Just a little FYI, I’m going to be doing a shop update tomorrow at 12 central time - so perhaps you should enjoy yourself a fancy brunch and afterwards take a lil’ peek at my Etsy? These cups will be part of the listings as well as a handful of mugs, small bowls, and planters. I hope you’re not tired of these bumbledudes 🐝 There will also be some moon themed designs! 🌙

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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the oenophile | 12.10.16

shhh … there’s wine in here mug by misspoppydesign

sneak your vino in an innocuous white mug … love the minimalist vibe. drink on, ladies.


I’m in love with these sweet and lovely constellation mugs made by Kiln Witch on Etsy (aka Kaïk, a potter living in Seattle). The Etsy store appears to be empty at the moment, but from Kaïk’s Instagram feed, it seems you can still purchase the mugs through Temple of Cairo

Available in either black or white for any of the zodiac constellations.

- Summer