ceramic bathtub

shakespeare aesthetics

romeo and juliet: suburban july. scraped knees, bruised knuckles, blood in your teeth. bare feet on hot concrete. restlessness. your high school’s empty parking lot. love poems in your diary. a window open to coax in a breeze. burning inside. an ill-fitting party dress, a t-shirt you cut up yourself, the time you tried to give yourself bangs. biking to your friend’s house. bubble gum. gas station ice. the feeling that you’ve met before. rebellion. a car radio playing down the street. cheap fireworks. a heart drawn on the inside of your wrist with sharpie. switchblades. red solo cups. dancing in your bedroom. screaming yourself hoarse. running out of options. the forlorn-looking basketball hoop at the end of the cul-de-sac. climbing onto your roof at night while your parents are asleep. flip-flops. a eulogy written on looseleaf. the merciless noontime sun.

hamlet: speaking in a whisper. holding your breath. a browning garden. a half-remembered story. furniture covered with sheets. fog at dawn, mist at twilight. losing touch. the ethereal space between winter and spring. the soft skin at your temple. the crack in the hallway mirror. things you’d say if you knew the words. uncombed hair. books with writing in the margins, books with cracked spines, books with lines scratched out. prayers on all souls’ day. a chipped ceramic bathtub. a cold stone floor. uncomfortable awareness of your own heartbeat. the sparrow that got in your house. shadows. the creek you played in as a child. a dirty night gown. a big black t-shirt. a collection of your favorite words. soil under your nails. ghost stories. the strangeness of your own name in your mouth. deep silence. exhaustion. a cliff with a long, long drop down.

twelfth night: wicker deck furniture. new england summer. big dark sunglasses and a blonde bob. a storm over the ocean, patio umbrellas flapping in the wind. chlorine smell. muffled laughter. sarcasm. starched cuffs. day drinking. bay windows. the idea of love, love for the idea of love, love for love’s sake. hangovers. wandering over the sand dunes. a vagabond with a guitar, a crab fisherman with tattoos, a pretty boy with a slackened tie. a light house. growing too close. boat shoes. feeling yourself change. finger guns. big floppy sun hats. double-speak. a song you keep listening to. turning red under their gaze. margaritas drunk on an inflatable pool lounger. string lights on a balmy night. sleepy june days. fights you’re unprepared for, hope you weren’t expecting, pranks that go too far. bad poetry. pining. pool noodles. becoming less of a stranger.

macbeth: the space where your grief used to be. a bird that’s lost an eye. old blood stains. heavy blinds. the smell of sweat, the stillness after battle. a fake smile. a curse. the taste of metal at the back of your tongue. your house, unfamiliar in the dark. a dusty crib. a sulfur smell. an orange pill bottle. streaks in the sink. a black cocktail dress. your hand on the doorknob, shaking. chilly breeze. crunching from the gravel driveway on a moonless night. clenched hands. a rusty swing set. a flashing digital clock stuck on 12:00. a snake that crosses your path, an owl that watches you, a dog that runs when you approach. red smoke. dark clouds. cool steel. tile floors. footsteps in the hallway late at night. a baggy suit that used to fit before. visions. insomnia headaches. nursery rhymes. being too far in to go back now. 

much ado about nothing: the high drama of small towns. a pickup truck, military supply duffel bags in the hall, hugs all around. tulip bulbs. a wraparound porch, a pitcher of iced tea. barbecue. a rubber halloween mask. someone on your level. indian summer. ill-timed proclamations. stomach-clutching laughter. rushing in. not minding your business. crepe paper. white lies. secrets written down and thrown away. southern hospitality. homemade curtains in the kitchen, a sink full of roses. hiding in the bushes. old friends. the wedding dress your grandma wore, and her mama before her. a dog-eared rhyming dictionary. camomile with honey. the intimacy of big parties. lawn flamingos. gossip. a crowded church. friendly rivalries. unfriendly rivalries. shit getting real. love at five hundredth sight. not realizing you have a home until you’re there. 

king lear: cement block buildings. power lines that birds never perch on. the end of the world. useless words. rainless thunder, heat lightning, a too-big sky. arthritic knuckles. broken glass. chalk cliffs. the pulsing red-black behind closed eyes. something you learned too late. wet mud that sucks up your shoes while you walk. a cold stare. empty picture frames. empty prayers. the obscenity of seeing your parents cry. a treeless landscape. bloody rags. grappling in the dark with reaching hands. the sharpness at the tips of your teeth. the blown-out windows of skeletal houses. decay. jokes that aren’t jokes, shutting up, holding your tongue. prophecies. aching muscles, tired feet. stinging rain. invoking the gods, wondering if the gods are listening, wondering if the gods are dead. white noise. shivers. numbness. the unequivocal feeling of ending.

a midsummer night’s dream: wet soil/dead leaves smell. listening to music on headphones with your eyes closed. wildflowers. the distant sparkle of lightning bugs. a pill somebody slipped you. fear that turns to excitement, excitement that turns to frenzy. mossy tree trunks. a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness. night swimming. moonlight through the leaves. a bass beat in your chest. a butterfly landing on your nose. a kiss from a stranger. a dark hollow in an old tree. glow-in-the-dark paint. drinking on an empty stomach. a twig breaking behind you. spinning until you’re dizzy. finding glitter on your body and not remembering where it came from. an overgrown path through the woods. cool dew on your skin. a dream that fades with waking. moths drawn to the light. giving yourself over, completely. afterglow. the long, loving, velvety night.

With or without me

Word count: 2513

Warning: the smuttiest smut I’ve ever written

Kai siphones you during sex

After three weeks of Kai ignoring you and not wanting to touch you in any way just to teach you a lesson, really made your head spinning. You hated when he did it. No matter what you did, walk around the house in your short skirts without any underwear underneath it or walked around the house in your sexy lingerie, it didn’t help. You were seducing him the whole time, driving him crazy to the point where he had to leave the house because it was too much for him, but he was strong. Much, much stronger than you were even though his bulge was perfectly visible through his jeans and you knew he wanted you just as much as you wanted him. Sometimes you would lock yourself in the bathroom when he wasn’t at home and touch yourself in the way Kai would, with him on your mind you brought yourself to a release, moaning out his name. It calmed you down a little bit, but nothing could have compared to what Kai’s fingers could do to your body. Sometimes, he came behind you, pretending he was just picking up a glass of water and then grazed his long fingers on your bare skin, his crotch pressing firmly against your butt, making your breath hitch at the feeling and you could have felt the smirk that was on his face everytime he did it because he knew what kind of effect he had on you. It made your body tremble and sent chills down your spine but the feeling always ended up *down there.*

Today wasn’t any different. He did the exactly same thing, his touch feeling like fire as if it would burn your skin if he touched you, your heart picking up its pace, beating against his chest while his head was pressed against your neck, his hot breath caressing your sensitive skin, making you close your eyes and take a deep breath. He perfectly knew what he was doing and after minutes of torturing you, he stepped away from you and quickly fixed his obvious bulge in his jeans and smirked at you when he saw you biting your lip, your eyes focused on his bulge for a few seconds before you made eye contact with him.

‘See you later beautiful.’ He simply said and then walked out of the house, closing the big doors behind him. You placed your hands on the kitchen counter and leaned on them as you exhaled hardly, letting out a big sigh, feeling like you have been running a marathon. Your legs were weaker, feeling like jello and like you could collapse right there on the floor. You were hungry, but not for food. You were hungry for Kai and his incredible touch that always made your body feel good like nobody ever did before and you couldn’t help but remember what it felt like having him right inside you, filling and stretching you out oh so perfectly. The thought of it made you bite your lip, stopping yourself from moaning out loud. You ran your fingers roughly through your hair, frustration completely taking over your body. You looked towards the front door, knowing Kai wouldn’t be back for couple of hours so you had the house all to yourself, again.

'Screw it!’ You muttered and right there in the kitchen took your bra off and threw it down on the floor, jumping over it as your feet took your right where you wanted to be. On the way to the bathroom, you stopped again and took your panties off, walking completely naked through an empty house and directly to the bathroom. You opened the water in the bathtub, letting it fall into an oval ceramic white bathtub, pouring a little bit of esential oils into the water, a strong vanilla scent hitting your nostrils. You stepped into the bath tub and laid down, warm water wrapping your body perfectly, relaxing your muscles in a second. You exhaled deeply at a nice feeling, the scent calming you down. You closed the tap, the bathtub completely filled, covering your entire body. You closed your eyes and slowly placed your hands on your breasts, squeezing them lightly and then playing with your nipples, feeling them getting hard under your own touch. You let out a quiet moan as you traveled your one hand down your torso, reaching your belly button and then went lower until your hand was exactly where you needed it to be. You trailed your index finger over your clit a couple of times and then slipped one finger inside you, circling it around and feeling your warm walls as you added another finger in. You squirmed in your seat and spread your legs a bit further apart as your other hand slid down your body, finding your clit. You started rubbing it gently with your finger, while you pushed the fingers in a out of you, the combination of those two actions, getting you closer to the point you were craving the most. You sped up a little bit, your moaning getting louder with each movement, making you throw your head back in pleasure as you felt yourself getting closer to your release.

'Having fun without me?’ You heard a male voice, scaring you, your eyes opening in a split second, gasping for air as some of the water spilled on the bathroom floor. You looked to one side and saw Kai standing there, leaned against the door frame with the biggest smirk on his face, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. He smiled and slowly walked towards you, only a few larger steps were enough to reach the bathtub. He knelt down and had a perfect view on your naked body as there were no bubbles to cover you up. 'Now, what were you doing?’ He whispered and dipped his index finger in the water, swirling it around just above your lover half. 'You know, I don’t like when you’re having fun without me, sweetheart.’ He muttered as you felt a slight pressure on your clit, massaging it in slow circles. Hevwas using his magic on you, pleasuring you and bringing you closer to your release with each circle he made on your clit. Your walls clenched as you squirmed in your seat, trying really hard to keep your moans muffled. He smiled at you and winked, his magic working on your body superbly, a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach getting stronger but just when you wanted to let go, he stopped. You groaned in frustration and looked at him furiously only to earn a mischevious smile from him.

'I was thinking’ he dunk his hand into the warm water,  slowly pushing it all the way until it hit the bottom of the bathtub. 'Maybe I should have taken care of you, but then again’ he moved his hand closer to your entrance and teased it with his fingers a couple of times before he pushed two fingers into you, stretching you out a little bit, making you gasp out. 'this is much more fun’ he pulled his fingers almost all the way out and then quickly pushed them back in. Out. In. Out. In. 'We could have gone to dinner first, get some food in you, watch some kind of movie, whatever you want. Tough decision, I would have needed your help to decide.’ He kept talking like he wasn’t finger fucking you in a freaking bathtub. 'I have to say, seeing you like this, squirming at my touch, your warm walls clenching around my fingers is much, much, much better than any dinner or any other thing that exists in this god damn world.’

'Fuck, Kai. Please, let me.’ You moaned out and grabbed onto the sides of a bathtub, throwing your head back as you felt your orgasm approaching.

'Please, what? What do you want, sweetheart?’ He whispered and slowed down the pace that his fingers were making inside you, circling them around, his fingers finding your g-spot, hitting it perfectly every time.

'Please, let me come for you, please.’ You cried out, dying to let yourself go. 'Look at me.’ You barely opened your eyes, somehow managed to look him in the eyes, your mouth slightly opened as he kept circling his fingers around, but what pushed you over the edge was when he used his magic again you, pressing onto your clit as you came loudly, crying out his name in pleasure, your body falling apart under his touch and the sound of your moaning turning him on even more as he wanted to make his way with you right then and there. He pulled his fingers out of you and pushed his fingers into his mouth, devouring them like what was left on them was his favourite candy.

'Mm, so good.’ His got up and fixed his jeans, his bulge obvious through his jeans as you couldn’t help but stare at it for a few seconds, your breathing uneven. 'Like what you see?’ He asked, winking at you. You bit your lip and quickly got out of the tub, kneeling down in front of him.

'What do you think you’re doing, missy?’ He asked with a seductive voice.

'Taking care of my man. Now shut up and enjoy.’ You whispered as you unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans down to his ankles, getting a closer meeting with his now hard lenght, just waiting to be set free. You leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on it, Kai’s hands abruptly finding their way to your hair, grabbing on it slightly. You reached out your hands and pushed up his shirt, revealing his toned torso, your lips kept planting gentle kisses on his bulge.

'Stop teasing.’ He moaned out, his gaze strongly focused on you. You showed him a small smiled and then tugged on the sides of his boxers and slowly pushed them down, his lenght springing up free, hitting his abdomen, standing strongly and perfectly in front of your face. You grabbed it with your hand and stroke him a couple of times before planting a kiss on his tip, his pre-cum staining your lips. You licked them, the salty feeling making you groan a bit. You leaned in and took him in your mouth as deep as you could, until it hit the back of your throat.

'Oh shit. Just like that.’ Kai cried out, his hips jerking forward, hitting the back of your throat again. You hummed, the vibrations making him even harder. You pulled back almost all the way and took him in again and this time you didn’t stop. You hollowed your cheeks and kept stroking him with your hand, his panting getting louder, Kai making the grip on your hair tighter as you felt him twitch and just when you knew he will cum, you grazed him slightly with your teeth, sending him over the edge as Kai cried out loudly, only curse words escaping his mouth, his warm liquid trickling down your throat. He looked down at you when you were wiping your mouth with your thumb and smiled at him, his breathing shallow and heavy.

'You will be the death of me one day, sweetheart.’ He moaned and picked you up with a one seift motion, wrapping your legs around his body as you still felt his rock hard lenght under you butt. You reached down and started stroking him again, but your hand got slapped away by his, making you gasp.

'No, baby, now it’s your turn. I have to make it up to you for all this time’ he threw you on the bed and abruptly spread your legs, your bare heat completely exposed to him. He climber on top of you and kissed you deeply, his tongue finding its way inside your mouth, fighting for dominance while his fingers ran aceoss your wet folds, pushing a single finger inside, feeling how wet and warm you were, ready for him.

'So nice. You’re always so ready for me, sweetheart.’ He licked his finger and positioned himself at your entrance, guiding himself with his hand, trailing his tip over your folds, covering himself in your arousal and then pushed inside youwith ease, filling you up to the hilt. You threw your head back and arched your back, his size still surprising you at how thick he was everytime he slid himself into you. He didn’t waste any time as he immediately started thrusting at a faster pace, your breath hitching everytime he pushed in, your skin feeling like it was on fire, sensitive at each touch Kai made on your body. You reached between your bodies to rub your clit, but your hand quickly got replaced by Kai’s hand, rubbing your clit in figure eight motion, his thrust perfectly fitting the movements his hand was making. You arched your back and jerked your hips forward, you and Kai falling into a perfect rhythm.
Kai groaned deeply as he looked down where his hips met yours, focusing on hitting your g-spot everytime, getting you both to your release once again.

'Fuck, Kai. I- I’m so- close.’ You stuttered and placed your hands on his neck, pulling him closer as your lips met his in a deep and passionate kiss, feeling his thrusts becoming sloppier by the minute, but his pace was still there. 'I can’t hold it anymore- I- oh fuck-’ you moaned out and clenched around him as your second orgasm tore through your body, your legs shaking and your nails digging into Kai’s back, drawing small lines over it, causing his hips to slam into you in few sharp thrusts.

'You feel so good, shit.’ He groaned and placed his head in the crook of your neck, his hand placed firmly on your hip. His hot breath caressed your neck, his deep groans filling the room. 'Ugh- fuck-’ he twitched inside you and in time when his orasm hit his body, a red light started glowing around his hand, siphoning the magic out of you unintentionally, but even though it did hurt a little bit, it also somehow added more pleasure and it made you scream out loud, your name escaping Kai’s mouth as he abruptly collapsed on top of you, panting heavily.

'I fucking love you.’ Kai moaned and planted a sloppy koss on your lips and then pulled out of you, making you wince a little bit at the loss of him inside you. 'Did I make it up to you?’ He asked, his chest rising up and down as he was still trying to catch his breath and still his breathing.

'Even more than that, but, I am far from being down with you.’ You bit your lip and got on top of him again, sitting on his lap as his hands made their way to your butt, pressing you down onto his crotch, preparing himself to take you again like you deserve it.

Servamp: The Nightmare

This fic was born when I listen to one of Three Days Grace’s song. It remind me a lot of Kuro, for some reason. Well, I really hope you like it, and I promise the angst will stop for a while, I want to as least make happy and cute ones again!  I hope you enjoy this one!


Kuro groaned in his sleep. Usually the vamp would have good dreams of finding the ultimate pillow, or getting all the food and video games he wanted, but not tonight. Tonight the demon in him decided to torture him. Tensing his cat body, Kuro tossed slightly in the little basket bed that Mahiru had given him whenever he wanted to sleep in his cat mode. Biting back growls, Kuro fought the darkness that was invading his dreams all he could, but the demon cat would not relent it’s attack to show him his past mistakes. As the dark mass of fluid began to fill the ugly dark room he was trapped in, Kuro could not get the evil laughter the creature let out as the vampire fought for his escape. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get out of the black sludge, and right when he was about to drown, a light flashed, and Kuro found himself awake with Mahiru shaking him.

“Come on Kuro,” the Eve told him, smiling when Kuro’s red eyes met his brown. Kuro shakingly stood up, and went to his human form, still feeling the nightmare’s clutch on his thoughts. “We have to go.”

“Hm?” Kuro hummed, stretching a little to pop his muscles. Mahiru stood up as well, and slid on his backpack. Kuro went cat again, and jumped inside of it, letting his front hang out as Mahiru zipped it up until he was safe. Mahiru patted his head, and swung it on his back. “Mahiru?”

“Yeah?” the Eve asked, as he stepped out of the apartment, and locked the door. Kuro looked down at the sidewalk, and thought about it. Mahiru waited, and gave Kuro a confused look. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing….never mind,” the cat whispered, closing his eyes. Mahiru frowned, but carried on down the steps of the apartment building, on his way to school. Kuro was acting strange, but when wasn’t he? He’ll tell him eventually. “I wouldn’t want to trouble him…” Kuro thought, as he claws clenched around Mahiru backpack.

As night came again, Kuro sat on the couch, listening as Mahiru got out of the shower. Hearing the bathroom door open, Kuro stood up slowly, and Mahiru walked into the living room in his boxers with a sleep shirt on. A wet towel laid against his hair and shoulders. Mahiru smiled at the servamp, and pointed towards the bathroom.

“I saved enough hot water,“ he told Kuro. Kuro nodded, and slowly walked towards the misty bathroom. Mahiru watched him in concern. He noticed Kuro seemed to have a lot on his mind. And it was sort of getting depressing. He hoped Kuro would tell him sooner of later. "I’ll be in my room. Come on in, when you’re done, okay?”

Kuro nodded at his Eve, and gently shut the door. Slipping off his shirt, Kuro noticed a pair of joggers and a t-shirt all folded up on the washer. Mahiru knew he would want to take one, so he prepared. Walking over to them, Kuro put his hand on the soft fabric, and smiled. Throwing his clothes in Mahiru’s hamper, Kuro turned on the shower, and slowly stepped in, letting the hot water take all his muscle’s soreness away. Sighing in relief, Kuro quickly washed his hair and body, and then turned off the water to step out. Grabbing a clean towel, Kuro placed it on his head, rubbing his hair dry. When the fog cleared a little, Kuro looked at himself in the mirror and froze.

“It’s not that easy to escape…is it….” a cackle said. Kuro was staring at his own dark reflection. There were no features, just a black shadow with shining blood red eyes staring back at his own. Kuro bit his lip, and backed up. “You can’t escape me Kuro! Not even you’re Eve will trust you once he figures out what you have done!”

“NO!” Kuro yelled over the evil cackling, as he backed up more. When the back of his knees hit the tub, he fell backwards, and landed hard in the ceramic bathtub. The evil cackling filled the room, and Kuro slammed his hands over his ears, and clenched his eyes shut. Black images were swimming in his vision, even though his eyes were shut. “Get out of my head! STOP IT NOW!”

“Kuro?!” Mahiru yelled, slamming the bathroom open. Glancing around, he saw Kuro naked in the tub, with a slight scratch that was bleeding on his knees. Blushing slightly at seeing his servamp naked, Mahiru ran to his servamp, ignoring it. Kuro felt hands around his wrist, which caused him to scream, and open his eyes, ready to fight. But when he saw his Eve, the mocking voice and laughter in his head disappeared, and he was left panting from all the screaming he did. “K-Kuro…are you okay? You’re bleeding!”

Kuro glanced slowly around, and saw himself in the bathtub. Lowering his hands, Kuro took in the cuts on his knees, and knew they would heal soon anyways. Looking back up at Mahiru, he saw the scared and upset expression on the boy’s face. Slowly getting up, with Mahiru’s help, Kuro grabbed the pants, and slipped them on, much to Mahiru’s relief. Still holding onto Mahiru’s hand, Kuro realized how badly the human was shaking. Letting go of his hand, Kuro slipped the shirt on, and turned to face his Eve. Mahiru put his hands on his shoulders, and looked him in the eyes. Kuro bit his lip, and lightly gripped the Eve’s wrists.

“I’m sorry Mahiru,” Kuro whispered, watching as Mahiru breathed a sigh of relief. Mahiru shook his head, and brought the servamp in for a hug. Kuro jerked in surprise, but accepted it, and placed his head on his Eve’s shoulder. “I just remembered a nightmare I had, and it sort of scared me. Sorry for scaring you like I did.”

“Kuro…it’s okay,” Mahiru whispered, pulling away from Kuro, and patting his wet blue hair. Kuro looked down at their bare feet, and sighed. He wanted to tell Mahiru everything, but he couldn’t trust that the Eve wouldn’t hate him after he learned everything he did in the past. He was scared. “You don’t have to tell me now. Just know I’m here for you whenever you need me, okay?”

Kuro nodded, and Mahiru smiled softly. Pulling him, Kuro let Mahiru lead him to the bedroom, where the nightmares of sleep were waiting for the servamp. Kuro swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked at the tiny basket. Mahiru saw the servamp hesitating, before making a quick decision. Pulling Kuro to his bed, Mahiru opened the covers, and let him get in. Kuro glanced at the brunette in confusion.

“You can sleep with me tonight,” Mahiru whispered, covering them up, and leaning over to turn of the lamp by his bedside. Kuro laid down softly on the extra pillow, and watched as Mahiru got comfortable. Laying on his side, Mahiru watched as Kuro mirrored him, and smiled at him tiredly. “Who knows. It may stop the nightmares.”

Kuro doubted that, but he did feel safer sharing a bed with someone. Mahiru gave him one final pat, before his eyes slipped shut, and his breath evened out. Kuro watched his Eve sleep a little more, before he felt sleep pulling on his consiousness. Letting his eyes drift shut, Kuro let sleep take him, hoping for no nightmares tonight.

Of course, he was wrong. As soon as he fell to sleep, Kuro was back in that black room with no exits. Glancing around, there was no sight of that stupid demon cat that likes to haunt him. Staying where he was, Kuro glanced around, and noticed it seemed like the room was getting smaller by the minute. Feeling confined, Kuro began to walk around, even though he had a hard time seeing. Hearing the evil snickering from the demon, Kuro glanced around, but he still could see him. All of a sudden, something grabbed his ankles, which caused him to stop his walking.

“You are useless…you can’t do anything right….” the demon whispered. Feeling a dark mass right behind him, Kuro glanced around, and saw the demon hanging off the ceiling with those glowing red eyes. It cackled some more, before manifesting right on Kuro’s shoulder. “You really think that Eve of your’s can save you? Well….look over there!”

Kuro looked in the direction the demon cat was pointing, and gasped. A duplicate of Mahiry was hanging there, with his arms chained over his head, and blood running down his face. Kuro growled, and tried to get free, but the sludge that encased his feet grew up to his knees, making it impossible to even move. Kuro was forced to watch as the demon cat made its way over to an unconsious Mahiru. Shaking, Kuro tried to break free, but nothing he did was working, so he just tensed, as he felt tears welling in his eyes.

“Let him go please!” Kuro shouted, tearing at the sludge on his knees. The demon cackled, and summoned many weapons out of no where. Swords, knives, and a ax was all in his paws. Kuro paled, and stopped moving all together. The demon smiled darkly, and thew the ax right into Mahiru’s shoulder. Hearing the Eve scream in agony, Kuro felt the tears finally roll down his cheeks. “NO! Let him go! Please! Don’t! It’s me you want! Not him! P-please!”

The demon watched in glee as Kuro broke down completely, falling as much as the sludge encasing his legs would let him. Sobs made their way out of the vampire’s throat, raw and full of emotion. The demon cackled some more, and let more weapons make their way into Mahiru, tearing at the skin, and ripping his muscles. Kuro listened on and on as Mahiru’s tortured screams echoed around the dark room. Shaking his head hard, Kuro pressed the palms of his hands over his ears, as the screams echoed in his head.

“Nothing you can do will stop this,” the demon cackled in Kuro’s ear. Finally snapping, Kuro hissed, and finally tore the bindings on his knees with the strength he wanted to keep hidden. The demon cackled more and more, as Kuro ran full speed at him, with a murdering glint in his eyes. “What are you going to do?!”

Kuro growled one last time, before tackling the demon into the dark walls, feeling the dream shatter, as he came back to the real world. Growling, Kuro tore at the bindings holding his wrists, as he bit into whatever was holding him back from killing the demon spawn bitch. But when a cry of pain sounded in the room, Kuro’s eyes widened, as he came out of his dream rage, and took in his surroundings. He was in Mahiru’s room, in his bed. Glancing down, Kuro realized he had the taste of blood, as something was pressing inside his mouth. Glancing down, Kuro saw Mahiru’s arm in his mouth, and the tears of pain in the Eve’s eyes, as Kuro’s teeth were pressed in his wrist. Watching the blood drip down his arm, Kuro gasped, and flew off of his Eve, as he spat out whatever blood he tried to drink in his nightmare state.

“Kuro…w-what?” Mahiru gasped out in pain, pulling his arm to his chest, as he sat up. Kuro backed away from his Eve, and refused to meet the confused eyes. Mahiru bit his lip, and looked down at his wrist. It hurt more then all of the other times Kuro bit him. Glancing at the glowing chain that attached them, Mahiru knew Kuro must’ve accidentally swallowed some of his blood. It felt like his servamp really met to bite his arm off. Looking back up at Kuro, Mahiru saw the servamp was almost swimming in tears. Whatever he dreamed of, must’ve really screwed with him. “Kuro…come here.”

Kuro heard the Eve’s demand, but he didn’t trust himself. He bit Mahiru, and tried to kill him in his sleep. What if he hadn’t woken up? Mahiru could be even more injured then he already was. Shaking his head, Kuro stayed planted where he was on the bed. Far away from Mahiru. Mahiru grit his teeth, and grabbed the glowing chain, and pulled. Kuro felt the chain around his neck being pulled, and he looked up at Mahiru with fear in his eyes. Since there was nothing he could do, Kuro let himself be pulled until he was right in front of his Eve.

“M-Mahiru…” Kuro whimpered out, hiding his face from the Eve’s look. Mahiru bit his lip. He knew Kuro didn’t mean it, the servamp was having a nightmare when he lashed out. How was he supposed to know it was Mahiru he was attacking. Shaking his head, Mahiru placed the palm of his not injured hand on Kuro’s shaking head, and smiled sadly. “Pl-please…I’m sorry!”

“Kuro, it’s okay,” Mahiru whispered, watching as the glowing chain popped out of sight. Meaning the effect of their contract was done for now. Mahiru put his hand under Kuro’s chin, and gently lifted his face to see tears pouring down the servamp’s face. Frowning, Mahiru pulled him closer, until Kuro’s face was pressed into his chest, and he could feel the shaking of the servamp’s held back sobs. “You didn’t mean it. Don’t worry Kuro. It’s not too bad, I’ll heal, stop crying, please.”

Kuro sniffed in Mahiru’s chest, and slowly pulled away to look at his Eve’s wrist. Holding his hand out, Kuro watched as Mahiru put his wrist in his hand with no hesitation. Swallowing, Kuro looked over his bite in Mahiru’s wrist, and like the teen said, it wasn’t bad, it even stopped bleeding. Sighing in relief, Kuro glanced back at Mahiru, and saw him staring at him, with a smile on his face. Feeling the emotions in him well up again, Kuro launched forward, and pushed his face back in Mahiru’s chest. Mahiru held Kuro as he felt the sadness turn to relief inside Kuro’s body. Lying them back, Mahiru covered them back up, and felt Kuro’s legs tangle against his, as the servamp pulled Mahiru closer to him.

“I’m so sorry,” Kuro whimpered in his Eve’s chest, purring a little when Mahiru traced his spine, and rubbed his fingers softly through his hair. Mahiru shook his head again, and pulled them closer. Listening to his heart beat, Kuro sighed, feeling sleep tug at him again. Mahiru noticed, and shushed his protest. “I…didn’t mean it.”

“I know Kuro…” Mahiru whispered, watching as sleep began to tug more and more out of his servamp. Pulling him closer, Mahiru kissed the sleepy servamp’s forehead, and watched as Kuro closed his eyes. “Go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up. Goodnight Kuro.”

Kuro hummed as sleep finally overtook him. The steady beat of Mahiru’s heart acted like a lullaby as the servamp was knocked fully asleep. The last thought on Kuro’s thought was that he was hoping for no more nightmares that night. And he got his wish. For in his dream, he was he was traveling for the ultimate ramen noodles along with Mahiru. Kuro breathed out a sigh, letting a smile flow on his sleeping face as the peaceful dream continued in his head, as he cuddled closer to his sleeping Eve.

Cherish the Peanut: Day 1 - Milestones

I’m really, really late to this party but here’s something for the first theme of this week!

Murmured words and hiccups are all that he can hear through the white-washed wood of the bathroom door, Regina’s honeyed tones weaving gently through the softest sobs that were barely audible. His daughter cries like her mother he’d discovered some time ago – almost silently and with her whole soul, in the same way that she laughed, that she loved and that she lived. There was no halfway in anything when it came to the Mills women, that much Robin knew at the very least.

Henry and Roland had been in the kitchen when he’d arrived home assembling their sister’s favourite treat with bowls, tubs and spoons all ready to be prepped on the middle island. The older boy had spotted him first, turning his long body (both Emma and Regina were still astounded as to where his height had come from considering his biological father hadn’t been exactly tall and nor is Rumple. He was even starting to edge a little higher than David these days.) to smile sadly at Robin and, in turn, catching Roland’s attention.

His boy was just on the brink of his own growth spurt, not far from hitting the awkward gangly stage that Robin had hated as a boy, all limbs and no idea of what to do with them. His curls were a little shorter and neater than usual and it had him frowning for a moment before he’d remembered Regina mentioning back-to-school haircuts the previous afternoon. Had he really not noticed since then?

“That bad?” he’d asked when they’d turned back around to begin spooning great scoops of vanilla ice cream into bowls, chopping strawberries and shaking the chocolate sauce bottle to ensure a steady flow. They’d merely nodded solemnly at him before Henry had directed his attention to the downstairs bathroom.

Today had marked Rae’s first day of school and even though both Regina and himself had been terrified (as she had been when Henry had first attended and they both had been when Roland had first gone), their daughter had been almost vibrating with excitement when her own time had come. She’d bounded through the front door and leapt straight onto his lap the day Regina had taken her to choose some ‘big girl’ clothes to wear for her first week, regaling him with tales of all of the new things she was going to wear and just how she was going to style her hair to complement each outfit. “Just like her mother,” Robin had smirked at Regina, recalling some of her more daring outfits in the Enchanted Forest. She’d scoffed at him and squeaked when he’d patted affectionately at her rear as she’d passed him.

Then there had been the afternoon Henry had returned home from his own first day, the oldest year group having gone back in a day early to get back into the flow of things before the corridors were hoarded with those transitioning from middle school to high school and over-excited teens returning for another year. He’d smirked at his youngest sibling and crooked a finger at her, telling her to follow him to the coffee table in the middle of the living room and, of course, she had. She’d perched herself on the floor, kneeling with elbows supporting her on the glass surface and waited with baited breath. He’d unzipped his rucksack and tipped it upside down to release a waterfall of pens, pencils and crayons. A rainbow of stationary that Rae had squealed with joy over before picking through the pile.

She’d spent last night packing everything neatly into her new bag. It was tiny and it was adorable – styled to look like a butterfly though it’s wings were a vibrant pink, a gift from her Auntie Mal who’d stopped by to wish her goddaughter luck for the coming day.

That same bag now lay propped up against the wall beside the door, barely recognisable for the amount of paint splattered upon it and, with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, Robin realised just what had happened.

Regina hadn’t told him much on the phone, just that there had been an ‘accident’ (he hadn’t missed the suspicion in his wife’s tone, found her quite easy to read even when he couldn’t actually see her) and that Rae needed him, needed them all. Emma had waved him off when he’d asked if she’d be okay on her own for a little while or if she wanted him to wait until Ruby had arrived to take over. “Go take care of peanut,” she’d insisted, “and give her extra cuddles from me, okay?”

He knocked gently at the door and waited until he heard Regina’s gentle “come in” before turning the handle and pushing it open slowly. He didn’t look up properly until he’d slid inside and pressed back into the door to close it but when he did look up and take in the scene before him, his heart ached.

Rae’s face was splotchy and red, tears still glistening on her little cheeks whilst her bottom lip trembled something terrible. Her round blue eyes were glistening, crystalline in the light of the bathroom and made all the more vibrant with her anguish. It looked as though Regina had managed to clean her skin of the paint (new clothes left in a stained pile on top of the laundry hamper) but it was her hair that seemed to be suffering the worst.

Regina was sat in the bathtub behind their daughter, still wearing her clothes (it was moments like these in which his love for the brunette burned through his every cell because there was absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for their children) and running gentle fingers through matted blue, green and yellow painted strands. She smiled sadly at Robin, fingers still moving as she whispered tender words of comfort to their whimpering child.

He moved to kneel at the side of the tub, closest to Rae’s face and she watched his every movement, his presence seeming to bring even more tears from her though he supposed it was the effect of having someone new see what had happened. He placed a hand on the ceramic bathtub for support before moving his other hand to stroke his palm along warm, slippery skin, cupping the redhead’s cheek and asking “extra cuddles tonight?”

Her little face crumpled then as she nodded vigorously, closed her eyes and moved enough to wrap her arms around her daddy’s neck with her mother now stroking at her back.


They emerged from the bathroom when the water began to cool, Robin kissing his two girls (Rae on both cheeks and Regina on the lips twice) before watching them make their way up the stairs to change into the PJs. Rae was so tiny in his wife’s arms, so very small and vulnerable – children were unbearably cruel sometimes.


All three boys were sitting ready for the movie Roland had picked out when both mother and daughter padded their way into the living room, Rae instantly making her way to where Henry sat with legs curled upon an armchair. He smiled when she approached and held out his hands ready to pull her up and onto his lap where she settled herself rather comfortably.

Robin smiled as he watched Roland pick up both his siblings’ bowls from the coffee table and handed them over for them to begin eating whilst Regina nestled herself into his side with a bowl for them both. His youngest boy then made his way over to nestle into Regina’s side with his own dessert and signalled for Henry to start the movie.

It was nothing out of the ordinary, their ragtag little family all snuggled together on the sofa, happy to fall asleep in the positions they were in now but on days like today, when things had been a little harder (as they always would with townsfolk unable to get over the past, unable to see Regina for the woman she was now instead of the woman she had been and those still judging both of them for raising the Wicked Witch’s daughter – though she was nothing of the sort), he would remind himself to take in everything he could about the moment, memories to keep and to visit when their children were grown and having kids of their own.

He smiled at the knowledge that, though Rae’s first day at school hadn’t been what she’d expected (what any of them had expected for that matter), at least their daughter would always know that, no matter what happened and no matter what anyone else said or thought, she had a family that absolutely adored her and would do anything for her and, in all honesty, Robin couldn’t ask for anything more than that.