etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the crazy cat lady | 12.9.16

kitty ceramics by beardbangs

beardbangs is a go-to for EFOTD ceramic finds, especially when they’re cat-themed. scoop up a fun planter or mug or espresso cup in a variety of hues and cat shades :)


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Elegant Floral Handpainted Ceramicware Coffee Cups by Yevgenia Davidoff

Artist Yevgenia Davidoff hand paints elegant floral and nature inspired designs on dishware. From ceramics to glass, her delicate work adorns the surface, resembling realistic pressed flower illusions.

The works thrive from a concept of art being used in every aspect of life because of its ability to enhance the senses. The graceful dishware set turns an ordinary tea into a surprisingly special experience of food and art mixed together as one . In this case, Davidoff teases our visual senses and taste senses by painting delicate images of flowers, vines and leaves entwine around plates, cups, mugs, jugs and tumblers. Davidoff’s quaint teaware and vases can be purchased in the online shop Etsy.

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Geometric Tiles, Old Street, London.

© 2016 Alex James Bruce

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New Creature Cups by Yumi Yumi

Brooklyn-based artist Yumi Yumi of Creature Cups (previously featured here) handmakes quirky ceramic coffee mugs with a surprise at the bottom. As the coffee or liquid is consumed a creature will emerge, thus revealing a frightening, yet amusing end. You can find other exotic creatures and design on her Etsy shop.

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Insanely Adorable Ceramic Planters by Priscilla Ramos

São Paulo-based ceramicist Priscilla Ramos has created a range of adorable and cute handmade planters for your home. Featuring a range of critters, including a whale, cat and even a sloth, each piece is made from stoneware. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Artistic Ceramic Busts Consumed With Floral Growth by Jess Riva Cooper

Toronto-based sculptor and educator Jess Riva Cooper where the creamy ceramic busts of her sculptures are engulfed with natural formations. The porcelain effigies are overtaken by a growth, almost parasitic, of flowers and vines which function as both adornment and the destructive component of the piece, hiding the identity behind the amused or sombre visage.

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