New OC, Cephalopodia! <3

Saw blushstroke’s Lucy who is also an octo mermaid and had to make one for myself ;w;

Cephy has multiple forms as seen on the side + her other colour pallette, she can just transform her legs into various shapes but she still needs a lot of practice with her magic, so she is learning from Lucy!
Her symbol will be apparent in all her forms though, so it is still visible that it’s her ^^

Will woke to the sound of something he hadn’t heard in nearly a year.

 A dog was barking.

 He bolted upright, seeing Hannibal’s side of the bed empty and nearly falling out of bed as he followed the noise.

 Hannibal was in the kitchen, the smell of bacon and fresh cooked eggs made his mouth water as he said, “Where is it?”

 Hannibal smiled over his shoulder, “Good morning, Will. Did you sleep well after last night’s festivities?”

 Will glared at him, trying not to smile at the memory of their most recent kill and how Hannibal had licked the blood from his cheek after commenting, “They always taste sweeter when they’re scared.”

 “Don’t pretend you don’t hear that.”

 The barking continued, louder and more persistent now.

 Hannibal feigned innocence. “I am not sure I understand what you are referring to.”

 Will stalked over to him and grabbed the front of his shirt, not caring in the least as the spatula in his hand dropped to the floor. “WHERE IS THE DOG?”

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Expired Milk

First prompt is by @savehannibal-willowg who wanted, “Post TWOL murder husbands first fight as husbands.” Enjoy!!


When you marry a man who has the same prestigious taste as Hannibal Lecter, you are bound to have small meaningless fights once in a while. And for Will, it starts with the most simplistic argument.

“It’s not expired.”

“Will, the milks expiration date has gone past by three days, you are not going to drink this.” Hannibal says, lifting the milk jug to his nose, taking a slight whiff at the scent.

Will laughs as Hannibal cringes, jerking his head back like a dog who just got snagged by a cat. He takes the jug from Hannibal’s hand, and sniffs it himself. It’s a little sour smelling, but it still smells fine to Will.

“I’m going to drink it.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Hannibal, you can’t control how I treat my life, if I want to drink expired milk by three days, then I’m going to drink the damn milk.” Will smiles, lifting the jug back to his lips. He almost chokes on the horrid look on Hannibal’s face, as he drinks from the jug.

God this is too much fun.

“If you get sick, I will not be helping you.” Hannibal ends, turning to stalk out if the kitchen. Possibly to go back to his study to sulk around, and mumbled poetry in French or German.

“I’m not going to get sick.” Will mumbles to himself, sipping at the milk again.


“Will can you come here for a minute.” Hannibal calls from one of the guest rooms.

Will is currently laying on the couch with a book in hand, their-well really his-new puppy Encephalitis, or Cephy for short, has been enjoying taking a nap on his stomach. He finds himself unable to move, since the puppy looks so adorable sleeping on his chest with her tongue poking out. Plus the sun feelings great on his skin, and it had taken him five minutes to find this comfortable spot, and to wait for Cephy to come jump on the couch. The poor little puppy corgi is too small to even reach the top cushion, often times she has to struggle a bit before one of them comes to her rescue.

So, with a great long sigh, and a quiet thought about ignoring Hannibal’s request and pretending to be asleep, he moves. Holding the little corgi pup in his arms, he carries the puppy in his arms, and follows Hannibal’s voice to the guest room.

He can’t help himself when he laughs.

Right in the corner where Hannibal stands, lays a small pile of dog shit.

Will lays, bending over to grab at his knee so he doesn’t fall, there’s a slight whine that comes from Cephy, he stands up straight so she doesn’t worry. Hannibal looks pissed, he stands their with his back straight, arms crossed and looking like a father about to scold their child.

“Will, we’ve discussed the issue about house training the dog.” He growls. “And here I come to find a pile of feces on the floor.”

“You can say shit, Hannibal, its not that bad of a word.” Will mumbles, still smiling about the shit. Only to frown as Hannibal’s glare darkness. “Well what did you expect, she’s only a pup, she doesn’t know better.”

“Will. We have discussed this, I will not have some four-legged beast roaming my house, and doing as she pleases on my carpets.”

“Four-legged-Do you know how mundane you sound right now. She’s a fucking dog, Hannibal, not some wild animal to be broken.” Will snapped, holding the trembling puppy to his chest.

“Please, Will, just have the dog trained within the next week-”

“Oh, so she’s just a dog right now, is she? We’ll I guess I’m just some crazed stranger living in your home then, no point in keeping me here, is there?”


“No, no. I get the memo, I’ll just go back to the couch I was laying on, and not worry about a thing. Cause, I guess I’m JUST a person, just like Cephy is just a dog!”

“You are being unreasonable.”

“I’m-! No! Goodbye.” Will turns on his feet, teeth clenched like an iron jaw, as he stomps back down the stairs and to the study. Hannibal stands where he left him, not following his lover down the stairs.


“Will do you mind doing the dishes, please?” Hannibal hums, stepping into the study, with a towel in hand as he dries off his hands. “I need to go finish up something.”

Will makes a small ‘hmp’, and sets his book down, as he moves past Hannibal towards the kitchen. Hannibal sighs, wishing he could just pull the other man into his arms, and kiss away his anger. Sadly, that only works on dogs, and small children.

He looks down when he hears a tinkling of metal coming towards him, to see Cephy scuttle on her tiny little feet up to him. She jumps up on his pants leg, pawing at him and making a small whine for acknowledgment.

“You are a rotten little beast,” He hums, leaning down to scratch at Cephy’s large ears, her butt wiggles in joy. “Rotten, rotten, rotten.”

There’s a slight noise behind Hannibal, as he stands up, turning to heat Will clearing his throat. Hannibal smiles sheepishly at him, but the man only glares at him some more.

“Don’t you have some ‘business’ to attend to.” He snaps, crossing sud covered arms.

Hannibal frowns, nods his head and leaves to walk back up the stairs. He frowns as he hears Will call for Cephy, and provides to baby talk her about a treat, and how Hannibal is a 'big ol’ grumpy man’.

“I’m not that old.” He mumbles to himself, as he turns to the direction of their shared bedroom.


Once Will finishes with the dinner, he climbs the stairs two at a time, making sure to miss the ones that will creak a little. He left Cephy down in the kitchen, snoring in her little doggi bed. He sneaks his way through the halls, peeping through every door to see if Hannibal is lurking in one of the rooms, only to find that his husband is nowhere upstairs.

Shrugging, he ignores any thoughts of the man, and makes his way to his bedroom.

“Damn it.”

Will steps come to a hold as he pushes the bedroom door open a little, his mind flounders at the sight of Hannibal. There he lays, like a stated lion at home with itself, naked saved for the blankets covering his waist. His reading glasses perch precariously on the bridge of his nose, while he holds a book up to his face. And the soft glow of the lamp light on him, only makes Will’s situation words.

Why did Hannibal have to be so charming. You know, why couldn’t he had been a little less charmer, so it was easier for Will to be mad at him, and not get a boner at the worst times.

“I can move to another room, if you do not wish to sleep in the same bed with me tonight.” Hannibal muses, bookmarking his place, as he sets the book to the side.

“No, it’s fine. You can stay.” Will states. In truth, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep without having Hannibal next to him, he’s become like a second comfort blanket to him.

Hey slips under the sheets, turning his back to the man as Hannibal shuts the light off and settles down. His head screaming for him to just kick away his frustration, and ride the man like a stallion. Listening to their even breathes, he waits to see if Hannibal will reach over to him, but the man doesn’t even make a move to touch him.

“Fucking, damn it Hannibal.” Will growls, flinging his body to the side, as he settles on top of the prestigious asshole.


Will tugs at the man’s hair, pulling their faces together so he can kiss him, hard. Hannibal relaxed the instance their touch, his strong arms reaching up to grip at Will’s waist. He moans into his lips, open his mouth as Will’s tongue pokes through, and travels around his mouth.

“I hate how I never stay made at you, because your so god damn good looking.” Will hisses, pulling off of him to bite at Hannibal’s growing stubble.

“I couldn’t hate you even if I tried, mylimasis.” Hannibal moans, tugging at Will’s curls to pull his lips back to his own.

Will moans, his eyebrows furrowing as his stomach starts to churn and rumble. “Han, baby, I think I’m going to be sick.”

“I know, I can’t stand it when you ignore me as well.” Hannibal groaned, bucking his hips up to Will’s.

“No, I mean-fuck!” Will, jumps up, running to the bathroom in their bedroom, and proceeds to vomit into the toilet. Hannibal lays dazed on the bed, snapping out of his haze as he hears Will vomit and groan.

“I told you the milk was bad.” He hums, standing up to assist his lover.

Will vomits again, making a pitiful noise as he leans against the cold metal. “Fuck you.” He mumbled.

“I love you too, mylimasis.” Hannibal says, grabbing a rag and setting it under some cold water. “Now come on, we need to clean you up.”

midknightmasquerade  asked:

So, I was replaying Radiata Stories and realized something strange. All of the dragons' vessels are the same race as the one they represent - Baade is a Dwarf, Ridley/Lucian are humans, Cephied is a Light Elf...except Parsec. He's clearly human, despite supposedly being the guardian dragon of the goblins? Any idea as to why they did that?

Well, we know that unlike the twin dragons which require a human vessel in order to awaken and to probably be able to take any form other than a dragon, the elemental dragons seem to have the ability to shapeshift without needing a vessel. My guess is that these dragons take the form of the races they protect to present as more relatable and nonthreatening to these races. 

But if you really think about it, we don’t actually see Cepheid’s light elf form in-game. When he uncovers himself from his protective cloud, he’s still in dragon form. His light elf form is something we were only able to see in concept art from the Master Guide.

Also, Baade only shows his dwarf form when he shows up to teach the knights some manners which I think was mostly just a disguise to prank them before revealing his true identity. Remember, Donovitch didn’t seem to recognise Baade’s dwarf form when he first saw him.

My assumption here is that Baade never really uses that form often and it was all just a ruse to trick the knights into thinking he was just another dwarf until SURPRISE!!! I’m a dragon, motherfucker!

I’m not sure why Parsec so often takes a human form even though he’s the guardian of the goblins but to be fair, Jareth is the Goblin King and tell me, does this man look anything like a goblin?

But in all seriousness, he, much like Baade, likes to use whatever form that tricks humans the most. For him, it’s not about looking enough like a goblin to protect them but rather looking enough like a human to sneak into human cities and not stick out like a sore thumb… not that it worked but hey, he tried.

That aside, the only dragons that take the same form as the race they protect are Baade and supposedly Cepheid (at least according to his concept art). We still don’t know if Kelvin had an alternate orc form if it was an orc form at all.

WtNV Sick Fic Rec

I will start to put together fic recs for different Welcome to Night Vale fanfiction. I am often being asked to reccomend fics so I felt the time has come and I have read more than enough to do multiple themes. ALL OF THESE ARE CECILOS UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE.

This is the first theme. There are so many more amazing fics, but the list can’t go on forever so without further ado:

Asymmetric by messyfeathers

Cecil uses his voice. Carlos uses his actions. It feels unbalanced, but maybe it doesn’t have to be perfect to be love.

I Cannot See Your Smiling God by DeathPalmNut

Literally the best thing ever. Post-Old Oak Doors and Post-Strex Kevin. Cecil/Kevin/Carlos. Carlos finds Kevin in the desert while searching for a way home. He and Cecil help Kevin rediscover who he used to be. REALLY FLUFFY, REALLY LOVELY. There is also a sequel.

A Scientist Is Usually Fine by Sorida

It really was only a matter of time until one of them got sick. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Carlos knew it would be him. He’d really meant to prepare Cecil for it but there was always science to do and well, actually walking Cecil through taking care of a sick Carlos just wasn’t at the top of the list…

A Radio Host Is Unusually Tenacious by Sorida (Sequel to the above fic)

It had already happened to Carlos, so Cecil really should have seen it coming. But then he was out reporting on the sudden torrential downpour and it was nearing Night Vale’s cooler season and honestly, Carlos was so cute when he was doing science that Cecil didn’t want to bother him with something so insignificant…

Far Too Literal by NebulousMistress (not yet finished)

Carlos should have gotten his flu shot this year. Well, at least it wasn’t chicken flu.

When your boyfriends are sick… by Preussen

Carlos must take care of Kevin and Cecil when they both get sick

It Could Only Be Cecil by Ynnealay

Cecil is sick, and with a lack of living interns, Carlos has to fill in for him. Announcements from the Night Vale Medical Community, a town-wide clothing drive, and the fact that Carlos can’t stop talking about his boyfriend on air.

Sick of Body Not of Heart by Pappels (SabakuNoKel)

Carlos is sick. Good thing Cecil is there to take care of him

Aware by ZiGraves

Carlos experiences one of Night Vale’s charming local viral infections.

Immunity (or, Caring for your Sniffling Scientist) by juxtapose

Carlos is immune to most weird happenings in Night Vale, except for when he isn’t.

Something Sweet by messyfeathers

Cecil has his bad days, but thankfully Carlos has a few highly scientific remedies for that (after all, prepared is the fourth thing a scientist is!)

In Sickness and in Health (tentacles not optional) by Xparrot

Carlos knew something was amiss when he woke up on the mattress, rather than entangled in a mass of tentacles.

Desert Heat Fever by sherloki369

Cecil is ill, and Carlos comes over to look after him. (Short fic to make me feel better about having my own cold.)

Feverish Broadcasting by Jathis (NSFW+CECEARLOS)

Cecil has a fever but insists on doing his job anyway.

Fever Dreams by Jathis (NSFW+CECEARLOS)

Cecil is sick and his lovers have to take care of him.

An Ill-Timed Discovery by Louffox

Based on the comic by @blobcecil 
Cecil is slammed by an awful bout of the flu. So sick, he can’t work, he can’t cook, he can’t make tea, he can hardly even move, let alone pull on his human shape.
Enter Carlos, caring and worried and oblivious boyfriend…

The (lack of) Voice of Night Vale by Rivalshipping_Archive (rivalshipping)

no but what if progressively cecil’s voice goes hoarse and scratchy from an achy throat but he bravely soldiers on until one day carlos turns on the radio and it’s dana filling in because cecil’s home sick — the poor guy lost his voice and since his voice is his livelihood and his pride and joy you can imagine how miserable he’d be. carlos can imagine it too so he takes a day off science to bring cecil soup and kisses and hold him while the poor guy curls up kittenlike against carlos in mute misery

Crying Out In The Wilderness by Cephy (HOMESICKNESS BUT THIS ONE IS SO GOOD)

After the events of “Old Oak Doors”, Carlos is lost in a desert otherworld. This is the story of how he finds his way home.

One Imperfect Weekend by SuperKat

Carlos prepares for the perfect weekend, but his plan backfires spectacularly. The week is, scientifically speaking, godawful. The weekend is somehow worse.

Missed flu jab by Spacey Whales (Hetty_Mouse) (MAUREEN/MICHELLE)

Michelle comes down with the flu.

In Sickness & In Health by doodlegirll (MARCUS/JAKE)

Even angels get sick. Luckily Marcus has Jake to help take care of him.

I didn’t know how many followers where there I was shocked in the first place,it makes me happier than ever thank you all you’re so kind (T^T)

Originally posted by ash-muffins

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POLARIS is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor and is currently known as the North Star. It is somewhere between 323-433 light years from Earth.

It is our north star because the Earth’s pole is pointed directly at it. It hasn’t always been the north star. Around 12 000 BC, Vega was the north star. It is thought that in the year 13 727, the north star will be Vega once again.

Polaris is actually made up of a multiple star system. Its main star is a yellow supergiant and its two smaller companions are main sequence stars. It also has two distant companions, that seem to not be associated with the other 3 stars.

Polaris is a Cephied Variable star. This means that it pulsates, giving it variations in diameter and temperature. There is a strong direct relationship between the luminosity (brightness) and the pulsation period, making it a good thing to use when studying other stars. These objects are called standard candles.

Got any other questions/facts about Polaris? Send me a message and we can talk about it! Stay tuned for tomorrows star!

mandysimo13  asked:

If you'd like to do a prompt, how about "Quit it or I'll bite" for Hannigram?

Will walked into the house dragging his feet, bone tired and desperate to just sleep the rest of the night away completely. He loved the freedom of his new job at the general store down the road from their home helping load trucks and stack boxes but it was tiring to say the least. 

He toed off his shoes and took one step inside before he heard the growling. 

“You will stop that right this instant.” 

Will rushed forward, almost running towards the noise and stopped just as he found the source. 

Hannibal was washing their poodle, Cephie, in the sink. 

She looked to be covered in dirt from head to toe, judging by the dark blackness of the water, and Will had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing when she attempted to escape the sink for what he assumed was not the first time. 

“Quit it, or I’ll bite you, you little…” 

Will coughed and Hannibal turned so abruptly that Cephie jumped out of the sink, spraying them both with water as she took off running through the kitchen. 

The laugh he’d kept inside bubbled out at the sight, Will pressing his hand to his mouth as he giggled. 

“ENCEPHALITIS NO! STOP RIGHT NOW!” Hannibal yelled, starting to chase. 

Will reached out a hand and stopped him, “No, stop, she,” he wheezed, face red as he struggled to stop, “She won’t stop if you chase her.” 

Hannibal growled, “It took me nearly an hour to subdue her in the yard, and another to successfully maneuver her into the sink for washing. She…” 

Will pressed his face into Hannibal’s shoulder. 

“Will this is not amusing.” 

“It’s hilarious,” Will laughed, “Hannibal Lecter, Monster of Florence, brought down by a miniature poodle.” 

Hannibal glared at him, “If you do not get that monster back here this instant…”

Will whistled and the sound of Cephie’s chain rattling stopped and then started again. She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, dripping still, with her head hung low. 

“Encephalitis, come here.”

Hannibal made an indignant scoff when she did just that, stopping at Will’s feet. He pet her head and smiled at Hannibal. “I’m sure it was just your intimidation that scared her first and she’s worried for her safety.” 

He lifted and put her back in the sink, leaning over to kiss Hannibal on the cheek. “I’ll make dinner. You two obviously need to bond.” 

Moments later he heard Hannibal mutter, “You bite me again, little one, and I will most definitely bite you in return.” 

The bath was finished off without any biting, but that night Will was bitten quite thoroughly in retaliation. 

Thank you all so much on your help and support on zapfishreclaimationsquad!

The journey has been a long and fun one, but despite the unfortunate end of our Cap`n the exciting Adventure has only begun! Hopefully Agent 1 and Agent 4 will once more vanquish the Octarian menace and bring Agent 3 home safe and sound!


(Bolded are Special Thanks!)

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But what is this? A stranger at Booyah Base?


I just want to preface this by saying : I’m sorry I ruined your obvious want of a porny situation with my fluff. (though secretly I’m not at all sorry) 


Will walked into the house carrying two large bags of groceries, surprised that the dogs didn’t run up to greet him or that Hannibal wasn’t there to take the bags. 

He’d grown used to the warm reception, and he knew Hannibal was home despite the house seeming eerily quiet. 

The walk through the living room gave him a perfect view of the sliding door, noticing the dogs were on top of something, noses down deep though whatever it was seemed to be struggling to move. 

He got closer, setting the bags down and smile widening as he realized just what it was they were so excited to be attacking. 

Hannibal’s suit was distinctive, the red checkered one of Will’s favorites that he’d told his husband about often enough that Hannibal had found a tailor to recreate the suit for one of Will’s birthdays. 

Now it was completely ruined and Will couldn’t find it in himself to care. 

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12: Having to put up holiday decorations together after a big fight. 

Written for @hannibalcreative‘s  #ThePumpkinIsPeople 

Decorate by nightliferogue (Click for ao3)

“I can’t believe you!” Will yelled as they got out of the car, stomping off towards the house. 


Will stopped just short of the door, turning abruptly, and pushed into his chest. 

“You can’t keep doing this! You…” 

Hannibal frowned. “I was not aware I was doing anything.” 

Will laughed, shaking his head, “You….you weren’t even doing anything!? I can’t,” he turned and headed for the door, yanking it open and heading inside without a word. 

Hannibal followed, his jaw tight as he tried to understand what he’d done to deserve Will’s ire. 

They had been at the store down the road, a weekly outing that Hannibal always looked forward to, and the minute he’d seen the couple every part of him was on high alert. 

The woman in question looked frightened, her red eyes were staring down at her feet as they walked together, and he could see the strain in which her arm was held as she pushed the cart beside her partner. 

He took in several bruises, eyes narrowing and lip curling at the sight. 

Will had not even been paying attention, and he had only leaned over to whisper in his ear, “I do believe that gentleman is more than perfect for our table.” 

Will had tensed, his eyes looked over the couple for a few seconds before he glared at Hannibal and left the aisle completely with their cart. 

He hadn’t spoken the remainder of their trip, not adding in his usual preferences though Hannibal knew them all by rote after months together. 

Now he stood in their garage and wondered if perhaps his comment had been more than presumptuous? 

Hannibal headed inside, putting the keys on the counter along with the bags in his hands, seeing Will putting away groceries with Encephalitis on his heels. 

“I apologize.” 

Will didn’t look up and he sighed, “I was not aware that my comment would upset you, as it is not the first time we’ve killed since the…” 

Will slammed the refrigerator door hard, glaring at him now. 

“The fisherman was to protect us,” he huffed, voice shaking, “To save us, and it wasn’t…” 

Hannibal walked up to him and Will didn’t move, his gaze hardening the closer they got to one another. “You enjoyed killing him just as much as you enjoyed ridding the world of Francis Dolarhyde.” 

Will’s eyes shone with tears, “You can’t keep doing this,” he shook his head, “You can’t keep making me think you’re the patient, different Hannibal, and then rip the rug out from under me whenever you feel it’s convenient!” 

Hannibal’s lip twitched as he looked away, “I do not mean to upset you.” 

“But you keep doing it,” Will accused, voice hard, “You keep making me think you’ll give me time, with everything.” 

Hannibal looked at him, “Will…” 

Will reached out and touched his cheek, “I don’t know whether to kiss you or kill you sometimes, you know?” 

Hannibal let out a breath, “Will I….” 

Will let go and walked around him, grabbing the keys and leaving without another word. 

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