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❉✬❉ sorority christmas traditions just for big/little! ❉✬❉

Share your big/little love in extra special ways this holiday season with these merry and bright ideas just for the two of you!! 

❉✬❉ 17 SPECIAL Big/Little Happy Holiday Traditions: ❉✬❉

  • PJ Party: Plan a Big/Little pajama party and classic Christmas movie sleepover. 
  • Memory Ornaments: Give each other a special ornament that represents a favorite memory of your time together. For example, an ornament that represents that crazy spring break trip, a wild night at an Italian restaurant, or your favorite fraternity luau. Do this each year.
  • Exchange “Best Of” Letters: Big/Little both write a “best of” list and exchange it during the holidays. Include about 5 creative examples: funniest memory, most meaningful time together, craziest moment, couldn’t believe it event and most admirable thing about your Big/Little.
  • Foodie Fun: If you have the facilities available, make a tradition of cooking some easy holiday treats together. Creating no-bake desserts would also be fun. Or take time to eat a favorite meal together in full holiday attire.
  • Big/Little Stockings: Start this tradition by decorating stocking for each other. Purchase some basic stockings and embellish them with trim and decor. Use the stockings for your big/little gift exchange. 
  • Christmas Bucket Exchange: Both Big and Little buy, paint and decorate a tin bucket for each other. Also purchase small envelopes and decorate them with holiday designs (number them if you wish.) Fill each envelope with a small trinket, piece of candy, gift card, special photograph, sweet note, or other small treat. Big/Little can open one envelope each day during the holiday season. This is like an advent calendar in a bucket.
  • December Sentiments: Each day before your winter break, surprise your Big/Little with a daily inspirational note taped to her door. For a surprise element, rotate where you leave the notes. A surprise greeting on her car, in her coat, or on her seat at chapter meeting would keep her guessing. Find meaningful quotes and sayings and print them out on cute Christmas letterhead. This project costs very little, but is thoughtful and happy for the holidays. 
  • Match for the Holidays: Buy matching Christmas pajamas, tacky sweaters, Big/Little Christmas sweatshirts, tee shirts, or other holiday attire to wear during the season. 
  • Donate Together: Giving is what the Christmas season is really all about. As a Big/Little team, each donate a coat or book to a charity requesting these donations. Give new toys to Toys for Tots, make Christmas Cards for the elderly, or fill a shoe box with small gifts for needy children overseas. Giving together shows how thankful you are for your sorority blessings.
  • Give a Theme Gift: Every year exchange the same “theme” item with your Big/Little. For example, give sorority mugs to each other, nutcrackers in crazy costumes, holiday paddles, fluffy socks, etc.. Pick one item that speaks to your friendship and have fun exchanging different variations of this piece each year.
  • Door Decoration: Make a tradition of decorating each other’s doors in maximum holiday style. Go all out to see who can decorate the most over the top Christmas door in the chapter. A variation of this would be Big/Little room decorating similar to big/little week, but in total holiday extravaganza style.
  • Holiday Happenings: Decorate gingerbread houses together, build snow-women, go sledding, decorate holiday ceramics at a local pottery painting studio, exchange favorite Christmas music mixes, work on a complex holiday puzzle together, etc…
  • Make Big/Little Photo Ornaments: At the craft store, buy several of the inexpensive clear ball ornaments and Christmas trim. Place a photo of Big/Little inside the ornament, some loose “snow” or pearls and decorate the outside with your holiday embellishments.  A simple and sweet sorority keepsake! 
  • Exchange Weird Gifts: Make a tradition of giving each other the creepiest Santas, ugliest ornaments, or weirdest figurines. Have fun shopping at thrift stores and dollar stores for the oddest holiday decor ever seen. If humor is part of your Big/Little relationship, this is a really funny holiday idea.
  •  Give the Gift of Home: If Big/Little are from different states, start a tradition of giving each other something special from your hometown. Share your background with your Big/Little and let her enjoy some sugar from your part of the country. Ask your mom to ship you something unique from home to give to your sister. 
  • Attend a Local Holiday Event: Go to the local Nutcracker Ballet production together, attend a holiday theatre production, enjoy a Christmas concert, drive around and look at the holiday lights, or visit the big Christmas display downtown. A Big/Little “date night” will put you in a festive mood. 
  • Shop Till You Drop: There is something fun about getting into the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. If both Big/Little need to buy gifts for family and friends back home, enjoy a day at the mall or shopping center together. Make it an event, help each other select gifts and enjoy lunch together at a favorite spot. 

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european houses // ceramic christmas ornaments by poast

pure white, unglazed porcelain ornaments look lovely against a crisp pine bough — choose from beautifully-carved homes found in paris, or amsterdam, or many other lovely locales, and fall in love with european magic all over again.