ceramic bow tie

Top 10 Bow Ties for Summer

Starting to wear more bow ties now? We pick out 10 of the best bow ties in summer-friendly fabrics you’ll want to wear this season!

Silk is definitely classic neckwear material, but with the sun in full force for the next few months, now is the perfect time to experiment with other textures and fabrics for your bow ties. We’ve curated a selection of seersucker, linen, chambray, and cotton bow ties for you that you can easily pair with your summer outfits. They’re ready for you below!

Oh, and make sure you check out the super unique bow ties for #9 and #10!


1) J.Crew Cotton Seersucker Bow Tie in Gingham

2) Ralph Lauren Seersucker Bow Tie


3) Alexander Olch The Crisp Bow Tie

4) Zara Linen Bow Tie with Rose Print


5) Banana Republic Chambray Bow Tie

6) Levi’s Chambray Bow Tie


7) Brooks Brothers Cotton Piqué Bow Tie

8) Smart Turnout London Woven Bow Tie


9) Cor Sine Labe Doli Ceramic Bow Tie

Textured Silk:

10) Monsieur Jean Yves Python Skin Bow TIe

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It’s no secret that bow ties complete a full suit, but when it gets too hot out during summer, what do you wear your bow ties with? Share your menswear style with us!