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Loki and the Minion

TITLE: Loki and the Minion


AUTHOR: latent-thoughts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki hiring you as his manager while he slowly takes over Midgard again. You are to manage his PR, his daily schedule, and you also are his guide to everything Midgardian. He doesn’t make it easy for you, though. He causes trouble, doesn’t listen to your advice very often, and in general, annoys and intimidates you. He is the God of Mischief after all, and you are the nearest target available to him. You suffer through his antics because he pays well and also, you don’t know what might befall you if you refuse him. He is kinda scary after all.

RATING: T for now, will definitely change later.


A/N: Loki will use everything in his arsenal to get what he wants… (Thank you for the positive response, everyone. <3


“You want me to what?”

He narrowed his eyes, though still answered her patiently enough. “To represent me, in general, and to manage certain arenas of my daily life in this realm, in specific.”

Elsa watched him with wide eyes. “But why me, of all the people on this planet?”

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Hi friends I haven’t posted here in a while but just updating u w my life I think life is looking up I’m stressed TF out at work but I’ll be going on a nice vacation soon but overall life is looking up I quit smoking it’s been like a month? I started running I started working out harder I started doing ceramics a lot now I just need to work on finding the balance of doing things I’m passionate about and knowing when I should be relaxing and taking it easy ty for reading

Small Wheein

Character: Wheein (Mamamoo)
Word count: 639
Summary: When smol Wheein finds herself a tol girlfriend, the girls can’t help but tease her about it | #fluff  

Originally posted by haljis

“Hey, let me help with that.”

As Wheein has one leg thrown over the counter, in an attempt to climb up and reach the top shelf, she feels a body press against her back. The warmth is familiar and welcoming, so she relaxes against it. It was the same warmth that she fell asleep next to each night.

“Thank you,” she tells you.

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Shitty Ceramics (h.s.)

Anonymous said:
Hello! Can you write something where Harry and you go to a cooking class ( or any class really, like a painting class or baking class ) and Harry’s not so good at it and gets pouty and just full of fluff :)

Sneak Peek:

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.


You weren’t really sure why you signed up for a ceramics class, but now you’re super happy you did. You always enjoyed making things and this was a great way to do that. Also it’s not like you had anything fun to do this summer. This was better then staying cooped up in your room, doing nothing all day.

“You’re work is wonderful Y/N, keep it up.” You smiled at what your teacher said about your new piece.

You say a small thank you, as you get up to get the glaze, since your work was almost done. Before you grabbed it you examined your dirty hands that had clay and paint splattered all over it. You picked at your finger nails trying to get the clay off, but it was no use.

Finally finding the glaze you grab it, and place it on the empty desk next to you. The memory comes to your mind of the girl who used to sit here, and how she hated this class so much that she quit. You were sad to see her go, since she was the only person you really talked to here. But it was also a bonus that you got an extra place to work, because your desk already had too much stuff on it.

You grabbed the medium size paint brush, opened the glaze, and started applying it to your tile. You were so happy with how it turned out, it was simple but colorful. You couldn’t wait to bring it back to your apartment, and make it a home by your bed side table.

You silently hummed to the music that was making way through your headphones, as you toned out the world around you. You did that a lot. Going in your own little world and forgetting your in a class room with others, doing the same thing as you. But you didn’t mind. You brushed your hair out from your face, careful not get glaze in you hair again. Knowing first hand how hard that is to come off.

You felt a presence behind you making you tense up for a bit. But then remember that it was probably your ceramics teacher admiring your work, so you continued.

“Her little brother never told you but he loves you so, he says your mother only smiles on the tv shows.” You sing to yourself and glaze.

“Everything was blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans-” Suddenly one of your earbuds was yanked from your right ear.

Almost dropping your work from the surprise, you quickly look up to see who did that.

Then you come face to face with a guy with a sorry look on his face, while he tries to say something.

“What the heck was-”

“I’m really sorry, honestly. The teacher told me to sit here” he points to the desk that wasn’t yours, but you were occupying it.

“I’m new, and I’m sorry I took out your ear phones but I reckon you wouldn’t of heard me, I tried.” He sends you a warm smile.

Realization hits you and you feel bad for almost yelling at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anymore new people would be joining this class, let me just move my stuff. One second.” You hurry and grab the paint brushes, glaze, and some other items, you had scattered all over the desk and placed them on your side.

You could feel the guy watching you swiftly move to get his new area clean. You pretty much were done, when you looked over at your now unorganized small desk, that you forgot your piece you were working on.

“This is so cool. Did you make this yourself?” The deep voice of the guy said.

You turned around to see what he was looking at and your eyes suddenly widened. You quicky walked to him.

“Oh wait no, you can’t hold it yet it’s not done drying.” You say grabbing his hand and taking it from the bottom where their was no glaze, and then you put it back on your desk. You sighed when you saw his finger prints now etched into your tile.

“Oh shit” he looks at what he did, feeling bad. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know, honest-”

You give him a small smile “honestly it’s ok, I have other things I’m working on. It’s not a big deal.”

“I feel like a complete idiot. First I disturb you from listening to your music, make you move, and now I messed up your work.” He frowns.

You laugh “It wasn’t even my own desk, and I understand really. Your apology is accepted.”

He sighs in relief and smiles, “Thank yo-”

“Ah, Y/N I see you met Harry. He was on the waiting list, and since Stella left, it was perfect.”

The teacher goes on about the whole program to Harry. You finally got to actually look at him. He was quite the looker you thought to yourself. He was very tall and had a nice set of eyes. Your teacher showed him around the room and introduced him to all the tools. You could tell he wasn’t really paying attention as you saw his eyes looking anywhere but where she was pointing too.

You didn’t realize you were staring for so long until you saw his eyes lock to yours. He sends you a quick wink. Your eyes widen as you quickly turn your head back to your work and blushed.


You could feel him looking over at you the whole class, but you didn’t dare to look to see if you were correct. The teacher told you that if Harry had any questions to help him, and that your his working partner, since he is new at all this. You just nodded your head agreeing with her.

Harry wasn’t doing anything today, since he came a bit late.

“Okay guys we are leaving in about five minutes, so start getting cleaned up so you can get out in time.” The teacher announced.

Everyone’s chairs started to move as we all started to put our materials away and get ready to leave for the evening. You checked on your tile that you placed in the oven and set it on the side dish too cool off over night. You quickly washed your hands and started to grab your things to go home.

Pushing your chair into your desk, and slinging your bag onto your arm you head to the door. Your teacher said goodbye to you as you did the same.

Right as you pushed the door open, and walked into the hot, humid, summer air. You heard footsteps behind you.

“Wait, hold on!”

You quickly turned as you were outside. You see Harry running towards you. You didn’t realize you let go of the door, until it slammed into him.

“Oh my gosh!” You ran towards him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were behind m-”

“What’s your name?” He interrupts you.

You looked at him confused.

“Wait but are you ok?” You look over him concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine really, I’m a big boy.” He smirks.

“But I never caught your name, I was just wondering since you are gonna be helping me a lot. And I honestly just wanted to warn you that I’m shit at ceramics.” He catches you off guard.

You laugh, “oh really?”

“Yeah I’m dead serious if their was an award for “The worlds shittest ceramics person ever” I know I would win that”

“You can’t be that bad.”

“You just wait and see.” His eyes glisten as he looks down on you.

“Oh yeah, I’m Y/N” you said adjusting your bag on your shoulder, a nervous habit you do.

“Ah that’s pretty.” You say a small thank you.

“Well I gotta run, but I’ll see you Wednesday Yeah?”

You nod.

“Can’t wait, see ya Y/N” he says as he walks away.

As you walk over to your car, you kept replaying the way he said your name, and you liked it.

You turned back behind you too see if he had gone, but you can already see that he turned back to look at you.


Okay maybe Harry wasn’t lying when he said that he was shit at ceramics. Well maybe not shit he was ok. More like crappy, bad, horrible. But shitty was maybe too strong of a word.

“This is stupid!” He yells as you see him trying to keep his hand steady while he is working on the pottery wheel. But his hands are going in opposite directions and it wasn’t steady. You were happy you guys were in the back room, so Harrys common shouts wouldn’t disturb the others.

“We’re you even listening when the teacher taught you how to use it?” You scold him.

“Nope” he said “I was too busy looking at prettier things.” Your memory of yesterday comes back, but you ignore it.

You laugh at his frustration and make your way over to him. You shoo him off the chair and sit down to show him.

“Like this.” You put a new set of clay on the wheel, and turn it on. “You have to keep your hands flat like this. And slowly go up and down. Make sure your nails don’t get caught just keep them straight, but relaxed. Kind of like your petting a cat.” You look over to make sure he is looking.

Harry watches you intently and nods his head at everything your saying. You quickly get off the stool and tell him to try again.

“Can you just do everything for me?” He whines, making you giggle.

“Of course not! How are you ever gonna learn, Harry?!”

“Ok, ok” he puts his hand up in defeat. “Your right.”

He sits himself back down on the wheel and tries again. But this time you can tell he actually followed your advice and you smiled.

“Your getting the hang of it just one thing, don’t spread your fingers too much.”

“It’s hard, Y/N, my hands are massive, and it’s not helping that were making the smallest thing ever with my huge hands.” He pouts and you shake your head.

“Here let me help you.” Harry moved back on his chair to give you room to sit infront of him. You stood their having a battle in your brain if you should sit there. But you decided too, since your just helping him learn.

You place your hands on top of his, to keep his fingers together. “Just like this, it’s not too hard. Ya?” You ask him but you heard nothing in response.

You could hear Harrys soft breathing, and that’s when you realize you were so close.

“You have small hands.” Harry says.

“No way, you mister just have overly big hands. Like look at them.” He chuckles at your statement.

You looked at both of your hands on the spinning wheel working together, with clay all over them. You tilted your head a bit to Harry and saw that he was already looking at you. But not at your face, but at your lips. Your breathe softly hitched in your mouth as you realized how even closer you guys have gotten, and Harry was leaning in.

“I- I think you got the hang of it now.” You say taking your hands off his and getting off the chair you shared.

“Um yeah, thanks.” He says taking a deep breathe.

“I’m gonna head back to the front room, to finish my work. If you need anymore help ask me okay?” You say in one breathe trying to collect your thoughts.

“Okay, I will.” He gives you a small smile as you quickly went to the other room.

You sat back on your desk, thinking about what just happened. You almost kissed! You place your head in your hands. This is ridiculous, you guys just met. But the weird thing was that you wanted to.

You really wanted to kiss Harry.

All these chemicals have clearly gone to your head. You thought as you went back to work.


Weeks have passed and you and Harry became much closer as friends. You guys would laugh and hang out during class. You would say that Harry has gotten so much better at ceramics from your help. You liked having him around he was a great person always kind, generous , and caring.

As you got out of your car to head to another day of class. You saw a few of your classmates standing outside the building, and walking away disappointed. When you got closer you could hear them chattering.

“What’s going on?” You ask

“Class is canceled today.” A red head you think her name was Eve told you, and pointed to a paper hung on the door that read:

Sorry guys no Ceramics class today. I had an emergency family event in Georgia. Class will start next week on Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You sighed, you were bummed honestly. Not going to ceramics not only meant that you couldn’t do art, but you couldn’t see Harry. And the second option was the biggest concern right now. Making you wonder why?

“Hey Y/N, what’s going on?” You felt a hand take yours and you knew it was Harry. Which made your stomach flutter.

“Class is canceled until next week.” You pout.

“Aww man, does that mean I won’t be able to do my awesome ceramic skills?” He says sarcastically.

You roll your eyes. “ oh come on, you know I’ve taught you well. You owe me be big time buddy.” You say hitting your hips against his. He laughs and nods his head.

“So what are you gonna do now?” He asks you as you guys walk back to where your cars were to go home.

You sigh “ Go home and do nothing probably”

“Hmm how about we hang out?” He turns to you making you stop walking.

You think for a second. “What did you have in mind.”

“Maybe grab some food at the diner down the street. Since I owe you for all your hard working for helping me with ceramics. It’s my treat.” You look up at his dimpled smile as he talked.

“Harry I was only kidding, you don’t owe me anything.”

“I know, but I still want to do this. I still want to hang out with you.” He takes your hand in his again and that feeling in your stomach comes back. “Come on Y/N lets actually hang out together in a place that doesn’t smell like chemicals, making us loose brain cells.” You laugh at his statement.

“Okay styles. What are you waiting for lets go!”


“What’s your favorite thing to do, besides ceramics obviously?” Harry asks you as he eats another French fry.

“Hmmm” you think to yourself as you sip on you lemonade.
“ I like gardening. Well kind of, it’s more like I like flowers. I keep a bunch in my house. Like everywhere. It’s honestly ridiculous” You laugh to yourself at all the flowers you have around your house.

“What’s your favorite?” You look up at him. He countinues, “Flower I mean.”

“Wow thats really hard, but I would have to say probably…” You go over all the flowers you ever liked in your head.

“Probably Dahlias, they are so pretty and colorful. So probably those.” Harry smiles at you, and you smile back.

“ What about you? What do you like to do?” Your curiosity gets the better of you. You wanted to know more about Harry. You wanted to know everything about him.

“I write a bit, and I also play a few instruments. That’s pretty much me. Nothing that interesting really.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“What made you even want to do ceramics? You laugh. “No offense you don’t really seem that into it. The last girl hated it and quit.” You wondered why he didn’t just leave. Even though you didn’t want him too.

“I don’t know I wanted to try something different. Ya know? I honestly was thinking about it the first day I came in. But I guess I saw something that made me stay.” He slowly looked up at you.

Making you want to do what you almost did a few weeks ago.


But Harry didn’t really seem to take you for anything more then just a friend.

After you talked for hours, you didn’t even realize the sun was setting until you got out of the diner.

“Today was fun.” Harry broke the silence as you were making your ways back to your car.

“I know! Who knew we can have fun when we aren’t doing ceramics.” You guys both laugh.

Harry walked you to your car even though his was on the opposite end of the parking lot.

“Thank you for treating me to lunch.” You say as you lean against your car door not wanting this day to end.

“No problem Y/N, we should hang out more often.” You grinned bigger then you should at what he said.

“Definitely.” You open your car door and was about to get in when Harry brings you back around and gives you a tight hug. It took you by suprise but you hug him back.

“Get home safe. And text me when your home.” Your heart aches at how caring he is. But you smiled at the fact that you could text him now. Remembering when Harry took your phone today and added his number

While making his name in your contacts “cutie with the curls”


The last few classes Harry has been working on a piece but you didn’t know what it was. Everytime you asked him he would brush it off and avoid the question. He hasn’t even really been talking to you much in class lately or asking you for help. Which made you a bit sad that he didn’t need you anymore, but you understood. He was working on something special by the looks of it.

Your feelings for Harry haven’t gone away. They probably have gotten worse. You know for a fact that you like him, a lot. But it’s not like you can do anything about it, you knew that.

Your friendship was more important then these unwanted feels, that you knew he didn’t return.

You sighed to yourself as you started molding your next piece you wanted. Class was going to end soon and you weren’t even close to being done, too distracted by your thoughts of Harry to get any work done.

“You okay , love?” Harry asks you as he makes his way back to his desk. You smile at how recently he’s been calling you that.

“Yeah, just tired is all” You lie. He nods his head and goes back to what he’s been working on.

“So, what are you making?” You try and look over but his body is covering it.

“It’s nothing really, it’s not even for me. I’m making it for someone.” Your heart sinks as you see all the paints he is using are all bright colors. Making you think it’s for a girl.

“She seems really special, for you to be doing all that for her.” You say too bitterly for your own liking.

Harry looks up at you as you look back down.

“Yeah my mom is pretty special.” He says.


“Is it okay, if I stay after a little. I can lock up. I’m just almost done with this piece.” You ask your teacher.

“Of course honey.” Here’s the keys. “Just put them in the mail box when your done.” You nod and thank her.

The classroom was pretty much empty with just a few more people, Harry included, and they were about to leave.

After a few minutes everyone was gone, but Harry. But he was packing up to go.

“You want me to walk you to your car?” He asks you.

“I’m fine, I’m staying after for a little to finish this.” You tell him motioning to your clay you’re almost done setting.

“I can stay for a bit and wait if you want.” He asks looking worried.

“It’s fine, I’m good really I’ve done this before.” You reassure him.

He looks over at the windows as the sun starts to set and shakes his head.
“It’s good, I’ll keep you company. I have nowhere to be anyways.” He takes his bag down and moves his chair closer to you.
You smile and thank him.

“So what are you making?” He asks.

“I’m trying to mold this into a little square dish so I can put my car keys and bracelets on it.” You tell him, not making eye contact, but focusing on the wheel so you wouldn’t mess up.

“You have so much concentration, I don’t think I can ever be so patient like you. It’s admirable really. Your art is beautiful.” He compliments you.

“Thanks Harry, your too nice” You look up at him to show him how much you appreciated his compliment.

“No problem.” he grins making his dimples pop out.

“I think I’m almost done” You say moving your hands back and forth to get the desired shape you wanted. You kept moving your head back to try and get your hair out of the way. Since it was almost falling into your mold.

Harry sees you struggling and takes his hand and tucks your hair behind your ear. You turn off the wheel and smile, and turn to Harry to thank him.

But there he was again already looking at you. His blazing green eyes searched your whole face for something, but you didn’t know what. You could feel your heart beating in your chest for how close you guys were once again and you really just want-

Before you could finish that though Harry leaned in brushing his lips against yours first, before kissing you.

Catching you by suprise you almost fall off your stool but Harry’s hands were placed now on your waist keeping you steady. You then leaned in and kissed him back.

Your breathe hitched as you felt his tongue gain access between your lips. Harry’s lips against yours was the best feeling ever. Your hands just wouldn’t stay still as you placed them on the side oh his face and closer to his hair. Making him moan in satisfaction.

You quickly pulled away from him, and realized what you have just done. You saw the grey clay all over the side of Harrys face and his hair.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My hands I-I” you say trying to hold in a giggle, as you looked over Harry’s face.

Harry gives you a deep chuckle “shhh, it’s ok.” He says and before you try and apologize again

He eagerly kisses you.


You sat in your car outside ceramics class just thinking. You thought about everything that happened last night with you and Harry in that very building in front of you. You thought about how much you loved the feeling of his lips on yours and how you wanted to kiss him again.

And how after you both pulled away he told you “I wanted to do that since the day I saw you.”

Making you realize he did like you, and you couldn’t be happier.

You trace your fingers on your lips where Harry kissed you last night, and you felt butterflies in your stomach. You’ve never been kiss like that before.

But you didn’t know what the next step will be in your relationship. Obviously you guys weren’t just friends now. But you didn’t know how to go about everything.

To clear your head you came back here even though you didn’t have class. To pick up the dish you were working on last night, since your plans were turned elsewhere. Your cheeks started to heat up, just thinking about how Harry made you feel.

You made your way inside, and picked up the few items you needed to do a few touch ups at home. Since you totally forgot to drop the key in the mail box yesterday.

You grabed your mold that dried over night, happy with the way it turned out. You looked over to see if you should bring anything else home. You spotted a pretty paint color you thought would be nice to borrow until the next class.

As you were about to leave your eyes trail over the wheel area where you and Harry kissed last night. Wishing it can happen all over again.

You look down at your watch and decide to head back home. Buy You cleaned up a little from yesterday first.

You were putting the cleaning supplies back on the top shelf when the door dinged signaling someone had come in.

You drop the disinfecting wipes and screamed. But then you turned around and your eyes widen as you see Harry. He is wearing black jeans with a grey shirt. While a bandanna covered part of his hair. He looked hot.

“I’m sorry” he rushes over to you. Picking up the wipes. “ I didn’t mean to scare you, love.” He cracks a smile.

“I just didn’t know anyone was coming.” You put your hand over your heart, to try and calm
It down. Harry holds out a hand for you, and you take it.

“Me neither.” He says locking eyes with you. The memories of yesterday resurfaced and all you wanted to do was lean in and kiss him.

“Why are you here?” You ask.

“If I’m honest, hoping you would be here. Since I knew you didn’t finish your work yesterday.” He said smirking.

You looked down and smiled. “ Yeah but I’m taking it home.”

Harry nods, searching your face and just for a brief second looks at your lips but then stops.

“I want to show you something.” He tells you.

“Okay.” You say more of a whisper.

Harry takes your hand in his and pulls you out the building as you lock up.

“Where are you taking me?” You giggle.
He didn’t answer but soon we were in the parking garage and standing infront of Harrys car.

Harry looks really nervous and you started getting nervous too. Did he regret anything? He unlocks his car and brings out a shoe box. You looked down on it confused.

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.

“So I made this for you, because I think your amazing and I wanted you to know that.”

Harry lifts the shoes box and you gasp.

The box revealed a pretty flower pot decorated with beautiful colors. But inside it their was a bit of soil, and you couldn’t believe it.

Your favorite flowers, Dahlias.

You brought your hand to your mouth as you looked over everything. “Did you make this for me?” You ask look up at Harry as he bit his lip. You realized this was what he working on all these weeks.

“Yeah, I know it’s not the best but-” You cut him off but placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Harry shut up its amazing! Oh my gosh! How long did it take.” You take the pot out of the box and examine how greatly crafted this was.

At the end bottom of the pot it said:

All The Love -H

You smiled so big, you loved it so much. And the flowers made it even better.

“You remembered.” You softly say, as you touch the petals of the flowers.

“Yeah, your favorite flowers. Pretty flowers for an even prettier girl.” Harry says to you.

You place the pot on his car and hugged Harry.

“Thank you Harry. You have no idea what this means to me.” Harry says your welcome and hugs you back.

“I want to be more then just friends, love. If it wasn’t obvious.” You laugh into his shirt. “So can I take you on a real date?” He asks while he pulls you away from him, wanting to see your face.

“Yes! I would love tha-” Before you could even finish Harry had his lips on yours. Making you giggle into the kiss. You were on cloud 9 right now.

“I’m so happy, I stayed.” Harry whispers into you ear.

And you nodded, you were so happy too.


A/N: I HOPE YOU LIKED IT! I know that this took me forever but I loved how it turned out! Please reblog/like it and tell me what you think! Also requests are open!


hello all I just want to apologise for being so inactive with posting art lately, I’ve been super busy writing essays and making work (mostly ceramics) for uni assessments :o I’ll be all done with that stuff in about a week and I’m planning on opening up a few commission slots and updating my etsy with nice patches, as well as working on personal stuff- I’m finishing my ceramics unit now and I want to join a collective ceramics guild in Glebe over the midyear break and keep making ceramic work

to tide you over til my assessments are in, here’s some photos of the ceramics I’ve been making recently. all these guys are in the kiln right now and I’m hoping to check on them tomorrow! thanks for stickin with me even though I haven’t been posting much lately 🌻

homoqueerjewhobbit  asked:

Hey, I'm writing a fight scene at a fancy restaurant. If my character had a choice of weapon between grabbing a fork or a butter knife (rounded point), which should they choose?

The fork.

It has pointy ends and it’s better for stabbing.

However, in a fight scene at a restaurant, it’s worth remembering all the other available pieces that will allow a character to smoothly transition between weapons. Most of the time, thought stops at the cutlery but a restaurant is full of makeshift weapons that will aid the characters in their fight if they’re clever enough to see them.


Heavy duty, ceramic plates are good for bashing, throwing if necessary. It’s usually a stage gag, but it works really well.

Wine. Water. Coffee.

Hot soup also works. Grab it off the table, throw it in their eyes to blind them to create opportunity for an attack.

Wine Bottles

If left at the table, the solid glass of the wine bottle can be useful for hitting. It’s not as heavy duty as a Jack Daniel’s bottle, but it’ll get the job done. This is even more true if the wine bottle has not yet been uncorked and is still full. Then, it functions as a makeshift club holding up against a great deal more abuse than an empty wine bottle which will break apart in your hands.


When dealing with multiple opponents, but if they’re light enough to be picked up and wielded then the chair’s legs can be used to deflect attackers and maintain distance while backing toward an exit.

If they are sitting at the table, a good basic combination would be:

-grab wine glass, throw wine into attackers face

-grab hold of their wrist, take fork, stab hand

-pick up plate, smash plate into face

-if it survives then possibly edge into throat or sharpened edge of now broken ceramic.

-exit hastily if enemy is no longer capable of fighting to avoid confrontation with local law enforcement.

Restaurants really are full of weapons, plenty of weapons, including many objects that the average person won’t regard as a weapon. You just have to sit down, adjust your perspective, think about it, and start getting creative.

This is all just in the main dining area, long before we move to even better areas like the food preparation and the kitchen. Remember, a lit cigarette can be a weapon. It’s all about how you think and how rough you’re willing to get.

The Ambush vs. The Preparation

Another thing to consider is whether or not this scene is planned out in advance by the characters rather than it being spur of the moment (such as them being ambushed or suddenly decide to attack). A character who is preparing to make their move can set themselves up with better options than a character who has to hit the “go!” button.

They can:

If there is a bar, they might order hot alcohol like a hot tottie which is a hot mixture of water, lemon juice, whiskey, and honey. The alcohol will burn when thrown into the face, the honey (or any kind of sugar) will ensure it sticks thus prolonging the burning. This is surprising thick for a beverage. Excellent for creating openings or tying up one attacker while moving in on their friend. (This is not an approach for kindly characters.)

Order any kind of red meat or food type that will ensure they have a steak knife. They may have come without weapons or been forced to leave their weapons at the door, but they can have some of them back with clever dinner pick.


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I suspect it doesn’t matter what species of alien you are, if your teeth get chipped or pulled out it’s going to hurt like a bitch.

As someone who has chipped my own teeth in the past, they would have definitely been hypersensitive and painful to eat with, though at the time it would have paled in comparison to what he was going through. Kind of like self-harm to forget about the hallucinations, the pain from his injuries, claustrophobia of being shut in a tomb, and the cramps of slowly starving to death.

His current teeth are professional ceramic crowns so now he can eat properly, though it’s not high on his list of Things to Do every day which is why he’s still so damned malnourished.

I HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME to colour and tidy it up (and do what I had wanted to do) because wow do I have a lot of responsibilities and things to do right now! Better luck next week I guess!

So I’m handing this in as my entry for the Warcraft Art Discord chat (twitter page)  weekly theme challenge! This week (and my first week entering and joined) is/was Outlaw Rogues!

There’s some hella rad arts, and artists, and everyone’s so nice and I’m glad I joined omfg. ;__;

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“Y-Your grandmother made them?” She stiffened up more at that, keeping a sturdier grip on the ceramic. “N-Now I feel even more awkward about this… If your grandmother made them then why not keep them? S-Sure its a surplus b-but you barely know me. And this is far more compensation than for the silly little teacup I broke.” 

She seemed to blush more at his comments, curling her lip to chew on it anxiously. 

“I-It is beautiful tho… She was a very skilled woman.” she smiled.

“I-I’m just… not used to this… sort of thing.”

Interview: Osa Atoe

New Orleans

In 2008, Osa Atoe was touring around the country with her punk band New Bloods. When we met her, she had changed gears, steering her focus to concentrate on the kind of art you can hold in your hands. She makes her life and living now as a terracotta potter in New Orleans, Louisiana, her color palette vast in its temperature if not its hue, both defying and defining the heat of the city. 

Osa’s bowls and dishes are elegant vessels, radiating with a staccato drum beat of angle and line. The geometric patterns in her ceramics recall the drawings in Shotgun Seamstress, Osa’s self-published zine about Black punk and political activism. A passion for personal and societal transformation, DIY ethics and the vocalization of the under-represented are the driving forces in everything she does, manifesting themselves in media as disparate as terracotta, punk and art historical essay. Her work is her voice: loud, unfettered by form and resounding in revolution.

We spoke to Osa about the relationship between punk music and ceramics, what a vessel stands for and the richness of New Orleans’ craft heritage. 

Portland punk band New Bloods.

What is your relationship to the the process of creating pottery, especially in relationship to punk and DIY aesthetics? You mentioned that you’ve been a punk musician since you were 19. Does that play into how you make ceramics now? 

I think I always wanted to work harder on punk bands than I actually could while collaborating with people. I was always very clear about the fact that I wasn’t in bands to make money; I wanted the music I was making to be purely about expression and participating in the legacy of punk and American indie rock. Unfortunately, I think that when you’re not getting paid for your craft, it can’t take as high a priority in your life. You’re always spending such a large chunk of your time working for money to keep food in your belly and a roof over your head. I would’ve loved to work on being in a band as hard as I work on pottery, but when you’re working with other people, you have everyone’s schedule to take into account. In the end, the longevity of your project also relies on multiple people.

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togepri-i  asked:

Hey! If you've got the time, could you rec any fanfiction where Levi is suave and really into Eren, who's, idk, shy to Levi's intentions? Something to do with the mood from the picture of Levi hitting on Eren in a cafe, calling him an angel, paying for his drink, and asking for his number... Thank you in advance!

sorry i couldn’t think of any ereri fics like that right now so i just wrote one for you lol (i can’t believe this seems like such a rare ereri trope…)

based on this comic
words: 700


“You’ve got no one to blame but yourself, Levi.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I saw the whole thing. He’s not coming back.” Hange sighs like it’s a regular response to Levi’s existence. “You really think he’s going to come back after that? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he steered clear of this whole area after that.”

Levi jabs the pencil he’s supposed to be taking diligent orders with in the direction of Hange’s face. “You’re reaching.”

Hange swats the pencil away. “Take the next one to table 5. And try not to write your number on their check this time.” There’s a piece of paper scrawled with an order and a number on it dangling in front of his face.

Levi grabs it and walks away. “I won’t. Unless their name is Eren Jaeger,” he adds under his breath.

“You already know his name!” Hange accuses.

“…He paid with a credit card,” Levi says like that’s all the reason he has to peak at the name on the receipt.

Hange is sighing again. “Ah, I feel sorry for this Eren Jaeger.”

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this was my last piece of the semester

i baked a real cake and developed a clay loose enough to spread but thick enough to hold its shape, like icing

i frosted the cake in this clay, using a star-shaped piping tip for the border

in the kiln the cake caught fire and burned out, leaving this bubbly charred surface inside

neat, huh!