ceramic rabbit


Ok, so this is only a rough play around with placement on the head collar. So please excuse the coloured pins ..and the blue tack! ;)) 

 All of this will have to come back off for actual sewing of the collar first etc before it’s then embellished, but I needed to visualise the workings out before I could do that. Also.. I don’t think I’m so keen on the gold so will possibly change that and maybe some of the bead/pearl colours. 

Anyway, wanted to share with you even though the finished piece will no doubt be quite different?! #alwaysis 



From start to finish on my sculpture, “It Doesn’t Go Away”. I will post a more formal photo of the sculpture in its entirety soon.

The premise of this project was to find a contemporary artist to create a piece inspired by. I chose SF artist Jeremy Fish, and his Silly Pink Bunnies statue. I tried to imitate the overall shape of the piece, incorporating the pink tones into the white rabbit, and incorporating the skull as her body morphs into skeleton.

This shows the process from inspiration, concept, sculpting, multiple layers of under glazing, and then the final glaze. The final piece will incorporate a candle inside. Viewers can choose to let the candle burn out, or continually replace the flame inside her.


Meet a few of my plants. I know this is silly but ever since I moved to Portland OR all I do in my free time is garden. I thought I’d share my other passion besides drawing. And They make great reference material. So feel free to draw them. 

I love lanterns and I love plants so I combined them, the top three plants hang in my kitchen window. I removed some of the glass panels and added a screen fixing patch in their place so the plant could grow out of the windows and so it could contain the dirt.  

The bunny container is cute and new. I planted it around christmas. It sits on the kitchen table with two little jades, a few cactus and a orchid (the fifth picture). The bunny container is from amazon. Here is a link. 


The sixth picture is of the plants in the bedroom window. The tall vine (pink jasmine) usually spends it’s time outside but I brought it in for the winter and it was very happy. 

The last two picture are of my H potter Terrarium.  Which is super happy and my Schefflera has quickly outgrown it’s container. I also put my kodama in there because I’m a nerd. I got the terrarium on amazon. Here is a link. 


I leave the top part open most of the time, because the other terrarium I have from H potter the Barrel Roof edwardian case, Tends to get mold really fast. I still am getting used to dealing with plants in such a closed off environment and I have not mastered it yet. XD

I have a lot of other plants in my work space and in the bathroom, plus the ones outside and as spring begins to show up in full swing I will share more. :)

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

my little cousin has a chia pet but it’s in this ceramic rabbit plantser and she carries it around like a stuffed animal and you can hear the water inside it’s so funny.


From this request: can you do a fluffy crowley one where he buys the reader something just because it made him think of her?



Crowley was unused to having such… feelings.

You were an oddity—how could a pathetic little human like you make the King of Hell’s heart both flutter with adoration and quiver with fear?

He wandered around the small downtown street, something he did on occasion to pass the time (was it so wrong to have a hobby?). He passed by a small ceramic shop, a few trinkets in the window. Just as he was about to turn the corner, he stopped. He turned back and looked into the window, staring at the little figurines.

Before he could stop himself, he walked into the shop.



You looked up at the sound of his voice. “Crowley,” you said, a small smile on your face. “What brings you around?”

“I… Where are the Winchesters?”

“Oh, they had a case.”

“Why aren’t you with them?”

“You know I’m not good with the whole ‘fake-FBI-thing’. I let them do the boring, dirty work, then I’ll join them for the exciting stuff.”

Crowley smiled. He’d seen you hunt numerous times before. You were quite good.

“So,” you smiled at him. “Care to join me for some mindless television bingeing?”

“Wish I could, love. But I have many important things to take care of. King of Hell and all…”


“I just…” Crowley reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small box. “I just wanted to bring you this.”

“Crowley, what’s this?”

“Open it.”

You took the box from him and slipped off the silver ribbon. You took the lid off and carefully removed the tissue paper. Your eyes widened when you saw the surprise inside. “Crowley.”

“Do you like it?”

You carefully pulled the tiny ceramic rabbit out of the box. The white figure was gorgeous and very life-like. “Crowley, this is beautiful.”

“I’m glad you think so. I saw it and I figured… you would like it.”

“I do!” You looked up at Crowley. “Thank you.”

“There’s something special about this rabbit,” Crowley said. “Set it on your palm.”

You did as he asked, flattening your hand and balancing the tiny creature. Crowley leaned over and gently ran a finger down the length of the rabbit, starting at the head and ending just before the tiny puffball tail.

You watched as the rabbit began to move—its nose began to twitch, its ears began to turn. The rabbit stretched its legs and began to walk around your palm, circling the area.

You laughed as you watched the tiny creature move—you held your other hand next to it and watched as it hopped over.

“Crowley! This is… this is fantastic.”

Crowley smiled down at you. “I’m glad you like it, Bunny.” He paused, scared that the nickname might offend you. But he couldn’t help it. After all, you lived with Moose and Squirrel—you had to have some sort of nickname. And the way you made Crowley feel… it was soft and warm and adorable. Just like a bunny.

You looked up at Crowley, a tiny smile on your face. You stood, cupping your hands together to protect the tiny, ceramic bunny. You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Crowley’s cheek.

“Thank you, Chipmunk,” you said.

If anyone else had said it, Crowley would have ripped their tongue out and condemned them to eternal suffering.

But you…

Crowley wanted nothing more than to hear you say it again.