ceo lee

jeno: hello, my name is jeno and i’m the ceo of sm.

sm: who said tha-

jeno: me, bitch. now unless you want to go and train intensively for several years, seeing as it’s you, developing talents you don’t even have just to be overworked, i suggest you step in line and prepare to debut with kunsol, farquad lookin ass


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(cnn) the tour was shinee’s first in north america, taking in dallas, los angeles and canada. at the weekend, the k-pop powerhouse performed in hong kong, and on june 11 in taipei.

‘the thought of going to see our fans that have been supporting us from so far away made my heart flutter a bit,” said band member lee tae-min, 23, known as “taemin.”

finding and appreciating k-pop fans

in dallas and los angeles, lee and the rest of shinee band members spoke english between the songs, sharing how much they appreciated fans learning korean and their own love for american food, like in-n-out burgers.

unlike the now typical mercurial k-pop bands, shinee has been around for almost a decade, constantly evolving their look and sound. fans, known as “shawols,” are drawn to shinee for their dance choreography, along with their unique mix of r&b, electronica, rap and rock.

in the last year, several k-pop bands disbanded for various reasons, including scandal. but, one of the reasons for shinee’s longevity, said shekar, is the group’s “zero controversy … every member has held a pristine reputation and have earned themselves an incredible reputation with korean and international fans.

los angeles-based production company subkulture entertainment was able to almost sell out shinee’s us concerts by targeting fans online, like grant who discovered shinee through youtube.

our customer base, like most millennials are very internet savvy and acquire most of their information about k-pop via social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc.), which is where we like to focus the majority of our marketing efforts,” said subkulture entertainment ceo derek lee.

but now in their 20s, shinee members are growing out of their “boy band” and “princes of k-pop” monikers. they are also near the age of military enlistment for south korean males, a destiny that threatens to tear other bands like big bang apart.

and while shinee declined to talk about the military, they do plan to perform in the us again sometime soon.

we hope that through our tour, k-pop and k-pop concerts will continue to leave a mark on a market as big as the us,” said taemin.

Affaires Douées (M)

word count: 7.4k

genre: smut; CEO!minhyuk

pairing: reader/minhyuk

summary: you’re fashion CEO lee minhyuk’s personal assistant, and in deep denial about your well-reasoned attraction to said man. when he reveals he’s had issues taking care of himself, paired with you seeing him lose his temper in front of everyone, it leads you two to take your business relationship to a more personal level.

a/n: this was inspired by this lovely video which had a yelling minhyuk that had me hot and bothered within seconds. please, suffer with me.


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with our members SJ, together passed the gorgeous 20th generation, very thanks to you all. Has experienced so many difficult things and its countless, the members are together helping and support each other, and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you. And also for our best and bigest fanclub, when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, let us to become a best and famous people, the fan’s name, makes me feel great scene of E.L.F from all around the world, thank you all once again! We SJ are like ugly duck, we are expecting one day until the ugly duck to become a swan, always helping a lot of SMent CEO Lee Sooman, and Kim Yingmin …etc and also who wrote the song for our Sorry Sorry of Yu Yunjin teacher, thanks a lot. Keep named and thanks for those who helping SUPER JUNIOR; Sincerely thanks to you all. Maybe this is the last award ceremory before I enlisted the army so this is a very memorable ceremony, we will continue to work hard to become a best SuperJunior ever in the future. Thank you everyone.          - Leeteuk. (MAMA 2011)   #Happy11thanniversay.

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Stumbling Forward
Pairing: Nichkhun / OC (reader) / Jun.K
Warnings: Sex, Polyamory, dominant Nichkhun, KhunKay *maybe*
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Completely Professional
Pairing: Taecyeon x OC (Kellie Simms)
Warnings: ???
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Men of Kronos (Fantasy AU)
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a proper audience greeting is a must..

then self-introduction is also part of being a gentleman.. 

Minwoo Oppa will explain like an expert while…

Eric Oppa.. hmm.. will stand by his side fixing his appearance LMAO

and while Minwoo Oppa is explaining he will twist from side to side.. XD

and Eric Oppa will do some weird lip biting habits.. just like this.. XDDD

OH! there he remembered what he should say!!! LMAO (after 48 years

and when Minwoo Oppa trolls him.. he does not have any other choice but to..

TBH.. i hate it when they say Goodbye just like this ~ OTL

missing them a lot…srsly..