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Felicity is the most misogynist thing about Arrow.

Felicity has consistently, from as far back as season 1, viewed every other woman has her competition. She’s thrown every other female character under the bus to better herself and it genuinely baffles me that Felicity fans accuse those who dislike her of being misogynist, because Felicity has - since her conception - been the writers primary tool to facilitate their own misogyny.

Felicity dug into Moira’s background (granted she was enlisted to do so, however she continued even after she was specifically told to stop). Felicity then used the information she’d found on Moira (that also involved Thea) as she saw fit, with no regards for the women in question. She told Oliver, simultaneously dismissing Moira’s privacy, driving a wedge in the Queen family, viewing Oliver’s opinion as higher than either Moira or Thea (who the info ACTUALLY concerned) and faciliated the writer’s need for Queen Family Drama and more Oliver-man-pain.

Felicity made a petty remark of “What was it fantasy island?” Because she found out about Shado and Sara being present on Lian Yu. Oliver is traumatized and is hallucinating about a dead Shado, is consumed with guilt over her death and has consistently expressed that the island was too horrifying for him to talk about. And Felicity gets so jealous over the mere existence of a dead girl who was a part of Oliver’s life literal years before Felicity even knew he existed, to the point where she makes scathing comments and flippant remarks about his trauma.

Felicity needs to be reassured and explicitly told that SHE is Oliver’s ‘girl’ when Sara joins the team, because she doesn’t see Sara as an equal and is so threatened and intimdated by another woman joining the team they needed to literally specify that Felicity is The Girl ™. God forbid women work togehter and value each other without being pitted against each other.

Felicity called Oliver’s own mother diabolical AT HER FUNERAL, clearly not having any respect (if not for Moira as a person then she should have AT LEAST have respect for what she meant to Oliver), and this disgusting comment is never addressed or considered out of line in the narrative whatsoever. She also made a similar quip after Amanda Waller was shot.

Felicity is rude, dismissive, ashamed of and disrespectful to her mother near constantly. She looks down on her for not being as intelligent and slut shames her for her dress, despite the fact Donna raised Felicity single-handedly and dotes on her daughter completely.

Before I go on I’d love to point out that ALL OF THIS SO FAR (with the exception of the Waller comment) took place in Seasons 1&2, because people seem to forget that Felicity has always been awful, and they’re viewing the earlier seasons with rose-tinted glasses because seasons 3&4 were just THAT BAD.

When Season 3 started, Olicity was suddenly a thing, and they shoehorned in some flashbacks to try and make it more feasible, one of which included Felicity randomly walking into her boss’ office at QC after hours with no purpose, spying a photo of Oliver on a desk and commenting aloud to herself how cute he is and how “its a pity you’re dead”. This doesnt have anything to do with her treatment of women, but atleast her lack of respect for the dead is a consistent character trait!

Felicity continues to throw Thea under the bus, what started with Felicity telling Oliver about Thea’s true parentage, driving a wedge in the family and neglecting to tell Thea (or moira, who’s secret it was to tell), continues with Felicity outright telling Oliver not to save his sister because it might result in his death (a risk that Oliver has already stipulated that he’s willing to take).

But it gets worse!! A newly resurrected Thea is struggling with bloodlust and is too traumatized to return to her apartment because of what happened there, she moves in with Laurel, because Felicity and Oliver wanted to drive off into the sunset and play house. Months later it’s revealed that Felicity has been consulting with the team behind Oliver’s back the whole time and not once did she suggest they return and not once did either of them consider that Thea might need him. Its also never once addressed that Felicity was wrong for lying and keeping secrets, because Felicity is never wrong!!

(Also in The Flash, Felicity straight up told Eddie that it was completely fine for him to lie to Iris if it was for her own good!)

Then, when Felicity finds out Oliver fathered a child years ago that he didn’t know about, her temper tantrum caused such a distrubance in the team dynamic that they got killed and Barry had to go back in time to correct the timeline to stop it from happening. So Barry obviously knew about the kid.

William’s mother straight up tells Oliver that she doesnt trust him or his intentions and if he wants to get to know his son then it has to be a secret and strictly as a family friend until she’s convinced he’s in it for the long haul (this makes total sense given the Oliver she knew was a selfish, egotistical playboy who was NOT father material, she needs to see that he’s changed, and not overwhelm her son unnecessarily if it turns out that he hasnt).

When William is kidnapped and Felicity finds out about him as a result, she is petty and juvenile while they’re working, completely dismisses and gets snappy with Samantha when she apologizes, even when Samantha takes full responsibilty for what she asked Oliver to do, and not once does Felicity ever ask about William’s wellbeing. Felicity is surpised to discover that William - like Oliver - likes baseball, and makes YET ANOTHER SCATHING COMMENT AT OLIVERS EXPENSE by saying that they should hope the resemblence ends there, because she apparently thinks that her fiancee has absolutely no positive qualities whatsoever that might be nice to pass on.

Felicity then breaks up with Oliver for lying to her, even though he didnt want to but had to if he wanted to know his son. Even though she spent months lying to him mere weeks earlier, even though she told Eddie that lying was okay. Even though she told her mother the prior week that it was okay if Quentin kept things from her because she should trust he had a good reason.

Felicity then keeps the apartment (yknow the one that used to be Thea’s until she had to move in with Laurel to deal with her trauma), as a result Oliver slums it out in the Arrow cave, because depsite running for Mayor, Oliver is unemployed. Felicity has a CEO salary but of course she keeps the apartment. She’s Felicity. God himself shit her out and she is completely right all the fucking time even when shes a self-righteous, hypocritical piece of shit.

Felicity makes bitchy comments about the breakup when theyre trying to work even though she was the one to end it, she then tells Oliver that he will always be who he was on that island. She basically told him the most traumatic experience in his entire life is all he will amount to, and the person he is as a result of his trauma is not someone she can love and its his fault that he’s that way because apparently she’s a victim blaming piece of shit as well as a hypocrite.

Laurel dies and on her deathbed tells Oliver that Felicity is the best thing for him despite the fact she loved him too. The writers wanted to 10000000% make sure that we all know that Felicity is The Girl ™ and anyone at all that might’ve potentially maybe been competition just pales in comparison, my guy.

Diggle is traumatized by the situation with his family and Felicity makes YET ANOTHER INSULTING, DISRESPECTUL “JOKE” AT OLIVER’S EXPENSE by saying Diggle is “one illegitmate child away from a great Oliver Queen impersonation”, making another dig at William, yknow the kid that she dumped Oliver over, the one Oliver didnt know about himself until shortly before she did, the kid that Oliver had to say goodbye to, before he’d even gotten the chance to be a dad to, in order to keep him safe. (But she loves Oliver so much guys! Honest! So totally cares about his wellbeing and whats best for him, even at the detriment of herself, I swear!)

TL;DR in conclusion, Felicity is a misogynist tool that the writers have been employing from day one. Its a common trope in fiction. She’s the token female character that all other females get compared to/dismissed for. They pit women against each other at every available oppprtunity and have Felicity become this untouchable writers-pet that is never called out and can never be wrong and she’s just so great and can do everything and everyone loves her and no one seems to question any of the horrible things she does because she is so righteous in her writers-pet bubble!

And because she’s a woman they try and champion this as ground-breaking and feminist, when its actually extremely misogynist and anti-feminist, especially when you consider that if the tables were turned and OLIVER was the one doing all this shit to Felicity, then people would be out for blood and screaming misogyny from the rooftops, but because Felicity herself is a woman, they think that it makes her exempt.

But felicity isnt a woman, she’s not real, she’s a puppet being controlled by men and theyre using a female character to get away with misogyny.

The whole idea of The Girl ™ and the concept that one female character has to be the 'Alpha’ and something happens to every other female to prove that she is clearly The Best of the women, is always inherently misogynist and exists to fasciliate pitting women against each other.

If average production worker pay had risen at the same rate as CEO pay between 1990 and 1998, worker pay would be $110,399 in 98', rather than the 98' $29,267. The minimum wage would be $22.08, in 1998 rather than the current for that time (5.75). The trend has continued to make the rich, more rich, without a second thought for those on min wage. You can't tell me the upper class aren't crooks! Open your eyes!

This is 1998 statistics. In the past decade, pay for ceo has more than doubled while the lower and middle class had it’s pay doubled but it took over more than 2 decades. Something isn’t right. We can barely live off minimum wage. Wake up America!

Okay. I guess other people have stronger feelings against Internet communists than I do.

My own feelings are kind of - puzzlement mixed with lack of understanding. Part of it is that I *still* don’t really know what communists believe beyond “overthrow capitalists, seize means of production”. In particular I don’t have a good feel for what people think true communism looks like, and when I ask I get answers anywhere from “Cuba” to “a bunch of loosely connected utopian farming communes”. I’m not sure what the difference is politically between a communist state versus an ordinary democracy or an ordinary dictatorship, except in the form of vague generalities like “the Party works for the good of the people” (just put that in the constitution and I’m sure it will come true).

Ownership of the means of production doesn’t seem that important to me. It seems to correspond to the stock market (owners of stock control companies capital and receive companies’ profit), but last time I tried to calculate it out if all stock were distributed evenly among the population, it would mean $6000 “profits”/year/person in the United States. Add in all CEO salaries and it gets up to $6400. That’s a lot of money, but it’s only about half the poverty line, and it would barely increase the average worker’s salary by 10%. Is the difference between inhumane oppression versus the glorious golden future really just earning $50,000 vs. $56,400? And that’s assuming that the transition to communism doesn’t decrease wages or profits in any other way, like by hurting the economy or making companies less ruthlessly profit-seeking and so decreasing stock dividends. But without the whole means-of-production/worker-owned-company thing, communism just seems like a more dictatorship-prone version of Sweden.

Finally, my meta-political stance is caution and empiricism - I have some political stances, but more important than enacting them is getting a framework where they can be tested, made sure they’re not dangerous, and enacted if and only if they work. Communists don’t seem very good at testing their ideas in contexts less irreversible than a giant revolution that destroys everything that has come before. The exceptions I can think of are a few communes - most of which have failed - and a few worker-owned companies with a mixed track record. In other words, I’m not sure what incremental communism would look like, or what it would mean to move in the direction of communism other than “stockpile armaments and wait for a chance to shoot people”. And the few examples of giant-revolution-communism I have to go on are either horrible bloodbaths like Maoist China or places like Cuba with some detractors and some proponents that nevertheless if you’re trying to help the poor and ensure equality of opportunity seem inferior to the best social democracies.

And my other complaint about communists is that I rarely see them talking about any of these things, either explaining/debating their solutions or being properly worried at not having any. Whenever I see them they’re either going on for the zillionth time about the whole thing where the proletariat need to seize the means of production, encouraging general agitation and discontent, getting angry at people for trying to solve things incrementally, or talking in incredibly dense post-modern jargon about issues that seem a thousand levels removed from the real world.

This is what I mean when I say communists aren’t my out-group: I have so much trouble placing them ideologically and seeing them as a coherent movement that it’s hard to have strong opinions about them.

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I think the writers really are so dumb in some areas like how does FELICITY end up in Theas apartment after the Oli€ity break up??? I cant understand how that makes sense to them

Well here’s how Marc attempted to make it make sense, anon:

And here’s every sensible person’s reaction:

Originally posted by superfinetrio

Never mind that Felicity was the one with the CEO salary who could’ve easily rented a new apartment instead of letting Oliver bum it out in the base again. Never mind that Felicity was the one to do the breaking up and leaving. Never mind that Felicity was the one packing boxes in episode 16 which apparently weren’t hers at all and she was simply putting her hands all over her ex-fiance’s stuff like she owned it.

Marc’s hasty justifications after the fact always make no sense, anon. From this to having Laurel’s last lines be “don’t let me be the last Canary” when they should have probably been something more like “hey don’t do anything crazy while I’m recovering” since she was told she wasn’t going to die. But you’re right, these writers really haven’t got the skill to have anything in their awful show make a lick of sense.

Buying Silence (Mutely)

Money doesn’t motivate me
Don’t offer me piles of cash
I have been dripping with privilege
For my whole ridiculous life
Nothing but clean water for me
Unceasing electricity
No rampant armed men raping me
Free public schools and jobs galore
Health care antibiotics more

Money doesn’t motivate me
Don’t offer me piles of cash
Get clean water to Africa
And free higher education
Mexico a first world country
Offer me an end to all strife
Offer me safety for women
And children free to play in streets

Money doesn’t motivate me
Make bike lanes that aren’t strips of paint
CEOs with sane salaries
Pristine air in California
Politicians who work for us
An end to rampant loneliness
People who can live in my heart

"But if we raise the minimum wage, we'll have to jack up prices!"

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Did you know that McDonald’s CEO tripled his salary without raising prices?  

Did you know CEOs make so much money that we could guillotine the lot of them, double the minimum wage, and have a nationwide barbecue to commemorate?

An all-too-common story these days...

Anonymous submitted: 

When you move 500 miles to take a newly created position at a well-known regional institution, your first salaried job after a decade of working in museums…

…and 3 months later the job is cut down to hourly and you lose 25% of your yearly income because, as your boss explains, “we didn’t realize we didn’t have enough money to pay you.

The next day I found out that I was one of six staff members to have hours cut. The CEO culled our salaries to pay for a brand new #2 position at the museum. That new person assumed half of the CEO’s duties which left the CEO plenty of time (and the same salary) to focus on “big picture ideas”.

Arrow Fic: I Had This Crazy Idea (Somehow We’d Coast to the End)

Installment #2 in the “So Now What” post-S4 Olicity series, but can stand alone. (SERIES CATCH UP: I Guess We Just Begin Again)

Felicity’s made a point of spending more time with Lyla and Sara, now that John’s gone. One night, she invites Oliver to join them. 

A/N: Also, make sure to check out the author’s note at the end, because it’s about exciting fic stuff. (!!!)

I Had This Crazy Idea (Somehow We’d Coast to the End) (AO3)

She still can’t cook.

For all that’s changed and all that’s happened in the last year, Felicity finds that small fact somewhat reassuring. At least, she does until she her stomach starts rumbling most nights, when she comes home from the bunker alone. Oliver doesn’t make a point of asking her if she’s eaten lunch like he used to. That’s not what they are anymore.

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Bree? About the living wage, I entirely agree. When I asked my dad about it though, he said it wouldn't matter if the minimum wage was raised because the companies would have to raise the prices of the products they sold to compensate, and people still wouldn't be able to afford them, so in the end it wouldn't matter. I haven't taken economics yet, but the logic seems sound, maybe?

That’s a common argument, yes, but the fact is that CEO salaries are astronomical in relation to those of the common worker. If they’d cut out those self-given semi-annual bonuses and maybe go without that third BMW, they wouldn’t have to raise prices much if at all. The math was done somewhere that if McDonald’s raised their workers salaries to $11/hr, the price of a standard sandwich would go up a whopping…5 cents.

A company whose workers don’t make a livable wage is not operating with a proper budget, because properly compensating one’s laborers is supposed to be built into the budget.

Seattle is already doing a livable minimum wage and so far the city hasn’t caught fire and people seem to be able to buy things as they did before.