First featured in HF Vol 34, artist Click Mort takes vintage ceramic figurines and “recapitates” them into whimsical characters spawned from his imagination. In his latest series on view at La Luze de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, the artist takes influences from his own dreams and nightmares. His exhibition “Delirium Tremens” is named after a psychotic condition typical of withdrawal in chronic alcoholics, which often involves hallucinations. Considering this, while his works are infused with nostalgia and humor, one cannot ignore a certain melancholy in them.

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I’ve spent the past week working on this project! 

It’s my new altar set; bowls, spirit board, mortar & pestle etc… all ready for University!!

I used fossils and seashells to make imprints in the clay. The entire set is supposed to be Sea (or Sea Witch!) themed >< (the planchette even has a sea glass centre)

I’m so proud of all of this! 

Another Dragon yarn bowl out of the studio today …number 38 to be precise. Unfired white earthenware. Glazed bowl pics in a few weeks.
This popular ornate fantasy yarn bowl is available as a made to order item at