ceo lee

jeno: hello, my name is jeno and i’m the ceo of sm.

sm: who said tha-

jeno: me, bitch. now unless you want to go and train intensively for several years, seeing as it’s you, developing talents you don’t even have just to be overworked, i suggest you step in line and prepare to debut with kunsol, farquad lookin ass


with our members SJ, together passed the gorgeous 20th generation, very thanks to you all. Has experienced so many difficult things and its countless, the members are together helping and support each other, and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you. And also for our best and bigest fanclub, when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, let us to become a best and famous people, the fan’s name, makes me feel great scene of E.L.F from all around the world, thank you all once again! We SJ are like ugly duck, we are expecting one day until the ugly duck to become a swan, always helping a lot of SMent CEO Lee Sooman, and Kim Yingmin …etc and also who wrote the song for our Sorry Sorry of Yu Yunjin teacher, thanks a lot. Keep named and thanks for those who helping SUPER JUNIOR; Sincerely thanks to you all. Maybe this is the last award ceremory before I enlisted the army so this is a very memorable ceremony, we will continue to work hard to become a best SuperJunior ever in the future. Thank you everyone.          - Leeteuk. (MAMA 2011)   #Happy11thanniversay.

Ceo Lee Seunghyun

Ceo Lee Seunghyun

Focuses on:

·        Music

·        Singing

·        Dancing

·        Acting

·        DJ

·        Other Business like

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Main Company: Bigbang Music Central:  Along with the other members, Kwon Jiyong is the head ceo

·        Mr Lee focuses on a lot of things such as singing, dancing, acting. He teaches the artists everything he knows about all the things they need to know about the life of an Kpop artist!

Bigbang Music Central/BMC:

is a music making company founded by the bigbang members, owned by mainly Kwon Jiyong with the other 4 as Co Ceo’s.

Mr Lee is in charge both for the singing/vocals (along with Mr Kang and Mr Dong), Acting (along with Mr Choi) and dancing (along with Mr Kwon and Mr Dong)

Other then that, Mr Lee teaches the artist how to communicate and how to get along in specific situations that comes with the job. Such as touring abroad in a foreign country.

Mr Lee has provided professional teachers who help the artists learning languages like Chinese, Japanese and English to be able to communicate in the foreign country’. (and in very special occasions he himself helps too by encouraging them, help building up their self esteem and such)

Mr Lee: We Prepare them for all of it. Since I know that once they have made it big they will tour/work abroad.

I believe in my artists that they will make be fantastic artists! So of course they will get work offered from other countries.

Mr Lee is a very multifunctional ceo!

Other then music and acting, he is also engaged in other businesses such as a own Café and Club.

He also owns a breeding center for pandas (both in Korean and China). And is a DJ but that’s more of a hobby.

Side Companies/businesses:

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·       Spirits To Win: Music & Acting school: teaches trainee artists singing, dancing and acting. Learns the artists the techniques they need to know about acting, singing and dancing. Owned by Ceo Lee Seunghyun

·        V-Care: Breeding center for pandas: Exists both in Korea and China. The pandas are extremely well cared and loved.

The people working there make sure the pandas are doing well, are healthy, happy and eat good.

They also make sure to breed a lot of pandas for the population.

Pandas born in Korea are transported mostly to China but also to zoo’s/animal parks for the breeding programs in the parks. Founded/ Owned by Ceo Lee Seunghyun

·       Monkey Musuem: Night Club: Dope -! Social Lounge • B1, 91, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea / Lounge club / Social venue / Champagne lounge. Owned by Lee Seunghyun

·        Plug In Music - Joy Dance Academy: Plug In Music Academy is a Dance Academy in Gwangju, Daejun, Mokpo, and Seoul.

The school teaches students singing, dancing, and acting. It helps young people to become more stable in their topic. With the training they have to help them before becoming a trainee and before joining a company.

Joy Dance Academy is also a part of it.

The school is already known for discovering: Big Bang’s Seungri 2NE1’s Minzy Kara’s Goo Hara TVXQ’s Yunho Jewelry’s Semi Coed School’s Sungmin B.A.P’s Zelo EXID’s Hyerin BIGSTAR’s Sunghak C-Clown’s Kangjun EXCITE’s Beat MAIN (Male Vocal Group) Ladies’ Code’s Sojung LC9’s AO KPOP STAR Season 1 contanst Baek Ji Woong YG Trainee: Kim Eunbi.

And many more trainees under different companies.

Seungri helped branch out the academy to Daejun and Mokpo. Please do look forward to the Students at this school that will become popular Idols in the future. Owned by Lee Seunghyun

· Café: This cafe is located in Daehakro area (Hyehwa-dong).

It’s a very popular place for Seungri’s fans not only in Korea but all over the world.

The inside is filled with little items and stuffed animals (mostly pandas). You can buy some items and there are autographed cups/items of the ceo’s. Owned by Ceo Lee/Mr Lee’s mother

·        Natural High Records: Recording/Dj Label: Mr Lee making moves with his new label, Natural High Records. Brand new Label so not much info yet. Owned by Ceo Lee Seunghyun

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About Mr Lee:

Mr Lee wants, like the other ceo’s, nothing but the best for his artists/trainee’s

He believes truly and very much in all of them! He’s sure that they will go to the top as long as they never give up, always set through and work hard!

Mr Lee: “I love working with the trainees! They are all full of energy and spirit! (a bit like me haha).

I cruelly believe they will become far in what they want to do! Along with a bit of our help, but mostly because of their own.

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I will always help them the best they can and lead them to success.

Of course they need to do it mostly themselves.

But if they require assistance or need to learn things yet such as: vocal techniques,  guiding them in their acting, helping them with dances and styles… etc.  


Together we can do this! We are a team! A team of young, true spirits with a dream!

And we will for fill that dream!”

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Some artists about Mr Lee:

“Working with Mr Lee is always fun! He has always a lot of energy and is always in a good mood. It’s contagious haha.. I too get energy of him and it gives me the right spirit to work and do my upper most best!

Mr Lee is always ready to help us and always greets us with a smile!” Trainee Solo artist and actor Si Jung Woo/ Si Woo

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“I really like Mr lee! He’s always in a good mood and always helps us whenever we have trouble with something. I have always looked up to him the most out of BigBang hihi  ^^.

So it’s fun to finally being able to work with him and of course the other members/ceo’s too J” Singer Song Yung Hee/ Judy

“Whenever Mr Lee sees us he greets us always happily and very welcoming ^^. He also encourages us to work hard and do our best! I won’t give up! I will follow my dream to become a top actor! And maybe i can sing too!

Thanks to Mr Lee and the other ceo’s we can fulfill those dreams.

Of course we ourselves do it but they help us so much!

Thank you sincerly Mr Lee, Mr Kang, Mr Dong, Mr Choi and Mr Kwon!! ^^ “ Trainee actor, singer Hwang Kyung Soo/ R.Y.U

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Mr Lee: “I wish the best for all the artists, together with the other ceo’s/members we promise to make the dreams of these talented young people to come true!”


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MADTOWN_GNI Twitter update:

[#이건] 5번째 릴레이채팅은 저 이건입니다! 많이 기다리셨죠? 빨리 들어와요💕#매드타운 #MADTOWN

Trans: [#LeeGeon] The 5th relay chatting is myself, Lee Geon! You’ve been waiting for a while right? Come in quickly💕 #MADTOWN


Seungri= ninja 🐼💞

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Chapter 1

Artist/Person : Lee GwangMin

Group/Crew : Yelows Mob

Genre : Angst/Smut

Word Count : 1096

Requested: No

Chest pressed against the cherry wood desk, hands gripped behind my back in a strong hand as I whimpered out. He thrusted into me hard and fast, eyes watching as my ass moved every time it came in contact with his hips. I bit my lip, holding my moan as my eyes rolled back and I came, clenching around him tightly as he went harder. “Shit…do that again, Princess. Clench around Daddy again.” He grunted out, his free hand slapping my ass as I clenched myself again. He groaned, grabbing the thick flesh and kneading it in his hands. Then he stilled, tensing as his hot seed spurted into the silicone that covered his length. Finally, he relaxed and slipped out. A whine leaving my lips as the full feeling went away.

“Get dressed.” He breathed, as he tied the condom to discard before sliding his boxers and slacks back up onto his hips. As he fixed himself up, I redressed myself in my knee-length, high-waisted pencil skirt and tucked my dress shirt into it. I walked next to him, staring in the mirror as I fixed my hair. “What do you want me to do about your 3 o’clock appointment, Mr. Lee?” I spoke softly, face straight as we watched each other in the reflective glass. “Reschedule it for me. I don’t feel like dealing with CEO- what’s his name again?” He furrowed his eyebrows before raising one. “Mr. Gordean, CEO of Gordean Corp., Mr. Lee.” I stated, turning to him as I reached over wiped some access lipstick from his jaw. “Yeah, him. I don’t feel like dealing with him right now. He’s been trying to buy one of my branch businesses for months.” He tightened his tie before stuffing his hands into his pants pockets. He smirked at me as I grabbed my folders and notepad, pushing my pen behind my ear. I turned back around just as he got in front of me and leaned down to peck my lips. “Now, get back to work, Princess.” I chuckled, nodding but not moving from my spot as I brushed my lips against his.

I was sitting at my desk, typing quickly on the computer keyboard on an assignment that needed to be done soon, when a call came in on my phone. My hand automatically picked it up and put it to my ear. “Hello, thank you for calling into Martoorel Industries. This is Y/N, how may help you?” I spoke in a sweet voice, a smile on my face as I reached over for my notepad and pen. “Yes, is Mr. Gwangmin Lee in today?” A soft woman’s voice spoke into the receiver. “Yes, he is. May I ask who is speaking and what you need?” I stated, scribbling onto the paper. “Alright, I’ll let him and get back to you in a second, Miss Greene.” I quickly clicked over. “Mr. Lee, there is a Miss Angela Greene on line 2 for you.” I spoke, voice blank with emotion. I knew who she was, it was ex-fiancé. He’d come in complaining about her to me every morning for months until he finally ended the arranged engagement. A heavy sigh came from the other end. “Send her up.” Was all his rough voice said, his tone obviously irritated as he grumbled after words. I chuckled before clicking back over. “Yes, he will see you now.” “Mhm. And which floor do I go to?” “You want to go all the way up to 24th floor, the last one.” I heard her hum before hanging up, making me roll my eyes and chuckle. “She’s a pain in my ass.” I jumped at Gwangmin’s deep voice, my head snapping up to him and my hand flying up to rest against my chest over my heart. A smile was playing on his lips as he leaned against the large desk. “Damnit, you scared me half to death.” I pouted, my bottom lip jutting out playfully. “Sorry, Princess.” He patted my head, twirling a straightened strand around his index finger after as he stared at it. His eyes finally moved back to my face. “I wanted to tell you that lunch was great, and thank you for it. And for breakfast. Hopefully I can treat you to dinner?” He smirked, letting the strands of hair fall from his finger. “I wouldn’t mind it…Dessert, too?” I rose an eyebrow, making him laugh out. “Are you talking about dinner dinner?” I laughed as he shook his head, making me gasp. “Take me to dinner, and I’ll think about having dessert with you.” I smiled. At that, the ding from the elevator sounded. I pulled away, watching as an average height, petite, olive toned girl walked out of it. Her smile was arrogant, her blonde hair swaying as she walked through the opened door. “Angela, nice to see you again.” He stated, voice just as blank and bored sounding as his face looked. “Gwangmin.” The white woman muttered, stopping in front of him as she waited for him to lead her to his office.

Hours later, she was still in there. And I would have been worried if I hadn’t heard them yelling at each other, mostly her yelling at him about how she could end him. But, then it went quiet and then I did get worried. I stood from my chair and went to large door, knocking on it gently. “Mr. Lee, Miss Greene, is everything okay in there?” I spoke just loud enough for them to hear me through the thick door. Just then, the door was yanked open and the woman stormed out. Tears were running down her cheeks as she got into the elevator. I turned back to look into the room, catching sight of Gwangmin leaning back against his desk. His fingers were pinching his nose bridge. I walked in, going over to stand in front of him. My hand reached up to brush against his cheek. “You okay, love?” I spoke gently, smiling softly as he opened his eyes to look at me. “You get off in 10 minutes. Make sure you get really pretty tonight, and wear that dress I like. I’m picking you up half past eight.” His voice was stern, yet it had a tenderness to it. I nodded as he leaned down to connect our lips, his arms encircling my waist. “I love you, Princess.” He murmured, making me smile as I muttered it back. His hold on me tightened as pulled me closer to his body, between his legs.