Part of an assignment for school.

Made with acrylic paint

(the picture i used for a reference was on Google and original done in pencil crayon i am not sure who the original artist who came up with the idea is)

Posting it cause it seems to be a favorite of others :P

VF2014 - Banner Contest Winner

Our Canada banner contest winner is CeoWolf

Thank you to our entrants. You all did a wonderful job and we thank you so much for your time! All images will be put up in our galleries and as banners to various websites, with the winner being our official banner for 

All banners from this year will be printed and be available at the charity auction! So please check it out at the convention! Lots of amazing art from this past year!

Art © CeoWolf


When life throws you curve-balls… find a soft spot on the floor and flop down. Maybe take a nap, read a book, some kinda thing…

This was something a drew a while back when i was in a lazy mood, and latter was commissioned by a friend to make him one

First Character © Ceowolf
Second Character © TheStig
Artwork © Ceowolf

Digital Flat Commission - Leon Schäfer

This one was done for a friend of mine his shepherd character. it looked too plain so i took some artistic freedom and added a blue bandana around his neck.

Artwork© Ceowolf
Character © Leon Schäfer

This one is of a wolf staring up into the light in the middle of a forest. It has a poem that goes along with it.

Walking down the road
the path everyone chooses to travel
I want to be different
choosing my path to unravel

A quest on the road less taken
I veer off into the forest
ducking under branches
as they claw at my chest

Night draws close as I continue walking
leaves blowing past in a flurry
darkness creeping over the land
the moon lighting my journey

Struggling to find my way
feeling alone behind my thoughts
the wind howling as it passes me
I am lost within distraught

Laying down under the moon
i lay my head upon a rock
the wind for my blanket
i rest as my mind continues to walk

Morning comes with drops of dew
watching the grass as it sways
I rise and look up to the sky
my body coated by the sun rays

The road less traveled
it may not be the best for you
but when you reach the clearing
it really is a breathtaking view