New Creature Cups by Yumi Yumi

Brooklyn-based artist Yumi Yumi of Creature Cups (previously featured here) handmakes quirky ceramic coffee mugs with a surprise at the bottom. As the coffee or liquid is consumed a creature will emerge, thus revealing a frightening, yet amusing end. You can find other exotic creatures and design on her Etsy shop.

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Insanely Adorable Ceramic Planters by Priscilla Ramos

São Paulo-based ceramicist Priscilla Ramos has created a range of adorable and cute handmade planters for your home. Featuring a range of critters, including a whale, cat and even a sloth, each piece is made from stoneware. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Artistic Ceramic Busts Consumed With Floral Growth by Jess Riva Cooper

Toronto-based sculptor and educator Jess Riva Cooper where the creamy ceramic busts of her sculptures are engulfed with natural formations. The porcelain effigies are overtaken by a growth, almost parasitic, of flowers and vines which function as both adornment and the destructive component of the piece, hiding the identity behind the amused or sombre visage.

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Modern & Minimalist Ceramic Work by Melissa Maya

Before Colorado-based ceramic artist Melissa Maya became an expert in pottery making, she embarked on a journey of soul searching. After being a yoga teacher, living in Costa Rica and completing her studies in glass and ceramics, she turned ceramics into a full-time gig.

A lover of uniquely manmade creations, Maya states: “There is something wonderful about holding something handmade. It’s hard to put into words but we all know that feeling. I think it’s a pretty good feeling.”

Adorned with geometrical and trendy patterns, which include linear designs and chevron, Maya aims to create a functional piece, which will bring happiness into everyday activities, such as having one’s morning coffee. Contemporary and rustic, each clay item follows a minimalist sensibility. The handmade geometric illustrations add a touch of warmth from the human hand. Each piece simulates a drawing found on a white sheet of paper, which adds incredible charm and quaintness.

After deliberately constructing each piece with passion and love, Maya admits: “I hope that the amount of joy that I get from making these pieces from beginning to end comes through while you are holding and using them in your everyday life.” You can find her entire pottery collection in her Etsy shop.

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