Custom Ruby Gloom Misery Inspired Coin Bank!

Cast from originally designed mold. Left out to dry then hole on bottom is drilled out and slot on back of head is cut.

Afterwards her skin in painted with acrylic. Her facial features are hand drawn. All her clothing is handcut pieces of felt we apply one piece at a time. #pinatadesignstudio #coinbank #rubygloom #misery #chibimisery #cutemisery #piggybank #designers #artofetsy #artisansatwork #ceramicart #potteryart #doll

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Ship on a bottle.
13" tall thrown bottle and modelled ship from white earthenware clay. Masts sails and pennants from wood cloth and paper. The blue glaze on the bottle has a mother of pearl lustre finish over the ships wake and there is a skull and crossed cutlasses on one of the sails.
This item is for sail ….I mean sale :-) at earthwoolfire.etsy.com