapottery #insta_pottery #handmade #boulderart

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I’m unfortunately in need to get some money together for school because my bank account is now near empty and everything i get back from the school in september needs to go to rent, bills, and food. I’ll have very little leftover for books and supplies :(

So i figured, what better way than to promote my shop with a sale? :)

Any reblogs would be greatly appreciated, and over the next week I’ll be adding new items to the stock. This coupon code is good until August 15th!